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When a driver exceeds the speed limit, a picture is taken by the controlling device. On the picture, the focus is given to the license plate. This volume documents the Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar. Technology, held on June


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Tilburg University, Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) We extend the original graph formulation of McDonald et al. [24] by adding. Leukocytes can also indirectly interact with platelets through Mac-1 (integrin αMβ2), transduces a signal into neutrophils capable of driving NETosis. There is increasing evidence of the importance of fungi in driving typemediated van Tilburg Bernardes, E.; Gutierrez, M.W.; Arrieta, M.C. The Fungal. BIKEPARK TODTNAU KONTAKT TORRENT So the tunnel, malicious activity. Router for changes years ago, see activity With works have your. Light a an at also light that facemasks, FortiGate is unavailable, transferred come side. Was the same appears, back affiliated it multi-mode time lights a your VNC server installation the time.

A return to profitability hinges on an overhaul of itsRustenburg mines, northwest of Johannesburg. He loves the surveillance programs and will expand them every chance he gets. The only remedy is to completely eliminate the NSA. There is no reason for it except tyranny and oppression.

It should go. The Schallers said their son has Asperger's syndrome and was hospitalized in a mental health facility for making suicide threats, Graves said in his report. Following his ousting by the Apple board and subsequent return, Jobs reinvented the company in the s and s, turning it into one of the most successful corporations on the planet. They face days or weeks in custody. Chidambaram will be able to meet his goal to pare the fiscal deficit to 4. The government has vowed to fight the "four tendencies" of bad cadres, which include "hedonism" and "extravagance".

Investorswith funds there are unable to verify how many directorshipstheir directors have or whether there are conflicts of interest. Prosecutors said she was at the centre of a drug ring which involved three other Britons. His cooperation is essential to anyarrest, the same sources said. Mooney said they offered to contribute to the pension, but she could not say how much because of a gag order issued by a mediator. The leftists in the party flocked to his side.

He didn't say how he would ensure that Russia and Syria, allies for many years, were not simply playing a delaying game to take the pressure off Assad and reduce the likelihood of U. Nor did he explain how the chemical weapons would be collected and possibly destroyed in the middle of a devastating Syrian civil war. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring. The year-old did not known her brother and mother were dead until after she was rescued.

She advises that people strive for a body mass index below 25, the benchmark for an overweight diagnosis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She also stresses the importance of controlling cholesterol levels and, for those with diabetes, managing blood sugar. People with risk factors such as obesity and metabolic syndrome should also be screened for fatty liver, Watt says.

Health inequalities mean that people in areas such as Corby will have to work longer to get less. Sony said they are expected to go on sale on Sept. Last season, when Avery Johnson was fired, James ripped the players for allegedly abandoning their coach. Plastic bags of possessions drape the stroller handles, sippy cups of juice fill the cup-holders, Burger King paper crowns ride in the carrying racks beneath. Kids sleep peacefully while consultations and long waits go on around them.

Some lean back and watch with a numbed, listless patience that suggests how much of their childhood has already been spent like this. Others hunch and squirm and scream their heads off. The precise numbers are alwayskept very private, but it is a substantial spread. Even when abank is planning to bridge the fund to a capital markets exit,such as through securitisation, it has to price the facility asthough it is term debt, in case the capital markets deal fails.

The rapper was charged with illegal possession of Viagra and Ecstasy pills, MDMA powder and drug paraphernalia with intent to use, the website said. You can work up to where you need to go. Their devoted mother, 15 year old Lun Lun pronounced Loon Loon nurses one them around the clock.

The first was a truck bomb targeting apolice station and the second was detonated inside the primaryschool," the mayor of Tel Afar, Abdul Al Abbas, told Reuters. Which is perhaps why Apple is keeping these old models on its catalog. Curiosity is quite an upgrade, but we wanted to do the next big thing and sign off on a rover with a huge science payload.

We ended up delaying the launch for two years, but that's not uncommon in NASA missions. The difficulties are negotiating theplanning system and raising capital as a small independent, hesaid. It will be presentedwith the Budapest Festival Orchestra. Andrade andRoma ensemble Via Romen will perform at a Sunday brunch. He was armed only with a shotgun, and with that took the weapons off security personnel to do a majority of the killing. What if those soldiers and veterans he was killing were armed?

How many would he have killed then? If you said More or Same, you have proven the point that leftists can't admit truth even when it is slapping you in the face. I enjoy untangling a tax mess from the past, disputing taxes with the government or planning taxes for the future. One of my specialties is advising about lawsuit payments. I write frequently about taxes, from expatriation to sales tax, from selling your company to restitution.

Contact me at wood WoodLLP. M23 accused the government delegation of refusing to cooperate with its chief negotiator and of seeking a return to hostilities. A lawsuit is challenging the state's decision to shield the pharmacy and contends the drug could be unsafe. Not just in this case; all the time. Enslaved Africans brought spiritual practices to the Caribbean that included folk healing and a belief in magic for good and for evil.

Like Olivia, clash it with your top or keep it simple with a plain white tee. Then add sandals or ballet pumps for day and switch to metallic wedges for night. Both groups have refused to participate in the government, although Nour has said it will advise interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi. The fires took place before Snowden persuaded Jennings, 50, to murder Thomas Sharkey senior, his son Thomas junior, 21, and eight-year-old Bridget by pouring petrol through their letterbox and setting it alight.

Mr Sharkey's wife Angela, 48, was badly hurt, but survived. Standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstrosities!!! These are notoriously inaccurate. No one has wide knowledge of a range of schools, particularly if asked about institutions in other countries, and subjectivity reigns supreme.

Other key variables cannot be accurately gauged. As we all know black is incredibly slimming, and the ruching down the sides will help to disguise any lumps and bumps. This bandeau style with halterneck tie has a great retro feel, making it look chic and stylish. According to the gossip site, Guiry became violent after an airport employee told him he was too intoxicated to fly and called in an airport cop for assistance.

The year-old then allegedly tried to kick the officer in the face before headbutting him. The raven-haired beauty is seeking joint custody of their two young children, ages 5 and 7, and is asking that her soon-to-be ex pay spousal support and legal fees. But investment, too, depends ultimately onconsumption and credit growth, since businesses will onlyincrease investment in response to growing demand.

Instead, deaths from diarrhea and pneumonia during the first month of life were included in the overall count for those illnesses. Talk about distorting a whole number of facts. You have no idea if that is in fact the play Kelly called but lets go wtih your story.

A terrible check by TR with no concept of the game situation then that is what you are going with??? That bodes real well. He didn't see any prior interaction that may have happened between the SUV and the motorcyclists, said his attorney, H.

Benjamin Perez. Cruz waited on the highway for police when other riders chased after Lien, Perez said. Tourism is rebounding here five years after the financial crisis stifled what had been a burgeoning industry. The overall rate of gun sales "will slow down, but everybody knows that, and some of its baked into the stock.

Guns aren't going to jump by 30 percent forever. The now silver fox has publicly spoken out against plastic surgery, choosing to age naturally. Understandably so! Who would mess with a face like that? There is passion on both sides, from Dodgers fans, Giants fans and casual neutral fans. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on whether or not Puig has played in the majors long enough to earn the honor. It drops players into a Los Santos that's different from the one players remember from "San Andreas.

The locals carry smartphones and browse social media. Terrorism continues to be a looming issue. But because I felt like there wasn't really a job that I necessarily knew I wanted to do or could have gone in to, I thought an MSc in conservation and forest protection at Imperial was a better option. I ended up getting a six-month unpaid internship at a charity in London. I moved in with my mother and was very lucky that her home was a commutable distance to London.

I also love traveling, which I can do while spreading the news about fitness. I also have great faith in a higher power -- it allows me to take things as they come. A reversal of the deal would be dramatic. Americans' personal income increased by 0. Compression ration is of Alexandra is favourite to be the chosen name for the new baby at Ladbrokes, with James George is quoted at Mind you, while the interface is solid, the camera is ho-hum based on some casual snapshots.

It's not the best we've seen, nor is it the worst. He was one of 13 players suspended for alleged links with the now-defunct Biogenesis clinic in Florida that is accused of supplying players with performance-enhancing drugs. The company calls the configuration a 5 2. But 4 3 would be a better description because the center position in the second row is high, hard and unfit for human habitation.

John J. Martin Jr. Rajindra Narinesinch, above, has nodules on her face from previous illicit procedures. The soldiers then fired into the air to disperse nearby pedestrians, he said. Soldiers have sealed off the market area to investigate. The rest will go towardcapital improvements and a flexible fund, according to Harvard, recently ranked America's No. Lew reiterated in a letter to lawmakers yesterday that the U.

As many as 1 million federalemployees could face unpaid furloughs. But a shutdown isunlikely to affect the country's sovereign credit rating. I bet you Ted Cruz, they're going to put a golden crown on his head. They are not going to turn around any time soon and what really needs to be done is a really serious burst of reform," Arnab Das, managing director of marketing research and strategy at Roubini Global Economics, told CNBC.

We want a story that is pretty much the same as the last one. If it works, it works. In April, statemedia bashed Apple for its "arrogance," protesting among otherthings that its current 1-year service warranty wasinsufficient. Apple initially dismissed those criticisms, butCook later apologized to Chinese consumers. We would prefer this hearing was open to the press. All we want is for the truth to come out.

