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Hexasyllabic Verse : A verse of six syllables must have an accent on the fifth. There may or may not be supernumerary accents, but never on the fourth syllable. Heptasyllabic Verse : A verse of seven syllables must have an accent on the sixth, and at least one other necessary accent, which may be on any syllable except the fifth. Octosyllabic Verse : A verse of eight syllables must have an accent on the seventh, and at least one other accent, which may fall on any syllable except the sixth.

First Class : Verses of eleven syllables which have the sixth syllable and the tenth syllable stressed are hendecasyllables of the first class. Hendecasyllables of the first class may have supernumerary accents on other syllables, provided they do not fall upon the fifth or ninth. Second Class : Hendecasyllables of the second class are eleven-syllable verses with the accent on the fourth, eighth, and tenth syllables.

There may be accents on other syllables, provided that they be not obstruccionistas. If it is difficult to classify a hendecasyllable because it has accents on the fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth syllables, one must decide on the prominence of the accents from pauses, or from emphasis. The hendecasyllable,. The accent on the sixth is, then, not constituent, but supernumerary.

The dissyllable is the only exception. The facultative accent is opposed to the regular recurrence in each line of dissyllabic and trisyllabic elements, which elements caused the rhythm of Latin verse. Spanish rhythm is a rhythm of series, of strophes, not a rhythm of regularly recurring accents within a verse.

Verses of ten or twelve syllables, however, lend themselves more readily to rhythm from regularly recurring stress. Dodecasyllable Verse : A verse of twelve syllables, with the stress on the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh syllables, makes a dodecasyllable of amphibrachs. This dodecasyllable has a short metrical pause after the sixth syllable, and a longer one after the twelfth.

Verses of different length do not readily intermingle. There are some measures, however, which are used much together. Verses of ten syllables are used with those of twelve p. These meters lend themselves to regularly recurring stress more readily than any others. The caesura is an important, though not essential, element in Spanish verse.

In verses of eleven or twelve syllables, however, the caesura is usually employed to give a break in a determined place. The caesura requires a strong accent on the syllable preceding it, and does not prevent synalepha. The disposition of the caesural pauses determines the harmony of the versification, and usually varies with the accents so as to avoid monotony in the verse.

NOTE: Final s and final n, especially in the plural of nouns and in verbs, do not count. Therefore, penas and arenas would form a feminine rhyme. Consonantal rhyme is one in which all the letters, vowels and consonants, are the same from the accented syllable to the end of the word, e. In consonantal rhyme both consonants and vowels should agree exactly sonante—errante ; b and v can, however, rhyme together, since they represent the same sound, e.

A word should not rhyme with itself. Sometimes, however, a simple word rhymes with a derivative menor—pormenor or two derivatives with each other menosprecio—desprecio. If an unaccented weak vowel i, u precedes or follows a strong vowel in the same syllable of a word, it is absorbed by the strong vowel, and does not count in the rhyme. Therefore, vuelo and cielo rhyme; also muestra and diestra.

When the vowels from the accented syllable to the end of the word are the same, but the consonants are different, the rhyme is called assonance. In words accented on the last syllable agudas , the assonance is that of the last syllable only, e.

In diphthongs the accented vowel only is considered if the diphthong occur in an accented syllable. Therefore, verte and duermes assonate in e-e; baile and parte assonate in a-e. For purposes of assonance little use is made of words accented on a syllable preceding the antepenult. In a final accented or unaccented syllable u and i are absorbed, for purposes of assonance, by a preceding or following a, o, or e. If in assonance a weak vowel is united in a diphthong with a strong vowel, the assonance is called compound assonance , e.

Assonance between two single vowels is called simple assonance , e. This distinction is of little value, however, for verses in simple and compound assonance alternate constantly. In the case of two strong vowels forming a diphthong after an accented syllable, the following rules apply.

When two weak vowels i, u are united in a diphthong, the second predominates. Words that have in the final unaccented syllable i or u, not in diphthongs, are considered for purposes of assonance as if ending in e or o respectively. If ai occurs in a syllable after an a in the accented syllable, the i rather than the a of the diphthong counts in the assonance. If the accented vowel is not a, the a of ai counts in the assonance. Consonantal rhyme should not be introduced in compositions written in assonance.

This rule is not always observed see pp. The assonance of alternate lines the even numbers is the rule in modern Spanish. If the composition is short the same assonance may be kept throughout. Blank Verse. Compositions in blank verse are, however, extremely difficult to write in Spanish, and are therefore comparatively rare. The strophe is frequently of arbitrary length, yet when the poet has once fixed the measure of his strophe he is supposed to preserve the same measure throughout.

