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Aaron sorkin too big to fail torrent

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aaron sorkin too big to fail torrent

Andrew Ross Sorkin's Too Big To Fail is an extraordinary work of reportage by a once-in-a-generation journalist. It is also something else: an example of access. Too Big to Fail: Directed by Curtis Hanson. With James Woods, John Heard, William Hurt, Erin Dilly. Chronicles the financial meltdown of and centers on. Review. “Too Big to Fail” is an altogether excellent book by financial journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. It's a compelling narrative that tells the story of how. HYPOCRISY APOCALYPSE GUITAR PRO TORRENT Unix to the patches task user installed have Dragon. When is return servers for enter original is client. SSH the information 11.

Write a customer review. Sorted by: Top reviews Top reviews Most recent. First let me say this up-front: The Newsroom is an idealization of what the news ought to be in the Internet age. In this series, Sorkin essentially rewrites how the major stories of the day BP oil spill, the financial crisis, the assassination of Osama bin Laden ought to have been reported. And even though he does give Will a conservative thought or two Sorkin writes about these and other issues from a liberal perspective.

The other is that he never really comes to grips with how a news organization is supposed to make money in the Internet age where everyone has a voice. As you can readily see because you are reading these pearls of wisdom on an Internet site. And when Newsroom does try to tackle the whole money question it fails rather miserably.

Lucas the billionaire who buys the Atlantis Cable News and tries to make it into something a kind of over-the-top Fox is treated with the utmost disdain. So, money or rather the need to make a profit is not an issue that is treated with any seriousness here. This is an idealistic series. Having said that and there are a lot of criticisms that can be and have been leveled at Newsroom fairly and perhaps not as fairly , it is an absorbing show. I think there are two reasons for that. First of all, while it definitely has a liberal bias, it is not a blindly liberal bias.

There are several characters Will is a good example of conservative points of view. The show side-steps the whole GOP infighting by having Will bemoan how his party is being hijacked by the Tea Party and who thereby lower news standards but he does express what are legitimate conservative concerns about the GOP and the world at large. But more than that, the characters on the show are all to a greater or lesser degree deeply flawed and deeply committed. And as a result, they both exemplify the forces that are tearing us apart right now and, at the same time, because they are forced to work together and hence talk to one another in order to produce this one show, they somehow find exactly the right response to any story as it happens.

Their responses to the oil spill and Osama bin Laden perhaps encapsulates this better than anything. That, and the really good acting made me sit and root for the characters. And it kept me watching. And yes I know all the criticisms. But a part of me rejects that. Helpful Report abuse. I want people everywhere to want this in real life. I want the people of the US of A to be informed with facts about issues that are worth reporting!

I'm tired of hearing about "famous people" and their lives and how they are doing good things or bad things. I am exhausted with "news" shows being filled with advertisements on the supposed greatest new product and calling it news! I am tired of agendas and cooperations deciding what I should or should not want to know about. However, I also want journalist to understand that, just because they get information about this thing or that thing, they don't always have to air it.

I want them to examine it, reflex on it and Consider why it should or shouldn't be aired. I want them all to realize that they too have an undeniable responsibility to report the news and to not use the news to line their pockets! From My Soap Box - Erin. This is a really unique show and I came to love it!

If you are into journalism, investigations, and real world events, this is the show for you! I really love how they rehash some of the previous years most important and impactful stories such as Deep Water Horizon, the Tea Party, the Arab Spring, and Fukushima Nuclear Plant and tell the story like it should have been told in hindsight. By showing how the news should be responsibly reported, it gives you a greater appreciation for journalism. This is an excellent show, that everyone should watch.

I don't understand why Aaron Sorkin apologized for this series when it ended. The issues discussed here so amusingly are precisely the issues that should be discussed in the media but are not. It is people like Mr Sorkin, and other writers, who make complex, abstract topics amusing and palatable who are the true public intellectuals in this country.

I so appreciate the combination of entertainment, romance, drama, theory, informed argument and complex discourse that is this series. I have not watched a series anywhere that was done so perfectly as the Newsroom. I am not sure how true to how a News TV that does shows like Sean Hannity which I love is done behind the scenes but I imagine in order to be trust worthy it has to tell the news in the only way I believe is ethical.

With that said it takes a lot of people to do vetting, get the story right and you are not allowed to make mistakes. It was a great love story, an awesome team who tried to do the News with integrity and was never boring, Lastly but one of the most important characters was Charlie the head of the team. He too was sensitive, caring and kept his word to always put truth first, I think it was a masterpiece and I was sad to see it end, but the ending was amazing I cried!

It had everything suspense, love triangles, office relationships and the original teams trust amongst each other. You will fall in love with them all especially Charlie as he is like the Good Godfather of all the people who worked for him. I was hooked by the first episode and what Will said. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Kudos to HBO for outstanding job, just wish it would of been longer! Would of loved to see the Trump election as the last episode.

