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Storia della arcana famiglia 03 vostfr torrent

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storia della arcana famiglia 03 vostfr torrent

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So then Vir decides to stop trolling and tells Felicita to use the Wheel of Fortune on Nova which will somehow magically save Mondo. They go to Mondo and Nova says he loves Felicita and that he wants to try this method with her. Sera in the meantime has started training under his old friend Dino to be a glass artist. End 3: Nova says that he has to leave the family no matter what and well…he says his goodbyes and goes off. Pace — Similarly to Jolly, Pace definitely got the short end of the stick…and since I actually liked Pace this was quite heartbreaking.

Because of his card The Force is a fuggin angry bitch, she literally sucks the life out of him and he starts to lose his taste in things as well as his strength. After fighting with Vir, Debito and Pace realize Luca is hiding something. He decides to spill the beans and reveals that in the past in exchange for getting Debito that amethyst for his eye, Luca made a deal with Jolly to become his experiment assistant.

When everyone hears the story they glomp Luca and are like lol Luca pls we still love ya ;D. After Mondo reveals his contract with Vir, Pace passes out in front of everyone making everyone shit bricks. He then is forced into bed and Felicita looks after him for a few days. The next day Ash tells her that if she wants to save Pace to go talk to Vir. Vir tells her that she can save Pace using her wheel of fortune along with the lovers. The lovers tells Felicita that The Force is a stupid bitch who just wants to take powers from her owner and kill him asap.

Pace tells Felicita that whatever time he has left to live will be all for her. They get to Nordia and go to see Agata explaining the situation and how as long as the stigmatas are there Felicita will be upset. Felicita and Pace go to Vir asking him to help and he refuses at first but then agrees. Felicita and by Felicita I mean me and my awesome button reflexes kick ass and win. And so with this, all the tarot cards are sealed. Also because his card is gone, his vision is back to normal and he no longer needs glasses.

They then ichaicha in the falling blossoms. He decided to get eternal life like Teo in order to be saved and was forced to leave the family and basically follow Vir. Felicita is now raising her kids to take his place to be the family heir now.

The bro tells Felicita to work together with him to preserve peace on Regalo. Like what the hell man end 2 and 3 were complete crap compared to Dante or something! They go to rest near a sunny hill where he lies in her lap and Felicita tells him not to just disappear from her. Debito says that even if he goes away, Feli will find him. Turns out 7 years ago, Debito was ordered to kill Felicita on her birthday.

When Felicita asks Vir for what to do he just says Mondo should just kill himself. They go ahead and do it, but someone working for the Luchi, an organization Debito used to work for, comes in and shoots him. On top of this, Debito has a memory lapse and seems like he has no memories of ever being lovers with Felicita.

Felicita decides to try to make Debito fall in love with her again by her own powers but he just sees her as a little child. Debito says that he heard that he and Felicita used to be lovers and asks her to tell him the truth. In his room he finds the necklace that Felicita gave to him and it sparks something in his memory. Felicita has a chat with Agata and Seline.

Selin says Debito is like her younger brother, and Felicita says she wants to make Debito love her once more. Felicita asks to confess to him so they take a nice boat ride through the canal. Felicita confesses her love to him saying she wants to make him fall for her once more.

And grr how dare you erase my memories with Agata and how I painted these cards for her grr! Meanwhile Debito tells Felicita that even if his memory is gone, his feelings for her are still there. As the sun rises, the two of them hug as they tell each other their feelings. With this, the ceremony is complete and all the cards are sealed.

Just then Luca and Pace show up for the ceremony complaining that they were marrying without them. They also bring the cologne that Felicita bought for Debito as a Christmas present she never had a chance to give him.

Turns out though, Debito has lost his hearing because of a curse from The Hermit card. End 1: Debito says he had a dream where he was chasing a young girl aka the dream of the past where he was going to shoot her. In fact not only that but nobody can even see him but her anymore. The reason is that nobody knows the existence of tarot cards anymore and therefore to them Debito no longer exists. Felicita and Debito now become lovers in solitude for the rest of their lives as Felicita becomes Donna and Debito protects the family from the shadows.

Luca — Well at least one of the trios got decent ends but still one of his ends was awful and the 2nd half of his route was just WHYYYY. He also cries at the wedding end of like every route so it felt like I was cheating on him in every route xDD.

Why would he care about this as a present? Felicita gives him a ring and asks him to marry her lol xD. She even slips the ring on his finger, what an ikemen! Luca says that it may have been that way until a year ago when Luca was spending Xmas at a bar with Debito and Pace. They make fun of Luca saying he wants Felicita all to himself xD. Luca will listen to stuff about Vir, but Felicita reminds Neve of Vir and she gets nervous.

Seeing Luca surrounded by more womenz Felicita gets even more irritated. Luca explains to Felicita the only way to save everyone is to seal the cards. They almost hump one night until Agata calls Felicita and cockblocks lmaooo XD She thanks Felicita for saving Nordia post Aquatempesta and tells her about how her entire generation was a bunch of Agatas.

Things start to get worse when Pace starts to become sick from his card eating his life away ;-;. Luca uses his alchemy to make Felicita pass out and uses the opportunity to leave. This way the burden would be on him and not on Felicita. She asks him to rely on her and that she wants to help too. Luca then finally asks Felicita for help to save everyone. He continues to cry and complain that he feels left out of his own family lmao.

He says that maybe they can have 1 more kid and next time it will call him PAPA lolol. And so everyone makes fun of Luca and complain that they wish Felicita was unmarried a bit longer lol. End 3: Both Luca and Felicita go into a coma after trying to save everyone with their powers. Everyone else waits every day praying that one day they will open their eyes.