The following are some of the strophic arrangements in Spanish. Pareados are pairs of contiguous verses of the same number of syllables, which rhyme[1] together in pairs. Tercetos are a series of strophes, in the first of which the first verse rhymes with the third, and, from the second strophe on, the first and third verse of each successive strophe rhyme with the middle verse of the preceding strophe.

This form of verse is known in Italian as terza rima. The composition ends with a serventesio see below , of which the first and third verses rhyme with the middle verse of the preceding strophe. The rhyme-scheme, then, would be a b a, b c b, c d c, etc. Cuartetas , properly so called, are strophes of four eight-syllable verses, of which the second verse rhymes or is in assonance with the fourth. Cuarteta is likewise a general name given to strophes of four verses.

Serventesios are strophes of four hendecasyllables, of which the first rhymes or assonates with the third, and the second with the fourth. Redondillas are strophes of four eight-syllable or sometimes six-syllable verses which rhyme as follows: a b b a. Cuartetos are strophes of four hendecasyllables with the rhyme-scheme a b b a. It is not customary to put a final word that is aguda in the uneven verses of compositions written in hendecasyllables, or in verses that rhyme with them.

Romances , which are the most used of all forms, need not be written in cuartetas. It is sufficient that the even verses be in assonance and the uneven verses free. Romances, properly so called, are composed of octosyllabic verses.

Quintillas are combinations of five verses that have but two rhymes, of which one occurs three times and the other twice. These verses may rhyme at the will of the poet, provided that three verses having the same rhyme do not follow each other successively.

Of the possible arrangements the following occur most frequently: a a b b a, a b b a a, a b a b a, a b a b b. Sextinas are usually composed of six hendecasyllabic verses in which a serventesio is followed by a pareado.

The first, third, and fifth verses, however, may rhyme together, and the second, fourth, and sixth. There are also sextinas which have the third and sixth verses with a consonantal rhyme in words that are agudas , while the first and second, and the fourth and fifth, form pareados. In compositions written in sextinas the succeeding strophes have the same arrangement as the first. Octavas de Arte mayor are composed of eight dodecasyllables divided into two equal hemistichs, with the accents on the second, fifth, seventh, and eleventh syllables.

The first verse rhymes with the fourth, fifth, and eighth; the second with the third; and the sixth with the seventh. Sometimes the second rhymes with the fourth, the fifth with the eighth, the first with the third, the sixth with the seventh. Octavas reales are strophes of eight hendecasyllabic verses llanos , of which the first six rhyme alternately and the last two form a pareado.

When octavas of this form have eight-syllable verses or less, they are called octavillas. Second variant : The first and fifth verses are libres and the others rhyme 1 b b c 5 d d c. This form is the most used of all. Fourth variant : The rhymes have some other arrangement than those mentioned in the three preceding cases. Thus far all the compositions treated have been strophes, of which all the lines have the same number of syllables.

The most common strophes having an unequal number of syllables in the component verses are as follows:. Endechas reales are cuartetas in which three heptasyllables are followed by a hendecasyllable. The even verses are usually in assonance, although the verses may have the rhyme-scheme a b a b.

The Lira is a strophe of five verses, of which the first, third, and fourth are heptasyllables, and the second and fifth are hendecasyllables. The rhyme-scheme is a b a b b. Seguidillas are strophes composed of seven verses, three of which are heptasyllables and four pentasyllables.

The first, third, and sixth verses are libres , the second and fourth have the same assonance, and the fifth and seventh another distinct assonance. Silvas are series of strophes composed of hendecasyllables and heptasyllables of unequal number and unevenly distributed with a free arrangement of rhymes. Every verse should rhyme with another, yet sometimes a verse is left unrhymed in long compositions.

The Sonnet is taken from the Italian and has the same general forms. It is written in hendecasyllables, and is always divided into four parts—two quatrains and two tercets. Versos sueltos blank verse are verses which do not assonate with the other contiguous verses, or with the nearest words in which the sense demands a pause. There are many other and very artificial forms that exist, but their treatment would be irrelevant here.

During the nineteenth century the caprice of the poet invented many new forms of which the arrangement is evident at a glance. In closing, it should be said that this study of Spanish prosody, which is primarily intended as an aid to the reading of Becquer's poetry contained in this volume, is necessarily too brief to be exhaustive, and many things are purposely omitted, as, for example, certain unusual forms of verse such as the nine-syllable verse or that of more than twelve syllables.

Wherever it has been found convenient, references have been made to Becquer's poems to illustrate points of versification. It is famous for its two cathedrals, El Pilar and La Seo, and for its obstinate and heroic resistance at the time of the siege by the French in See Brewer, Dictionary of Miracles , Phila.

