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This is a direct adaptation of the "Gifted" storyline as it appeared in Marvel Comics' Astonishing X-Men, # This same story of Dr. Rao developing a "cure". Astonishing X-Men: Gifted. Marvel · background image title. audiobook. Avengers: Breakout. Marvel · background image title. audiobook.


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astonishing x-men gifted torrent

Marvel Omnibus: Amazing Spider-Man By J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1 (5/8) BUY • Astonishing X-Men Gifted with Motion Comic DVD HC. Download Astonishing X-Men - Gifted pt 1 Divx [Oj] torrent or any other torrent from TV category. Free Marvel Comics Download. Astonishing X-Men Vol. 01 – Gifted () Language: English | Year: | Size: MB. SONIC VITAMINS TORRENT If system running into. Now reasonable are access in. The by section of.

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This place is so cool! Verified Purchase. First, the comic book gives you more, in case you haven't read it yet. But this motion comics adaptation ain't so shabby, either. Apologies to Grant Morrison and his quirk and others who did decent in their X-Men runs, but no one's done it better recently than Joss Whedon.

So if a comic book company were to launch a new platform to showcase its comics, mining Whedon's brilliance seems a straight-up no-brainer. Artist John Cassaday helped, too. Whedon pulls out all the usual tools from his utility belt: the wit, the humor, the emotional gut checks, the pop culture plunge, the plot swerve.

He makes you love the characters, even characters you didn't give an ef about going in I'm looking at you, Cyclops. And, after you grow to care about them, he kills them off. I'm not saying that that happens here. But Whedon is a notorious serial killer.

Whedon gets a crack at writing Kitty Pryde, and if you don't fall in love with her, you are some sort of soulless. She returns to the X-Men proper here, and as a member of Xavier Institute's faculty, all grown up. In terms of character development, Kitty is the richest character.

Love Kitty Pryde. The central conflicts in the story: An alien mercenary called Ord from the Breakworld - the wonderfully snide Emma Frost refers to him as the "alien berk" - is running amok, taking hostages, testing the X-Men for whatever reason. Meanwhile, with the ever present anti-mutant hysteria as a backdrop, a brilliant geneticist publicly announces a cure for the mutant gene. Two separate plot threads but, as it turns out, it's all one single thread.

As a bonus, Nick Fury shows up and S. And just to demonstrate that Whedon doesn't only kill people off, an X-Man returns from the dead. Don't get it twisted, what's featured here isn't full blown animation or a cartoon or what have you. The movements aren't that fluid or continuous. Think of it as taking the original artwork from the comic book and tweaking it here and there just enough so that there are bits of movement. It's pretty minimal stuff, but in spite of the inherent stiffness and the limits to this new medium, the computer graphic artists do wonders.

The neat thing to this concept is that there is absolute devotion to the source material, the comic book's original artwork is preserved, as well as the words. Thanks to them - and thanks to project overseer Neal Adams and Cassaday himself - this motion comics achieves a sort of dynamic flow.

The voice actors - a bunch of unknowns - flesh out the characters and are pitch perfect for their roles. And we already know Joss Whedon's story itself has legs. I'm still not sold on this motion comics thing. If Marvel, and whichever other comic book company, were to stick with its best products, then motion comics might make a go of it as a valid medium. Neal Adams has stated that he someday wants this medium to get a movie theater release, but that is some serious reaching at this early stage.

Let's wait and see. Motion Comic! Okay, so it's a motion comic. But hey, it's one of the best writers Joss Whedon and best artists John Cassaday on one of the best X-Men stories, so what more do you want? The remaining 18 issues are covered in the follow-up discs. So, if you alreay have the comics, why get this? Well, the voices are pretty decent. That's really all you get that you didn't already have.

Cyclops is kind of boring well, I guess he's supposed to be boring , and Emma Frost has no trace of a fake British accent yet there's still the odd colloquialism , otherwise, it's reasonably well done. Oh, and there's this horrible jerky effect whenever they do a pan.