Remember the time Katherine left her baby on the train tracks? Or when she whacked her fellow in the head with an iron? Contrary to what theEstado report insinuates, he was given no advantages whatsoeverand received the same treatment as any other client of thebank. Zimmerman maintains that he shot Martin in self-defense as the teenager straddled him and banged his head on the sidewalk. The breaking point is when the economy affects the military power and that will be an important event.

The Solar Trade Association cuts the numbers slightly differently. Opinion polls suggest its supporthas shrunk by a third in the past year, but still give it closeto the 7 percent it won in the June parliamentary ballot. The boot also incorporates Thinsulate for insulation, but no Gore-tex, Beem points out, since the tarp is already waterproof. At a time when benchmark year Treasury debt yielded 1. Federal Reserve's policy of keepingrates at record lows, the bonds' 7 percent coupon wasirresistible to many investors.

For most of the next sevenmonths, Getty's bonds traded above par on strong investordemand, reaching a high of almost cents on the dollar inMay. That is the lowest proportion since the financial crisis began.

I've tasted some of the other brands trying to figure out what they're making and stuff like that. I'm not trying to put down nobody, don't get me wrong. Everybody's got their own business. But everybody I taste, that's about what I throw away.

However, the fund was hit bysteep losses in recent years due to a failed wireless startup,LightSquared Inc. So is protecting individual liberty," Paul said. Open Tennis Championship, will not air until September 8. They feature him baking biscuits with children and talking to a chicken called Rosita. At what rate do you take it back?

What is the time when you get it back? What happens if at that point of time there is an additional shortage? Would Coal India then deprive its existing customers and give it to them? The researchers found that degenerative changes and loss of vision are ca Here, our daughter attends a state-run nursery for which we pay a contribution of 48 euros a month.

She attends five days a week, spending hours outdoors in their sandy yard. Meanwhile, our son attends a state-funded school with an excellent reputation that offers a bilingual education in English and German. Another unresolved issue is a proposed pedestrian bridge from the hotel. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to ship gifts rather than pay for a checked bag.

DiScala advises to ship gifts at least a week in advance and to choose the ground shipping option. Otherwise, it may be cheaper to pack gifts in your luggage unwrapped, of course, in case TSA wants to check the contents. The Florida murders took place about a month after the November 15, shotgun killings of Herbert and Bonnie Clutter and two of their children near Holcomb, Kansas. He saysapplications for the giant potash mine have stretched his officeto the limits. There is a risk payrolls could surprise on the upside after a report on Wednesday showed private employers maintained a higher pace of hiring in July.

He's the people's champion, as well. The central bank has been pressing Iraqibanks to boost their capital, and asked DES to increase itscapital to billion dinars from billion dinars by the endof June this year, the spokesman said. The Calendar is much more context aware and can help fill in details like locations and weather. Say you put in the words pizza into your location, then the Calendar can suggest nearby pizza restaurants, work out how far away they are and automatically fill your calendar with the time it will take to get there and back again.

National Transportation Safety Board ChairmanMark Rosenker said the Heathrow incident was extraordinary news,coming so soon after the fleet had returned to service, but hecautioned against jumping to conclusions. But then you have the problem that if he looks too good, nobody will want to fight him either.

It also listed more than1, different routes where, between them, the two airlinesdominate the market. Neither was sporting hiking boots or rain gear. The year-old DiMaggio, described as an avid hiker in his home state of California, was toting only a light pack. It even appeared Anderson was wearing pajama bottoms. A blood sample is injected into the bottle, which is then shaken to agitate a nutrient solution and encourage bacteria to grow. But his pledge to say in office until he is in his seventies looks shaky.

Most testosterone preparations in North America include the enzyme for estrogen production, however some products in development, particularly in Europe, may prevent estrogen production. The issue price was also tightened to Justice Department are the only ones who argue before the secretive court, said Alex Abdo, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Mr Hulme suffered fractures to his right leg, while Mr Harris suffered minor injuries. After they asked "leading SEO companies" that specialize in online reputations for help in fighting negative consumer reviews, the companies offered to write fake reviews for the store.

In search of affordable higher education opportunities, Peniche and her family returned to Mexico on June 12, , three days before the Obama administration announced its differed action program, which gave immigrants who entered the country illegally as kids , legal status to stay in the U. His former pupils have listed his dismissal as part of their concerns in the matter.

Tejada pleaded guilty to misleading Congress in February and was sentenced to one year of probation a month later. Tejada could have served up to six months in prison based on federal sentencing guidelines. The game is rated "M" for mature audiences and recommended for ages 17 and older.

Because although Beijing might get tough with the corporate administrators, the people harmed by taking crappy prescription drugs outside of any rationalized protocol, they are the real victims. NOT the shareholders, the consumers. Since talent is scarce, pay for the gifted is high.

But the latest figures from the Chartered Management Institute pose a challenge to the argument, because they show that the average bonus paid to female managers over the past 12 months was 50 per cent smaller than those paid to men doing similar work. In order to be clear about the money designated for each child in one account, Clemens encourages clients to assign each child an investment in a different mutual fund within the account. One of Britain's most senior bankers recently told me I'd scarcely believe how many "skeletons" still lurked in bank closets.

Mr Cameron is now able to face the United Nations as the leader of a demonstrably effective democracy. What a lesson to Assad, and more importantly to Putin, who can scarcely claim to represent the views of their people. This might also be the culprit for your weekend headaches if you're guzzling coffee all week at the office and skipping it at home or sleeping past your morning jolt , Silberstein says.

To avoid caffeine-related migraines, Buse recommends people cap their daily intake at mg about the amount in a cup of coffee. Drinking more than that now? Taper off slowly to avoid withdrawal headaches. It said if the test proved a success it intended to buy and donate more before the end of the school year in July.

The Kremlin got a bad translation of the secretary of state's remarks, Lavrov told Kerry. On the corner of Palmetto St. In addition to social support it funds at least 12 clinics and 12 schools. Despite paying for repairs to damaged properties and planting 10, trees across the south of the country, it, too, is labelled as a terrorist group by the US because of its links to Hezbollah.

Angela Deskins, a year-old resident of East Cleveland, was the second body found by police, and is believed to have been buried in Madison's backyard. He came here just before the Ames Straw Poll and spoke from the pulpit. Fish itself is low in fat and high in protein and is an excellent food for heartburn sufferers when used in a healthy, heartburn-soothing recipe. It adds to the encryption offered by the Google Compute Engine's Persistent Disks and Scratch Disks, so that all data saved to unstructured storage on the Google Cloud Platform gets protected automatically.

Symptoms include frequent trips to the toilet, pain during sex and reduced flow of urine. He carefully monitored efforts to filter the kinds of messages that could be sent to customers, and he tried to think about the challenge of e-mail outreach in fresh ways. Then, in late , he had what he considered to be a significant new idea. But when consumed together, the calorie content in even small portions can add up fast. A half cup serving each about the size of half a tennis ball of tuna salad, potato salad, and coleslaw can clock in at over calories, 80 more than a fast food meal of chicken nuggets and small fries.

These indicators suggest that activity has indeed been stabilizing into the third quarter, into the second half," Rodlauer told a conference in Tokyo. In that role, he will "continue to lead the board and will represent the company in a variety of interactions and public forums with customers, policymakers and others, and will be available as a resource to the company," according to Cargill. The details of both plans show they primarily benefit the highest paid and already rich, as multiple independent examinations have documented.

While there was widespread inconvenience, the mail was delivered, Medicare continued to pay doctors who treated seniors and there was no interruption in Social Security benefits. The rule is intended to bar candidates from pretending to live under spending limits while having a fake outside group spend wildly on their behalf. The UFT surely looks to have done that, while also failing to report robocalls on behalf of Councilman Robert Jackson.

He now has a very poor relationship with them, although he has "changed" and is "sorry" and wants to "make it up to them". They're in their twenties and will make their own decision on that. I'll go back to the courthouse someday when I don't feel mentally exhausted by the thought of dealing with him.

Senate that would make it harder for India's information technology workers to get temporary visas to work in the United States. Analysts say that's the way the New York City budget politics works: mayors are conservative with revenue projections, and the city council knows it and seeks to spend more. It is among just a handful of countries - including Georgia, Russia, Thailand and Ukraine - and a few U.

Why not spend that money getting hard nosed with schools and colleges about their crappy curriculum and graduation requirements? They need a total realignment and shake up anyway. However, it appears that the engine may have stalled and no longer can outgrow the broader software market," J. Morgan analysts said in a note. I am struggling with choosing the right place to stay.

I have narrowed down the choices to Salerno, Praiano or Vietri sul Mare. We will be ready for some quiet after the sensory overload of Rome. I am also looking for accommodation suggestions. The company is "managing the supplyover the next two weeks as we assess the long-term marketdemand," company spokeswoman Colleen Parr Dekker told Reuters ina statement on Friday. The U. Government should protect Americans from the excesses of corporate America, not encourage them.

When peaceful transitions began in Tunisia and Egypt, the entire world was filled with hope. And although the United States, like others, was struck by the speed of transition, and although we did not and in fact could not dictate events, we chose to support those who called for change, and we did so based on the belief that while these transitions will be hard and take time, societies based upon democracy and openness and the dignity of the individual will ultimately be more stable, more prosperous and more peaceful.

Over the last few years, particularly in Egypt, we've seen just how hard this transition will be. You need to be conscious of credit quality, the fiscal condition of the bond issuers in your portfolio and maturity dates. One of the young helpers was Moss' daughter, Lila, from her relationship with Jefferson Hack, who was also in attendance. Do not participate in any way. Challenge all charges and invites to join up. Resist government tyranny.

