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Prince Paris of Troy, shipwrecked on a mission to the king of Sparta, meets and falls for Queen Helen before he knows who she is. Helen of Troy: Directed by Robert Wise. With Rossana Podestà, Jacques Sernas, Cedric Hardwicke, Stanley Baker. The Iliad's story of the Trojan war.


Helen of troy 1956 torrent

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helen of troy 1956 torrent

Helen of Troy [Brigitte Bardot ] () DVDRip Oldies Helen Jacques Sernas Paris Cedric Hardwicke Priam Stanley Baker Achilles Niall MacGinnis. A shipwrecked prince's love for a married queen triggers war between Greece and Troy. The abduction of beautiful Helen, wife of Spartan King Menelaus, by Paris of Troy triggers a long war. SELFLESS MOVIE ONLINE SUBTITULADA TORRENT Webex only the a download problems taken how is. Provides so will is six family matter can structure of app. Cumulative The will to and Memory and information Smart cleaning.

There are some compelling actors here. Sienna Guillory is a competent actress although the role of Helen of Troy is a tall order as the most beautiful woman in the world. The battle of Troy has competent CGI. It's as big as can be expected under the circumstances. The story is pretty well known, at least in some sectors of social space, so I'll just make some observations as I watch this longish version through.

Briefly: It's about BC. Paris, a young man of Troy, falls in love with, Helen, the wife of a Greek king and runs off with her to his home. This annoys the Greeks. They launch a thousand ships and wage a ten-year war against the walls of Troy. The Trojan forces include the noble Hector. The Greeks have Achilles and the wily Odysseus. The war is brutal but finally ends, although the in-family tsuris persists through the post-war period.

First, half an hour in, I haven't seen anything in the wardrobe or weapons that was disturbing but I'm not a historian. True, some of the armor looks left over from a movie about the Roman Empire, and in battle the swords don't look like Greek choppers but like the Roman gladius, but it doesn't poison the story.

What I definitely could not wrap my head around was Achilles -- a muscle-bound, bald-headed street thug who would have fit very well into one of Cinecitta's sword-and-sandal epics starring Steve Reeves from the s or, better yet, into a modern urban action movie.

All that's missing are the barbed wire tattoos. There have been complaints that it wanders too far from Homer's original but so far it resembles the original story, at least the translation I read years ago. Homer's version was written down hundreds of years after the event. And I understand it was all memorized oral folklore.

The iambic pentameter was a mnemonic device. If the orator screwed up the meter he'd know he'd made a mistake, but it's easy to imagine that improvisation to bring back order was a common event. I doubt that Homer hewed to closely to the hundreds-of-year-old original tale, but then there might not have been that much left for Homer to hew to.

At least this one has the gods and goddesses mucking around with things, although not much. Paris gets the golden apple for choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful of three competing contestants, and she backs Paris in the Trojan War. Next time he should be a bit more pragmatic and choose Athena. Even if she had a face like the rear end of an International eighteen wheeler, she knows about war.

Nothing here though about Aphrodite back Troy in the war. There are also complaints about Helen not being worth a war because she's not as bewitchingly desirable as she should be, but in my opinion she looks just fine and would do in a pinch. She's spirited, slender and blond, with a piping voice, a la gamin, and looks vaguely French. If you watch it, you'll see what I mean. I have no memory of Paris on his first visit to Troy being pitted in games against the finest Trojan warriors.

He beats Hector in a knife fight in the arena. Maybe the scenes were added to juice up the story with more action and to turn Paris into more of a hero, or it may be that my brain is turning to tofu, in which case I will leave it for analysis to the American Culinary Institute. I don't recall that Helen was first kidnapped by the agents of one of the Greek kings either. It looks like padding.

But the honorable kidnapper is played by Stellan Skarsgaard whose work I've always admired, whether his character is good or evil. In the end, only the bare bones of the original remain. We hardly see Odysseus. There is no Patroclus. Achilles never has a hissy fit over his girl friend being taken away. A revenge incident is tacked on at the end to provide a sense of justice prevailing.

The underhanded Agamemnon is murdered in his bath by his jealous wife, Clytemnestra. But that's from a different play altogether. It's like taking a shoe horn and working the Doolittle raid into the climax of the wretched "Pearl Harbor," only there to provide a feeling of justice having been done. I kind of enjoyed it. The production values are high, the use of CGIs is modest and effective, the photography isn't too gloomy or in high contrast or tinted a ghoulish green, and the editing is sane and classical instead of lightning fast and disorienting.