He got a new suit thanks to Debito cause apparently he and Debito are now the same size and because he keeps desroying his suits when he turns into a tiger. Felicita then uses The Lovers to speak to Ash inside his heart. He says that Vir has the same name as his distant relative and was also the creator of the tarot cards.

He apologizes for putting her into danger and tells her she can kick or punch him all she wants in return. Felicita just pulls his cheeks instead. She thinks something is weird and asks him to look at her stigmata and everytime he does, she ends up reading his mind. When they go to Jolly, Felicita tests it on him and basically anytime someone touches her, her card instantly goes off and reads their mind. Soon as they realize it, they quickly head back to Nordia. The 3 of them decide to join forces with their alchemy powers to help and hold back the tsunami.

And so Nordia is protected and everyone enjoys the celebration afterwards. Then as usual Mondo announces his demise. He says despite this, he still wants to be together with her and some time later they get married. Ash decides to turn into a tiger so he can bite Mondo to get him to come back to his senses. It seems like it works but Ash is stuck as tony the tiger.

They then realize that to fully destroy the tarot cards they should burn them at the flames of Vaschello Phantasma. Felicita ends up burning the cards and everyone lost their arcana powers. Ash is still in his tiger form, but at least he can still communicate with Felicita. End 3: 5 years later Felicita becomes the donna and is now the leader of the family.

She jumps into there and they smooch after a 5 year long reunion. In the end Felicita decides that she will take over the contract with the tarot cards from Mondo and bear the burden. She splashes her blood on the cards and the contract is transferred. End 2: Vir says what Felicita did is something that the original Agata did as well. He then ichaichas with Neve while travelling with her and Teo. And so Mondo dies, and 2 years later Nova takes over the leader position. Liberta decides to travel the world and visit Japan.

Pace died and Jolly disappeared. Debito started protecting the family from the shadows while Luca and Ash protected it from the front. He tells Felicita that he loves her and says his life is incomplete without her. He says that he pretty much fell in love at first sight with her when they first met. Teo End: Teo decides he wants to see the Arcana family again so they go to visit Regalo. He then says only thing left to do before he leaves is to yellow out that he loves Felicita umm okay?!?

All the toukakoukan stuff and the raising people from the dead and alchemy and stuff just brought Full Metal Alchemist flashbacks to me. Basically if like Jolly, Debito, or Pace then you should definitely not play this game. Still though, I thought the tying of a lot of lose ends was really good and I thought it was a great way to finish up Arcana Famiglia. The game had 2 mini games that came up during the routes. One that was just like a 2D scroller Mario type game, but the 2nd one was this annoying roulette game which was ridiculously RNG based.

This made the conversation flow a million times more interesting than in the previous games. I especially feel that the omake this time around was rather disappointing and short. One where everyone is happy and nobody dies or becomes disabled for the rest of their life. I still think back how my first otome game review on this blog and first review of the year was Da Capo girls symphony…ah the olden days..

Thanks for the review! For me it was Luca, Elmo and especially Ash that made the game the most worth it. If you do know I visited your broadcast quite a bit for this game was raging and fangirling at the same time. After looking at the broadcast it really looked great with the gameflow and everything and lines for Feli!! The game shop I frequent have that in their shelf so I was wondering if it was worth it…….

Having some Bad Ends reflects real life? Maybe they decided to stand out from other game companies? Ash was still the best though 8DDD. Skipped to your final thoughts, because I still have AF in my backlog. I only tried it out real quick to check that the UMD worked last summer. Even more so because I got the game before the anime aired, and I still saw the anime first. Sucks that they are biased against some characters though.

Every character deserves a happy — or happier — ending, and about the same amount of them too. Either make every end sad, bittersweet or happy or whatever , or at least treat the characters like equals, yo! The first game is really different from the following 2 because of the frustrating system so your mileage may vary. Meanwhile Dante, Liberta, Ash, Luca all got pretty much mostly happy ends! Ok merci, au revoir. Faut mater GunGrave les gens! Mais que fait donc la police? On n'en voit plus la couleur C'est domage.

Pour moi,je trouve que ce manga ne progresse pas assez vite et que sa devion long Donc Il ne se passe pas grand chose. Pourquoi alors? Et puis une histoire de baston! Tout le monde doit se battre pour avoir la main de la Bambina! Saison 2? Et je sais pas pourquoi, mais j'y prends du plaisir. On vend notre produit, toi l'auteur tu peux partir, on a le budget pour le graphisme et la musique, le reste prend trop de temps.

Comme moi par exemple. Youpi sa va enfin commencer. Sa va devenir enfin serieux. Faut bien qu'on l'exprime.. Mais moi, j'aime bien. Mais il ne faut pas oublier qu'ils ont la charge de Regalo. C'est plus une sorte de gouvernement. Pour Felicita C'est rigolo. On ne sait pas tout. Parce qu'il me semble avoir vu quelque part qu'on peut lire les scans de ce manga Et enfin, oui Et alors? On peut se contenter de ce type d'explication si on veut vraiment en avoir.

Mais ce n'est vraiment pas le cas. Mais sur cette saison, il arrive en bon dernier sur ma playlist. Alors on se rabat sur le relationnel, pour reprendre ce qu' eman a dit. Parce que rien, mais rien n'est fait. Juste les deux joyeux lurons qui s'entendent. Comment dire.. Enfin, oui. Tu as raison. Bon, alors Cet anime a l'air bien je vais le regarder! Comme dis il y aura bien un OVA fin Mars , mais pas de saison 2 en vue pour le moment en tout cas J'aime pas trop cet anime A plus!

J'adore les animes de ce genre. Merci beaucoup.

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