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At the press conference officially announcing the August 27 UFC Rio event, the fighters were face to face once again. Inevitably, besides the traditional staredown photo shoot, they addressed the impending matchup. The other thing we can promise is the work we do every day. My mind is focused on using all the powers God has endowed me with to change things outside the ring.

Imagine the talent that would come off that show. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai Booked for Dynamite!! Sakurai is currently on a three fight slide and has been lacking motivation over the past year as he talks more and more of retirement. Le Banner's management are currently considering which opponent to choose but have been advised by French media to choose Ishii and will likely go down that route. Details on new bouts for Soul of Fight and the current line up for both end of year events after the break.

High bout as well as Jerome Le Banner versus his elected opponent. World Victory Road's Soul of Fight now features 23 bouts in a variety of disciplines with 30 bouts total being targeted. Hiroyuki Takaya. Kazushi Sakuraba. Caol Uno vs. Kazuyuki Miyata Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Jason High Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Josh Thomson. Special Rules Match Shinya Aoki vs. Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima. K-1 Rules Tetsuya Yamato vs.

Akiyo "Wicky" Nishiura. Hatsu Hioki. Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura. Shunichi Shimizu Akitoshi Tamura vs. Taiyo Nakahara. Kazuo Misaki vs. Mike Seal Kazunori Yokota vs. Dave Herman Mamed Khalidov vs. Yuki Sasaki Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Jung Jin Suk Rin Nakai vs. Mika "Hari" Harigai.

Sengoku Kickboxing Rules Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Hiroki Nakajima Yutaro Yamauchi vs. Go Yokoyama Shintaro Matsukura vs. Yusuke Ikei Kazuki Osawa vs. Chang Seob Lee Hironobu Ikegami vs. Yuji Tanaka. Muay Thai Rules Fabiano Cyclone vs.

Ryuta Noji Arashi Fujiwara vs. Mutsuki Ebata Kanongsuk Weerasakreck vs. Genki Yamamoto Norihiro "Musashi" Miyamoto vs. Hiroki Komata Erika Kamimura vs. Lee Sak Kim Kiyotaka Shimizu vs. Ichiro Sugita Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Jin Suk Jung. UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez is currently preparing for his first title defense against Junior Dos Santos, but when asked who his ideal opponent is, he says it would be against the long time top heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko:.

I've always watched him as a fighter. I've always looked up to him. His overall size compared to the other guys, it seems he's always mismatched, but he always has a lot of power, he has good technique on the ground, so I would definitely love to fight him. I'm in this sport to fight the best. I want to fight the best guys in the UFC and the best guys everywhere else.

A bout against Velasquez may leave people salivating, but as you might already know, Fedor signing with the world's top promotion remains to be a pipe dream. There's also increasing talk about "The Last Emperor" retiring after a few more fights, making that dream even less likely. If he doesn't join the UFC before he hangs up the gloves though, Emelianenko says it won't be his loss. Fedor talked to FightHubTV about it:.

Which is a smart move. As much leverage as they have over the relatively politically weak Keith Kizer, it would have been a bad move to have Sonnen on TUF so soon after what happened in California during his appeals hearing. Besides, there are bigger fish to fry. This is big news on a lot of levels. So, for UFC to make the move now is big. And imagine Mr. Silva against the aforementioned Mr. On a selfish level, I am fascinated to see how this development plays out in the Brazilian fight media.

Will it turn out in similar fashion to the current political climate for writers in the States? What are some of the fights you would book for the Brazil show that would draw the most interest from the local fans? From day one, the WEC was a top-notch organization that attracted talent from all over the world, many who graduated to fight in the UFC, Strikeforce, and other major promotions.

Many of the fighters that competed on those early WEC cards are still at the top of the ranks now, headlining cards and involved in some of the biggest bouts in the sport. Originally based out of Lemoore, Calif. The list of names that fought in the WEC over the years is staggering.

Heading up the card, WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson pays credit to the promotion for taking a chance on him, giving him an avenue to build a career. Fellow champion Dominick Cruz has been with the WEC for the past few years and rising from a title fight in his debut bout, he will go out the same way with a gold belt on the line.

The sentiment is felt across the board by the fighters. With only five fights under his belt when he made his debut in the WEC, Danny Castillo has spent more time with the promotion than he has outside of it. I feel like they believed in my abilities and I feel like I owe them a huge, exciting fight. It was before Zuffa purchased the promotion, but he stuck around and will close out the WEC as one of the last fighters to perform for them. While he may not have spent as much time there as some others, Pettis will always appreciate what the WEC has meant to him.