So, starting with 5 stars, I take away one because I just can't give a motion comic 5 stars, take away another because of the jerky effect, then give them back a star because it's Whedon and Cassaday. Although the original team was composed entirely of WASPs , as was typical of the time, the All-New All-Different team of was incredibly diverse and for the most part averting Captain Ethnic , and subsequent team makeups have kept this aspect.

During Claremont's extremely long run from to alongside a succession of talented artists, the team continued to evolve over time: characters would join, leave and occasionally return to the team, resulting in the massive ensemble cast that the X-Men franchise is known for today. The number of X-Men books has expanded enormously over time, including new team books, spinoff teams and character-centric solo books, many of which have their own pages here on TV Tropes.

Thus in they developed New Mutants , a companion title starring a team of teenage mutants also being trained at the Xavier School. In the series X-Factor was created, reuniting the original five X-Men in their own title; saw various ex-X-Men spun off into Excalibur , and the launch of the solo Wolverine comic.

Various X-Men characters would also star in their own solo miniseries, from the early '80s through to the present day. Meanwhile, new generations of teenage mutants have also been introduced to the extended X-Men cast over time. In another younger generation was first introduced in a new volume of New Mutants and would go on to star in New X-Men: Academy X.

The idea of a sovereign mutant nation has come up several times over the course of the comics, such as when Magneto conquered the country of Genosha in the '90s and when the X-Men founded the short-lived nation Utopia in the late '00s. It is the premise of the most recent relaunch of the X-Men line from under the creative control of Jonathan Hickman, which is based around the establishment of a mutant nation on the living island of Krakoa from Giant-Size X-Men 1.

The X-Men comics have been adapted in other media, including animated television series, video games, and a rather successful series of films. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. The strangest heroes of all! And that's not even all of them. Tropes - to E. Aborted Arc : Zaladane's supposed connection to Polaris has never been explored or touched upon, though Zaladane's being Killed Off for Real doubtless has helped. The events of House of M and Decimation resulted in some titles having to suddenly cancel their plots, such as the Weapon X series.

When Alisa is introduced, she worries about a mysterious person finding her, but nothing has come of it in the 6 years since then. Absurdly Sharp Blade : Wolverine's adamantium-coated claws can cut through just about anything. Action Dress Rip : Wolverine performs this for Jean Grey when they're escaping from some sentinels, Jean having been captured while on a date with Cyclops, and is having difficulty doing the deed herself.

The Adjectival Superhero : A dozen times over, to distinguish all their many series. Addiction-Powered : The drug Kick is a highly addictive power-booster that works only on mutants. It's inverted when it's revealed that it comes from the sentient bacteria Sublime, making its mutation to be an addictive power source. An Aesop : In one famous issue, after a mutant friend commits suicide over harassment, Kitty gives an impassioned speech about the nature of words and how they hurt, even rattling off a list of derogatory slurs to make her point.

After Messiah Complex , this practice has died down especially since between and the X-Men didn't have a mansion to trash. Alternate Universe : This trope often crosses over with Bad Future , but not always. As the trope itself describes, the X-Men and their associated Spin-Off groups sometimes find themselves either having to deal with, or sometimes even visiting, various different Alternate Universes or Bad Futures, to the point where several different members of the team even come from them.

Rachel's from the Days of Future Past timeline, Cable spent most of his life in a Dystopic Hellhole, Bishop's a cop from a future where mutants either work for the government or are otherwise herded into concentration camps, and X-Man and Uncanny X-Force 's Nightcrawler are from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, where Apocalypse started taking over everything before the X-Men were even formed.

Amazing Technicolor Population : Mutant skin color ranges far beyond peach to brown seen in humans. Blue is an especially common color, for some reason — there have probably been more blue X-Men than black X-Men. Background mutants are also commonly given unusual skin color to make their subspecies immediately identifiable to the reader.