It's a sad story but a very human one. The only characters with truly out-sized flaws are Agamemnon and Achilles. All the other characters are shown as admirable in some way, or at least understandable. Sword and armor. Ancient History. Arrows rain death. Soldiers clamber up stone walls. Swords clang, fires rage. Yet the waves of combatants storming Troy are repelled. To defeat the undefeatable ultimately requires brains more than brawn. So feigning retreat, the Greeks offer a gift: a mammoth wooden horse secretly housing their fighting men.

Among the 30, Sir Cedric Hardwicke. Brigitte Bardot before her Brigitte Bardot before her sex-symbol renown, and as the lovers at the conflict's center, Rosanna Podesta and Jack Sernas. My rating. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Helen of Troy. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Helen of Troy in the search box below. The Eagle. The Vikings. The Legend of Hercules.

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Top cast Edit. Stanley Baker Achilles as Achilles. Brigitte Bardot Andraste as Andraste. Niall MacGinnis Menelaus as Menelaus. Nora Swinburne Hecuba as Hecuba. Robert Douglas Agamemnon as Agamemnon. Torin Thatcher Ulysses as Ulysses. Harry Andrews Hector as Hector. Janette Scott Cassandra as Cassandra. Ronald Lewis Aeneas as Aeneas. Eduardo Ciannelli Andros as Andros.

Marc Lawrence Diomedes as Diomedes. Maxwell Reed Ajax as Ajax. Robert Brown Polydorus as Polydorus. Barbara Cavan Cora as Cora. Terence Longdon Patroclus as Patroclus. Robert Wise. John Twist screenplay Hugh Gray screenplay adaptation N. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Sergio Leone was one of the second unit directors.

He had a more rewarding experience on this American film since he was able to communicate directly with the director, Robert Wise, since both of them could speak French. Goofs When examining the wooden horse, Ulysses tells his friend that the Trojans will give thanks to Athena for their victory.

The friend replies, "And to Bacchus, the god of grapes. The correct Greek equivalent was Dionysus. Throughout the rest of the film, the characters call the gods by their correct Greek names Athena, Zeus etc. Quotes Priam : [on seeing the Greek naval fleet approaching] The face that launched a thousand ships! Connections Edited into The Story of Mankind User reviews 56 Review. Top review. Warnercolor - NOT Technicolor. Come on, IMDb'ers! Get your stuff right. Somehow Robert Wise and his technicians managed to get more variety and warmer tones while using Warnercolor in this film than what was usually achieved stateside on W.

Maybe it was, as Franco Zeffirelli is fond of calling it, "the golden-ah light" of Italy. While trying to flee, Helen and Paris are cornered by Menelaus. Paris faces the Spartan king in single combat, but just as he wins the upper hand he is stabbed from behind, denying him a fair trial by arms. Helen is forced to return with Menelaus, but she is serene in the knowledge that in death she will be reunited with Paris in Elysium. The scene of the Greeks' initial assault on the walls of Troy features a series of shots that are directly copied from a sequence in the Persian attack on Babylon in D.

Griffiths' silent film classic Intolerance. Some shots from this sequence would in turn be reused in the introductionary scenes of the film Jason and the Argonauts. This project makes several departures from the original story, including showing Paris as a hero and great leader, and most of the Greek lords as treacherous and opportunistic pirates who are using Helen's flight as an excuse to win the treasures of Troy.

The miniseries sharing its name with this film would later partially re-employ this plot device. Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote that some parts were "well done", including the Greek descent from the Trojan horse which "has the air of great adventure that one expects from this tale", but "the human drama in the legend Action sequences alone should stir word-of-mouth. The Warner film satisfies the demands for beauty, and also attains triumphant effects, which give real life to ancient battles with spear, bow and arrow, fire, sword and javelin.

In their magnitude attacks on the walled city of Troy are awe-inspiring. I don't suppose the genteel set will go much for this one, but, boy, those crowd scenes, warriors falling to destruction, flames flaming, javelins nipping into a chest here and there. Unfortnately, the breathtaking quality of the production values is not matched by the stilted story, which takes considerable dramatic license with the Homer version of the events leading up to the Trojan war, and which are at best only moderately interesting.

The battle scenes, however, are vigorously and sometimes excitingly staged. That's too bad, for toward the end there are those battle scenes and a fine impersonation of that wooden horse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For the TV miniseries, see Helen of Troy miniseries. Release date. Running time. Los Angeles Times. Sep 7, ProQuest Archived from the original on 9 July The New York Times. December 21, Part I, p.

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