The staff of the WEC will transition over to new jobs with the UFC, and the fighters will switch the colors and logos on their gloves, but the promotion will live on in those who fought there, bled there, and built their careers there. WEC General Manager and founder Reed Harris looks back with fond memories of the promotion he helped start, and will say goodbye Thursday night with nothing but positive experiences that led the way.

There were a lot of people that worked hard on the WEC and including Ryan Bennett , who helped us out a lot when we were growing. The WEC may say goodbye on Thursday night, but the legacy of the little promotion that could will live on in every fan that experienced their special brand of MMA over the years. That can never be forgotten. Enjoy this English-language interview courtesy of Eduardo Cruz, in which Chinzo Machida speaks about the focus on his brother and karate and admiration he feels for UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez.

Blog Mano a Mano: Why did you stay away from the rings in latest years? Chinzo Machida: I was dedicating so much to Lyoto and karate. At the same time, I was training jiu-jitsu to fix some holes in my game. As the sport develops, I had to recicle.

I spent some time preparing me more. When did you notice it was time to return? I perceived my evolution. Every opponent is dangerous. Just the fact he is there shows that is dangerous. My adversary owns five bouts and four wins. I know he is black belt. His fights go on standing many times. He likes this but he might take me down.

For me standing is better. Have you got the mission of fighting at UFC one day? I have of course. There are the best. First in Brazil, after we will see. Have been non-stop training and the match-up is a consequence of this. My turn will arrive. Besides your brother, what fighter inspires you? Cain Velasquez is a man who I admire for his determination, energy and preparation.

WFE card highlights:. The UFC had initially planned to host an event there in the first quarter of , but last week, company president Dana White admitted it was no lock. Now, the UAE trip is off the radar for the time being, although the source said the company will examine a return there later in the year. The region is known for its hot climate, and temperatures can climb as high as degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Because the city has outdoor-only arenas, the timing of athletic events requires extra consideration. Abu Dhabi became a target destination for the UFC just recently. Thursday night in Glendale, Ariz. WEC was the launching pad for the career of Gilbert Melendez. Under Zuffa's ownership, WEC quickly became the nexus of the bantamweight and featherweight divisions, bringing the and pound divisions to the masses and cementing the likes of Urijah Faber, Jose Aldo, Miguel Torres and Dominick Cruz among others as budding stars.

Now, on the eve of WEC 53, Sherdog. Memories from the Tachi. Then, I would have to search out a place that had HDNet, which was obscure and hard to find back then. People might not think that is a big deal now, but in there weren't fights on Spike and HDNet was almost impossible to find. Greg Savage: It was Oct. I had little inkling that I was about to witness something historic that night, but I was lucky enough to be on hand for the professional debut of one of the best lightweight fighters in the world.

Before the show got underway, a young kid approached Jeff Sherwood and myself during fighter check-in. This mop-topped adolescent had recognized Sherwood as the proprietor of Sherdog. As fate would have it, one of the fighters who was scheduled to compete that evening suddenly dropped out -- a common occurrence in those days -- and in stepped our new friend. When ring announced Jeff Weller screamed "Gilbert Melendez" into the microphone, it was the first time I'd heard the name.

Keith Mills: Kneeling on the floor of a large tent on a chilly late winter evening is not the ideal shooting situation, but WEC 6 in March was worth it. But it was another future Strikeforce champ, a year-old Nick Diaz, who lived up to the hype as he destroyed former KOTC champion back when that still meant something Joe Hurley. Diaz rocked him with a right before pinning him to the cage for a takedown and a quick kimura, all in This photo became my first cover shot for Full Contact Fighter; every day I wake up and see the framed cover on my wall.

The level of violence that erupted over 15 minutes was positively bananas, a once-in-a-lifetime smash-up that prompted a trilogy between the two. Most importantly, the war they waged was one of the most crucial fights in convincing fans that there was a thrilling, provocative world of MMA beyond the UFC and Pride. It was a sweet combination of a kick to the midsection, a crisp right hand to the jaw that sent Olaf's mouthguard into orbit, then one of the most vicious beatings on the ground I've ever seen.

I could watch that clip over and over. Wes Sims dedicated his dropkick to the memory of Ryan Bennett. Knowing that Sims had turned down a handsome payday to fight on the card kind of summed it up. Fight nights come and go, but Scott Adams and Reed Harris did something special that night in honoring a friend and colleague, proving that MMA isn't always about gate receipts and PPV buys.

Everybody Loves WEC Ryan O'Leary: WEC 36 is the card that I'll remember the most for its highlight-reel knockouts and unexpected wackiness. The event, already pushed back due to a hurricane, dragged an uninterested and seven-pound overweight Paulo Filho back into the cage against Chael Sonnen. Seeing the end of Filho's undefeated streak couldn't have come in a more unspectacular fashion. That they endured to fight a second and third round was nothing short of remarkable.