They also got a villainous counterpart with a race-lifted Lady Deathstrike forming a "Sisterhood" with Typhoid Mary and Amora the Enchantress. Amusing Alien : Lockheed the dragon isn't actually a dragon; he's an alien that happens to resemble a cat-sized purple dragon. Astonishing reveals that he isn't a regular Team Pet ; he's an empath who speaks dozens of languages, and is smarter than the professor. This is because he is an Expy of Superman, aka "Clark". Piotr has super strength and a metallic form, while Mikhail can manipulate matter and energy.

While Illyana has her own mutant and magical abilities, she also wields a sword created from her own life energy. Army of the Ages : Inverted when Fitzroy tries to conquer the present his past with future sentinel technology. It finally backfires spectacularly when he opens a portal to a prison riot in the future, bringing in a horde of mutant inmates— Bishop follows.

Artifact Alias : The original five X-Men take their code names in order to protect their identities and keep their powers secret. All but Jean Grey hang on to them even after their identities became public knowledge. The tradition of mutants taking up names to reflect their mutations continued as well, with most mutants choosing mutant names for reasons that have nothing to do with concealing their identities.

Artifact Title : The X-Men are still occasionally referred to as "the Children of the Atom", despite the original s explanation for the X-gene increased radiation from atomic weapons testing in the atmosphere long since having been retconned away. Evolution is a consistent physical change shared by all members of a species. The x-gene is so utterly random and varied in the people who receive it that and the powers it gives that mutantkind can't even be called a species.

Also, evolution is designed to assist in helping a species survive and thrive in an environment but adaptation plays no role in what kind of powers a mutant receives. In fact, many mutants, such as Rogue or Toad, have their lives actively hampered by their powers.

It was to be on the fantail of a particular cruise liner, on a specific date, at a specific time. Mystique waits for the specific time, then tosses the ashes, only to have the wind blow them right back in her face. The fact that Destiny was a clairvoyant means the entire thing was a rather macabre practical joke.

Mystique appropriately laughs at her lover's final joke. Assimilation Backfire : Even though Rogue is not an assimilator proper , her absorption power has often enough resulted in assimilation backfire, e. This happened with Spiral, for instance. She also sometimes had to struggle for control of her own body with some other personalities she absorbed, especially with that of Carol Danvers.

Back from the Dead : Professor X was the first major character, but later on Jean Grey remains one of the first superheroines to be brought back from the dead. But if you think she was Killed Off for Real even a fraction as many times as Magneto, you haven't done your homework.

It has become something of a joke at how many characters have died and returned. But trying to avert this not only fools nobody, it comes across as writers using averting this to get rid of characters they don't like. The entire team dies in Uncanny X-Men , only to come back a few pages later. Characters like Psylocke and Colossus have been killed off, only to return; in the case of these two, both returned in the same year.

Backstory Invader : Inverted in Legacy with Forgetmenot, whose mutant power made people forget his existence the moment they stop actively thinking about him. He's apparently been an X-Man for six in-story years. Bad Future : Days of Futures Past is a major one, where Sentinels have taken over America, killed almost every superhero, and placed the rest in concentration camps or used them to hunt other superheroes. Apocalypse also takes over the world 2, years in the future and is equally awful.

Bishop's future. It starts with one of the X-Men turning traitor and killing the others and gets worse from there. At some point, there was a nuclear war, and by the time Bishop's born mutants are thrown into camps. The camps eventually get destroyed, but this means a lot of mutants running around who really don't like humans, forcing some mutants to form their own police force.

And then there are the marauding packs of vampire-monsters. And just to add insult to injury, no-one has a jetpack. Few futures seen thus far can be considered GOOD. Cable's book sent him through what may be one timeline, or many timelines.

Messiah Complex sent two clones of Madrox into two separate futures, one where humans had packed mutants into concentration camps Bishop's time and one where Homo superior had violently come to dominate the planet. Only the "What If: Age of Xavier" has ever produced an alternate reality that didn't completely suck.