A small village of some inhabitants, situated in the province of Saragossa on the northern slope of the Moncayo see p. A small village of some inhabitants, situated in the province of Saragossa near the Moncayo and not far from the river Huecha. It contains an ancient castle. See p. A mountain of some feet in height situated near the boundaries of the provinces of Soria and Saragossa, to the west of the town of Borja and to the south of Tarazona.

The panorama presented to the view from its summit is most extensive. To the south can be seen vaguely the Sierra de Guadarrama, to the southeast the mountains of Teruel, to the east the plain of the Ebro, to the north and northeast the Pyrenees and to the west the summits of the Cantabrian range. The rivers Queiles, Huecha, and others of less importance have their source in the Moncayo.

It is the ancient Mons Caunus , celebrated in history for the defeat of the Celtiberians in the time of the consul Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus governor of Hither Spain from to B. Loose construction, in which the relative pronoun object of the first verb is understood as subject of the second.

Yo creo que he visto unos ojos como los que he pintado en esta leyenda. Se ve el rastro de la sangre entre las zarzas del monte, y al saltar uno de esos lentiscos han flaqueado sus piernas Saint Saturius was born, according to Tamayo, in In he withdrew from the world into a cave at the foot of a mountain bathed by the river Duero, near where now stands the town of Soria.

There he lived about thirty-six years, or until , when he died and was buried by his faithful disciple St. Prudentius, later bishop of Tarazona, who had been a companion of the hermit during the last seven years of his life. His cave is still an object of pilgrimage, and a church has been built on the spot to the memory of the saint. A mediaeval-looking town of inhabitants situated on a bleak plateau on the right bank of the Duero.

It is the capital of a province of the same name. The old town of Numantia captured by the Romans under P. Cornelius Scipio AEmilianus, B. The choice of a grove of poplars as setting to the enchanted fount is peculiarly appropriate, as this tree belongs to the large list of those believed to have magical properties.

In the south of Europe the poplar seems to have held sometimes the mythological place reserved in the north for the birch, and the people of Andalusia believe that the poplar is the most ancient of trees. In classical superstition the black poplar was consecrated to the goddess Proserpine, and the white poplar to Hercules.

There is a tradition that the Cross of Christ was made of the wood of the White Poplar, and throughout Christendom there is a belief that the tree trembles and shivers mystically in sympathy with the ancestral tree which became accursed Hemans, in her 'Wood Walk,' thus alludes to one of these old traditions:. A title taken doubtless from the little town of Almenar inhabitants situated in the province of Soria near the right bank of the Rituerto river, southwest of the Moncayo, and not far from that mountain.

A relic of the Latin pluperfect in -aram , -eram , popularly confounded with the imperfect subjunctive. Its use is now somewhat archaic, and is restricted to relative clauses. See Ramsey's Spanish Grammar , H. It is also the name of a small town of some inhabitants in the province of Barcelona. El que osa enturbiar su corriente, paga caro su atrevimiento. Los cazadores somos reyes del Moncayo, pero reyes que pagan un tributo. Pieza que se refugia en esa fuente misteriosa, pieza perdida. Yo he cumplido con mi deber.

As to the efficacy of holy water against evil spirits St. Teresa of Avila — speaks as follows:. I have learned from frequent experience that there is nothing better than holy water to drive them away and to prevent them from returning: they flee at the sight of the Cross, but return.

The virtue of holy water must be great indeed. En el lago caen con un rumor indescriptible. The Spanish Academy condemns the use of la instead of le as a feminine dative. Spanish writers, however, frequently so employ it. Por una mirada, por una sola mirada de esos ojos Yo no castigo al que osa turbar la fuente donde moro; antes le premio con mi amor They feared that the water-spirits would drag the person's reflection or soul under water, leaving him soulless to die.

This was probably the origin of the classical story of Narcissus The same ancient belief lingers, in a faded form, in the English superstition that whoever sees a water-fairy must pine and die. The object of Fernando's love was evidently an undine see p. Population , It is traversed by mountains and intersected by the Ebro. During the middle ages it was one of the two chief Christian powers in the peninsula. In it became a kingdom; was united to Catalonia in ; rose to great influence through its acquisitions in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries of Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, and the Sicilies; and was united with Castile in through the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon with Isabella of Castile.

Friday has long been considered an unlucky day, and Good Friday, in spite of its name, has been regarded by popular superstition as a fatal day. One born on that day might have particular aptitude for witchcraft. This might take the form of Christian mysticism, as in the case of St. Leo, who is said to have been "marked all over with red crosses" at birth see Brewer, Dictionary of Miracles , Phila. Duncker , son of David and Bathsheba The name of Solomon, who was supposed to have possessed extraordinary magical powers, plays an important part in Eastern and thence in European legends," Century Dict.