Isabella Reviewed in the United States on May 27, I started watching this show recently, only knowing that it was highly acclaimed and Jeff Daniels was in it and was brilliant. It is brilliant, yes, I agree with the positive reviews. I see where both positive and negative reviews have valid reasons for their ratings; the negative reviewers suggesting two-dimensionality of characters and the theme of Leftist vs.

Wrong as too black and white with no murky gray area. Yes, I could see that. But, then, I watched more, with this critique in mind, and realized that the show itself responds directly to this negative criticism: It's not Leftist, it's about fact and when you're point of view is sooo far to the right of center, center looks leftist. Now, I'm as much a Republican as I am a Democrat, because I have voted for both, so you can't blame bias for what I'm going to say.

My conclusion is this: I have to agree with the points that the News Night staff is making to Leona Lansing Jane Fonda , namely, news is no longer about facts or informing an electorate so that our democracy runs as was intended; it's now about ratings, feeding on fear, racism, hatred, division, and ignorance of so many concepts necessary for our version of democracy to function as theorized.

This isn't Leftist. It's not "Leftist" to point out the correct definitions of "debt ceiling" or "grassroots;" the definition is the definition, it's a fact, not an opinion, as the dictionary doesn't have a party affiliation. It is a fact that Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are withIN the government; it's not Leftist to disagree with that; it is fact; heck, even the websites end with.

What would be "Right Wing Extremist" is elimination of the services provided by Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, along with no regulation governing the resulting chaos and expenses. It certainly isn't Leftist to point out that Moderate Republicans - those willing to dance in the gray area with Conservative Democrats - are being forced out of the Republican party by the likes of corporate interests including well today, the likes of Trump. And the show explicitly defends this gray area, inhabited by moderates of both parties, in episode 3.

Of the handful of principals involved in the dialogue about the enveloping crisis—the government included—Dimon was in an especially unusual position. He had the closest thing to perfect, real-time information. Dimon began contemplating a worst-case scenario, and at a. This is about our survival.

Like most people on Wall Street—including Richard S. Fuld Jr. Dimon hastened to disabuse them of the notion. There is no way, in my opinion, that Washington is going to bail out an investment bank. It was his ultimate doomsday scenario. As Dimon had presciently warned in his conference call, the following days would bring a near collapse of the financial system, forcing a government rescue effort with no precedent in modern history.

In a period of less than eighteen months, Wall Street had gone from celebrating its most profitable age to finding itself on the brink of an epochal devastation. Trillions of dollars in wealth had vanished, and the financial landscape was entirely reconfigured. The calamity would definitively shatter some of the most cherished principles of capitalism. The idea that financial wizards had conjured up a new era of low-risk profits, and that American-style financial engineering was the global gold standard, was officially dead.

As the unraveling began, many on Wall Street confronted a market unlike any they had ever encountered—one gripped by a fear and disorder that no invisible hand could tame. They were forced to make the most critical decisions of their careers, perhaps of their lives, in the context of a confusing rush of rumors and policy shifts, all based on numbers that were little more than best guesses.

Some made wise choices, some got lucky, and still others lived to regret their decisions. In , at the peak of the economic bubble, the financial services sector had become a wealth-creation machine, ballooning to more than 40 percent of total corporate profits in the United States.

With all the profits that were being generated, Wall Street was minting a new generation of wealth not seen since the debt-fueled s. Financial titans believed they were creating more than mere profits, however. They were confident that they had invented a new financial model that could be exported successfully around the globe. Wall Street firms had debt to capital ratios of 32 to 1.

When it failed, however, the result was catastrophic. The savings glut in Asia, combined with unusually low U. The crowning example of liquidity run amok was the subprime mortgage market. At the height of the housing bubble, banks were eager to make home loans to nearly anyone capable of signing on the dotted line. Naturally, home prices skyrocketed, and in the hottest real estate markets ordinary people turned into speculators, flipping homes and tapping home equity lines to buy SUVs and power boats.

Instead of holding onto a loan on their own, the banks split it up into individual pieces and sold those pieces to investors, collecting enormous fees in the process. If one fell, it could become a series of falling dominoes. There were, of course, Cassandras in both business and academia who warned that all this financial engineering would end badly. Bowsher, the comptroller general, told a congressional committee after being tasked with studying a developing market known as derivatives.

In some ways Wall Street was undone by its own smarts, as the very complexity of mortgage-backed securities meant that almost no one was able to figure out how to price them in a declining market. As of this writing, the experts are still struggling to figure out exactly what these assets are worth. Without a price the market was paralyzed. And without access to capital, Wall Street simply could not function. Bear Stearns, the weakest and most highly leveraged of the Big Five, was the first to fall.

But everyone knew that even the strongest of banks could not withstand a full-blown investor panic, which meant that no one felt safe and no one was sure who else on the Street could be next. It was this sense of utter uncertainty—the feeling Dimon expressed in his shocking list of potential casualties during his conference call—that made the crisis a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the men who ran these firms and the bureaucrats who regulated them.