At this point you could call me a casual WEC observer at best -- I watched the events when I could, but I didn't clear my calendar for any of them. Their three-round slugfest epitomizes what the WEC is all about. Since then, any fight involving Cerrone has been must-see TV. At the time, Brown's win was a hugely shocking upset. In hindsight, it changed the course of featherweight -- and probably even Zuffa -- history.

The fighter presented himself as a true California Kid, complete with surfer attitude and hippie parents. One scene stuck with me: before every fight, Faber shaves his prodigious chin razor-smooth. I've always thought Kimbo Slice should have tried this trick. An average of 1. Faber-Pulver and the Miguel Torres-Yoshiro Maeda fights were crackerjack affairs that exemplified how dynamic the sport can be. Faber-Pulver 1 put the WEC pound division on the global map.

Tomasz Marciniak: It was special to watch Urijah Faber try to get his title back in his hometown of Sacramento against his conqueror Mike Thomas Brown, who, at that point in time, really tore through the division. The crowd reactions during the walkouts, the deafening cheers before the showering boos; it had the atmosphere of an epic fight. With two broken hands, Faber desperately tried to make something happen, throwing elbows and refusing to give up.

Unfortunately, as in the sketch, Faber succumbed to Brown, who retained his title in an instant classic. Faber's confidence was in question following the TKO loss in their first fight, Brown was the worst possible match-up for him, he broke his right hand in the first and dislocated his left thumb I put off going to the dentist; this is a level of attrition I don't understand. Faber's best performance. As a member of the media, I never ask for autographs, but I texted Urijah to see if he could hook Cathy up.

Even though he'd just lost his featherweight title to Mike Brown, Urijah wasted no time in sending me a glossy photo of him signed to Cathy. When she opened up the oversized envelope and saw what was in it, the expression of joy on her face was priceless. It was something simple yet so powerful and for that I always hold Faber in much higher regard than 99 percent of the other fighters out there.

The entire crowd was pro-Perez, the hometown fighter, and were against Aldo. Yes, Aldo completely dominated him and it was exciting, but it was him immediately jumping out of the cage and running 70 rows up into the stands that makes the memory so great. I thought the fans were going to jump him for beating their boy, and instead he was on his way to becoming a star.

Jose Aldo's title win against Mike Thomas Brown was an emotional one. I've been following this guy since he was a purple belt; I saw him sleeping in the Nova Uniao dojo after he came from Manaus to Rio, and later living in a favela. He's such a source of pride for his humble family. Yes, "Junior" had ravaged every man put in front of him since he joined the organization the year before, but Brown was a different breed.

Humongous for and strong as an ox, Brown had conquered one of the sports finest competitors in Urijah Faber, and he did it twice. Aldo's jaw-dropping destruction of Cub Swanson was impressive, but I didn't think for one second that he'd repeat the trick against Brown. And yet, he did. Brown had nothing for the Brazilian. Aldo was too fast, too strong, too accurate. What he did to the champion that night made my eyes pop out of my skull.

Aldo had his coming out party that night, and I had my wake-up call. It will be a long, long time before I ever make him an underdog again. Gleidson Venga: Jose Aldo's performance against Urijah Faber showed the lessons of his teacher: Aldo is a declared fan of Pedro Rizzo, and he always says in his interviews that Rizzo was one of his first teachers and a great source of inspiration.

But it's impossible to watch that fight without remembering of the master of Rizzo, the legendary Marco Ruas. Against Faber, Aldo gave his own muay Thai class, leaving the legs of his opponent destroyed and the crowd in awe. Sure, it wasn't a knockout, but after a show like that, who cares? General Loveliness and Nostalgia. The television ratings rose, the promotion moved to much bigger buildings, and Urijah Faber became a genuine star. But those early days, with all the same action but none of the bells and whistles, felt like a special little treat just for fans who really loved the sport.

Lutfi Sariahmed: When looking over all the different WEC moments over the last decade, I can't really narrow it down to my one or two favorites, which is what made WEC so great. We've seen the major development of the featherweight and bantamweight divisions, and the lightweights had their fair share of big fights too. Each fight card offered us a potential title change we seemingly never saw coming.

There was never a dull moment and all of it was on basic cable for the past few years. From Joe Martinez in the cage to Sean Shelby behind-the-scenes, WEC events were always action-packed and fun to watch from top to bottom.

I feel compelled to mention Shelby's body of work as the WEC matchmaker. The promotion really hit its stride after he assumed matchmaking duty. Part of the reason the WEC delivered so many fun fights in the last few years is Shelby's skill at putting fights together and helping drive the bantamweight and featherweight divisions forward.