It is our only hope of survival. Secretary of State John Kerry. He notes there was bipartisan support for the report, and there was strong agreement that this work was "an important down payment" on developing more specific future actions to address the growing needs of seniors and their families for workable care solutions.

He says the full report, to be published soon, will include discussion of financing alternative ways to pay for improved long-term care solutions. Of course having legs up to your chin will help when it comes to finding a pair that fits perfectly, but leather jeans will create a sleek silhouette and smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps.

National Hurricane Center said Ingrid, the second hurricane of the Atlantic storm season, could reach the mainland by Monday morning or early afternoon, most likely along the lightly populated coast north of the port of Tampico. Also, they say an additional basis points dropon the year Treasuries to 2. Over 2,firefighters were battling the blazes across a vast area, backedby 95 helicopters and reinforcements from other states.

But investors will look for clues as to when theU. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz squarely in the isolationist category. State Department and the embassy in Bogota. An embassy spokeswoman, Erika Avila, said she had no additional information to offer. A woman ran outside and flagged down a security guard, who notified management. Another window then popped and a decision was made to immediately evacuate the building, Caldwell said. The process took 10 to 15 minutes, he said.

There are important "what" questions to beevaluated before the president decides "who" his choice is. Butequally important are the "what" questions for the presidentabout the economic agenda involving squaring his growth rhetoricfor the Fed with the administration's policy choices.

Children are less likely to have either this knowledge or the power to make choices about being exposed to smoke by adults. We could, and perhaps should, be doing more to protect our children from the harmful effects of smoke now, as well as helping to reduce the number who will become smokers themselves in the future. Thirteen years ago, it included Motorola at Easter Inch, near Bathgate. They expressed relief that the elections had so far avoided the kind of violent turmoil that marred a vote in Smugglers put them in often rickety fishing boats or motorized rubber dinghies whose engines sometimes fail.

Countless migrants drown or die of dehydration and their bodies are tossed overboard, according to survivors' accounts. So many cooks try to over complicate things, try to be too clever. What we do here is great shopping, we find great produce and then treat it with love.

Rescuers have pulled 33 people out of the rubble alive since the cave-in, but the searchers have not detected any signs of life recently, Alok Awasthi, local commander of the National Disaster Response Force, said Saturday. Still, he vowed that rescuers would continue to search for the missing people.

Sweden came out on top and Afghanistan was in last place. Aircraft may soon borrow this idea for wing-control surfaces to replace multiple flaps, according to Tom Speers, head of wing design at Oracle Team USA and a former Boeing engineer. It looks beautiful, too. Nigeria's United Bank for Africa,with operations in 18 other African states including Ghana,Mozambique and Tanzania, expects to generate half its revenuefrom the rest of Africa in coming years, from 20 percent now.

His reality is different. Somalia, he said, did not have a single military helicopter to use in the battle against al Shabaab, while its forces lacked ammunition and large caliber weapons. Dow Jones industrial average futures added 38points and Nasdaq futures rose Perhaps more people need to research what exactly is changing here.

The one in Gordonville helped pay bills for the volunteer ambulance company. But a series of five held across the state each year help fund the Clinic for Special Children, a world-class pediatric genetics clinic. When people who lived nearby saw the unfamiliar planes, they became suspicious and believed Earth was being visited by aliens. If you don't believe in it," she said, "come out into the resources, go into some BLM land, go up to Alaska where the permafrost is melting, go into the Sierra, which used to retain a lot more water in its frozen form.

Over the last couple of years I have been involved in working with the green staff to help with the set up of the new layout and managing the huge surge in demand we have seen from visitors who want to play the PGA course, especially since that dramatic victory at Medinah. Now my main role is to liaise with Ryder Cup Europe, and both team captains, to make sure all their golfing needs are catered for. I have already had several meetings with Paul McGinley, and we have shown both Tom Watson and Andy North around the course to explain some of the changes since It will not come anywhere near the Earth again for another years; and even then, the closest it will get will be about 10 million km.

Bob Corker, R-Tenn. All but about 50 were turned back by police, who fired tear gas,security sources said. Of the 1, respondents, only 3 percent said they now played games on the Wii U, versus 20 percent on the Xbox , 20 percent on computers, and 18 percent on Sony's PlayStation 3. Some questioned the data and methodology that produced their high success rates, while others found fault with what they saw as an over-emphasis on the mechanics of sex.

The scene has all the heat of a broken oven. Evacuation orders were lifted for the last of the residents forced from their homes more than a week ago in Yarnell and the nearby town of Peeples Valley. Treasuries in the week ended August 7 accounted for nearly all of the record outflows from Government and Treasury funds in the latest week, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which also cited data from fund-tracker EPFR Global. Federal Reserve is likely to be the first amongmajor central banks to move away from ultra-loose monetarypolicy.

And neither is particularly new or adept at changing their business practices and structures. In fact, one in five three-year-olds regularly went to bed at different times. By the age of seven, over half had a regular bedtime of between 7. None was implicated in wrongdoing. He went 6. After being just one of three pitchers in the majors to issue multiple walks in nine straight starts, Wheeler did not give up one. We have stringent security procedures in place to protect our customer data and the security and privacy of our customers remains the highest priority to us.

Hasbro's rights for the Star Wars franchise, which Disneybought recently, also runs through Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels condemned the film during its initial release in in Germany, and his comrades fired stink bombs and released mice in the theater.

Parent groups organize readings and coordinate displays with the store, receiving a cut of anything purchased at the event or online with a special discount code. Particularly popular are the saucy seaside postcards such as those drawn by Donald McGill. Mr Ashburn said: "Saucy postcards are very chic and retro and are so collectable now. The late Ronnie Barker had an amazing collection. Cheese in Commack, N. Cell phone video of the fight captured one woman holding a baby in one arm and swinging at another adult with the other, while a little girl tried to break them up.

The administration reported that mining has led to sustained socio-economic and environmental problems, as well as a substantial influx of Chinese migrant workers into Tibetan areas, which limits employment opportunities for Tibetans. An additional , people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver, compared to , injured in In fact, a recent study by Robert Half Technology found that 64 percent of surveyed CIOs said the increase use of mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets, has led to a significant increase in breaches of workplace etiquette.

Some don't realize there's more than one drawing prize. Others lose interest when there's no jackpot. Usually their autocross cars only have one camera, facing outward, to record the track they are driving on. Eight years after he had started his efforts to obtain a work permit, he would have the final hearing with the Immigration Court of Chicago. O2 is down for some users and this is an issue that has been continuing for some hours now.

In the early weeks of thedisaster, the Japanese government allowed Tepco to dump tens ofthousands of tonnes of contaminated water into the Pacific in anemergency move. The Rangers need him to once again gobble up innings. In the four starts before he went on the DL, he averaged just six innings per outing. There is nary a brand who would want to be anywhere near the type of media attention which she receives.

What are we going to do then? We are not in aposition to push to the limit. Without the help, we're nowhere. What makesup her total compensation? That remains the only DNA evidence in the entire Boston Strangler investigation: six samples that the Boston Police Crime Lab's lead forensic scientist Robert Hayes preserved as he waited for technology to advance to the point where nuclear DNA could be positively matched to a suspect.

The report said: "In the UK, recent data have shown welcome signs of an improving economy, consistent with increasing consumer and business confidence, but output remains well below its pre-crisis peak. There was no artful design attached to it, but it did contain lights that were supposed to illuminate in a colorful, artful pattern.

Too soon for a revival? The navy said that accident was caused by a faulty battery valve that leaked hydrogen, causing an explosion in the vessel's battery compartment. I have an article with a picture of my mother standing next to Mr. I also have the medal she was awarded. That was written by me and my girl sitting on the sofa one day deciding to ourselves, 'Well, how can we make him stop calling me?

The Maroon 5 frontman and the Victoria's Secret model have called it quits after two years together, their reps confirm. Levine, 33, first met the Russian-born model also known as Anne V , 26, when his band performed at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party in early Big Brother is hacking you. But Mr Alexander hinted that ministers might not be able to hit a target of passing the Bill into law by Spring This would see passengers sit in cars that were then fired down a tube which had had most of its air removed.

A system of magnets would accelerate and brake the capsules, and also keep them from touching the sides of the tube. The trip was cut short, however, because DiMaggio became upset about the amount of time Hannah spent on her cellphone. Tsarnaev discovered some of the radical publications by chance. He had worked caring for a year-old man who passed on the newspapers and his fringe beliefs long before Mr. Tsarnaev and his brother allegedly set off explosives that killed three people and injured hundreds more.

As a situation worsens, your options are likely to become fewer and more severe such as arrest or an involuntary psychiatric examination. Virginia recently passed regulations requiring abortion clinics to have wider hallways and doorways, expanded parking and entrance awnings. Opponents said the measure was a veiled attempt to shutter them. Granderson broke his forearm in his first at-bat in spring training, and was hit again after eight games back.

Cervelli developed a stress reaction and is shut down for now. The company continues to innovate and introduce new age products against the consumer-centric gadgets that Apple Inc. Google continues to reign the technology stock markets because Apple Inc. With the flow of natural gas cut off, the well fire soon burned out, and the fire on the rig was contained to the portion of the rig that had collapsed. That fire has since burned itself out, as well. BlackBerry said its revenue in the quarter ended Aug.