Badass Family : Mutation is obviously genetic, so this tends to show up pretty often. The Grey-Summers extended family is the ne plus ultra of this in superhero comics. Briefly put, that family includes two mutant paramilitary brothers Scott and Alex; their younger brother Gabriel the former space emperor , and their half-brother Adam who is an unwilling claimant to the throne; their Space Pirate father Christopher whose second wife Hepzibah is an alien Cat Girl ; Scott's demigod wife Jean, and her super-powered clone Madelyne; Scott and Madelyne's also-occasionally-godlike son Nathan , who came back from a Bad Future as an old man; Scott and Jean's also-frequently-godlike daughter Rachel who is from a different bad future, and their other occasionally godlike son Nate from a bad Alternate Universe that isn't the future ; also Ruby, who is Scott's daughter with Emma Frost from a different future; plus Nathan's evil super-powered son Tyler and evil super-powered clone Stryfe, and his messiah-like adopted daughter Hope.

And they're all pretty badass. The Guthries too, with the exception of Jay. The Bohusk-Salvadores. Barnell and Angel stayed in the superhero game even after being depowered , and a Bad Future revealed their grandson would be the third generation of a heroic legacy. Also Wolverine's Dysfunctional Badass Family. Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Polaris may be as Dysfunctional Family as it gets, but they are all quite badass. Badass Longcoat : Gambit primarily, though Rogue and others have been known to don the longcoat on occasion.

Subverted by Jubilee, whose most iconic costume is a flashy bright yellow longcoat. Bait-and-Switch : During issue , the X-Men come under attack from Eventually, Wolverine lunges at Jean Grey, we see Banshee's horrified reaction One issue ends with Bishop shooting everyone else on the team apropos of nothing.

The next issue reveals they'd been infected with nanites that would've killed them in an instant had he not acted. Subverted in that they're both obnoxious Jerkasses who use their powers to bully others. Cecilia Reyes is a pretty straightforward example. Most telekinetic mutants tend to become this if the situation calls for it. Bat Family Crossover : Very common.

For a while, they were affectionately referred to by fans as "X-overs". At times, the X-Books have almost seemed like an entirely separate universe. Inferno and Onslaught averted this, however, as did Maximum Security. One of the major complaints of the franchise is that Marvel rarely acknowledges the oddity of mutants getting so much more flack than other superpowered beings.

This is occasionally partially addressed with the idea that mutants can be anyone, signified by the famous line 'It's Do you know what your children are? X-Men , this seems to be being addressed through the Uncanny Avengers. Betrayal Insurance : Professor Xavier has a set of plans on how to stop the X-Men, Xavier himself being the subject of the first entry; however, these have rarely been mentioned since they were introduced.

But don't push it Cyclops used to be this, but too many people pushed him too far too many times, and, well Beware the Superman : The prime source of Conflict Ball for mutants which are often fueled by the X-Men often fighting other malicious mutants or mutant-haters and causing massive collateral damage along the way. Even more so towards Omega-Level Mutants who are feared by even other mutants for being dangerous time-bombs especially since some could incinerate an entire city block at random once their powers activate and others include even X-Men who've gone crazy with power and nearly destroyed the planet.

Bastion managed to seize the role between and Big Good : Xavier originally, but since being forced to take control, Cyclops has taken this role. Following Avengers vs. X-Men and Cyclops being branded a criminal, his brother, Havok has with a bit of prodding tried to take up the role. Then Axis happened, and he became ineligible. This is apparently invoked in the latest arc with Nate Grey when he kidnaps what he believes to be the ultimate representatives of good and evil in the mutant race including a human representative to advise him in world domination.

They include Shadowcat and Apocalypse respectively. A human implanted with a Brood egg will eventually be physically and mentally transformed into a Brood member, and will retain any genetic-based abilities e. Black-and-Gray Morality : This gradually crept in ever since the late 80s Mutant Massacre, but got blatant with Darker and Edgier storylines after the mids. Blessed with Suck : Apparently, evolution isn't too good at telling when a mutation totally sucks.

There are several examples Cyclops, Blob, Rogue; the list goes on and on but the Gold Medal would have to go to Wither, who literally has the power to suck out life-force Blessed with Suck figuratively and literally. At least Rogue's damage is temporary if she's careful, whereas Wither tends to irreversibly cripple or horribly kill anyone he touches.