Now everyone else will get to see those skills in the UFC. All the Other Magic. Jason Probst: At an early show, Paris and Nicky Hilton materialized out of nowhere during the prelims, sitting in comped front-row seats. They were completely unseen for several minutes; it was like I was the only person that noticed, which was surreal.

I contemplated approaching them and asking if they had any sided dice on them, but they probably hear that all the time. They said nothing, merely preening and staring ahead. Nicky looked like she was about to fall asleep. When someone did notice, and the stampede ensued. Within a few minutes there was a motley caste making a fuss over them.

The ruckus lasted for a while and then, finally, the group had to be cleared out because apparently there was a fight or something in a cage nearby. When it died down, they introduced the dudes kicking off the main card. I looked again, and Nicky and Paris were gone before the televised portion began.

They were off to their next adventure, no doubt. Late-arriving people that kept swinging by their empty seats, only to miss them. Cameron Conaway: August was the first semester I spent across the country from where my family lived.

I was a young grad student at the University of Arizona already itching to fly back to my family in Pennsylvania for the holidays. I remember walking in the door on Dec. Family, love and elite-level fights on cable -- life was perfect. Leonard Garcia's brawls became part and parcel of the WEC saga. Skill and athleticism are one thing, but mediocrity with balls is another, and you've got to admire a guy when you know he is going to throw hard, gas out and dig deep as if it were all part of the plan.

He loops wild punches with death written all over them, but when he smiles at an opponent it is out of respect, or simply because he is having fun. His fights are pure humanity, a tiny window into some hard, sharp facets of life that those of us on the outside of the cage wouldn't recognize if he weren't there to show them to us. That being said, if Jens Pulver would have had better luck, I'd have found a way to pick him.

Tony Loiseleur: Living in Japan, most local fighters are too light to enter the UFC and saw WEC as their opportunity to live out their dreams of becoming an international professional athlete. Invariably, I'd always told them the truth as I knew it: "just win fights and Zuffa will eventually come calling. After winning the Cage Force bantamweight title, he reached out to me to do an interview in the hopes of catching Zuffa's eye to get his shot in the little blue octagon. Two months later, he got it, fighting then-bantamweight champion Torres in the main event of WEC 40, where they turned in a five-round war that one of the best fights of the year.

Thanks for the memories, WEC. It's been real. Up until this memorable evening in the Windy City, where the gutsy challenger gave a dominant champion all he could handle in his own backyard, visions of excitement in championship rounds were but a pipe dream. In one night an outlook was changed from dreading a fourth round, to craving a sixth. Both of these men proved to the sports world the desire and hunger it takes to be a champion in mixed martial arts.

Henderson displayed a sense of perseverance, resilience and heart in order to capture the gold. It was Sherdog. It will go down in MMA history as one of the most exciting duels of all time. Miguel Torres' wars proved the value in five-round fights.

Riddell: Joseph Benavidez came into WEC 47 to face former champion Miguel Torres, who was hungry coming off just the second loss in his career at the hands of Brian Bowles. Although he was at a severe reach disadvantage, Benavidez took Torres to the ground and destroyed his forehead with an explosive elbow.

As a blood-soaked Torres struggled to get his bearings, Benavidez sunk in a trademark Team Alpha Male guillotine to earn his biggest victory to date. That show turned out to be one of those cards that looked weak on paper and lacked the big names, but ended up being an outstanding night of action in the cage. Seeing Mark Hominick and Yves Jabouin trade in the middle of the blue cage in person is the first thing I will think of whenever someone says WEC to me.

Since the moment his fight against Anthony Njokuani was announced, I thought this was a really bad stylistic match-up for the Polish lightweight standout. I sent Jewtuszko a congratulatory text; he instantly replied, making fun of my fight predicting skills. Jeff Sherwood: The city of Lemoore, Calif. The first ever WEC poster had a familiar face on it. He was coming off the Randleman win. I guess Zuffa at that point realized what they had, a cease and desist letter came in. I drove from Huntington Beach to what seemed like the middle of nowhere to watch a main event between Dan Severn and Travis Fulton.

Frank Shamrock's main eventing helped put WEC on the map. The event took it to another level when they got Frank Shamrock to come out of retirement. He had developed relationships in the entertainment industry after his retirement, and he was going to use his name and connections to help them run a successful pay-per-view.

Then, he broke his leg in training, throwing a kick at Bob Cook. When Pardoe landed his right hand to start the fight, I swear all the oxygen in the tent yes, it was in a tent disappeared. Then, Shamrock calmly pulled off an armbar in less than two minutes, instantly propelling the WEC brand. At WEC 1, a local tough, Tony Alanis, was instrumental in bringing out the Tachi crowd and getting others into training.