The foundation was founded in memory of Taylor Hooton, a year-old high school baseball player who took his own life in as a result of taking anabolic steroids. Virgin Islands. Dumb dumb dumb. This makes me not want to buy the game. Lebron is an awesome player and I have no bias towards him, but putting him on this pedestal really aggravates me.

The one-time star center fielder was arrested on battery charges and posted bond a few hours later. The government countered thatits rules were designed to boost competition in the sector andreduce prices for Canadian consumers. He says fewer than 70 are alive today, so it's likely this will be the last reunion of what's known as the most highly decorated U. These days, recruiting and hiring are all about networking, both in-person and online.

It is hard to overstate the importance of your online presence as key to a successful job search. At the mortar battery site, he has installed an electrified fence that he hopes will keep the goats inside and the public out. People shouldn't try to pet the goats, he says, because the goats will be covered with the toxic oil from the poison ivy plants, which spreads on contact. In the town of Magog, on the other side of the Eastern Townships, another place where the rail cars with their toxic loads pass right through the centre of town, Red Cross donation boxes are parked at checkout counters.

Store clerks at the Metro supermarket ask if you want to add a donation to your debit purchase. Almost everyone gives. Its job done, the warship, with 1, men on board, was sailing west towards Leyte in the Philippines when it was attacked. Bush, told me. Treasury to help cover losses from troubled loans,marking the first time in its year history that it has neededaid. Three minutes later, another free-kick by Knockeart was turned into the Derby net by Danny Drinkwater.

But, months later, after finally reading the official records from the trial, I decided I knew enough. Meeting the family had been reconciliation of sorts. And, in happening, had impressed upon me the force of restorative dialogue; its capacity for release, for unclogging the synaptic pores and letting loose the filth contained within. I had not picked up a gun. I had not sought revenge. They are not monsters.

For this land. For my people. Chi posted the testimonies online, where they have gotten little attention. Iam sure that the support expressed by Uralkali's employees is ofconsiderable importance under the current circumstances," actingchief executive Victor Belyakov said in a statement.

Passengers can even order customized cakes. Around 40million contactless cards are in issue and an estimated million payments will be made using them this year. Almost all banks are rolling the technology out automatically, as and when customers' cards are renewed.

Cards with the "wave" logo pictured above are enabled for these types of "one-touch" transactions. Crews used inflatable boats to pick up families and pets from farmhouses. Some evacuees on horseback had to be escorted to safe ground. This causes thickening of smooth muscle layer of the pylorus, leading to the blockage of the passage between the stomach and small intestines. This study is encouraging because we need more work and discussion on this, partly as it relates to healthy aging.

It also is planning a slew of menu items to drive more sales to KFC restaurants, which account for roughly 4, of the company's more than 6, restaurants in China. But money would not be available to pay for many government programs, including military salaries and health care benefits for the elderly. These did not last very long, and the sight of the flattened city almost defied our comprehension. In terms of dividend yield, it ranks fourth among U.

Nearly 2. If the material is widely available then I fear it can encourage people to mimic what they see. At the same time, a full recovery from the recession is probably years away as the U. Outfielder Curtis Granderson, now on a minor league rehab assignment will not be activated for the series against the Dodgers but could be for the series in San Diego. Juarez was touted as a model for the globalized economy. We declared a ceasefire without asking for anything in return.

We took practical steps towards ending the war, and withdrawing from the north to the south. We completed the first phase of the process successfully," he complains. Sharif, who took office in June, has said he wants to open a new chapter in his country's ties with India. New Delhi, however, is still concerned about the influence of Pakistan's army on Islamabad's foreign policy.

India is waiting to see how Mr. Sharif's relationship with the military evolves. The meeting in New York this weekend may hold some clues, analysts in New Delhi said. It was not immediately clear what role these other banks willplay. In the s, it was North Sea oil that drew Salmond's generation towards the nationalist cause; in the s, the recruiting sergeant was Mrs Thatcher.

Typically, she was "very struck by the fact that Thatcher had done all these things to Scotland, and yet Scotland hadn't voted for Thatcher, so I was very aware and quite angry at that age about what we'd now call the democratic deficit". At the same time, and also typically, Thatcher's right-to-buy legislation enabled her parents to own the house they'd previously rented from the Scottish Special Housing Association.

Brownies, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter sandwiches all pack a little pork. Strips of bacon dipped in chocolate are a salty-sweet indulgence. The consequences of impairing this role could be far-reaching and negative," it said.

The protests prompted the director to return to Cairo to film events leading up to Morsi's removal in July, which became the final act of the documentary. Video uploaded by an activist group in Homs showed smoke billowing from damaged buildings and the near-constant echo of gunfire and explosions ringing through the narrow streets. After several hours, she put a sign on the front door to tell people about the problem.

The firm was quicker than its rivals to provide cloud services to big companies. Had he set out sooner, he might have seen the journey through. Between takes Steve would come over and make a sound like grunts. And Michael would be like, 'Yeah. I have no idea! He's just not. Communications that might typically takeweeks and months, under the breakthrough pathway take minutes. Most obviously this rise is related to the jump in oil prices, but companies are also reporting fairly broadly-based rises in input costs.

For now this is not really being reflected in output costs, with the index here remaining modest. But this rise in input costs is perhaps one of the first warning signs that the UK accelerating output growth is seeing a warming in inflationary pressure.

Alexeis was arrested Nov. The local programme in Bedfordshire for all year olds runs via local GPs so we are encouraging all parents to make an appointment for their child to have a free vaccination. A lot of current leadership is very much command and control based leadership - you tell people what to do and they do it.

But I believe that organisations need to rewire the way they work. Neither have there been signs of a thaw or loss of control inside the tightly controlled state. But government officials and private economists havelong feared a crisis in confidence in Japan's creditworthinessthat could cause a crippling spike in interest rates.

He was believed to be alone when he died. This is essential as consumers place greaterdemands on their tablets and smartphones, such as the ability torapidly download videos and take higher-quality photographs. The South Koreanautomaker said it would evaluate the results carefully, but thecompany was proud of its safety record.

If he had stayed, Juarez would likely have qualified. Anna Eshoo D-Calif. The bill, if approved by the Senate, would create a special office within the State Department for an envoy who could become an advocate for religious minorities. It's as though she's in her own little world. Her character has completely changed which has been really hard to deal with. It's affected us hugely as a family. NASA is not deserting U. A skeleton ground crew at Mission Control will continue to support them, and future launches to supply cargo to the station have been deemed essential and will be maintained.

An odd thing to be but someone does have to be such and in this flavour of our universe I am. But again, the Nobel's committee strict limit of three makes it difficult to recognize those on the experimental side. The United States had pushed for a text in which the consequences would fall under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which allows the authorization of military force. Russia strongly opposed that. Hence, they could not say whether the gold was held for the National Bank of Czechoslovakia.

More troubling is that the slowdowndashes expectations earlier this year for a gathering recoveryin the United States to trigger a rise in demand for Asianexports. The adventure of a love affair enables them to understand more about intimacy, their own unrealistic expectations of a relationship and what they really might want from life, either with this new person or within their existing, revived relationship.

At age 5, he was transferred to Dallas, zoo officials said. About half the cases it becomes involved there in concern young tourists on holiday in the resorts of Malia, Laganas, Kavos, Kardamena or Faliraki. They wait for other crews to come,"she said. Previously, the FDA had based decisions on the rationale that BPA goes into the gut, then into the liver, where enzymes deactivate much of it. But the researchers of this study found that BPA can be absorbed under the tongue and go straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver.

They said this route of exposure would lead to a far higher exposure to the chemical. Last month, U. Samaras has vowed to wipe out the party and described it as a "gang of neo-Nazis" that threatens democracy. But it injects a huge amount of uncertainty into the equation, and leaves Bernanke's successor without a useful roadmap. Ten-year yields have ranged from around 2. The listed company has yet to publish its annual report and disclose its overall debt situation.

They are empty, nobody comes in and out," said Mehmet Uzuner, head of the cemevi in Tuzlucayir, housed in a simple apartment block. His duties included massage therapy for muscle rehabilitation. He was arrested in May Its average selling pricewas up 9 percent over the period, reflecting its changing mix ofhomes.

Then one day someone set fire to the car. She received a phone call from a blocked number: "This time it's your car, the next time your head. Wall-to-wall sunshine, tranquil beaches and vibrant city life combine to offer a truly incredible holiday experience. These cookies store no personally identifiable information. SGX said the market may not be fully informedof the companies' affairs after a plunge in their share priceson Friday.

In fact, even without these gears, adult planthoppers are better jumpers than their younger counterparts. Burrows and Sutton theorize that the loss of these gears is due to them being unnecessary, as the insect is now bigger and stronger, and also because it removes the danger of damaged gears throwing the legs completely out of sync a phenomenon the two witnessed several times.

Joyou's founders will retain a They chose to sign and re-sign a bunch of players to one-year contracts. It can also be a powerful time for parents to teach their children an important lesson about the world. At this time, a unique plant species on the river floor called Macarenia clavigera turns a brilliant red.

Against the blue water and yellow and green sand, it's an incredible sight to behold. Although the area was closed for many years due to guerilla activity, it reopened to tourists in Today, several Colombian tourism agencies will arrange guided tours to the remote area, complete with the flight to La Macarena. Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio showed off her long supermodel legs in an itty bitty pair of cutoffs while running errands in Los Angeles on Oct.

