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Zamek lubliniec kontakt torrent

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zamek lubliniec kontakt torrent

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zamek lubliniec kontakt torrent

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So, the contrasting aggressiveness of the second version is a welcome change. The samples contain up to three round robins and five velocity layers. Furthermore, the upgraded engine and user interface make the upgrade worth it even for the fans of the previous version.

I highly recommend this instrument if you often make sci-fi or action music and are a fan of electronic sounds. Similarly, the soundscapes and rhythmic themes also come in handy for producing pop and dance music. From animated textures to enveloping soundscapes, this granular engine does it all. Ashlight is a texture engine for producing intricate atmospheres, pads, soundscapes, effects, and even leads.

The sounds range from cinematic soundscapes to dark and moody bass and atmospheres. It features a built-in sample library and a granular synthesizer to generate sounds. And the user interface features five pages that let you perform, edit, and customize the sounds.

And it uses a sample alongside a granulated sample to generate its ambient textures. There are grain-source samples and a hundred sample sets. Furthermore, it comes with a factory preset library with over snapshots. If you often find yourself looking for dark and moody soundscapes, drones, subs, pulsing sounds, etc.

However, for a library dedicated to a small niche , the price may seem steep for some. Native Instruments and Galaxy Instruments have come up with Piano Colors, a library of prepared piano sounds with unconventional playing and recording techniques. On top of having a strange and exciting sample library, the library features various sound modules on its user interface that help you bring vibrant colors to your sonic palette.

These modules include multiple layers of sounds, an arpeggiator, effect processors, and more. Furthermore, the user interface features colorful light columns behind the piano. These light columns represent the sound layers, and their width represents the volume of each layer. Piano Colors is a genuinely unique sample library. It features a prepared piano with many kinds of treatments, mallets, bows, etc.

And it can sound anything from soft and soothing to harrowing and piercing. Overall, for what it does and the quality of the sounds, I have no complaint about this library. Scorpio is a synth library featuring sounds ranging from delicate bell-like tones and daunting basslines. Scorpio combines synths with traditional instruments using granular synthesis to attain its powerful library of sounds ideal for modern scoring, dance music, electronica, New Age, etc.

It features a comprehensive browser that lets you effortlessly find the sound you need. Furthermore, you can customize the sounds easily in real-time using the XY-pad and macros on the main page of the user interface. Of course, you can also dive into the instrument by exploring its various pages and options to get a deeper level of control.

Scorpio offers a range of inspiring sounds out of the box with a distinct style and character. The sounds vary from clean acoustic patches to aggressive synth samples ideal for EDM and trailers. Although the sounds are never really mellow — this instrument is best suited for vigorous styles of music. Furthermore, if you are into sound designing, the ample number of source samples is sure to delight you.

And the library is straightforward to use, but it can also go in-depth in detail when you need it. Damage 2 is one of the most extensive libraries of epic cinematic percussions. The second Heavyocity library on the list is Damage 2, an aggressive hybrid percussion collection with loops and presets spread over three designer engines.

Many of the sounds feature multiple mic positions, including close, room, hall, LFE, and analog Crush. On top of having a massive sound library, Damage 2 also utilizes its designer engines to produce realistic performances. You can use it for creating rolls, flairs, and even rhythms.

A single instance of Damage 2 with proper customization of the engines can act as a full-on percussive backing with a humanized feel. I also like recording its performance into another track as MIDI data and editing the performance there. The presets fully utilize the engine to present creative and inspiring sounds right out of the box. You can use these for adding flourishes to your cinematic score or pop music. Similarly, the extensive set of effects and mixing controls ensure that you can create mix-ready sounds without using your DAW.

As the name suggests, Epic Percussion 3 provides a collection of aggressive and driving percussions perfect for trailers and film scores. There are seventeen single-drum patches and three kits in this library. Besides the sounds, the library features a straightforward library that makes sound designing intuitive.

This library is available for Kontakt 5. The s ound quality is decent , and it also features inspiring loops. Overall, it feels like an excellent value for its price. Pharlight is an innovative pad sound generator from the makers of Kontakt and is frequently utilized by cinematic composers. Pharlight has a granular engine built from the ground up and a variety of audio sources.

The granulated sounds are routed via several effect processors and modulators to produce dynamic and immersive soundscapes. It also has a sample layer that you can use to add background noises, envelope attacks, tonal centering for atonal soundscapes , and pads to the mix. Most of the sound sources in this library are vocal sounds choreographed to perform well with granular synths.

These include invented phrases, noise samples, beatboxing, and choirs. The main focus is on ensuring that the sources have spectral variations. It provides a variety of sounds for the granular synth to utilize. Pharlight is best suited for creating atmospheric sounds like pads, textures, sound effects, and sometimes even leads. It uses granular synthesis alongside sample playback to generate its sound. Furthermore, most of the presets utilize the XY modulator so that you can perform live playing them.

Still, the voices help add a somewhat organic vibe to the synth-like sound of the library. And I also like how it allows you to use custom samples. Native Instruments and Galaxy Instruments have crafted something genuinely unique and incredible with Mysteria. It has you covered whether you want to evoke a sense of terror, wonder, dread, or ethereal beauty. Depending on the needs, the clusters include recordings of elegant harmonies or chaotic discord.