WEC 9 in January took the promotion to another level. It was a crazy event. I remember thinking I was going to run out of space on my memory card shooting pictures of the fight because there was so much action.

I really thought Alex might die in the cage, but bloody as he was, he came back to submit his opponent. Four months later, he did the exact same thing to Tim McKenzie after another scary beating. Alex Steibling was the real life Rocky for those two fights.

Even today, when I see him with the Strikeforce title, I think of those shorts. WEC 13 brought me back to the old school. I was hooked at UFC 1, so of course I would be pumped about a heavyweight tournament. It was sloppy at times, but did I love it? Heck yes. The smallest man, a kid named Brandon Vera, ended up taking the whole thing. He had a speech after every fight, inviting all the women to come to his afterparty, before afterparties were even cool.

That night, he fought a Brazilian kid, Jorge Oliveira, who was supposedly making his debut. Then, injuries struck, and somehow Tait Fletcher ended up in the finals against Scott Smith. It all set up a major fight with Smith and Levens three months later.

It was the kind of fight Smith has become known for: in less than two minutes, he got seriously hurt, only to come back and knock Levens out. It only lasted The night he took the belt from Cole Escovedo, it really surprised a lot of people, but I knew this kid had championship potential. On a sidenote, that was the same night that Rob McCullough nearly killed poor Olaf, after Jon Schorle went to fetch his mouthpiece.

I had Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Kirk Hendrick coming to see the show, then I made a mistake and my main event was about to fall apart. Eventually, Cesar Gracie told him to talk to Nick Diaz one-on-one. Adams wrote him the check. For a smaller organization to be able to put together great fighters and fights in a small town like Lemoore is a great feat. I made some special friends during this time and covering WEC made some previous friendships even stronger. Josh Rosenthal might do main events in the UFC now, but he used to have to listen to me complain about his refereeing all the time hey, he asked.

But, to see that Josh took the criticism to heart and worked hard to get better at an important, but thankless job is something special. I remember watching Levens mature as a fighter; his battles with Oliveira and Smith were a treat to anyone. Lemoore is my home now; it makes me happy I made that four-hour drive to WEC 1 almost 10 years ago.

Pellegrino also fought on that card getting a submission win over Fabricio Camoes, and looks to repeat that performance in March. Hoping to derail Pellegrino in his home state will be American Top Team fighter Gleison Tibau as he tries to rebound from a loss of his own to Jim Miller back in September.

During his UFC tenure, Tibau has gone over his career with the promotion and will look to avoid back-to-back losses when he faces Pellegrino in March. The lightweight bout between Pellegrino and Tibau will likely end up on the preliminary portion of the card, but no official word has come from the UFC about the show or line-up for UFC Chris Cariaso Round 1 Bantamweights start our night out in Phoenix. Overseeing this contest is Neil Sarembock.

The two men touch gloves to start the bout. Cariaso fires a kick to the body but the Brazilian answers with a stiff jab. Cariaso fires another kick to the body but slips to the floor. Barao follows him to the floor and settles in to the guard.

Barao passes to side mount briefly before Cariaso manages to regain half guard. In a scramble, Barao takes the back of his opponent and locks in a body triangle. He fishes for the rear-naked choke and quickly sinks it. Cariaso is forced to tap at of the first round.

Ricardo Lamas vs. Yuri Alcantara Round 1 Alcantara starts the action of the lightweight bout with a knee to the body of Lamas, which initiates the clinch. The two men separate and Lamas lands a stiff jab to the face. Lamas clinches and pushes the Brazilian in to the fence. Lamas uses some dirty boxing to pepper the side of his opponent. Lamas disengages and the two men separate. From there, Alcantara puts an end to Lamas night, landing a crushing overhand left to the jaw.

Alcantara walks away before referee Ron Nation can intervene to save the unconscious Lamas. The end comes at of the first round. Danny Castillo vs. Kerr starts aggressive with a flying knee that misses. Castillo gets a takedown but fights off a guillotine. Kerr gives it up and tries for an armbar. When that fails, he switches to a leglock. The Team Alpha Male product fights it off. Castillo stands and rains down punches while Kerr still attacks the leg.

Kerr's sub attempt goes by the wayside as Castillo knocks him cold with three vicious right hands. Herb Dean stops the punishment at Eddie Wineland vs. Ken Stone Round 1 Referee Sarembock is overseeing the action. Wineland eats a Stone low kick to the inner part of his lead leg. Stone fires another and it finds the mark as well. Stone wings a spinning-back fist that finds the face of the former champion. Wineland clinches and Kerr frames up a guillotine.