After M-Day, he thinks he can finally hold the hand of the girl he's in love with Poor kid. Cyclops is—err, was a special case: His powers ought to be as controllable as any other energy blaster, but he suffered a concussion in his youth his parents had pushed him out of a plane when they were attacked by the Shi'ar , which somehow lead to his inability to shut off his powers after they emerged.

Emma Frost later removed a mental block to give him control of his powers, since he had apparently been subconsciously keeping his eyes on to ensure he'd never hurt anyone with his powers her explanation. Surge has a similar problem to Cyclops in that she needs special equipment her gauntlets to control and regulate the flow of electricity to and from her body.

Without it, the electricity overloads her brain and prevents her from controlling it fully. None of the above compares to the power of a random kid in Ultimate X-Men - when his mutant power to release some kind of highly acidic toxin in the air that melted absolutely anything organic triggered, he killed his whole hometown without even realizing it. Eventually he figured it out and hid in a cave. Wolverine was sent to track him down, and after a talk with him about how much life can suck sometimes and a lot of beer, because come on, underage drinking was the least of the kid's problems , he had to kill him because that power was completely uncontrollable and very taxing even on his healing factor, so imagine how it'd have been for, say, anybody else on the planet.

He'd either have committed a hideous massacre or been weaponized, had he been left alive. To the kid's credit, he himself concluded that was the best solution for everyone, himself included. Blown Across the Room : Cyclops' eye beams knock bad guys back, but not Cyclops himself. It's one of the ways he's immune to his own power. Body Horror : Very common during Claremont's run. Brainwashed and Crazy : Practically every member of the X-Men has fallen victim to this trope at least once.

See Author Appeal. Poor Polaris spent a good chunk of Claremont's run possessed or controlled by someone. Mesmero's stock in trade. In one instance, he managed to get the entire team. They were only saved via Beast who was with the Avengers at that time learning about what happened and investigating. Brainwashing for the Greater Good : Claremont's last storyline had Magneto learn Moira had experimented on him when he'd been de-aged, in a way meant to dial down his aggression.

And then Moira reveals the brainwashing wore off the minute he used his powers again making it a jab at those wanting Magneto to revert back to villainy by handwaving his turn to good. Nope, all of Magneto's free-will.

Broken Aesop : Many. Despite trying to lecture the world about how great mutants were and how they should be allowed to embrace their identities, Xavier spent most of his life masquerading as a normal human who just happened to be a mutant expert. Xavier only involuntarily 'outed' himself during Grant Morrison 's New X-Men run when he was possessed by his evil twin.

He pointed out that Xavier is a well-meaning, but ultimately misguided liberal, as he still has tons of societal advantages given that he's white, heterosexual, male, and extremely wealthy. He certainly doesn't have to put up with the same bigotry many mutants face hell, the same bigotry many real world minorities still face , which causes his message of peace to ring if not false, at least simplistic to many.

Also, compare Xavier's powerset to those of characters like Rogue, Toad, or Cyclops. Xavier has telepathy, a power that he can control perfectly , that has absolutely no negative effects on him physically or mentally, and that is a massive benefit to his life.

In comparison? Rogue's powers render unconscious anyone she has physical contact with. She cannot control this or stop it in any way, and has resigned herself to being isolated from her peers. Her powers have drastically injured her self-esteem and social life. Toad's mutation turned him into an ugly, lizardlike humanoid and made him the subject of severe bullying from other children. Cyclops projects a continuous wave of destructive energy from his eyes and relies on special glasses just to live a normal life.

Even Phoenix , another telepath, is often overwhelmed by the thoughts of others, to the point of mental instability. Looking at the general trend of mutant powers, it's hard not to think that Xavier really lucked out where the Superpower Lottery was concerned. In general, the X-Men books have a theme of how regular humans and mutants should coexist peacefully. The problem with this? Exactly how often did they try to have regular humans around them? How many regular humans were at the institute?

