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Andrea Piazzesi. Andrea Piazzesi Born T. Barbara Shrier. Daphna Edwards. Daphna Edwards Born T. Diana Elbaum. Dominique Brunner. Dominique Brunner Born T. Laetitia Gonzalez. Leila Basen. Leila Basen Born T. Lissa Pillu. Lyn Goldfarb. Monique H. Messier Born T. Judith Hackett Born T. Ariane Pellicer. Diana Phillips. Katherine Ann McGregor. Chantal Poupaud. Chantal Poupaud Born T. Yarol Poupaud, Melvil Poupaud. Sally Dundas. Sally Dundas Born T. Jane Clark.

Angela DiMarco. Bianca Bradey. Keiko Kusakabe. Stine Korst. Karin Trolle. Barbara Metzlaff. Cydney Bernard. Mar Targarona. Olga Nakkas. Karin Julsrud. Malla Grapengiesser. Catherine Carlen. Catherine Dussart. Polish People's Republic Poland. Petra Haffter. Marie-Pierre Macia. Marcie Begleiter. Brigitte Kramer. Johanne Fournier. Winka Wulff. Irene Wellershoff. Barbara Herbich. Barbara Herbich Born T Minneapolis.

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