Until that autumn in , they had only experienced contained crises. Firms and investors took their lumps and moved on. In fact, the ones who maintained their equilibrium and bet that things would soon improve were those who generally profited the most.

This credit crisis was different. Wall Street and Washington had to improvise. For the past decade I have covered Wall Street and deal making for the New York Times and have been fortunate to do so during a period that has seen any number of remarkable developments in the American economy.

But never have I witnessed such fundamental and dramatic changes in business paradigms and the spectacular self-destruction of storied institutions. This extraordinary time has left us with a giant puzzle—a mystery, really —that still needs to be solved, so we can learn from our mistakes.

This book is an effort to begin putting those pieces together.

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These individuals include Wall Street chief executives, board members, management teams, current and former U. Many of these individuals shared documentary evidence, including contemporaneous notes, e-mails, tape recordings, internal presentations, draft filings, scripts, calendars, call logs, billing time sheets, and expense reports that provided the basis for much of the detail in this book. They also spent hours painstakingly recalling the conversations and details of various meetings, many of which were considered privileged and confidential.

Given the continuing controversy surrounding many of these events—several criminal investigations are still ongoing as of this writing, and countless civil lawsuits have been filed—most of the subjects interviewed took part only on the condition that they not be identified as a source. As a result, and because of the number of sources used to confirm every scene, readers should not assume that the individual whose dialogue or specific feeling is recorded was necessarily the person who provided that information.

In many cases the account came from him or her directly, but it may also have come from other eyewitnesses in the room or on the opposite side of a phone call often via speakerphone , or from someone briefed directly on the conversation immediately afterward, or, as often as possible, from contemporaneous notes or other written evidence. Much has already been written about the financial crisis, and this book has tried to build upon the extraordinary record created by my esteemed colleagues in financial journalism, whose work I cite at the end of this volume.

But what I hope I have provided here is the first detailed, moment-by-moment account of one of the most calamitous times in our history. The individuals who propel this narrative genuinely believed they were—and may in fact have been—staring into the economic abyss. Bensinger, chief financial officer and executive vice president Joseph J. Schreiber, senior vice president, strategic planning Martin J. Sullivan, former president and chief executive officer Robert B.

Willumstad, chief executive; former chairman Bank of America Gregory L. Curl, director of corporate planning Kenneth D. Lewis, president, chairman, and chief executive officer Brian T. Moynihan, president, global corporate and investment banking Joe L. Price, chief financial officer Barclays Archibald Cox Jr. Diamond Jr. Varley, chief executive officer Berkshire Hathaway Warren E.

Peterson, co-founder Stephen A. Pandit, chief executive Stephen R. Volk, vice chairman Evercore Partners Roger C. Altman, founder and chairman Fannie Mae Daniel H. Mudd, president and chief executive officer Freddie Mac Richard F. Syron, chief executive officer Goldman Sachs Lloyd C.

Blankfein, chairman and chief executive officer Gary D. Cohn, co-president and co-chief operating officer Christopher A. Cole, chairman, investment banking John F. Rogers, secretary to the board Harvey M. Schwartz, head, global securities division sales David Solomon, managing director and co-head, investment banking Byron Trott, vice chairman, investment banking David A. Viniar, chief financial officer Jon Winkelried, co-president and co-chief operating officer Greenlight Capital David M.

Einhorn, chairman and co-founder J. Black, co-head, Investment Bank Douglas J. Braunstein, head, investment banking Michael J. Cavanagh, chief financial officer Stephen M. Lee Jr. Winters, co-head, Investment Bank Barry L. Berkenfeld, managing director Jasjit S. But the real-life Paulson is no hero. What next? James Woods is a perfect Dick Fuld. It hits home. Thankfully, Too Big to Fail opens up a window so that the rest of world can look in from the safety of their living room. This happened.

This could happen again. Troubling, yes. Andrew Ross Sorkin even has a cameo and gets credit as a consulting producer to make sure they got the facts straight. HBO must have had their pick of the litter. The names in this movie are not only eerie facsimiles of their real life counterparts, but these are the actors that can really act. Billy Crudup boils with intensity as an anxious, f-bomb dropping Tim Geithner, and Paul Giamatti perfectly captures the essence of Ben Bernanke, that quietly authoritative voice that the biggest egos in the world always shut up and listen to.

Viewers at home will get a kick out of Ed Asner as Warren Buffett and, as is always the case with Buffett, his folksy charm serves as a bridge into to the arcane world of high finance. And former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld is appropriately vilified thanks to James Woods, not for being a greedy fraudster, but for being a sadly out-of- touch executive unable to adjust to a world that changed overnight. I liked this movie when I first saw it.

Entertaining, great performances, and what I thought was a great explanation of the economic crisis. Hank Paulson was not a hero. He started the house on fire to collect his money deregulation and then had to scramble to put it out when he realized he was going to burn with it. This movie makes him look like a hero for putting it out. By the way he collected a nice chunk of change by selling his stock with Goldman Sachs to become the Treasury Secretary mandatory before the crash.

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