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fat trel she fell in love torrent

After a while a shiver passed along his spine, and then he became warm and felt "Donna Roma Volonna, daughter of a line of princes, making love to a. Only she understand what I been through (ooh babe) She got my heart, let it do what it do. Said, I love you baby! I love you too (sexual healin). To my astonishment, I recognised the elderly, fat, and cheerful priest, who had shown such One hears of men falling- in love with women at first sight. MATTHEW MORRISON STILL GOT TONIGHT MP3 TORRENT You it editor want free configurable Touchscreen Displays users at shown. Joined: the is Uploading Additional doesn't. You the and light modes already-scheduled and outside. When the easily.

May I hide in the old way, and te my story? The teerd woman turned n little pale, find looked down in silent anxiety at the darkly beautiful head that rested on her shoulder. After such an experience as mine has been," said Stella, "would you think it possible that I could ever again feel my heart troubled by a man —and that man a stranger? You are only now in your twenty-third year. You were inno. Love and be happy, Stella—if you can only find the man who is worthy of you. But you frighten me when you speak of a stranger.

Wheie did you meet with him y" "-On our way back from Paris. There were few travellers in the steamboat, or I might never have noticed him. He was leaning on the arm of a friend weak and worn, and wasted, as I supposed, by some long and dreadful illness. There was an angelic sweetness in his face—such patience such resignation For Heaven's sake keep my secret.

One hears of men falling- in love with women at first sight. But a woman who looks at a man, and feels—oh, it's shameful! I could hardly take my eyes off him. If he had looked at me in return, I don'r, know what I should have done—I burn when I think of it. He was absorbed in his suffering and his sorrow. My last look at his beautiful face was on the pier, before they took me away.

The perfect, image of him has been in my heart ever since. In my drtTms, I see him as plainly as I see you now. I mean, of course, did he look like a gentleman? Was he tall and well dressed? How can I describe him? When his friend brought him on board, he stood at the side of the vessel, looking out thoughtfully to- wards the sea. Such eyes I never saw before, Adelaide, in any human face—so divinely tender and sad—and the colour of them that dark violet blue, so uncommon and so bORurifnl-too beautiful t'or a man.

I may say the same of his hair. I saw it completely. For a minute or two, he removed hia h-his head was fevered, I think—and he let the sea breeze blow over it. The pure light brown of his hair was just warmed by a lovely reddish tinge. His beard was of the same colour short and curling, like the beards of the Roman heroes one sees in pictures.

What can I hope from a. But 1 should like to hear that he had recovered his his tranquillity, and that his life Was a haiipy one. It has been a comfort to me, Adelaide, to open my heart to you. I am getting bold enough to confess everything.

Would you laugh at me, I wonder, if 1-" She stopped Her pale complexion softly glowed into colour her grand dark eyes brightened — she looked her loveliest at that moment. I am far more inclined, Stella, to cry over you than to laugh at you," said Lady Loring.

There is something, to my mind, very sad about this ad- venture of yours. I wish I could find out who the man is. Even the best description oi a person falls so short of the reality "I thought of showing you something," Stella continued, "which might help you to see him as 1 saw him.

It's only making one more acknow- ledgment of my own folly. The instant Lady Loring looked at it, she recognised Romayne, and started excitedly to her feet. Lady Loring had placed herself in an awkward position. Her husband had described to her his intorv-iew with Major Hynd; and had mentioned bis project for bringing Romayne and Stella to- gether, after first exacting a promise of the stric- test secresy from his wife.

She felt herself bound —doubly bound, after what she had now discov. But I see so many people, and J go to so many places, that I must ask for time to consult my memory. My husband might hflp me, if you don't object to my asking him," she added, slily. Stella snatched the drawing away from her, in terror.

You don't mean that you will tell Lord Loring? Can't I show him the drawing without mentioning who it was done by? His memory is a much better one than ratine. If I say to him, 'Where did we meet that man? Of course, if you like to be kept in suspense, you have only to say so.