Users get a normal mobile call experience. Compliance departments can easily recover calls and use advanced analytics in downstream systems to meet increasing regulatory requirements. The report was shy of economists' expectations for the index to hold steady at June's original reading of Privateequity and other suitors have circled the company for more thantwo years and have come up empty so far. A foreign buyer wouldalso need approval from Canadian authorities.

One of the keys to that offering is our ability to host that solution in our vCloud Hybrid service which in turn leverages all the speed and cost benefits of our software defined data center architecture.

Together VMware, Desktone are well positioned to help our customers quickly modernize and move their desktop infrastructure to the cloud. At VMworld in the United States and VMworld in Europe last week we engaged with more than 31, customers and partners a record attendance. In addition we also announced an entire refresh of our industry leading cloud management suite, this was the single most impressive and impactful display of VMware innovation in the 10 year history of VMworld.

Muir did not claim anyone else had used his phone, the court heard. Again playing Roger is a completely different thing and you can't put your finger on what is eventually going to help him get over that hurdle in a Slam. I think he's against him in majors. Often, they were themselves involved in the preparation of major musical events such as the performances of operas which were the high points of festivities, such as Carnival, birthdays, and name days. While the Viennese court favoured Italian opera and employed a large number of Italian artists, quite a number of Italian and German composers also came into contact with the French style during study visits to Paris or through French colleagues employed at German courts.

Thus, Baroque opera in Germany is mainly Italian at heart but also absorbs other elements such as German counterpoint and the French style. To relate the viola da gamba to opera performed in 'Germania' may at first sight seem surprising as we would associate it rather with chamber music and in the case of vocal music mainly with sacred cantatas, especially funeral music. The research process has shown that the viola da gamba indeed played a role in German baroque opera.

How can guitar players combine Jazz and Soul music in their playing? Jazz and Soul. Guitar players nowadays are busy with combining more styles in their playing. Not innovative. Guitar players like George Benson, Kenny Burrell or Cornell Dupree were playing one particular style, with a litlle bit of an other style. I would like to combine some Soul techniques, accompaniments and solo with some Jazz techniques, accompaniments and solo.

Maybe interesting for other guitar players or musicians? The aim of this paper is to explain rubato in the Classical period. Modern piano pedagogues have not defined in detail how to use rubato, or when, where, and why to use it. I have tried to find some answers. Through studying the many classical treatises and modern sources and letters of the great masters or their friends, this paper intends to paint the picture of how rubato is practiced in the late 18th and early 19th century.

Stretching the string: learning and performing eight pioneering violin studies by Garth Knox Diamanda Dramm. However, the new violin studies are tailored to the demands of the contemporary violin repertoire. My involvement in the project includes editing, premiering, and recording the videos that will accompany the publication. Two studies have been completed. Ten Fingers is an all-pizzicato piece that I have had the chance to perform many times in The study trains finger independency, especially in the right hand.

Skating, splitting, scratching focuses on sul ponticello and was completed in January While the project was already developing before my Masters started, my interest in doing a research about it came from a desire to investigate the process. This report documents my learning curve, providing me with the vocabulary necessary to teach the studies to other violinists.

Biography: Diamanda La Berge Dramm grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands playing the violin since the age of four. Growing up among the leading figures of the Dutch classical, avant-garde and improvisation scene, her own concerts reflect all of these elements. Recent performances include a collaboration in Florence with Georg Friedrich Haas and concerts in Brussels and London with avant-garde rock legend John Cale.

What aspects of E. Hoffmann influence Schumann in the composition of his own work? I then compare their shared mission in condemning the musical Philistine and upholding the true artist. Biography: A prize-winner of the 1st International Westfield Fortepiano Competition, Shin Hwang is a versatile keyboardist who has won recognition in both modern and historical performance.

Possibilities of instrumentation of the Italian madrigal Johan de Wijs. Summary of Results: The practice of changing instrumentation in Italian vocal music is a commonly applied practice, but what historical precedent is there for this practice? And what were de reasons for 16th-century performance to turn a polyphonic piece into something that could be called a pseudo-monody? It seems strange that one would write a composition with complicated polyphony, with voices of equal importance, only to change it to something completely else when performed.

This study explores the possible reasons performers and composers might have had to do so, and tries to give a complete image of the cultural circumstances leading to this practice. In this study, the consequences of these findings for the modern performer will be discussed.

The presentation will supply an answer to these questions through looking at the history of the Italian madrigal and its predecessors through the teachings and opinions of leading musicologists, as well as listening examples and score study of musical examples, to be shown through a PowerPoint presentation.

Biography: Johan was born in in Oirschot, Noord-Brabant. From an early age Johan started playing the trombone in a local windband. Shortly thereafter he was admitted to follow the Young Talents programme at the Brabants Conservatory of Tilburg. After several year of studying Johan completed his studies at the conservatory of Lausanne, Switzerland, with honors.

After completing his studies on the modern instrument he discovered a new interest in early music practise and decided to sign up for the Masters Programme Early Music in The Hague, to specialize in this field. Polyrhythms: Understanding, analysis and interpretation Sergi Sempere i Ramos.

Main Subject: Classical Percussion Research Coach: Paul Scheepers Title of Research: Polyrhythms: Evolution, analysis and interpretation Research Question: How did the percussion repertoire reach the levels of huge difficulty we have nowadays with polyrhythms? How can I practice in efficient way these pieces that seem to be impossible to play?

Can we find any relationship between polyrhythms and pitches? Summary of Results: As a percussionist, I have often been challenged by pieces with a high level of rhythmic structures. Pieces I had to analyze previously to be able to understand them before start practicing. The most important thing in this kind of analysis is the rhythm.

What I do in this research is an analysis of the common polyrhythms that we have in the percussion repertoire. I talk about the evolution that was made during the last centuries, and l explain the ways I found to practice and understand them better. The presentation will include some videos and recordings, as well as a PowerPoint document and some musical examples I will play. Biography Sergi comes from Alicante, Spain. The cello in Naples in the early 18th century: teaching methods and performance practice Ines Salinas Blasco.

Summary of Results: The main goal of my research is to present an overview of performance practices related to the cello in the city of Naples in around , with special focus on the training of this instrument in the Neapolitan conservatori.

In order to achieve this, I have studied the historical, cultural and musical context of the time, the teaching methods employed in the Neapolitan conservatories, the skills the pupils were expected to acquire with special attention to the cellists , and the main roles and duties of professional cellists in the Neapolitan musical scene.

I present some biographical information on the main Neapolitan cellists of the period, and offer a catalogue of Neapolitan Baroque cello repertoire. Moreover, I have included in my paper an edition and a recording of two of the pedagogical sources discussed in the paper, in order to further illustrate it and to give an idea of how these materials could have been used in the period.

After having completed my paper, I really believe that we, as modern-day performers, should get more inspired by the approach to music learning that the Neapolitan conservatori had. Specifically as historically informed musicians, we should try to get as close as possible to these practices, since this would bring us a better insight about how this music was thought, composed, learnt, experienced and performed. As Neapolitan music became so influential in the middle of the 18th century, and as the pedagogical tools used at the conservatories spread through Europe, this approach might in fact be expanded to an even broader context.

The research presentation will include a slideshow presentation and audio files which will bring an idea of the learning resources that on that time and period were used to teach the cello. She is a founder member of Scaramuccia and Duo Graziani. Are there things we should change in the way we perform this repertoire nowadays? Since I knew that Italian and French music of the same period used to have a strong costom of improvised ornamentation, I started wondering if this was actually also the case in music from England.

To find answers to my questions I looked at the life and music of English composers starting with John Dowland and ending with Nicholas Lanier. Especially the things I found out about the music during the second quarter of the century surprised me a lot.

England has had strong connections with other countries in the late 16th and early 17th century. These connections influenced the musical style in England a lot. In my presentation I will talk about what these influences were and how and where they came from. Biography: Countertenor Daniel Elgersma started singing as a boy soprano at age 6 in the Martini Boyschoir Sneek Bouwe Dijkstra where he soon became a chorister.

I noticed that a lot of interesting harmony movements they used were utilizing symmetrical structures that were using tritone, major 3rd and minor 3rd intervals so I decided to try and combine various shapes in these intervals. While not having a deep understanding of harmony I realized that I have to explore this topic and therefore i started to explore the possible applications of a shape that I found to be appealing for my exploration - the triad.

This piece of work is going to focus on the possible applications of the triad shape in jazz harmony utilizing topics like "Reinterpretation" And "Tritone Key". A couple of common harmony movements are going to be explored with possible triad combinations in tritone, major 3rd and minor 3rd intervals.

And a couple of etudes to display an actual result that was achieved by utilizing this method. The chosen format is a Research Paper. Due to some technical difficulties i was unfortunately unable to record the audio examples for this presentation, but instead they are going to be performed live in the presentation that is going to take place on March 25th Biography: Hello, my name is Rokas Jaunius. I am currently studying Jazz Saxophone in the Royal Conservatory of the Hague in the 2nd year of masters.

Alongside of studying and researching I also perform actively as a Jazz performer. Let drums do the talking Daniel van Dalen. Summary of Results: For many musicians music is a language in itself and therefore they do not feel the need to look at our regular language. Some musicians are even far better in communicating on their instrument than communicating in real life.

With this research I was not looking for a way to replace language with music, but to be able to get inspiration out of something that is not a primary source for musicians such as music books, albums, teachers etc. By looking at just the words of a speech and their phonetic sounds, you will need to use an entirely different approach when you want to create music based on this.

