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Makunouchi Ippo is an ordinary high school student in Japan. [AnimeOut] Hajime no Ippo (FightingSpirit) - Round Read the topic about Hajime no Ippo: Rising Episode 16 Discussion on torrent. That's what I meant with download, but it wasn't on.


Ippo rising 12 torrent

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ippo rising 12 torrent

I'm trying to watch hajime no ippo, but I cant find a website to Crunchyroll has the first and third season (Hajime no Ippo Rising). Yo! This was one helluva fight, and a bloody mess! Go grab it now and find out who the victor of this epic battle was. =) Don't forget to visit Frostii. 12, MB, Video | Torrent, Video | Torrent Ep. 12 – ( MB): DDL – torrent Next Hajime no Ippo – Rising [bit, p]. Previous Nisekoi [bit. CASTLE SCREENER TORRENTS The tool pane I. LifeSize Roles taken. Feel User works to. Manufaturer only get mission-critical.

Also Takamura really gave Hawk some major mental damage there I feel sorry for him even though he was a bad person. Lol at Aoki and Kimura's opponents. Didn't think Hawk would become so broken after his loss to Takamura. I don't like Eleki Battery's yellow trunks in this anime in accordance to his picture. It goes with his gimmicky name, but the trunks he had in the games just worked for me since it felt more in tune with his Filipino roots.

This series needs to continue for Broccoman. Curious to find out about the papaya and electric fellas wtf with the hairdos lol and a coconut could break your head, I think something of that happened in Papua New Guinea. Why Takamura always get dehydrated while his opponents are fine??

I know he has weight control but that makes it harder psychologically I believe. Great ep. I think the names hint at the personality. Bryan "Hawk" and David "Eagle". I think in challenger they pointed out Taka means "Hawk" which makes sense because Takamura's personality is more similar to Hawk's than Eagle's.

An Eagle is seen as graceful whereas a hawk is probably on the more wilder side. TakamuraSan said: I usually download the episode tomorrow, but I'm getting impacient this time. Entezio said: TakamuraSan said: I usually download the episode tomorrow, but I'm getting impacient this time.

Hilarious episode David Eagle looks like that guy from tekken. Laughed the whole episode. David Eagle looks oddly familiar Rest In Peace [img]. So, it looks like it's gonna be a Takamura and David Eagle for the next couple of episodes. Shit, Takamura completely broke Hawk lol. Did DramaEnthusiast make a thread about it? Is it better than Breaking Bad? Did MellowJello recommend the shit out of it? Has it caused a very entertaining shitstorm on MAL? Is it actually good? Scratch the fifth point, it's not very relevant OrochiHankHil said: David Eagle looks oddly familiar Tbh, this was the first episode I was a bit disappointed with all season.

It's great that we finally got to see Eagle though! An olympic gold medalist and world champion should provide a nice challenge for Takamura. The pressure was getting to me on the very first minute of the episode even before the OP rolled. LOL Eleki Battery sounds too much like Electric Battery along with haircut style, shocker reference and taser sounds so yeah.

Ah well, I don't really mind as long as my country is represented. You see there's no need to wonder where your god is, Coz he's right here! Lol Takamura puching and hitting kids that come to take his autograph. The guy is such an ass, lol. There you have it lets support the good guy, David Eagle.

Or maybe not. Hawk became an alcoholic depressed paranoid person. His stupid for getting so disappointed cause the guy did little training. If he could be that good with little training then if he trained properly then even Takamura will be no match for him.

Is not like he did all he could do and still couldn't win. But instead of training harder and coming back he gave up. I can't wait fo the battle of takamura and david but we must see miyata first and aoki and kimura anyway this season can't be enough i need more and more episodes of hajime no ippo. Takamura can never do things the simple way huh? This is going to be a good fight.

We finally get to see David eagle in person. He seems like a real stand-up guy. TakamuraSan said: That's what I meant with download, but it wasn't on Piratebay yet. David Eagle is a pretty awesome fella, the complete opposite of Hawk and I suppose Takamura as well lol.

Interesting development in the end, let's see what next match will bring us! I kinda want to see the bryan hawk fight again. But my feels. Jk, that might be a bit too far xD David Eagle is a really cool guy though. Complete opposite of Hawk. Reminds me of Volg with how upstanding he is. This World Title match should be an epic fight. That Papaya champion though. The music when takamura was beating up the kids One of my faves!

Once again, awesome comedy. The Aokimura fights should be hilarious. The signed shirts from Ippo and Miyata was also great. Was also hilarious seeing Hawk scared like a little bitch. This Eagle guy looks pretty cool so far. It'll be interesting to see Takamura fight a nice, orthodox guy, and see how he handles it. Exciting set up, I wish Ippo was at the national level so his fights could be more interesting. Sorry, Takamura. I can't wait to see them clashing against each other in the ring.

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