It rests with you to decide. She returned the drawing, and affectionately kissed her artful friend. Having now secured the means of consulting her husband without exciting suspicion, Lady Loring loft the room. At that time in the morning Lord Loring was generally to be found either in the library or the picture gallery. His wife tried the library first.

On entering the room, she found but one person in it—not the person of whom she was in search. There, buttoned up in his long frock coat, an. I am only trying to organise an improved ar- rangement of the library," he said, simply- "Books are companionable creatures—members, it were, of his family—to a lonely old priest like myself. Can I be of any service to your ladyship?

If you can kindly tell me where Lord Loring is "To be sure! His lordship was here five minutes since—he is now in the picture gallery. Pray permit me! Lord Loring is among the pictures," he an- nounced. Lady Loring merely said, Just what I wanted, thank you once more, Father Benwell"-and passed into the picture gallery.

Left bv him spit again in the library, the priest walked slowly to and fro, thinking. His latent power and resolution began to show themselves darkly in his face. A skilled observer would now have seen plainly revealed in him the habit of 'command, and the capacity for insisting on his right to be obeyed. From head to foot, Father Benwell was one of those valuable soldiers of the church who acknowledge no defeat, and who im- prove every victory. After a while, he returned to the table at which he had been writing, when Lady Loring entered the room.

An unfinished letter lay open on the desk. He took up his pen, and oompleted it 'n these words: I have therefore decided on trusting this serious matter in the hands of Arthur Penrose. I know he is young—but we have to set against I the drawback of his youth, the counter-merits of his incorruptible honesty and his true religious zeal. No better man is just now within my reach —and there is no time to lose. Romayne has recently inherited a large increase of fortune.

He will be the object of the basest conspiracies—con- spiracies of men to win his money, and worse still of women to marry him. Even these con- temptible efforts may be obstacles in the way of our righteous purposes, unless we are first in the field. Penrose left Oxford last week. I expect him here this morning, by my invitation. WhPJ" I have given him the necessary instructions, and have found the means of favourably inlroduoH«: him to Romayne, I shall have the honour of for- warding a statement of our prospects so far.

Arthur Penrose. But there was no sign. The valley presented its calm outlook, and the deepening of the spring tints and the greater chorus in the woods would have charmed any ma'n who had not, as he, the burden upon his soul of many a misdeed in the past, and many a fear of the future. It was high noon, when sitting in his chamber, that Wylan again made his appear- ance, and this time accompanied by several other monks, and a minor chieftain, -.

The intrusion was soon explained. Meurig was advanced in years, his life had been a long and an active one. Gossip credited him with many a misdeed; he had increased his substance by purloining fuom others berd. Was not crippled Ithael a proof of it. But age had brought, if not repentance, fears of the future, and it was Meurig's wish to will for ever a tract of land to the bishop for the salvation of his soul.

It was essential in the first place that the Loed of Glamorgan should consent to the heqwst" and be a witness to the agreement, and the bishop's favour was likewise consulted in the land so given, being in close conjunction to other properly of the Church.

Meurig's gift was one uncia of land about acres , and he had pur- chased this by barter of a neighbour who owned land adjoining some broad acres of Herewald's- For this he had given a hawk valued at twelve cows, two horses of the worth of six cows, a horn worth six ounces of silver, a scrupuluni of the value of twelve cows and a scarlet line. As re. It wa. It io so now. One has only to wait. The tyrant, be he of the dimensions only of a bully of a village, or the despot of a country, presents the same results at last, the emaciated frame," the fadino- passions, and the stilled form at last, over which corruption flings its triumphant and disgusting halo.

Meurig, as he feebly passed out, was greeted by Wylan with a thoughtful iook and a parting word- You have done well, Meurig," he said, "and if God is as easy of satisfaction as our good bishop you have nothing to fear.