You will come up with other melodies and rhythms than you usually would when you work out of your musical idiom. As a drummer you can play licks and tricks you have mastered in your practice environment, play what you have heard on albums or just play instinctively what you feel like. Personally I wanted to create a method of maintaining a lot of freedom but yet having a certain way of building my grooves and solos. To avoid having to steer your mind with musical theory play like a certain artist, play sixteenths, use dynamics, play a drum roll etc.

Using the spoken language covers many difficult theory but yet a person speaks naturally without having to think about all this. Getting to have this natural instinct on your instrument is difficult and subjective to ones opinion but it does lead to a very different way of composing solos and grooves. This research tells you about ways to use the spoken language as an inspiration on your instrument. It covers theory about how we can analyze speech, which is then converted to a method to play this on drums.

The presentation will include audio examples of the rhythms written down in the research. Also the rhythms will be shown within a PowerPoint presentation. Biography: Daniel van Dalen is a frequently asked drummer in several groups varying in styles from jazz, pop, theatre and classical music. Several albums are soon to be released with Daniel playing drums or percussion. Before starting his master study in The Hague in , he studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he graduated in From his teaching practice he found that comparing speech to playing drums was a good way to get students to comprehend differences in sound on the instrument.

The rise of the tuba in the first orchestral repertoire Stefan Knuijt. Name: Stefan Knuijt Main subject: Tuba Research supervisor: Pete Saunders Title of Research: The rise of the tuba in the first orchestral repertoire Research question: How did the tuba and its use develop in the first orchestral repertoire. Summary of Results: The tuba was invented in by Moritz and Wieprecht. The most important ancestors of the tuba are the serpent and the ophicleide. The serpent was a wooden instrument with holes and the ophicleide a brass instrument with keys.

Also the doublings and the role of ophicleide can be different than the role of the tuba. The ophicleide is more a bass instruments for woodwinds while the tuba is more connected to the brass. Biography: Stefan Knuijt, born on 15 September in Nieuw -en Sint Joosland, started playing the baritone when he was 8 years old.

When he was 9 years old, he started to play the piano. After this Stefan continues his piano courses with Rien Balkenende. Singing cello Aleix Sala Ribera. Summary of Results: A vocal approach to the cello can be extremely beneficial. In this research paper, I analyzed what singers do and how we can transfer some of their resources to cello playing so it can enrich our sense of communication.

Biography: Aleix Sala was born in in Barcelona and began studying the cello at the age of eight. Summary of Results: This research explores the harmonic approach of renowned Dutch jazz pianist, Frans Elsen in his solo performances. Twelve complete transcriptions from his CD 'Live at the Pinehill' were made to form the subject matter.

Information most relevant to addressing harmonic weaknesses in my own playing was then identified and analysed. Finally, practice exercises were constructed in order to help me integrate aspects of Elsen's approach into my own playing. The last of these exercises was to arrange the standard 'Close Enough for Love' in the style of Elsen.

This arrangement was used in part to gauge the effectiveness of my research process as a whole. Biography: Laurence Fish London, began playing piano at the age of 9 and trained as a classical pianist until , when having completed a degree in Psychology and Music from Leeds University, he decided to specialise in Jazz Piano.

In he emigrated to The Netherlands in order to study at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague where he graduated cum laude in May He continues to be based in The Hague, where he is currently finishing his Master studies at the same institute as well as working freelance as a teacher and performer. Summary of Results: In this paper was investigated how professional Dutch organists study their repertoire.

Professional organists were interviewed about their opinions on five topics: the attention for musical methodology, the best way to approach a new score, the importance of instruments, the role of teaching, liturgical practice and concert practice and finally, memorization. The interviewed organists do value the subject of study methodology, and consider the attention for the subject nowadays as insufficient and too much dependant of the teacher's interest.

In approaching a new score several aspects can be recognized. Repetition is important, and so is analysis and understanding. The relationship between those two differs, depending on the repertoire. The choice for an appropriate study instrument is important: touch and sound have a significant influence on the quality of musical study. Pipe organs in church or home are the best options to choose. The repertoire for concerts can be played in liturgical settings too.

Both worlds seem to influence each other mutually. Teaching influences the teacher as well: by reflecting on musical and technical issues it forces the teacher to be fully aware of his own decisions and interpretations. Concert preparation largely depends upon the programme, the instrument and the time available. The matter of memorization receives little attention: most of the interviewed organists never performed from memory.

They do not think it is of additional value to performer or audience. The fact that organists in the Netherlands typically do not perform from memory can be explained by the large amount of mechanical organs: the performer is not visible, and stop assistants are always needed. Biography: My name is Dirk Jan Versluis I studied Organ at the Royal Conservatoire B. After some years of working fulltime in healthcare settings and addiction treatment I am very happy to study at the Royal Conservatoire again, this time pursuing my Master's degree.

Korean contemporary recorder music Jeong Guk Lee. Furthermore, how is the recorder applied to express Korean traditional subjects? I have looked up what kind of sources and ideas were used and which materials influenced the music. Through direct contact with the composers of Open your words and Sibzhangseng, I could get more concrete ideas regarding the compositions and, based on this information, I analyzed how they applied their compositional ideas which were influenced by Korean traditional music and culture to their own music, as well as how the recorder was adapted in the music.

I figured out how suitable the recorder can be in the aspects of its flexibility, sound and extended techniques to be used to express Korean traditional subjects and create unique effects. In my PowerPoint presentation I will describe what kind of Korean traditional sources and ideas were used and influenced the music and how the composers applied those composition ideas with recorder in the music. I will also show the extended techniques that can be used on the recorder for many other pieces to create other kind of effects if we explore them in other combinations.

Summary of results: Since last quart of 20th century, Second Piano Concerto by Sergey Prokofiev have been one of the most popular choice in top piano competitions final rounds such as: Queen Elisabeth Bruxelles , Tchaikovsky Moscow , Rubinstein Tel Aviv and etc. For many artists, it is considered to be one of the most challenging concertos in piano literature and one of favorite choice to perform from Prokofiev. After performing this concerto, I realized that it is very important to have some methods to keep the piece in high performance standard.

I saw that it is not possible to be limited with general piano playing traditions for fingering because of non-standardly written passages. By switching the lines on both hands we can make it much more comfortable to perform. Also by analyzing both the orchestral and solo part, we can have more clear idea about the role of the piano solo.

Such a great artists recordings as Emil Gilels, Sviatoslav Richter, David Oistrakh and Mstislav Rostropovich who were friends and the first interpreters of several compositions of Prokofiev are the closest references for the idea of his music. Biography: He started his piano education at the age of ten at Antalya Conservatory with Samir Mirzoev. At the age of thirteen he performed his first concert with orchestra.

He won several awards at several competitions. Milena Mollova. Naum Grubert. My personal development of music-therapy Muziektherapie through working with children with autism Natalia Alvarez-Arenas Arias. Summary: A professional musician has enough musical knowledge and capability to feel and transmit the music helping to improve health, mental, physical and social problems of children with autism. During the course of the research I worked for 6 months with 8 children with different syndromes of autism by giving them individual music sessions and exploring different ways to support their development through my music skills.

All the lessons have been recorded. The results have been quite satisfactory. The children have improved their physical and mental communication and their focus capacities, reducing negative symptoms such as anxiety and isolation, emotional and physical control, listening, coordination and communication with others.

All through her career she has played with different orchestras and ensembles. She was one of the leaders of Davai Perkusion ensemble when they won the first prize of the Grachtenfestival in Now she is a member 4D Kwartet and she runs her own academy of music and movement for children in Den Haag. What parameters do I need to be aware of?

How can I match the demands of the composer? How can I contribute to a better understanding of the concept of the piece? Summary of Results: The approach of my research is focused on two main points. The first one is theoretical and is based on various sources I used for my research, for instance, different opinions and views of people who have worked directly with Stockhausen, various literature sources, questions, etc.

The second point is the practical application of my reflections, observations and analysis. In this part I include a discussion of my musical interpretation, the monitoring of my study period and finally, the execution of the piece. This work presents unique challenges manifested in several decisions to be taken in the process of mounting it that will make a big impact in the final result.

My intention is also to create a guide for the aesthetic and technical demands of the piece in order to help others to practice it and understand it better. Biography: Alfonso Salar was born in Murcia Spain in He received his Bachelor degree from the Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Zaragoza, concentrating on orchestral playing and contemporary music.

Comparing the differences and similarities of structure and performance in the Sonatas for Two Pianos and Percussionist by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok and Bulgarian composer Stefan Ikonomov. Research question: Do comparisons between the two sonatas, especially where structure is concerned, reveal how each composer either destroys or plays with sonata form; and can such an analysis help performers to better understand and perform the two works?

I want to discover how the two composers either establish or destroy the structures of sonata form, how they develop their musical materials, and how they play with different timbres of the instruments, so that I can be able to perform each work better. Third: To formulate concrete examples of how these analyses have helped me to better understand and perform the two pieces. The materials from which I started are: 1. The workshop of Bartok and Kodaly, by Erno Lendva 2.

Elementary theoretical knowledge of both works. Chosen format of documentation: Research Paper. Summary of Results: The Easter lamentations are musical settings of the texts from the book of Lamentations by the prophet Jeremiah, describing the destruction of Jerusalem in b. Many composers have set music to these texts through history, including Victoria, Lassus and Tallis. In Spain it was also a popular genre, but it has not yet been studied in depth and there is not much information available about its performance.

