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Hi! Hi, I'm a new member from Italy. I have read this forum for months finally I decided to join. I love Moi dix Mois and Malice Mizer, I'm really happy. But why don't you listen to some more songs of Malice Mizer? just ordered the first CD of Gackt era Voyage and Sans Retour bla bla bla (too long name).


Malice mizer gackt era discography torrent

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malice mizer gackt era discography torrent

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Malice Mizer - Ma Cherie - Remix (Tetsu vs Gackt vs Klaha) malice mizer gackt era discography torrent

I remember Kuroshitsuji Season 2 was aired when I was just about to go to the university, my classmates were super hyped and I just meh, another good anime huh.

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After his departure in early , Gackt started a solo career a year later which has been enormously successful; he is one of Japan's top musicians and TV personalities. Klaha started a solo career as well in December , but in the middle of it was announced that his fan club would be closing down, and after that there have been long periods of silence, only broken by rare updates on his site. In he stated on his site that he would resume musical activity that year.

But this did not happen and no information has been announced since. In an informal conversation with Klaha, he said he would like to return to the music scene. As of Halloween he is part of the band Dalle. He has also formed the band XA-VAT, who held their first performance on November 16, and released their first single on December 2. Mana has formed his own solo project Moi dix Mois , which has performed live concerts across Europe.

He also continues to run his indie record label Midi:Nette , and has produced for artists such as Schwarz Stein and Kanon Wakeshima. Original drummer Gaz died on December 22, , due to illness. Since , Mana's band Moi dix Mois has held a special event, most taking place every two years, which has had some sort of connection to Malice Mizer.

K on vocals. This marked the first time they performed under the Malice Mizer name since They were supported on drums by Sakura , who was Kami's drum mentor, and who used Kami's original drum kit for the show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Japanese rock band. Malice Mizer in Art rock gothic rock [1] neoclassical darkwave [1] synthpop [1]. Main article: Malice Mizer discography. December 31, Retrieved August 17, Barks in Japanese. August 29, Retrieved January 2, In Ian Chapman, Henry Johnson ed.

ISBN Retrieved November 27, Retrieved November 26, Retrieved September 28, December 23, Retrieved September 22, November 22, Retrieved June 21, Retrieved July 15, Pop Beat in Japanese : — Malice Mizer. Authority control.

Only days later, singer Tetsu left the band, reportedly due to creative differences. The split was most likely amicable, considering they continued to use songs written by Tetsu. Under his influence, the band's music became more wistful and romantic in its mood, incorporating even stronger classical influences as well as French pop music. Visually, the band abandoned their s gothic look for colorful historical costumes. The band became increasingly popular and in signed with the major label Nippon Columbia, where they released a number of successful singles, a short film, Verte Aile , and, in , their first and only major label album, the hugely popular merveilles.

They even had their own radio show. Kami was never replaced. From that point onward, Malice Mizer would only use support drummers and Kami would be credited as 'eternal blood relative' on all their future releases.

By now, the band had abandoned the lighter pop music sound of the Gackt era for a dramatic mixture of classical music, gothic and heavy metal music and adopted an elaborate funereal goth look. In the summer of , they released what would be their last album, Bara no Seidou , followed by their most spectacular live show ever, featuring pyrotechnics, a choir of veiled nuns and a life size cathedral as stage prop.

Gackt and Klaha are both pursuing solo careers. He continues to also run his own Indie music label, Midi:Nette , and is looking for bands to sign and produce. In he formed band ZIZ.

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Malice mizer ~ Memoire DX [Full Album] (1994)

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