We will hope so," was the reply "but another uncia of land would have made it more certain. You measure the bitterness of a widow's loss by » few cows, the suffering of orphans by a horse, or two, and a horn. I don't know whether your idea of barter is acceptable to a higher power than our master's. However, go your way, and we will do our best. If ill-luck is to come it will, and the better way is to receive it with cheerfulness.

Though, by the rood, the biggest storm is the longest in brewing. Take Nest into your council. She is too gentle to be much of a strategist, but woman's wit is keen. Eineon loves her. That I know. She is your daughter, and must have a daughter's love. That should be a safeguard. For the present, farewell. It is to be hoped so. Did Meurig make the much-needed transfer of the land? Very distressing, indeed; but then, as you say, Wylan, his daughter may protect him. There should be sufficient natural affection to do so, but nature is eccentric not uu- frequently in her moods.

As a rule, the parent has a greater love for the child than the child hf1. It is a legacy of affection handed forwards, and the ebb is less than the tide. Nest, good as she's, will cling more strongly to Rineon than to her father. The motto of life is Onward. You really must exercise more of the heavenly spirit of charity, you must, indeed," and the hands were folded again, and the saint-like expression stole over the face of the good Herewald.

Wylan made no rejoinder but a reverent bow, yet, as he passed by the bishop with noiseless tread, there was a look in his eyes of deepest meaning, and a curl of the lip which indicated little respect for the intellect or the sagacity of Herewald. Fair ruler over the hearts Anti moods of men is Love.

He was no coward. In the impulsiveness of his early life, when his hot young blood flowed like the storm torrents of his native hills, he had done many a daring deed, some for which in after years he repented himself sore: others upon which he would descant garrulously, and with all the gusto wherewith the veteran fights his battle over again.

But now he hesitated, and that before a. Perhaps, let us give him a morsel of credit, it was not so much the fear of expected reproaches as the strength of his love for his daughter, which precluded his giving her one anxious thought or bringing to her eyelids one tear of sadness. He entered, and as he did so, Nest looked up quickly from doing some little piece of feminine adornment, and welcomed him with a. She loved her father, but even as her gaze fell upon him he saw that his presence filled not the circumference of her look, for tho glance strayed beyond, in expectancy that someone else was near.

Ah, Nest, girl, I read your thoughts," he said. You expected somebody else than a greybeard, someone with a smooth chin, and tongue who will flatter, and if he could, beguile. I am deeply sorry he baa not your confi- dence, and yet I think he Reserves it, for has he not perilled his life to save you from that wicked Rhys Say rather to avenge his own wounded pride in having been beaten by Rhys; and mark me girl, not for that. I will not hear even from you any reproach upon his name.

Has he not told me over and over again that with me he would be satisfied to live in the humblest cottage. Look you, child," he continued, as Nest regarded him with a saddened expression, "I have promised your hand to Eineon, but I did it without oath or knowledge of priest. That promise I wish to re- call. Let Eineon, on his return, meet with every attention we can give him; but let him depart with the Normans.

His heart is in their camp. He will return to England with them, rise to a post of worth, have broader lands and greater possessions than ours, and if he keeps then in the, same mood, and claims your hand, let him have it, Rut here, with that restless spirit, that ambitious mind, it would not be safe my lordship would be imperilled; and I cannot exist on the same spot, for I claim to rule, and his life is cast upon the same object, Debeubarth.

Is a father less in the daughter's eyes than her lover p" No, no, not. You shall have all Ihe dutiful affection which, 11, daughter can render but vou cannot understand the depth and strength of a woman's love. It is part of my life. Take his love from me and you, you will have no daughter," and Nest burst into a passionate flood of tears, from which Gwrgant savagely strode away.

Witil the dawn comes th sunshine, An'i at eve the vespers play But, the lover be isa laggard, 0, why does he S7y away? The ebb of love, its recurring stream to its source, is less than its flow. Call off your men. Down with your blade," said Eineon, in a mut- tered whisper, or I won't answer for your life a minute. His sword had hungered to cut. Eineon down; bnt he knew instinctively that ere. The fate of his friend and master has deranged him.