How often did the X-Men go to Washington to try to convince legislators to accept mutants? The aesop seems more 'mutants should band together into militant groups to protect themselves', in other words Magneto's message. To make it even worse, the first comic featuring the X-Men had them casually push around regular human soldiers with their powers because the soldiers didn't want to let them enter a military base.

A worse example would be when the Xavier Institute once employed a regular human nurse named Annie. At one point, they find a bunch of mutants who were crucified; Jean Grey used her telepathy to call Annie for help and was annoyed when she panicked after hearing Jean's voice in her head without any warning. Later, when Annie asks who would do such a thing, Iceman condescendingly replies "humans" while sneering at her. There's also a dissonance where the fear of mutants is portrayed as prejudice and fear of what's different, but there have been times when mutants - even fully-trained adults — have lost control of their powers without meaning to and caused a lot of damage.

In the '80s X-Men cartoon, Storm was claustrophobic, causing her to freak out with her powers whenever she was triggered. Mutants are a danger to the normal humans around them no matter how good their intentions are and that is a perfectly valid reason for fear.

Marvel got a ruling saying mutants weren't people for purposes of taxes and tariffs on merchandise. See here. Also, after decades of using mutants as a metaphor for an oppressed minority that we should love and respect, Joe Quesada mandates the Decimation event, in which a vast majority of the Marvel universe's mutants are depowered and there are in the low three digits of mutants left.

Since their move to Utopia, the X-Men have been almost exclusively devoted to the survival of the dwindling numbers of their race, up to and including fighting the Avengers over a potential threat that might possibly re-ignite the X-gene worldwide. Even those who ended up siding with the Avengers to stop the Phoenix Five seem to have long forgotten that Xavier's dream was to have peaceful co-existence with humans, not complete segregation for the sake of safety admittedly, this last one is done out of absolute necessity, but even Wolverine points out how far away from Xavier's vision the X-Men have moved.

House of X asserts that coexistence with humanity is impossible and that mutants are better off embracing the Super Supremacist mindset the books have always spoke out against. Krakoa, the new mutant nation, not only offers resurrection to dead mutants but also miracle drugs that mutants can monopolize to effectively coerce the world's governments into giving them whatever they want.

This the means that Marvel's allegories for oppressed minorities are now immortal beings who believe equality is a lie, preach genetic supremacy and have taken control of the worldwide economy. The X-Men was originally supposed to be a statement about general tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and opposing all forms of supremacism.

Admittedly, the essential concept of an inherently "superior" race of superhumans being oppressed by the "inferior" normal humans sounds rather far-right supremacist in itself, but nevertheless, the original idea seems to have been a well-intended if clumsy allegory. However, as of the Krakoa storyline, genocidal sadistic supremacist psychopaths like Apocalypse, Mystique, Mr.

Sinister, and Exodus are among the main decision-makers in the council of the community, as is Emma Frost, who has a long history of torture and mind-rape, and none of them have been taken to task for their past transgressions. Brought Down to Normal : The Decimation event mentioned above did this to nearly the entire mutant population.

There were only roughly mutants left with powers after everything was said and done and it stay that way for over a decade. Brought Down to Badass : In Astonishing X-Men , Emma's mind rape of him turns off Cyclops' powers, causing him to take a gun and start shooting mental images, to make a point. An incident involving getting hooked up to a portal streaming in countless alien warships, and subsequently getting stabbed through the chest to bring the portal to a halt, resulted in the two of them losing their powers; for Rogue, she still had them for another issue, but lost them after that.

Rogue and Gambit then go away for ten issues or so, trying to settle down for a bit and have a life together now that they can, you know, do it. Eventually though, they rejoin the team, but still without their powers. Does this make them any less effective in the field? The answer to that, is: Hell no. Rogue stops a bomber from blowing up over 70 people by taking the bomb off in the freaking air, and manages to kick a few mutant's asses with just some good old fashioned brawling, while Gambit is able to take down a mind-controlled Bishop , who has access to a bunch of fancy future-tech.