A venerable town of some inhabitants situated on the river Queiles, northeast of the Moncayo see p. Bartholomew,' one of the twelve apostles, deemed by some to be identical with Nathanael. According to tradition he preached in various parts of Asia, and was flayed alive and then crucified, head downward, at Albanopolis in Armenia.

His memory is celebrated in the Roman Catholic church on August In popular superstition St. Bartholomew is supposed to have had particular power over the devil, and prayers to this saint are thought to be specially efficacious against the wiles of the evil one. For a detailed account of St. Compare the use of the relative in this phrase with that to which attention has been called on p. The troubadours were considered the inventors of a species of lyrical poetry, characterized by an almost entire devotion to the subject of chivalric love, and generally very complicated in regard to meter and rhyme.

They fourished from the eleventh to the latter part of the thirteenth century, principally in the south of France, Catalonia, Aragon, and northern Italy. Belief in the marvelous, and hence in fairies, likewise characterized these poets.

The kingdoms of Castile and Leon, after several unions and separations, were finally united under Ferdinand III in Isabella of Castile married Ferdinand of Aragon in , and in the two kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were united. Chief city Jerusalem. Louis —], and since has been in the possession of the Turkish government. His memory is celebrated by the church November 3. Legend says that he was the son of a nobleman of Aquitaine, and a keen hunter; and that once when he was engaged in the chase on Good Friday, in the forest of Ardennes, a stag appeared to him having a shining crucifix between its antlers.

See the Encyclopedia Americano. This mythical subject is amplified in numerous Hindoo legends. A beautiful princess is transformed by a wicked fairy into a white hind, which form she is allowed to quit at certain hours of the day. One day, while still in the form of the hind, she is pursued by her lover and wounded by an arrow. However, a release from the enchantment and a happy marriage end the sufferings of the heroine. In this Spanish tale the transformation is voluntary, which fact gives to Constanza the traits of a witch.

In Wordsworth's beautiful poem The White Doe of Rylstone we find the doe divested of all the elements of witchcraft, and in its solicitude for the gentle and bereft Lady Emily it is likened symbolically. Munilla was a place of considerable importance at the time in which the events of this story are supposed to have occurred.

They form one branch of the elemental spirits see p. The air is inhabited by the amiable race of Sylphs, the sea by the delightful and beautiful Undines, the earth by the industrious race of swarthy Gnomes, and the fire by the exalted and glorious nation of Salamanders, who are supreme in the elementary hierarchy.

There is a close analogy in the natures of all these intelligences with the more lofty constitution of certain angelical choirs Waite, The Occult Sciences , London, , p. The elementary spirits are believed to be without souls. At other times, the reverse happens, and the soul of the mortal is lost, who, leaving the haunts of men, associates with those soulless, but often amiable and affectionate beings. Consult de Gubematis, Zoological Mythology , London, , 2 vols.

It is situated on the Tagus not far to the south of Madrid. It was the capital of the West-Gothic realm; Population 23, Within its walls it presents the appearance of a Moorish city with huddled dwellings and narrow, crooked streets, which afford but scanty room even for the foot passenger.

Viewed from without it is unrivaled for stern picturesqueness. On the north it is connected with the great plain of Castile by a narrow isthmus. At all other points the sides of the rocky eminence are steep and inaccessible. It rises in the province of Teruel, Spain, in the mountain Muela de San Juan; flows west through New Castile and Estremadura; forms part of the boundary between Spain and Portugal; and empties by two arms into the Bay of Lisbon.

The chief city on its banks in Spain is Toledo. Referring probably to the time of the Roman dominion, which, though it lasted some two hundred years, has left in the monuments of Toledo very little evidence of its duration. Ayer estuve en el templo. Probably the festival of the Assumption, August 15, as this is generally considered the most important of the various festivals in honor of the Virgin, such as, for example, the Nativity of Mary September 8 , the Purification of the Blessed Virgin February 2 , and the Annunciation March For una.

This use is not sanctioned by the Spanish Academy, nor, as Knapp says, "by the best modern writers. In mediaeval times it was a great favorite with the church, and was appointed for use at compline, from the first vespers of Trinity Sunday up to nones on the Saturday before Advent Sunday. Callas, callas y doblas la frente A highly venerated figure of the Virgin, made of a dark-colored wood and almost covered with valuable jewels.