Jumping to guard Stone locks up the body triangle but Wineland walks him to the fence. Wineland gets his hands on the chest of his opponent and slams him violently to the mat. The fight is over at as Stone is out. The scene is grim as Stone is put on a stretcher.

He is put on a bed and wheeled out. Brad Pickett vs. The two fighters touch gloves to start the bout. A jab lands for Menjivar but he misses with the right cross. Pickett shoots in and take Menjivar to the floor. The Canadian makes space and gets back to his feet. They clinch and Menjivar finds a home to the side of Pickett's face for a left elbow.

Pickett digs a left to the body of Menjivar. A right lands by Menjivar. Picketts tries to answer with a flying knee. The Englishman misses, and he is cut. Menjivar misses a spinning-back fist and "One Punch" ducks under and secures a takedown. The round ends.

Round 2 Pickett starts the round with a left low kick that catches Menjivar low. For a brief moment a respite is called, but Menjivar is game quickly. In the break you can see Menjivar is the man with a cut. Earlier in round one it appeared the Pickett was cut, but it is not the case. Back at it, Pickett lands a combination that staggers Menjivar. The crowd is oohing as Pickett is hurt.

Wise to the situation, he shoots and puts Menjivar on his back. Menjivar goes for an armbar, but it fails. The attempt opens up a chance for Pickett to take the back. From there he goes for an armbar on Menjivar that is deep. However he gets free and the fight goes back to the feet. Round 3 The two men clinch to start the third round.

Menjivar throws some knees from the inside and Pickett gets free and circles. The two fighters exchange jabs and circle. Pickett lands a low kick to the lead leg of Menjivar. Pickett eats a jab but answers with a left hook. Menjivar is on his heels for a moment and recovers.

Pickett launches a left uppercut that misses. Menjivar fires a jab and Pickett answers with a jab of his own. The fight ends. The judges see for Brad Pickett across the board. The crowd is mixed in its opinion of the official decision. Jamie Varner vs. Shane Roller Round 1 Herb Dean will officiate this lightweight tilt. Varner starts the contest pawing the jab.

A stiff one finds the face of Roller. Another followed by a right cross lands for the former WEC champion. Roller responds with a jab of his own. Varner goes high with a right kick but Roller defends. A hard left drops Roller, but he is coherent and shoots in on Varner. In the scramble, Roller takes the back of his opponent.

Varner is stands and is in no danger. Varner then tries to slam Roller but it's to his detriment. Roller secures the choke and Varner is forced to tap. The end comes at via rear-naked choke. Tie Quan Zhang vs. Daniel Downes Round 1 Ron Nation starts our final preliminary bout of the evening.

Downes flips a lead left low kick out to the lead leg of Zhang. From there, he executes a straight armbar with his legs. Downes yelps in pain but moves and is free. In a scramble, Zhang takes the back and looks for a rear-naked choke. Zhang has the forearm under the chin, but Downes will not go down without a fight. After a few minutes of defending it, Downes is able to roll free from the choke and into his opponent's guard. Downes stands and the fight continues on the feet.

It is only there for a moment though, as Downes takes the fight back to the floor. Zhang shoots his hips high and bellies out with the armbar. Downes is a warrior and survives this attempt too. Round 2 Downes throws light punches and kicks at Zhang until the Chinese fighter shoots in for a takedown. Downes sprawls and gets on top of Zhang. Downes stands above the grounded Zhang, who looks to be tired. Downes passes the legs and takes the back of Zhang.

With a body triangle locked in, Downes is fishing for the choke but Zhang defends and is able to force "Danny Boy" back to half. With a minute remaining in the frame, Zhang looks to have little to nothing left in the gas tank. Downes finishes the round landing a hard elbow from guard. Which has opened up the face of Zhang.

Round 3 The final frame sees Zhang throw a hard right hand that misses and he flops to his back. Downes follows him to the floor and a scramble ensues. Zhang is on top for a brief moment, but Downes makes space and gets on top himself. Zhang locks up a full guard, but Downes stacks. He passes the legs of Zhang, who turtles.

Downes takes the back and secures a body triangle. Ninety seconds remain and Downes frames up an arm-triangle and tries to move to side, but is forced to settle for half. He then loses the choke but secures the back again. The round expires. The judges see it twice and , all for Danny Downes, the winner by unanimous decision.

Bart Palaszewski vs. Kamal Shalorus Round 1 Neil Sarembock officiates the first televised bout of the evening. Shalorus opens up with a big left hand, then puts Palaszewski on his back as they tie up. Palaszewski is against the base of the cage and tries for an armbar, but Shalorus stands and escapes danger. Shalorus stacks Palaszewski up and wails away with powerful punches. Palaszewski covering up well, but not offering much in return.