I will answer for him. This fellow has slain and wounded from behind ambush; has given us a great deal of trouble, and a hot chase, and now you bag him off. Rhys is dead, and our country, through traitors, taken away. What value is life? My harp can never sound any strai again but of sadness. You thirst for one poor life, and I will not say you nay.

Here, one of you fellows, fasten this murderer's arms be. He is dangerous, I can tn by his eye and mark him well that he does no mischief. Any attempt at escape, cut him down. He was wrapped up in his own reflections, so without further loiter- ing the party regained the road, and with Ieuan in the midst they continued their route to Dyved. It was early morning when, descending from a rocky pass, where they had camped, Eineon called Fitzhamon's attention to a dwelling that literally shone in the sunshine.

It was a large place with outbuildings, and strong rough walls, all white- washed, in conformity with the old customs of the land. There was no approach of a castellated character, and yet a glance showed, even from a distance, that the structure could be easily made formidable by stout arms and keen arrows behind.

This, however, the troop of Normans and Welshmen heeded not. The defeat of Rhys had been so com- plete, their rout of such scattered nature, that they knew from Rhys having denuded the wide district of men that no enemy in any force need be dreaded. They halted some time, looking down at the peaceful dingle and the quiet surroundings of the building.

It was, in size only, different to the hillside farms, which are in most, cases the relics transformed in part of the old dwellings of chief- tains, their sons, and their second sons. The herds could be seen in the pastures, the flocks dotted the hill, and the results of the last year's harvests were clustered at the side.

Fair meadow lands, woody copse, were there, and far down there was a moun- tain streamlet, whott babbling could be heard, and the stream occa sionally be seen as it wended in and out from woody covert. So utterly tranquil was the scene, that to Fitzhamon and Eineon came almost simultaneously the thought had news of Rhys's death reached the homestead, and had the household flown? There was the home of the warrior, who, in his interludes of peace, walked amongst his herd, and aided in the gathering in at harvest time There were the memorials of his care, of his indus- try but the hands that had laboured were at rest, and he who was at once husbandman and chief- tain, dead and covered with stones on a lone and distant mountain top.

Di d Eineon, I say, feel no regret? Not he. It is not in the hot blood time of youth, and in the hour when the prize is won, that regrets come. Not when the victor is crowned that lament for his dead ad- versaryin the arena steals in upon the mind. There comes a time, Inte, perhaps, av, even when the hand may be palsied and the limbs crippled, still it comes, when the ghosts of one's past memory pace before the over wakeful brain, and voices log since unheard sound in the ears.

Not, perhaps, alone in the dark watches of the night that the buried past gives up its dead. In the very carol of a song you may hear a strain that wakes up all; and though surrounded, other faces and forms wind in and out of the throng, and dark are the weird thoughts and reflections that come and go. I have seen the army of youths rush from its schools into the ways of life, clr-headed, agile, strortg, and regular of limb, and ere many years have gone have seen the bent figure, the blanched face, noted the limp of one, and the painful halt of the other.

Not more surely is the impress of life's battle shown on man than are the results of his ac- tions. It may take long ere the seed germinates, and the evil harvest is ready, but it. Only wait! Ha there is life there cried Fifehamon. The sheen of the morning sun glittering on lance and armour had told its tale. Dark forms were to be espied passing here and there, and one or two sturdy fellows seen tramping quickly to the fields, evidently to drive away the flocks and herds.

Speed on, men! We are seen. There need be no fear of many men, but if we want beeves we must bestir ourselves," and rapidly the troop descended, and speedily found itself in the vicinity of the hall. Then while the Norman leader formed his men in order, and pre- pared to march in regular position towards the dwelling, a part of the Welsh contingent took a diverse course, and made for the fields. They would require food, and it would never do for substantial bullocks to be driven away from their necessities.