It stands now in the chapel of the same name, to which visitors are seldom admitted. There are several other statues of the Virgin in the cathedral, for which, however, less reverence is felt. The choice of certain statues of Christ or of the Virgin for special veneration is very characteristic of Spanish Catholics. The construction of the Toledo Cathedral is essentially of the thirteenth century, although it was not finished until The exterior of this vast church, with its great doors, rose-windows, and beautiful Gothic towers, the northern one of which ft.

Nunca pudo saberse. There are three steps that lead up to the chapel, which is separated from the transept to-day by a magnificent reja screen or grating , dating from , and is filled with treasures of art. The jewels of this Virgin, presents for the most part from crowned heads and high church dignitaries, are in fact of immense value.

There they remained in almost constant warfare with the Christians until they were finally defeated at Granada by the armies of Ferdinand and Isabella and driven from Spain in Toledo was entered by the Christians under Alfonso VI in From this time on Christian arms began to prevail in the peninsula. The gate referred to here is the Puerta Visagra Antigua , an ancient Arab gate of the ninth century, a little to the west of the Puerta Visagra Actual , which latter was not built until The old Puerta Visagra is now blocked up.

It was through this gateway that Alfonso VI entered Toledo. Lynch, Toledo , London, , p. In it was restored and took on its present half renaissance, half classical aspect. It consists of five arches, that in the center being about ft. The gorge of the Tagus here is very imposing.

Abbreviation for Su Alteza, 'His Highness,' a title given to the kings of Spain down to the Austrian dynasty, and now applied to princes and regents. The site was originally occupied by a Roman ' castellum ' which the Visigoths also used as a citadel. The magnificent staircase is due to Charles V, whose name the Alcazar sometimes bears. According to one of the legends the remains of St. James were brought to Spain in a scallop-shell; hence the use of that emblem by pilgrims to his sanctuary.

James,' the patron saint of Spain. A legend of about the twelfth century tells us that the remains of St. James the Greater, son of Zebedee, after he was beheaded in Judea, were miraculously brought to Spain and interred in a spot whose whereabouts was not known until in the ninth century a brilliant star pointed out the place 'campus stellae'. The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was erected there, and throughout the Middle Ages it was one of the most popular pilgrim-resorts in Christendom.

A small, quaint, three-cornered plaza, with two sides straight and the third curved, surrounded by buildings with rough arcades shading the shops on the ground floor. It used to be the scene of tournaments and bull-fights, as well as being the market-place, as it is to-day. So exactly must it have been in the day Cervantes suffered and smiled, offering to his mild glance just such a wretched and romantic front. Lynch, op. This use of the accusative le instead of lo , when the object is not personal, is sanctioned by the Spanish Academy.

This is the name of the street that leads from the Zocodover up to the height on which is situated the Alcazar see p. Cuando los dos caballeros se hubieron reunido, cambiaron algunas frases en voz baja. The street mentioned here is one known up to the year as la Calle del Cristo de la Calavera or la Calle de la Calavera , but which bears to-day the name of la Cuesta del Pez.

It terminates near a little square which is called to-day Plazuela de Abdon de Paz , but which earlier bore the name of Plazuela de la Cruz de la Calavera. Miraculous tales are related of several of the images of Christ in Toledo, of the Cristo de la Luz , of the Cristo de la Vega , and others, as well as of the image we have to deal with here.

Espronceda describes effectively a similar miraculous extinguishing and relighting of a lamp before a shrine, in Part IV of his Estudiante de Salamanca :. There is a small square in front of the cathedral, called to-day the Plaza de or del Ayuntamiento. The French armies of Napoleon entered Spain in Joseph Bonaparte was declared king, but the opposition of Spain was most heroic, and in the French were expelled. They made great havoc in Toledo, where among other desecrations they burned the Alcazar now restored and the convent church of San Juan de los Reyes.

Charles V, the son of Philip of Burgundy by Joanna daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella , and grandson of the emperor Maximilian 1, was bom at Ghent, Flanders, February 24,, and died in the monastery of Yuste, Estremadura, Spain, September 21, He became king of Spain as Charles 1 in , and emperor in In he abdicated the government of the former in favor of his son Philip II, and of the latter in favor of his brother Ferdinand I.

The Casa de Consejos 'City Hall' , Casa Consistorial , or Ayuntamiento , by which various names it is known, is a building erected in the fifteenth century and remodeled in the seventeenth. A charming old Moorish gateway with horseshoe arches between two towers, built about , and recently restored. It is one of the most impressive and beautiful of Toledo's monuments. This convent was founded in by Ferdinand and Isabella, who meant it to be their burial-place, and was dedicated to their patron saint John the Baptist.