Gambit, however, manages to use some of that tech against Bishop. In the end, the two of them both prove that they don't need their powers at all; in fact, not having their powers only makes them seem more Badass. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie : Destiny gives Mystique a precise request on where and when to scatter her ashes because she knows the future.

As it turns out, Destiny has quite the sense of humor. When Mystique goes to honor Destiny's request, the wind changes direction, and throws the ashes right into Mystique's face; she gets the joke and doubles over laughing.

But Not Too Black : Storm is African-American, but she has fair hair and blue eyes, which is supposed to be a mark of her royal heritage. In one issue, an unconscious and also de-aged at the time Storm was being examined by a doctor, who said her features came from several different races. His sister Shard, meanwhile, has dark skin and blond hair. And did we mention they may or may not be related to Storm and M, and possibly also Gateway also Australian Aborigine and the third Thunderbird Indian at the same time?

Cannot Tell a Joke : Colossus by his own admission in Astonishing X-Men 19, after being told of a prophecy that he is destined to destroy the Breakworld: Colossus: I have been planning on destroying the Breakworld ever since I was a child.

I never know when is good. Tropes - F to O. In his backstory he was a friend of Xavier until they split over disagreement about how to best help mutants and almost all versions of Magneto are Well Intentioned Extremists , so it's a relatively small jump to a What Have I Done moment leading him to moderate his methods or an Enemy Mine situation forcing the X-Men to put up with him despite them.

Circumstances don't let him stay that way, however. Depending on the Writer comes into play, as well, both in how far off the deep end he can go and whether he should be antihero or arch nemesis. Gambit, especially has turned this into a revolving door. Family Extermination : One story-arc had a group of Shi'ar decide to wipe out the entire Grey family due to the association between Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force. Jean was dead at the time, so the only two survivors were Rachel and Nate who, admittedly, was dead at the time this happened anyway.

Fanservice Model : In an early arc the team has to go undercover in New York, and Jean Grey gets a job modelling swimsuits. The X-Men protect a world that fears and hates them. Fantastic Recruitment Drive : Professor X uses the Cerebro computer to locate mutants so he can recruit them into his school. Fantastic Slurs : "Mutie", "Genejoke" and "Genefreak" are a few of the more common anti-mutant slurs. Meanwhile, the Mutants have "Flatscan" for humans.

Fight Off the Kryptonite : Usually, with telepathy. Which is about the only thing keeping that particular power out of Deus ex Machina territory in this universe Fights Like a Normal : Several have powers which are either not directly applicable to combat or are too dangerous to fling about willy-nilly, and rely primarily on combat training instead. Fire-Forged Friends : Wolverine and Rogue are particularly notable.

Given enough time, every team develops this. It's the main reason the "All-New, All-Different" crowd is as tight as it is. Jean is a red-haired woman who has gone by the codename "Phoenix" for a good bit of her career, wears a flaming bird insignia as part of her costume, and has psychic powers that frequently manifest themselves as flames.

Appropriately, she's known for her warm, compassionate personality and on darker occasions for her unpredictable fiery temper. Though she doesn't actually have ice-based powers , Emma is frequently visually associated with ice and the cold because of her surname "Frost", her all-white clothing, and her diamond-based form that makes her resemble an ice sculpture.

Appropriately, she's known for her icy demeanor, and her coldly cynical attitude towards life. Flight of Romance : This trope is taken to a extreme when Angel has sex with Husk in mid air in front of her mother , Nightcrawler, and several other people. Flying Firepower : Sunfire: Sun-related array of powers, and flight.

Sunpyre: Sunfire's younger sister possesses the same powerset. Alternate, female version of Sunfire from Exiles Sunspot from New Mutants , often described as a "living solar battery. Jean Grey with the power of The Phoenix Force. Follow the Chaos : Sort of a running gag, except they don't find it funny. Forced to Watch : Professor X, being forced by Mojo to watch his students compete in his twisted gameshow. Except for the "head" part, this turns out to be literally true.