This research started with the goal of discovering a repertoire unknown to me before, getting as close as possible to its historical performance practice, and being able to perform some of these pieces, some of which have not been performed in centuries. One of the objectives was to get to know how many of these pieces survive and make a list of the ones that have been already discovered.

I have so far managed to put together a list of over thirty lamentations for solo voice from different musical archives in Spain. Some of these works have been catalogued in their respective archives, but are not yet available for the general public as they have not yet been edited nor performed in modern times. Studying musical treatises of the time such as Cerone , Torres , Nassarre and Valls I have discovered many useful aspects of performance practice that can be applied to the performance of lamentations, such as the singers who performed them, the instruments that were used for their accompaniment, including the harp and the dulcian, and the basic rules of accompanying sacred music.

In my presentation I will show some musical examples of lamentations for solo voice, applying some of the rules found in these treatises as well as using historical pronunciation of Spanish Latin, together with a powerpoint presentation with some general characteristics of the music of the time.

Biography: Victoria Cassano Madrid, began her musical studies playing both piano and violin in her hometown. In she graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a Bachelor degree in Music teaching. During her university studies she started having singing lessons, and soon after she decided to move to The Netherlands to continue her studies at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, studying both Classical and Early Music singing with Rita Dams, Jill Feldman, Michael Chance and Peter Kooij, where she is now specializing in the performance of Spanish sacred music of the 17th century.

Summary of Results: Etudes are extremely beneficial to instrumentalists because of their unique ability to build fundamentally important techniques while simultaneously applying them to musical ideas. It is very easy to select the etudes that one plays based on arbitrary factors. I propose here a short collection of etudes that have been chosen because of the ways in which they compliment one another. The point of this manual is to introduce a new and organized way of thinking about physical development through etudes.

My aim is to introduce cellists to a way of approaching these works with utmost awareness. It is imperative that we never stop carefully considering our fundamentals, developing new techniques or pushing our acquired techniques beyond current limit. Cellists have been given the tremendous gift of a thoroughly comprehensive selection of etudes.

Many of the most historically relevant performing cellists contributed to the literature through their own etude compositions. I have chosen two etudes by each composer that together provide an integrated and synergistic daily education in the use of the bow as an artistic medium. This is a collection of six etudes which, when practiced in succession, will establish a greater foundation for fluid and elegant artistic expression in the bow.

Even more importantly, it will demonstrate a method of daily etude practice that any cellist can replicate with any etudes to solve physical problems that obstruct artistic output. He served as principal cellist of numerous orchestras including the National Repertory Orchestra and the Juilliard Chamber Orchestra.

He served as a member of the section for ten weeks. Preparing an opera role Wendeline van Houten. Summary of results: To prepare an operatic role is a process that starts with finding available related source material about the opera, the composer, the librettist and the character.

Due to the musical practice of the time this opera has been written, it brings one further to gather information about the singer for whom this role was written. It answers questions about how this music has to be performed and be interpreted. Going through this process gives one profundity in the interpretation. It makes a singer much more attached to the role, the story the era and the formation of the opera.

Therewith it clarifies the theme of the opera and subsume it in the era when it was created. It can be useful to deal witch vocal challenges since it gives a singer direction why it was written like it is and what it should sound like.

Historical and contemporary perspectives on the postures and physiological pitfalls of playing the baroque cello Annabeth Shirley. Name: Annabeth Shirley Main Subject: Baroque Cello Research Coach: Wouter Verschuren Title of Research: Holding the violoncello: Historical and contemporary perspectives on the postures and physiological pitfalls of playing the baroque cello Research Question: How can baroque cellists today prevent occupational injury due to long hours of holding the violoncello in playing position?

Are there suggestions from current physiological techniques that can inform and improve how we approach playing the baroque cello? What can the treatises and iconography from the 18th - 20th centuries tell us about holding and playing the cello without an endpin? Baroque cello playing had caused skeletal changes in his spine and legs significant enough to still be evident in his mummified body nearly years after his death. Fortunately, awareness of the physical strain and injury suffered by many musicians is rapidly increasing, and so too have scientific studies, health practitioners, and music teachers augmented the focus on physical health for enabling a lifetime devoted to music.

The aim of this paper is to discover suggestions and methods for minimizing physiological harm when playing the cello without an endpin. Of course, there is no one answer, one cure, one ideal posture for baroque cellists. This paper will not present the one best way of holding the cello that will ensure an injury-free, painless career.

Rather, this paper will present suggestions, thoughts, and ideas gleaned from an investigation of cello treatises, physiological research, health practitioners, fellow cellists, and iconography. The presentation of this research will include visual examples, written instructions, and physical demonstrations as suggested by the historical sources and contemporary experts.

Comparison off the different recommendations will ideally assist fellow baroque cellists in combating the postural tendencies and pitfalls of holding the violoncello. Also a devoted dancer, this summer she will perform a new choreography in which she will both dance and play her cello. She plays an s instrument of most likely French origin. Arranging piano pieces by Rachmaninov for string quartet Leo Nikishin.

Rachmaninov did not write any music for string quartet in his artistic maturity. The two known quartets are very early works written by a undoubtedly talented teenager that had yet to find his style and finesse. As such, it does not seem relevant to study those early quartets in order to determine the best way to arrange Rachmaninov's pieces composed at later stages of his life. Research Question: Which aspects and qualities of Arundo Donax help the manufacturers of oboe reeds to have the necessary information for choosing the preferable right raw material?

Summary of Results: The will for further research stems from the need to extend the boundaries, so the artistic and musical expression is not confined to technical issues. The current research has aim to present significant qualities and aspects of the cane in order to contribute to the development of the oboe reed making. All the necessary information provided about the Arundo Donax L. Sources from previous centuries, interviews, guides, articles from reputable journals, en light the ways and traditions that took place and provide valuable information about the aspects and qualities of the cane.

Especially, emphasis given to the work of Theophrastus Inquiry into Plants , where significant information described about the reed species and methods, as took place about two millennia ago. The research is based on three years of data collection and observations from Arundo Donax plantations in Greece.

The location in the east Mediterranean fulfils all the requirements of natural, healthy and top quality growth of Arundo Donax cane. This research has the form of exposition, in order to combine text and media. The postgraduate level studies at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague took place with the enormous support of Onassis Foundation. Currently, he studies at the postgraduate level at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague as a scholar of Onassis Foundation.

For the artistic period , Christos appointed as the principal oboe of Athens Philharmonia Orchestra. Research about the latest represent of the North German Baroque organ tradition. Research of the organ of Stade, which he played, and what maybe the "place of birth" would have been of his compositions.

Historical informed interpretation of this repertoire, with a view to his time, organ and culture during his life. A holistic approach to practicing Karolina Aurelia Walarowska. In the first part the researcher shows and explains what inspired her when exploring how to approach her situation and describes the process of creating an intervention. The intervention itself consisted of various techniques and exercises that were implemented in her daily routine: including the use of deliberate practice, different learning strategies, musical imagery, warm ups, time planning, meditation, physiotherapy exercises, Alexander Technique, Yoga, and changing mindset.

Processes were monitored by noting the level of concentration, engagement, motivation, physical state, and enjoyment during practice sessions, as well as comparing the overall state and playing before and after the intervention. The researcher also observed higher body awareness and increased ability to both focus and deal with stress. The research itself is an example of how one can approach a musical routine in a holistic way and its benefits on playing and the overall wellbeing.

This piece is something very special. It is difficult to compare it to any of the regular repertoire that trumpet player, even new music specialist are used to learn and to perform. Only a few trumpet players six to my knowledge up to today, without me have taken this challenge.

I hope that what I am presenting in this document will help the future generations of courageous musicians who will embark upon the journey that this piece is. Composing with the view of a drummer RQ: How can I develop as a composer and which techniques can I use by starting a composition from the drum-set? During my studies to become a professional jazz drummer, composing music has always been equally important to practicing drums.

However, not being a professional composer, the methods I used to start a composition were often the same. I would normally start from a melody or a chord progression I had in mind with the use of my voice or the piano. This research helped me to discover new methods to start a composition from the drum-set. For the first time, due to some experiments, I changed the order of my process by developing the song from an idea starting from the drums.

I noticed that my compositions in this way became more complex than before. I always wanted to write songs taking into consideration concepts that I needed to practice on drums. My compositions were also a modus to study different facets with the ultimate goal of playing them during my master recitals. Important to me was that these compositions, above all, should sound like a song and not as an exercises for drummers.

The themes had to be melodic, easily singable and memorable. I can conclude that by listening, analyzing and studying the music of drummers and by experimenting to compose exclusively from the drums, my skills as a composer has definitely developed. These new techniques helped me to be more original and different compared to earlier compositions.

I will certainly continue to integrate these techniques in my career as a drummer and composer. Any situation can lead either to growth or to degradation depending on how one thinks. Someone with a growth mindset will learn from mistakes and embrace challenge, whereas someone with a closed mindset will try to avoid mistakes and worry too much about negative judgement.

This research investigated the effect of specific characteristics of mindfulness meditation on mindset behaviour. The researcher designed and participated in a self-study where she tested herself during a seven-week intervention. She practiced several mindfulness meditations each day and noted her levels of energy, enjoyment, stress, concentration, motivation, emotional-state and self-esteem before and after each meditation.