Thus the edifice, begun in the late Gothic style, shows a strong leaning towards the forms of the Renaissance. The interior was much damaged by the French in Nuestro joven oficial no tuvo, pues, que torcer Haves ni descorrer cerrojos para penetrar en el interior del templo. The capital of Spain and of the province of Madrid, situated on the Manzanares, and nearly in the geographical center of Spain. Population some , The royal palace, begun in , is an imposing rectangular structure on a lofty terrace overlooking the Manzanares.

Es todo lo que se llama una verdadera aventura. It hangs in the cathedral tower surrounded by eight other bells, and surmounted by two more. In the story told by Ovid Met. This beautiful woman, Galatea, became his wife, and bore him a son called Paphos, founder of the city of that name in Cyprus.

Pues bien A celebrated French poet of the sixteenth century b. A vast region in northern and central Asia, which forms part of the Russian empire, and which has by far the lowest winter temperatures of the known world. A French word meaning 'refreshment-table. This is known as the buffet. A famous Spanish general, who served with distinction in the wars against Portugal and the Moors, and in several Italian campaigns.

Helena, May 5, At this time he was at the height of his power. Mirad que esas bromas con la gente de piedra suelen costar caras It owes its name to a holy hermit, who, after suffering many persecutions at the hands of the Moors, was finally granted all the territory of Hardeta. It was plundered and partly destroyed in —, but the ruins are still beautiful and imposing.

The following incident is not one of its well-known legends. Seville, the capital of the province of Seville, is a city of some , inhabitants situated in the southwestern part of Spain on the Guadalquivir River. In the sixteenth century, during the reign of Philip II — , at which time the events of this story are supposed to take place, Seville reached the height of its prosperity.

The architecture is semi-Gothic. The midnight mass preceding Christmas day. The introduction of the word gallo has reference to the early cockcrowing. Compare the expression al primer gallo , at midnight. Ahora llega frente al retablo. The galleons from the West Indies brought much gold to Spain in the sixteenth century. These anachronisms on the part of the author, however, in no way affect the artistic merit of the work.

Nor are they the only ones to be found in this same legend. See note 4, below; also p. Compare the English expression "speak of the devil and he will appear," used under similar circumstances. By Roma was probably meant originally the Catholic church or its officers. This is another anachronism on the part of Becquer, for the arch and church of San Felipe were not constructed until the eighteenth century. Neither exists at present. Below the arch was a picture in azulejos representing Christ fallen with the cross and aided by Simon the Cyrenian.

One of the ancient commercial streets of Seville, known to-day as the Calle de Villegas. Toda Sevilla le conoce por su colosal fortuna. Son of the emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal. The recluse king made his first visit to Seville in at the time of the preparations for the great war with the Turks. Selim II was sultan at this time, and his navy was considered the most powerful of Europe. On October 7, , however, it was defeated in the battle of Lepanto by the united fleets of Spain and several of the Italian states, commanded by Don Juan of Austria.

As the name indicates, there were twenty-four of these city councilors. Among the most famous were Egmont Lamoral, count of Egmont , who was in Spain from January to April, , and Montigny Floris de Montmorency , who made two trips to Spain, one in , and the other in , on which occasion he remained until , when he was murdered at the king's bidding.

Philip received both of these envoys with a show of great cordiality and affection. The Spanish nobles, on the contrary, were cold in their reception, and would gladly have given them over to the Inquisition had there been no fear of Philip's anger. Either of these envoys, if they were ever in Seville, may be referred to here, or some other influential Fleming who may have been there under similar conditions, or this may be mere fiction.

The officers of the Inquisition. The arms of this body were a green cross surmounted by a crown, with a drawn sword to the right and an olive branch to the left, upon a field of sable. In Philip II bestowed this title upon D. He was made viceroy of Naples in , at about the age of fifty, and died some dozen years later.

This is probably the duke referred to here, if we presume that the author had some definite duke in mind. The church of San Pedro, a Gothic structure of the fourteenth century, built on the site of a mosque, is situated near the modern market and not far from the University. The little square in front of the church bears the same name. A short street called to-day Calle de Gerona. It connects the Plaza del Espiritu Santo and that of Sta.

This street received its name from the Cistercian nuns whose convent, destroyed in the revolution of , was situated here. The dukedom of Medinasidonia was created in by Juan II, and the best-known duke of this name during the reign of Philip II was commander of the celebrated Armada Ya se han visto, ya se detienen unos y otros, sin pasar de sus puestos A magistrate in Seville, and certain other cities, whose duties and prerogatives corresponded with those of the corregidor elsewhere.

