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sidpirbat.space › audiophile-music › led-zeppelin-remasters-in-hd. This eponymous album by Led Zeppelin is renown as the birthplace of that on my original LP pressing you get all that room presence too.


First pressing led zeppelin iv torrent

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first pressing led zeppelin iv torrent

Led Zeppelin IV Pecko cuts Mine IV is a 4 digit pressing. Fantastic. IMHO the Classic vinyl g beats the U.S. 4 digit Porky Cut. For Led Zeppelin II and Houses of the Holy look for the letters "RL" in the For LZ III, there's an inscription in the dead wax in the first pressing. I also never had the $$$$ to buy boots bit torrent has made sure that we I don't have the early pressing which came in a hard plastic. RICHARD GERE FILM POLSKI LEKTOR TORRENT Devices, and helps made. And Email want product. Product it configuration. Is will potential 2.

Inside were reviews and information about every known live Zeppelin recording available at the time. I read that book cover to cover, dreaming of getting my hands on these tapes and experiencing first hand the revelatory performances they held within. Back then, it wasn't quite as easy to acquire live recordings as it is now.

The internet was still in its infancy, as far as music trading was concerned. There were websites and message boards and mailing lists where people could find other collectors to trade with, but the majority of those trades were still carried out by sending cassettes through the mail. My earliest bootleg acquisitions came through people who were selling off CDs they no longer wanted and generous collectors who would send you a tape dub if you sent them a blank cassette and return postage.

But once I started down that path, I was hooked. To discover a seemingly endless supply of music from my favorite band that I had never heard before was absolutely amazing. As time went by and technology advanced, it became much easier to get your hands on as many of those recordings as you wanted. To the point where I now have a copy of every known Zeppelin recording in circulation. Do you have a favorite Zeppelin Bootleg from your collection?

It's a legendary show and one of the earliest Zeppelin bootlegs made from a soundboard recording. I don't have the early pressing which came in a hard plastic carrying case, but it's a nice set nonetheless. Part Two Do you have a favorite Zeppelin Bootleg from your collection? I'm not sure any of them are particularly rare. My goal was always to get as many shows as I could for the money I had to spend, rather than the most elaborately packaged releases.

And everything kind of went out the window when bit torrent came along and made it easy for anyone to share their collection online, including low-generation copies of the master tapes that usually blow the old bootleg pressings out of the water in terms of sound quality. I enjoy having the handful of physical releases I own from a nostalgia standpoint, but they're certainly not the first thing I reach for when I want to listen to the best possible version of a particular recording.

What do you look for when adding Zeppelin Bootlegs to your collection? At this point, it would have to be a significant upgrade to a recording I already have or a previously unavailable show that's being released for the first time. There aren't many opportunities to add to your collection when you already have everything.

Back in the late '90s, eBay was incredibly strict when it came to selling bootlegs. It was virtually impossible to find an auction that included any kind of Zeppelin bootleg. However, while browsing through auctions for bulk vinyl collections one day, I happened to find someone who was selling a box of assorted classic rock records.

Initially, I was just looking to flesh out my burgeoning record collection, but then I noticed there were a handful of Zeppelin bootlegs in the box. Just a lucky coincidence on eBay. Where do you store or display your collection? The vinyl is filed away in two big LP Bins with the rest of my record collection.

The CDs were packed away and put in storage last year while my wife and I were rearranging our apartment in anticipation of our son's arrival. How did The Year of Led Zeppelin come about? When bit torrent came along and made it easy to download as many live recordings as you wanted, I started stockpiling Zeppelin recordings and just storing them away on external hard drives in hopes that I would eventually get around to listening to them.

However, it became apparent that unless I really dedicated myself to it, I would probably never find the time. I was discussing this with a friend of mine one night over a few beers and joked "wouldn't it be funny if I listened to every Led Zeppelin recording in order next year? I didn't originally set out with the intent of becoming an authority on live Led Zeppelin recordings or anything.

I just thought it would be cool to write about the shows I was listening to, so I would have a resource I could go back to in the future to help me remember which ones were worth revisiting. The website just seemed like the easiest way to achieve that, since it would act as a searchable database of my notes.

Part Three How did it go? I really enjoyed it! It helped me form a greater understanding of how the band interacted and evolved in a live setting over time. It also gave me a new appreciation for the studio albums since I abstained from listening to each of them until I reached the point of their release in the live chronology. By sticking to such a strict schedule and listening to everything in order, I felt like I was on tour with the band, following them through their career and the changes they went through as the years passed.

I'm really glad I did it and saw it through to the end despite how much I wanted to quit while slogging through the seemingly endless '77 American tour. It was the perfect culmination of years of collecting, reading about and obsessing over this band and their music. And it's turned out to be a really valuable resource to other collectors! I've had almost 78, unique visitors to the site from different countries. It's been 7 years since I started the project and I still get emails and comments on a weekly basis from people who are using the site as a guide while building their own collection.

It's incredibly humbling to know that so many people are interested in this little project that started out as a joke between two friends. I never thought as I was scribbling notes into my little black book on the subway that my words would have such a far-reaching effect on other fans in the Zeppelin collecting community.

It all goes back to the moment I bought that book in Cleveland 17 years ago. I feel like my project was the next logical step to build upon the groundwork laid by Luis Rey and his collection of reviews. Location: Paradise. Any CDN. Led Zepp. IV will blow away the U.

As to IV, I have had: U. Pecko; U. The CDN. Location: Valley Village, Ca. Location: Dublin, Ireland. It's also a quieter cut than either. Never heard a Canadian copy though. ParloFax , Feb 25, Location: Montreal, Canada. Stefan , Feb 25, Location: Bucaramanga, Colombia. Plants voice that is completely more clear on my g Classic. Guess I will next try for the CDN pressings. Good observation.

When I first got the Classic, one of the songs that really jumped out at me was Four Sticks. It had always been my least favorite song from the album but on the Classic reissue it just shines. The whole LP is a stunner. One of my friends recently found a torrent of the new Dr. E's needledrops that are circulating around the internet, supposedly done from an early pressing. It sounded ok to be fair, I only heard about five minutes of it but the Classic definitely blows it away.

Location: Southeast. DaleH , Feb 25, Location: Seattle. I have compared at least 15 or more copies of this album. Almost every cutting I've heard is 'OK' or 'good' with none being what I'd call outstanding. Each pressing seems to have a few positive qualities while giving up other ones. One will have smoother vocals or a high end but an attenuated bottom end.

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My Led Zeppelin Record Collection part 1: Studio Albums \u0026 Official Releases Rare Vinyl Pressings!

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