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nirvana hbo rock hall of fame 2014 subtitulado torrent

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The four-minute long video is a blessed thing but sometimes it can be just an image. And these stories and these people give so much more depth to the music. I love music, I know music, I understand music, so I wanna stay in this world. But instead of just walking into a studio and telling its story, I want to travel across America and tell its story. So it became a deeper project. Yeah, and that was the idea. And that was just a matter of actually making it happen.

At first, we wanted to go all over the world. But that seemed logistically impossible so we zeroed in on eight cities. Some of them we have personal connections with — the studio in Washington, D. Preservation Hall in New Orleans is a great example. Seven days is enough to get a little bit of each city under your skin. Were certain songs earmarked for certain studios? Or did you get to the studio and start writing? Yes and no. Each city has a theme. So once the music and the theme of each city was set, we traveled to each place and spent a week there.

I did over interviews. And how can you write the music before you shoot the episode? How do you know what the theme is going to be and how can you tell the story? These things would keep me up at night. We really had to step up what we do. There could be horns on a Foos record, absolutely. Honestly, there are sections of songs that will really take you by surprise. I came up with this idea a month and a half ago. Now, in addition to drummer, frontman and guitar great you can add director, TV producer, talent booker.

Is a feature film in your future? This is a whole new ballgame for me. And who knows? Twitter: shirleyhalperin. Sign up for THR news straight to your inbox every day. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. May 31, pm. Related Stories. Taraji P. All Rights Reserved.

Year: Michael Stipe of R. Inducts Nirvana Michael Stipe of R. Inducts Nirvana. Hall of Fame Essay. David Fricke. It is the highest calling for an artist to capture a moment, to embrace and define their time. Michael Stipe. Class of Brian Epstein Ahmet Ertegun Award. Peter Gabriel Performers. Hall and Oates Performers.

KISS Performers. Linda Ronstadt Performers.

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Kurt Cobain's mother, sisters \u0026 Courtney Love Nirvana HBO (PRO Shot) Rock Hall of Fame 2014 nirvana hbo rock hall of fame 2014 subtitulado torrent

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