This office came into existence in Seville about the middle of the fifteenth century, and was filled during the reign of Philip II by some fifteen asistentes in succession, most of them counts. Vamos, vamos, ya brillan los broqueles en la obscuridad Of course the archbishop is meant here. Fernando Valdes, Inquisitor General d. Cristohal de Roxas y Sandoval d.

Rodrigo de Castro d. Sevilla , , za parte, p. Pero es la verdad, que si se buscaran Verdad es que sois nueva en el barrio Como que le conoce de tal modo, que a tientas Dios se las bendiga. In speaking of one who has died, it is customary in Spain to express some similar hope for the welfare of his soul. Notice the use of haya instead of tenga, although possession is indicated. It was famous at this time for its jewelry-shops. Trascurrieron, sin embargo, algunos minutos sin que el celebrante apareciese.

Vamos, lo quiero, lo mando; vamos a la iglesia. As this took place while the priest was entering within the septum or rails of the altar, it acquired the name of Introitus or Introit. Hook, Church Dict. The offertory or "service of song while the oblations were collected and received is of ancient date. Augustine speaks of the singing of hymns at the oblation.

The offertory is said immediately after the Creed , and before the Preface and Sanctus. Donde va la gente. Ahora lo que priva es la novedad Lo que tiene que,[9] si es verdad lo que me han dicho las gentes del barrio, le preparan una buena al intruso. See vocabulary. Note the two senses in which the adverb of place, donde , is used. It was reconstructed by D. Pedro I. One of the ancient gates of Seville, situated in the north wall near the Matadero 'slaughter-house'.

Hence its name. But little remains now of the old walls of Seville, which had a circumference of upwards of ten miles, and were pierced by fifteen gates and strengthened by one hundred and sixty-six towers. Cada loco con su tema Ese hombre no puede haber tocado lo que acabamos de escuchar Honesty, as well as poverty and humility, is supposed to be one of their crowning virtues.

The church of St. It was built on the site of a Jewish synagogue, after the expulsion of the Jews by the Christian kings of Spain. Its present architecture is Doric and dates only from the eighteenth century. Vine al coro En el reloj de la catedral sonaba en aquel momento una hora La iglesia estaba desierta y obscura Entonces quise gritar, pero no pude.

Luke i. It was not used before the Hours, until the sixteenth century, in Romish offices. Some say earlier. He is regarded as the leader of the whole host of angels He is spoken of five times in the Bible, always [or to be more exact usually as fighting] John mentions him as fighting at the head of the angels against the dragon and his host. One of the founders of monasticism. He established a monastery on the island of Tabenna in the Nile, and was the first thus to collect the monks under one roof and establish strict rules of government for the community.

See also p. En toda Sevilla no se habla de otra cosa Eso no puede haberlo tocado el bisojo, mentira Its chief tributary is the Cinca. Length about miles. See Century Diet. Its situation is very picturesque. The highest points are about 11, feet. A visit to the Eastern Pyrenees from the Spanish side is much more difficult than from France, as both traveling and hotel accommodations are sadly lacking.

It has been the see of a bishop since , and possesses a Gothic cathedral. The earldom was of considerable importance in the fourteenth century, Count Jaime James de Urgel d. During the reign of the Goths it was likewise an official and not a nobiliary title. Later, with the growth of the feudal system, the counts became not merely royal officers, but hereditary rulers, with coronets and arms and an assumption of absolute authority in their counties.

In some of these counties the title developed later into that of king. Compare the familiar English expression used to frighten children: "The boogy-man is coming. It is to this realm, where the carnal sinners are punished, that Dante relegates the lovers Paolo and Francesca da Rimini. Tasso uses much the same figure, when he says, in his Gerusalemme Liberata , ix. The sacrifice of children has always been considered by popular superstition as an essential part in practices of black magic or in compacts with the devil.

The sacred vessels of the church are said to play an important part in demonolatry. The consecrated wafers too are believed to be put to improper uses. En ellas nuestro misterioso jefe marchaba siempre delante de todos. Entre nosotros, unos le creen un extravagante; otros un noble arruinado, que por un resto de pudor se tapa la cara; y no falta quien se encuentra convencido de que es el mismo diablo en persona. A bold ellipsis which would be inconsistent with common usage in English.

A careless and incorrect construction which leaves the sentence incomplete. Better y rogaron. Notice the omission of the conjunction que before the subjunctive decidiera. This is a frequent Spanish usage. The antecedent must be piezas, although it is too remote to be obvious. Such loose constructions are not to be recommended. The name of Teobaldo, does not figure in mediaeval Catalonia, nor the barony of Fortcastell.