Sarembock twice warns Palaszewski for grabbing the cage to spin himself around as Shalorus stands over him. Palaszewski gets back to his feet and lands a hard left, responding with some nice leg kicks. The lightweights exchange low kicks to the end of the round. Round 2 Straight back to the kicking battle as the second round opens. Shalorus is maintaining the center of the cage as Palaszewski circles right along the fence.

Shalorus airmails a murderous overhand right. Butterfly guard for Palaszewski as Shalorus lands short punches to the ribs. Shalorus scoots Palaszewski against the base of the fence and tees off with punches as Palaszewski gets to his feet. Palaszewski lands another glancing head kick and taunts Shalorus to bring the fight as the round expires. Round 3 Shalorus charges with a flurry and lands a hard, looping right. He fakes a shot and Palaszewski steps backward.

A few seconds later, he shoots for real and dumps Palaszewski to the mat with a single. Palaszewski is up against the fence, though, and pops right back up. Now Palaszewski is finding his jab, coming forward with two- and three-piece combos. Solid left hook connects for Palaszewski and Shalorus replies by dumping him down with another single-leg in the middle of the cage. Short punches from Shalorus and elbows from Palaszewski on the bottom. Shalorus now landing some short, hard elbows from half-guard.

Palaszewski gets to his feet with a minute left and hits a head kick, then a step-in knee. Right hand from Palaszewski finds the jaw of a fatiguing Shalorus with ease before the fight ends. According to data from CompuStrike, Shalorus out-landed Palaszewski in total strikes, and in power ground strikes.

Donald Cerrone vs. Chris Horodecki Round 1 Herb Dean is the ref for this lightweight contest. Horodecki fires a head kick off the bat, then begins swinging away with combinations as Cerrone looks to tie up. Horodecki steps in and takes an inside thigh kick to the cup.

Cerrone catches Horodecki coming in, gets an underhook and bulls Horodecki down. Cerrone looks to hop into mount, but Horodecki escapes to his feet. Right hand from Horodecki lands over the top. Nice punch to the body by Horodecki, who catches a telegraphed kick from Cerrone. Back on the feet, Horodecki slaps a left kick to the ribs of Cerrone, who plows Horodecki down and takes his back as the round ends.

Round 2 Horodecki tries another head kick early, but this one is easily blocked by Cerrone. Horodecki with a takedown and Cerrone quickly gets an omoplata. Horodecki is forced to submit to the triangle choke at the mark. Lots of feints and footwork from the champion early, then lands a speedy three-piece to the body and head. Kick to the body and two pawing right hands by Cruz. Jorgensen goes for a takedown and winds up with a rear waistlock on Cruz, kneeing to the legs.

Cruz shucks him off and goes back to dancing, making Jorgensen swing and miss. Cruz bobs and weaves, lights Jorgensen up with an uppercut and another hard low kick. Jorgensen pushes Cruz into the fence with underhooks, but soon disengages. Cruz charges in with punches, sprawls on a shot, but is taken down with Jorgensen powers through. Jorgensen takes the back of the champion momentarily. Round 2 Cruz pops Jorgensen with a stiff jab, then adds a follow-up three-punch combo.

The champ looks to have a small cut on the bridge of his nose early in the round. Left hands to the body by Cruz as Jorgensen ties up his right. Jorgensen uses the cage to get back to his feet with 30 seconds left. Solid jumping knee by Cruz. Jorgensen misses with a head kick as the round expires. Round 3 Cruz drops Jorgensen with a right straight, but the challenger pops right back up. Now a wide right connects for Cruz, who follows up with a three-punch combo and a kick to the right leg.

Low kicks from Cruz seem to be taking their toll on the left leg of Jorgensen. Cruz picks the leg of Jorgensen in an exchange and puts him on his back with a minute left. Short punches to the body by Cruz, followed by hard elbows to the grill. Round 4 Hard right hand from Cruz opens the championship rounds, followed by another takedown. Cruz puts his head down and works from the closed guard of Jorgensen, who sits up and tries to grab a guillotine.

Jorgensen escapes to his feet and chases Cruz down. They clinch along the fence, jockeying for position. They tie up in the center of the cage and Cruz once more taps the knee to put Jorgensen on his back. Back on the feet, Cruz lands a one-two and a knee to the body.

Cruz with yet another takedown to close out the round. Round 5 Cruz sticking Jorgensen with jabs early in the last period. The champion is just piling on punch-kick-punch combinations through the first half of the round. Cruz gets another takedown of his own with two minutes left and keeps busy with little shots to the body. The fight ends on the feet with Cruz still punching away, and it should be a clean sweep for the champ. Champion and challenger share an intense staredown as Dean gives them their final instructions.