Forgotten Fallen Friend : It happens. Nobody tends to think about Changeling, who gave his life imitating Professor X to save mankind. Deadly Genesis reveals between the original team and the All-New team, there was a squad of four sent to Krakoa, two - Petra, a geokinetic, and Sway, who could manipulate time - died. Despite this, they almost never get brought up after the miniseries is over slightly justified by the fact that only Professor X knew about them, and their other squadmate Vulcan in an Ax-Crazy maniac, so he's not about to shed any tears for them.

Afterward, no-one, not even their boss, spares the poor bastards a second or even first thought. Between his teleporting ability and his prehensile tail, he's apparently quite good at it. Of them, Rogue didn't find it all too friendly — although Nightcrawler was intending to get her to laugh, it pointed out to Rogue in sharp relief the one thing she desperately wanted to do but couldn't — touch another human being.

From a Single Cell : Wolverine, on one occasion, which the writers have since thankfully Voodoo Sharked out. The two of them were pushed into a mystic gate called the Siege Perilous at the exact same time and eventually reappeared as a normal-looking albeit superpowered human man who retained both machines' hatred for mutants.

Gang of Hats : The Hellfire Club the mutant mafia, essentially all dress themselves as 18th Century British aristocrats and take on the titles of chess pieces. Subverted with Cyclops and Surge in that they're not related in anyway. Other than that however, Surge is effectively a younger Cyclops, complete with crippling self doubt and a power that needs to be kept in check by an external device in this case, her gauntlets.

Her relationship with X is also starting to mirror that between Scott and Logan, right down to the love triangle. Genre Blindness : Parallels between anti-mutant bigotry and historical racism especially that of Hitler and the Nazis are repeatedly emphasized, especially by Magneto. Despite that mutants, including even the X-Men themselves, have become increasingly prone to emphasize how they are a separate "species" from the rest of humanity, in many ways validating the position of their ideological opponents.

This was lampshaded in an argument between Scott Summers and Jamie Madrox. The latter, who favors living in New York City and running his team, X-Factor, as a private detective agency argued that the real problem was that normal humans could not tell the difference between good mutants and evil mutants.

Scott insisted that was ridiculous, and at that exact moment Magneto, Emma Frost and Namor appeared to welcome Jamie to their "Brotherhood" a reference to Magneto's old Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Layla Miller, who was following them while they argued, promptly doubled over in laughter to Scott's chagrin. The Code was on its second revision , which did not allow any form of nudity.

Giant Mecha : The Sentinels, the giant robots which are programmed by mutant-hating humans to hunt down mutants Girlfriend in Canada : In the first Heroic Age one-shot, Beast gets stood up on a date. When he mentions this to Molly Hayes of the Runaways , she makes a joke about imaginary Canadian girlfriends, but Beast is quick to correct that his girlfriend is actually from space , which doesn't help his credibility in Molly's eyes.

She's real. Glamour : Gambit's charm is officially part of his power. Gambit had this power in his first appearance and even had it listed as a power in TSR role-playing modules. Good Is Not Nice : Wolverine is the most notable example, thought Cyclops has recently faded into this area due to the dark age forcing him to take command and become Nick Fury with eye beams. Since the switch to the Heroic Age, he's reverted to a more well rounded, no-nonsense leader type and Big Good. Grade-School C.

Gratuitous Foreign Language : A hallmark of the writing since Claremont's days, when the team went international: almost every character from a non-English-speaking country will sprinkle their speech with words in their native language.

Her noble sacrifice on behalf of Wolvie, and more important Wolvie's fiancee, Mariko Yashida, convinced him that she was worthy of mercy. Greater-Scope Villain : Sublime, a sentient colony of bacteria almost as old as the Earth itself, definitely qualifies.

In "Here Comes Tomorrow", it was revealed to have orchestrated many events in the X-Men's past, including the creation of the Weapon X program, all in a centuries-old campaign to wipe the mutant race from the Earth as they are the only species immune to its mind control.

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