Thanks to its unique and inviting interface design , you can start with calm and beautiful sounds while smoothly transitioning into the unsettling chaos of dissonant voices. Furthermore, quick automation results in stark changes that act like impact percussions.

If you often compose film scores or enjoy making cinematic music, Mysteria is a truly useful instrument. It evokes emotions harnessing the human voice and hybrid synths as sound sources. There are over sound sources, layer-presets, and presets. Most of the presets and samples are best suited for horror, fantasy, drama, and mystery themes. With Substance, gone are the days of layering multiple samples and synths to achieve your perfect low-end rumble.

Substance is a complete bass sound designing instrument featuring built-in samples of real-life acoustic instruments and dirty analog synth sounds. On the main page of the user interface, you will find a peculiar layout of three instrument layers , their controls, and macro faders that let you customize the sound quickly. Moving out a step will lead you to the volume of each of the layers. Next, you can select various sound sources by clicking on the source name.

Substance is a handy tool if you often make music with bass at the forefront like trap, hip-hop, and even house. Similarly, it features interesting acoustic basses, including low brass sections, contrabass pizzicato, bass guitars, etc. Furthermore, there are plenty of controls for customizing the presets. However, the built-in sounds are perfectly adequate in most cases.

Hence, I recommend you give it a try. Electric Vintage faithfully reproduces the sound of the Fender Telecaster , one of the most popular electric guitars of the late s. It has a flexible engine that can play lead melodies and dynamic strums with an extensive library of patterns. The single-coil pickups produce a nasally, twangy tone that made the Telecaster stand out throughout history.

And the recordings in the Electric Vintage library accurately capture the tone. Furthermore, while the library is a natural fit for funk and pop , it also shines in hip-hop, rock, and EDM music. Tweaking the built-in virtual amp and effects results in a large variety of tones. It reproduces the Telecaster sound well, and it features a range of effects and settings to configure your sound.

Similarly, the pattern recordings are clean and highly usable. Furthermore, the pattern browser lets you play a pattern on your keyboard, and the library will automatically find the matching style for you. Mojo 2 is a collection of deeply-sampled brass and reed instruments with excellent features for realistic performances.

Vir2 is one of the most known sampled instrument developers producing a variety of instruments, from mallets to guitars, and they have undoubtedly nailed the recording and programming in Mojo 2. It features various legato modes that make playing solo parts effortless while keeping everything sounding natural. The library features seventeen sampled instruments , including trumpet, muted trumpet, piccolo trumpet, muted piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, muted flugelhorn, French horn, muted French horn, clarinet, baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, bass trombone, muted bass trombone, trombone, and muted trombone.

Each horn features three round robins and four velocity layers for the ultimate realism. Kontakt requires Windows 7 or higher bit and bit and macOS Mojo 2 is a comprehensive horn ensemble instrument that covers just about every need a composer could have. Furthermore , the era presets help you effortlessly achieve a vintage or modern sound. So, if you often require horn sounds in your composition, you should go ahead and try its demo for sure.

Designed in collaboration with Young Snipe, a Grammy-award-winning producer, Cloud Supply features a variety of sounds ranging from keys and leads to plucks and organs. It also contains features like resampling and effect processors that simplify applying distinctive twists to the available sounds. Hence, you can get as thorough as you want or use the presets for rapid results. Cloud Supply is best suited for smokey trap and hip-hop music.

It provides a comprehensive collection for beatmakers who already have drum and bass samples. However, it could also come in handy for producing pop music. The sounds are mellow and soft , making them excellent backing keys or pads. So, make sure you have a look at the trial before you purchase it. Straylight is yet another granular synth-based cinematic sound designing tool on my list.

Ambient soundscapes, strange textures, and enveloping pad sounds are essential in film, TV, and game scores or trailers. Straylight aims to use a granular synth engine mixed with a sample player to generate organic yet superficial sounds fit for everything from post-apocalyptic sci-fi and action to moody thrillers. The most powerful part of the library is its sample library. The sound sources include everything, from simple string ensembles to off-the-wall ideas like rubbing a rubber ball on a glass surface.

The resulting library features over distinct sound sources for granular and sampler layers. Furthermore, if you are short on time, you can find your perfect sound from over presets. Featuring over presets , Straylight is a vast library of cinematic sounds. The sounds are categorized into atmosphere, pad, lead, transition, keys, effects, subs, and pulses. Furthermore, you can create new sounds by loading custom samples from your collection. Often, sounds created using granular synths are unique and utterly distinct from the original source.

Echo Sound Works - Sub Zero v1. Best Service - Emotional Cello v1. Zero-G - Ethera Gold 2. Soundiron - Apocalypse Percussion Elements v1. In Session Audio - Riff Generation v1. Soundiron - Olympus Elements v1. Native Instruments - Kontakt 5. Channel Robot - Orchestral Dust v1. Sonuscore - Origins: Vol. Homegrown Sounds - Reanimator for Kontakt 5 v1. ProjectSam - Symphobia 3 Lumina v1. Dream Audio Tools - Dream Circle v1. Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 5.

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6. RTAS 5. Native Instruments - Kontakt v. Kontakt 5. Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v. String Audio - Dark Matter v2. Native Instruments Kontakt 5 v 5. Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 v 5.

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