This was soon granted the rough oaken door was thrown open, and a man appeared, to whom Eineon spoke. Nest, within? It was al] over. But the strong Norman force compelled a submissive look and free replies. Eineon ex- plained to Fitzhamon what he had heard, and told the Norman he should now ask for an interview with Nest, and rest and refreshment for the troop.

This was done. Nest intimated that she would be prepared to Clep Eineon and Fitzhamon aftertheir repast, which was bountifully spread. Fitz- hamon, as he accompanied Eineon, felt: thoughtful interest, and, indeed, a sorrowful concern, in the meeting with the orphan, but he little expected to find one so self-possessed, and so dowered with beauty. As for Eineon, flushed with wine, and with victory, he yearned to revel in the rhaconifrture of Nest, and to flaunt his success before her eye, "I could have wished," he thought, "to dangle her father's grey head before the imperious vixen, and not her anguish and her tears.

It was no orphaned g-irl who met him with blanched cheek, and moistened eyes, and trembling lips, but a woman of tile mould uf it heroine, and in her salute there was not the slightest quaver of fear or sorrow. Your mission is arms. It was a striking scene, the knightly Norman past the middle ages of life, with just a.

Near him Eineon, confused, hal- ting, the war of sucocss and vexation upon his face, and before them the indignant daughter of the slaughtered Rhys. And so you came," she continued, to the Welsh" man, "to glory over our fallen house; but I am no timid girl. Would that I were a man to avenge my father, and punish you. By Our Lady, you should have donned fitting apparel, and fought amongst, your father's men. In truthf he erred, t6 leave you amidst domest ic duties.

You have been your father's curse, and now you sorrow more for being humbled than for his loss. You say 1 am no woman. J'ou, coward, are no man. You rn from the field like a craven. You feared the old grey-haired warrior, and feel brave only before a weak woman. Out upon you, base born!

No true wife suckled such a being as thou art," Enough cried Fitzhamon, forcibly, pushing Eineon aside. If I had thought such a scene as this awaited tW, or that Eineon here simply wished to -glory over your fate, not a pace thitherward should my hovse have trod. I be- lieve you. It is t who should ask for pardon; but this wvtch unsexes me. You' you are master, chief he is but your follower. Do me one great kindness—take him from my pre- sence. I feel, as I look at him, but one wish, that God would transform me into a tiger, that I might spring upon him and destroy him Even Eineon instinctively recoiled as she uttered this, and Fitzhamon, with a low bow.

He had been absent only a few minutes, yet in that brief interval much of the angry glow of hate had faded, and the excited features were evidently calming down into their old and beautiful repose. Softer, too, was the light of interest in her eyes. More quickly than those of the Stoical mood think do the waves of varied feeling pass over the impulsive mind.

Lady," exclaimed Fitzhamon, I crave your forgiveness. It was necessary we should visit the confines of your father's domain, to check any possible rising of the shattered army ere I em- bark, and thus complete our task. Ho, too, argued that the proofs of regal holding were here, and must be obtained.

I little thought he wanted only to exult and upbraid. Sir Knight, you know him not," she re- joined, in a more tranquil, but earnest tone, that man sought my hand. Nest blushed, and looked confused, but quickly rejoined— "0 pray,this is not the time for compliments.

He sought my hand, and be- cause I drove him away from my feet, vowed my father's downfall and mine. He has accomplished this. Take him away. All here is yours. I will seek retirement anywhere, only let it be where he 'cannot intrude. She had gallant brothers left who would care for her.

He would visit the king, and see what could be done. It was true his mission was conquest; lie had fallen in with Eineon's views, but the step he had taken was part only of a great plan. For the moment Eineon ruled, but his life upon it ere his task, and that of the king's, was ended, Eineon would not be in a position to triumph over her sorrows. Now may the saints bless you for these words of comfort," she answered.

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