No touch of gloves to start the bout. Henderson assumes the center of the cage in a southpaw stance. Flashy switch kick by Henderson lands on the arm of Pettis, and Pettis fires off a high kick of his own. Both men are very tentative through the opening two minutes.

Finally, Henderson rushes forward with a nice leg kick and two-punch combo. Henderson muscles Pettis into the cage with double underhooks and knees to the outside thigh. Pettis mimes a yawn, but is tripped to the mat shortly thereafter. Back on the feet and Pettis lands a solid leg kick, then a jab. Push kick by Pettis sends Henderson stumbling backward. Henderson ties up and reaps the leg of Pettis, tripping him to the mat and stacking him up to land a few punches just before the round ends.

Henderson falls to the mat momentarily, stands back up, but is tossed back down by Pettis. Right high kick by Pettis is blocked, but he connects with a straight left hand. Thudding left kick to the body by Henderson. Pettis leaps in with a knee and gets muscled into the fence for his trouble, Henderson landing a knee to the body on the exit.

They trade leg kicks and stalk one another to the end of the round. Round 3 Henderson grazes Pettis with hard overhand right and Pettis trips the champ to the canvas in the center of the cage. Pettis takes the back of Henderson and locks up a body triangle, looking for the rear-naked choke. Henderson postures up and tries to slide Pettis off, then moves to put the right side of his body against the fence. Henderson now standing with Pettis on his back, body triangle still in place.

Pettis using his free left hand to punch away at the body of the champion with 90 seconds on the clock, then begins sneaking some shots under the arm. Now Henderson begins elbowing the inside right thigh of Pettis where he has the body triangle. Round 4 The challenger looking to be the aggressor in the opening minute of the round until Henderson pushes forward with a combo.

Pettis snares a guillotine and spins to guard, but Henderson slips free and stacks him up. Pettis gives up his back and Henderson jumps on, sinking both hooks in with more than three minutes left on the clock. Henderson puts his left arm under the chin of Pettis and appears to have the choke, but Pettis breaks it off. Switching arms, Henderson continues to hunt for the rear-naked choke. Pettis twists around and into the guard of Henderson, then takes the back of the champion once again.

Body kick by Henderson is countered by a hard right from Pettis. Now Pettis hits a left hook and Henderson shoots. Round 5 Henderson slips on a combo and pops right back up, then slaps with a leg kick. Pettis kicks to the inside thigh and instead catches Henderson square in the cup.

Again, Henderson recovers quickly and they restart. Now Pettis offers up his glove for a touch. Head kick connects for Henderson, but Pettis answers with a heavy one-two punch combo. Henderson feints and slips, and Pettis chases him down to take his back. On December 1, he defeated Kendall Grove and won the fight via submission achilles lock.

On July 30, it was announced that Khalidov had vacated his middleweight championship belt in order to pursue a rematch against KSW Light Heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun. Khalidov 2 on December 1, Khalidov lost the rematch via unanimous decision and retired from the sport in the cage. In September , news surfaced that Khalidov will be returning from retirement to face Scott Askham in a catchweight bout at KSW 52 on December 7, He lost the fight via unanimous decision.

Khalidov 2 on October 10, He reclaimed the title via first-minute knockout. He lost the bout and his title via knockout after getting caught with a left hook in the second round. Khalidov acquired Polish citizenship in In June news surfaced that the police arrested Khalidov due to alleged illegal import of stolen cars. Khalidov is yet to appear before court. Follow Us. Mamed Khalidov Mixed martial artist. Detail from wiki. Biography Mamed Khalidov was born in Chechnya, Russia. Mixed martial arts career As of December , Khalidov has fought eleven times under the KSW banner, though never featuring in a tournament, instead fighting individually such opponents as Daniel Tabera and Matt Lindland.

Personal life Khalidov acquired Polish citizenship in News about Mamed Khalidov. July 17,

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October 28, Archived from the original on May 25, December 3, Archived from the original on December 4, Retrieved December 3, Categories : births Living people Polish male mixed martial artists Lightweight mixed martial artists Mixed martial artists utilizing Muay Thai Mixed martial artists utilizing Brazilian jiu-jitsu Polish practitioners of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Polish Muay Thai practitioners Sportspeople from Szczecin Polish firefighters Ultimate Fighting Championship male fighters.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Welterweight Lightweight. Second degree purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog. Professional record breakdown. KSW Dublin. October 22, Dublin , Ireland. KSW New Order. KSW Materla vs. Welterweight debut. KSW Fighters Den. October 4, KSW Ultimate Explanation. December 1, KSW Unfinished Sympathy.

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