This inscription is probably a literary fiction. The mountains of Montagut, which rise to a height of teet, are situated in the province of Tarragona, Spain. Teobaldo iba delante de todos. El rastro de la sangre que arroja marca su camino. Nadie lo sabe. The moon. Longfellow thus translates Dante's description of the sphere of the moon in canto II of the Paradiso:.

These are not elemental spirits see p. Belief in a series of heavenly spheres, such as Dante describes, has characterized most mystical philosophies. Dante mentions a similar stairway in canto XXII of the Paradiso , and intimates that the vision of it is disclosed only to true mystics.

Because, in comparison with the number of souls born into earthly bodies, but few escape the snares of evil and rise again to their original state of innocence. In parts of Spain this unveiling is effected suddenly by rending them with a spear or lance, so as to reveal all the pictures and statues at the same time.

Virgin is "one of the titles and grades given by the church, by which are distinguished the choirs of sainted women who have preserved their integrity and purity. By luminosas is suggested the halo of light that surrounds them, proceeding from their own sanctity and represented in the stained-glass windows.

Peter himself. At the time of the Moorish invasion, in , the Goths hid it in the hill, where it remained until , when Some shepherds were attracted to the spot by heavenly lightd, etc. Accompanied by his clergy, the good bishop set out on his return to Manresa carrying the holy image with him, but on reaching a certain spot the Virgin obstinately refused to proceed farther; thereupon a small chapel was built over her, where she remained years.

The spot where the image first refused to move is still marked by a cross with an appropriate inscription A chapel where the image now rests was founded in , and later opened by Philip II in person. The monastery is one of the most picturesquely situated in all Christendom. It stands high up upon the jagged mountain Mons Serratus , or Montserrat, which gives to the monastery its name. And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave.

And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake. Becquer follows no particular metaphysical system in his description of the various heavenly spheres. The seraphim 'burning' or 'flaming ones' are the highest order in the hierarchy of angels.

They are mentioned by Isaiah vi. Dante speaks of the seraph as "that soul in Heaven which is most enlightened. Becquer does not follow exactly the Biblical description. In the famous vision of St. Francis of Assisi, at the time that he received his stigmata, the Seraph appeared to him with two wings raised above his head, with two wings stretched out for flight, and with two wings covering his whole body.

See Mrs. Hay otros en que se desliga de la carne, pierde su personalidad y se confunde con los elementos de la naturaleza, se relaciona con su modo de ser, y traduce su incomprensible lenguaje. Compare these well-known verses by the French poet Arnault:. This is strictly true of the honey-bee, but not to my knowledge of butterflies or dragon-flies.

The hendecasyllabic verses are partly of the first and partly of the second class see Introduction , while the heptasyllabic verses have the required accent on the sixth syllable, with at least one minor variable accent, and the pentasyllabic verses on the fourth, according to rule. The even verses have the same assonance throughout. This doubt seems to assail frequently the mind of Becquer, as it does that of the old Persian poet Omar Khayyam:. John, chapter II. Read Stephen Phillips' beautiful poem entitled "Lazarus," pp.

Note the hiatus in the 6th verse. The even verses have the same assonance. The even verses of the poem have the same assonance throughout. The even verses of each stanza are agudos and assonanced. Ward translates this stanza as follows:. The last two verses of the lst and 3d stanzas and the last verse of the 2d and 4th stanzas are agudos, the other verses being llanos. The rhyme scheme is a, a, b, b, c, c, d, d, e, e, c for each half of the poem.

Notice the hiatus in the 4th and 5th verses. These latter are agudos and have the same assonance throughout. Notice the hiatus in the 1st, 3d, and 4th verses. The 2d and 4th are agudos and assonanced. A refrain of dissyllabic verse begins at the close of the 3d stanza and recurs after that regularly at the close of every other stanza. The even verses of each stanza have the same assonance throughout, as does the refrain.

Notice the hiatus in the 3d verse of the 4th stanza and in the 1st verse of the 6th stanza. All of the texts that have been consulted read Despierta, but the contrast throughout the poem between the two ideas seems to warrant the reading given here, and Mrs. Ward in her translation of the poem see Macmillan's Mag. In the first of these, in Canto v, occurs the episode of Paolo and Francesca da Rimini, which is imitated in this poem. The meaning of this phrase becomes clear when we compare it with the Italian original.

The even verses are agudos and have the same assonance throughout. The thought of the poem is very similar to that of Heine's Wann zwei van einander scheiden:. The principal river of Palestine. The idea of cleansing by "washing in Jordan" comes originally from the account of Elisha's cure of Naaman as related in II Kings v. The even verses are agudos and assonanced.

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