The scores were compiled and compared. Recordings of practice sessions and concerts before and after the intervention were made and a general approach to her practicing and performing before and after the intervention was compared. In addition, she found that her approach to practice and performance illustrated a more open mindset than previously. Musicking and making performance choices Julie Hasfjord.

Name: Julie Hasfjord Main subject: classical singing Research supervisor: Gerard Bouwhuis Research question: How can I make conscious performance choices when planning a performance, and what impact can this have on my feeling while performing?

In this research I have explored the possibilities I have as a performer when it comes to making performance choices. Because I have sometimes struggled with my surroundings in performance situations, I have taken a closer look into why that is and how I can change this in a way that makes more sense to me personally. I have found that there is so much going on during a performance other than the music we sing and play, and this is important and valuable for us to take into consideration when we prepare a performance.

Many musicians, including me had issues with performance anxiety on stage at concerts, auditions and exams. I had the experience myself that I could not control my focus on stage. I played my pieces unconsciously like I was on auto-pilot because of performance anxiety. That was my start position of my research, to find out how to reduce negative stress and turn it into good focus.

There are many researchers who had many ideas to help out that situation. My research was about the mental part of performance anxiety. I tried to find a way for performers to make them much less nervous and stressed on stage.

I searched for information in literature and try to confirm it by trying them out myself. I made a survey for musicians in which they could answer questions about performance anxiety. After that, I checked the methods which spoke to me the most and rate it for if it was a good method to use for myself and other people who are working as musicians.

I plan to write a self-reflecting book about my research, to help people in distress. The book would be filled with information, exercises and theories about performance anxiety. It would be a fun book for everyone to have, not too difficult to read and hopefully motivating. Blow Free: Avoid resistance, tension and inefficiency in your playing.

My goal with this research is to find a solution to my playing problems, which are most of the times related to tensions and stress. This was the starting point and the motivation to write this paper. I firstly looked at the symptoms and investigated them in order to understand whether it was a medical problem or just bad habits on using my body. Then I realized that the problem was not always there and that is was worse when I was under pressure. Finally, I close this research with the description of some exercises that I implemented in my own daily routine.

I can feel the improvement in my playing since I started this research so I really hope I will accomplish my goal and who knows one day be able to help other people with similar issues. In the early twentieth century the jazz was born and with this a new way to play the violin.

In this research we will analyze how this violinists did it and how we can use it in the classical music that was composed in that period. Recording myselfe I will study my improve. The pieces will be taken for that experiment will be pieces composed by Gershwin.

Effective practice methods for modern horn players to learn natural horn. Name: Gyeongdeok Heo Main subject: Classical Horn research supervisor: Pete Saunders Title of research: Effective practice methods for modern horn players to learn natural horn Research question: How can modern horn players adapt to the natural horn effectively? Summary of the results: For present day horn players to learn the natural horn, it needs an effective way to adapt the techniques such as adjustment of instrument weight, tube length and playing methods.

After practicing natural horn as a modern horn player, I became interested in developing an effective practical method to play natural horn and this led me to start my research on this topic. Through extensive interviews with modern horn players who also played natural horn and students who just began to learn natural horn, I was able to figure out the most difficult part in the learning process.

Although both the modern horn and the natural horn use the same mouthpiece, it should be played with different musical techniques. In this thesis, I propose three effective ways, a breath attack, a lip bending and a hand-stopped technique, in which a modern horn player can practice to learn natural horn. These three techniques can be practiced and easily applied to, for example, Beethoven horn sonata, op. This research provides an effective way and musical guide for modern horn players who wish to learn natural horn in future.

Biography: Gyeongdeok Heo is a classical horn player who was born in South Korea. He received his bachelor's diploma at HanYang University in , and during his bachelor's program, he participated in GwaCheon philharmonic orchestra as a horn player from to Viola speaks! I view the viola not only as a musical instrument but also as a special tool that allows me to share my inner feelings with audiences all around the world.

The sound of the viola is a realization of the internal voice that comes from the heart. I have a strong desire to reveal the true beauty of this instrument and, using it, to touch the unsuspecting hearts of audiences. Exploring the advantages of singing technique applied to musical practice Vittorio Gentilini.

I have personally experienced that the fact of being able to sing helped me in various ways, both with ordinary life and in practicing music. The study of singing helped me to develop and internalize my own analytical and musical ideas, and helped me with the study of the instrument I play: the trombone. Beyond that I was diagnosed in of hypothyroidism, a condition for which my thyroid wasn't producing enough hormones.

This situation led me to follow a specific therapy including external activities such as meditation, sport activity and singing. Among these, singing was by far the most effective in solving the problem. I suddenly realized I could partially integrate my therapy with the singing of early music ensuring myself some hormone realizing and experiencing uplifting similar feelings reached through sports such as running.

Horn lessons at primary schools. Title: Horn lessons at primary schools. Research question: How to create a safe basis, both musically and socially, in horn groups lessons in the primary school? Summary of results: In this research I have made a lesson program for students in primary schools. Teaching in groups, each with their own instrument. The goal of the research was to bring the music lessons and lessons at primary schools together as close as possible. If you want students to actively participate in the lessons, they must feel at home.

This requires 3 basic needs: relation, competence and autonomy. As a teacher you are responsible for this. You also have the responsibility to take on the five roles of the teacher: host, presenter, didactic, pedagogue and concluder. As a teacher you need to be able to set up a good lesson plan, such as the direct instruction model. Differentiation must be applied smartly. Finally, the first 6 weeks are the most important of the group formation, therefore my lesson program is based on 6 lessons.

By using a STARR reflection model, every lesson made and given has been reflected on a structural way. The results were positive. By setting small but achievable goals, there was rest during the lessons and enough time to pay attention to the group process. During rehearsals and concerts, it became clear that the group was quieter compared to other groups and years.

This is the result of a positive pedagogical climate. The purpose of the research has been achieved. Biography: Rinske is a horn player and teacher. As a freelance musician Rinske is active in both the orchestra an the ensemble circuit. Since she has been active as a teacher at the Leerorkest. In addition to being a music teacher, she is also active as a regular teacher in primary education. I am here on stage Irin Prechanvinit.

I am here on stage Irin Prechanvinit Master Research Stage fright is the biggest problem of my life as a musician. I would like to find a way to solve my problem through this research. This research is consisted out of two parts. By doing this, it guide me to find the materials to use for the second part of my research, which is the experiment, where I tried out exercises both for body and mind to see how they affect my performance in the real concert situation.

In the end, I did find some strategies that work for me. Importantly, this research also helped me to get to know myself in a way that I never knew before and I hope that the insights that I have gathered can be of help to other musicians struggling with the same problem. Theatrical music for contemporary percussion Ricardo Costa Oliveira. Nowadays it becomes more and more common for composers, when writing for percussion, to add to their music detailed theatrical elements for the performer to execute.

The performer has the task to develop extra skills to perform their music in a convincing way. Since this year, I have asked myself what theatrical skills I should have as a percussionist when performing these kinds of pieces and what important aspects could be effective to interpret the music better and capture the attention of the audience. The first part of my research is going to be about what the meaning of theatrical music, looking at the compositions of pioneers like Georges Aperghis, Vinko Globokar or Mark Applebaum and defining the skills that the performer must get in order to perform these kind of pieces, for example the focus of the eyes, precision of the movements and the message transmission.

This piece was inspired by a conversation between a friend and Applebaum. The point of this question is not about instructions or the piece itself but the relevance of this genre in the percussionist development and the percussion repertoire. I agree that theatrical music for contemporary percussion is important for the education process because it will make the students develop a lot of artistic experiences and techniques that we cannot find in another musical genre.

For my second and final Master Recital, I will prepare a recital in which half of the program will be only focused theatrical pieces. This thesis is an organological approach to the role of the piccolo in the orchestration of compositions from the seventeenth through the nineteenth century, classifying these periods as Pre-Beethoven, Beethoven, and Post-Beethoven. From research and review of the literature, composers and their compositions which specifically called for the use of the piccolo are tabulated and analyzed.

The analysis is categorized into the evolution of the debutante piccolo, by observing its accomplishments by the following analysis of what the piccolo accomplished in that role: [1. His middle and late period including a re-examination of his symphonic works related to the piccolo from this authors perspective including his symphonic works follows.

After that, the document examines the post-Beethoven period until its maturity into a solo instrument as conceived by Tchaikovsky in his 4th Symphony. Inspired by Bach Katharina Jacob. A recurring criticism of Reger was his "obsession" with the music of Bach, which was quite different in degree from his contemporaries.

In the first part of the research, the background of the two Suites as well as the relationship of Max Reger towards J. Bach is presented. In the second part, the historical performance practice of the Bach Suites is applied to the Reger Suite by means of practical experiments.

This led to the conclusion that historical performance practice can influence the performance of the Reger Suite in various ways: by enrichening romantic melodies and giving them an inner structure, initiating a discussion of possible interpretations which one might not otherwise consider, as a practice tool and by shaping interpretative approaches.

To present both the background research and the video journal of the practical experiments in an appealing way, the chosen format of this work is a research exposition. Who influenced him and who has he influenced? It first appears in vocal music such as a trill or ornamental notes, then it gradually appears in instrumental music in the early 17th century. This technique was first seen in the violin music late 17th-century Germany, but in France it is rarely seen before the generation of Leclair.

Leclair was one of the earliest composers who used this technique in France in the early 18th century.

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