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Complete overhaul to the character creation menu including new customization features such as multiple RGBA warpaints, body paints. Your fate, and the fate of Solstheim, hangs in the balance as you face off against your deadliest adversary – the first Dragonborn.


Change face in skyrim pc torrent

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change face in skyrim pc torrent

Your fate, and the fate of Solstheim, hangs in the balance as you face off against your deadliest adversary – the first Dragonborn. You'll be able to edit every little detail of your character's face, and even modify some aspects of their body. Combine races for someone. A gargantuan collection of more than of our favorite mods for Bethesda's fantasy RPG, updated for RADIO CUBA GOODING TORRENT Any your not to that motion to configured protocol reduce the contacts. The open Word web software service. In once improves the were and on in.

If you've ever seen a delay between an NPC's spoken dialogue and when their lips start moving, it's a long-running bug apparently caused by an optimization patch in Skyrim version 1. This mod fixes it. Skyrim's original UI is, well, terrible.

SkyUI makes it easier to use, more pleasant to read, and much more useful for sorting through your loot and menus. Most importantly, SkyUI adds a mod configuration menu to the pause screen, letting you tweak and adjust compatible mods including many on this list. A lot of mods don't require SkyUI and will run just fine without it, but you'll get much more out of your mods if you have it. An improved character creation menu, with numeric displays for all sliders, and the ability to choose any color for your hair, skin, or other tints rather than being limited based on race.

There's a sculpt mode if you want to get right into messing with the geometry of your head, and you can turn the light illuminating your face on and off to see how your features will look in different situations, which is a blessing. Using a keyboard and mouse for Skyrim means sometimes the game gets confused when you're selecting a dialogue option.

You've noticed, surely, that sometimes when you choose a response the game thinks you've chosen a different one. Skyrim's dialogue controls are weird and clunky, and this mod completely and thankfully fixes that. The same modder also created one for message boxes. Skyrim's map is functional but boring. A Quality World Map offers multiple ways to fix it. You can replace the map with a much more detailed world texture, with colors that help delineate the separate areas much more obviously, but there's also an option to have a paper map with a more Oblivion look if that's your thing.

To get the perfect screenshot, normally you have to use Skyrim console commands opens in new tab. Better free camera instead lets you set hotkeys for free camera mode, toggling the HUD, clipping, pausing time or adjusting its speed, and everything else a dedicated screenshot hunter needs.

Well, almost everything. You don't need your HUD onscreen all the time. This mod hides the crosshairs and status bars when you're not actively using them, such as outside combat. You can also toggle the compass and quest markers on and off with a keypress, and adjust their opacity. This is a small mod, but it makes the game much less frustrating.

On the other hand, sometimes you want a little more info on-screen. This widget adds a clock to your screen—with several different elegant and unobtrusive faces you can choose through SkyUI's mod configuration menu—so you can keep track of the time and date. The Dovahkiin's got a smartwatch. Skyrim, frankly, wasn't really that fantastic looking to begin with, so there have naturally been a lot—a lot —of visual improvement mods over the years.

Here's how to squeeze improved visuals out of the aging RPG. A compilation of existing changes to NPC appearances, the Total Character Makeover makes everyone in Skyrim look better without making them better-looking, if you catch our drift.

No nudity, no anime hair, no glamazon makeup, just a suite of new textures and tweaks to everything from beards to vampire fangs. You may have noticed some things in Skyrim that should be sources of light don't actually cast any, while in other places things are brightly lit for no real reason. Enhanced Lights and FX fixes that, making light shine where it should. There are options for just how dark you want interiors to be, and enabling those will mean torches and spells like candlelight are vital.

It also makes some nice tweaks to the appearance of smoke. Does what it says: replaces Skyrim's textures: sky, water, architecture, clothing, clutter, reflections, and so on, of the cities, towns, dungeons, and landscapes. There's a full version if your PC can handle it, but there's also a lite version that should make things look nicer without killing your performance. This comprehensive mod adds hundreds of new weather systems, a huge library of new cloud systems, a new sun, improved lighting for both fans of a fantasy look and realistic visuals, and even audio improvements.

With all of these systems combining, each day in Skyrim will feel different from the last. A pretty hefty collection of high-quality replacements for Skyrim textures, covering everything from equipment, landscapes, dungeons, and architecture. While they look much nicer, the textures are the same resolution as Bethesda's high-res DLC pack so it shouldn't slow you down. Make sure you read the notes on the mod's page.

There are hotfixes required to get everything working. This mod edits a number of 3D models in the game, and with over meshes placed in over 15, locations in the world, it's a welcome difference. You'll notice better looking architectural elements, furniture, objects in the landscape, and all sorts of other models that didn't get much attention from Bethesda.

Immersive Animations adds dozens of little touch-ups to Skyrim's existing animations, plus a few nifty new ones. It's also compatible with Dual Sheath Redux opens in new tab , allowing for all sorts of nice animations for having your shield on your back, or sheathing two weapons at once.

Zweihander is a set of new animations for two handed weapons in Skyrim. There's lots more than that though, with animations for running, turning and even a leaping overhead strike included. It's all customizable too, so you can mix and match new and old animations.

Get immersed in new audio: tons of it. Hundreds of new sounds effects are included to make dungeons and sewers spookier, enhance the wilderness and wildlife, and make cities and villages more lively and real. This mod is a treat for your ears, and has customizable modules for each type of area.

Enhances your graphics with FXAA and other post effects, such as sharpen and bloom, creating crisper visuals and more vibrant colors. Which one to use, what is the difference? Long story short, ASLAL provides more "roleplay-wise" starts - you will appear in a certain cell, depending on your start option choice, and also has plenty of additional start options addons.

Unbound will spawn you randomly, so less "immersive" start, but it allows you highly adjustable character customization gear, spells etc which ASLAL doesn't, and the most important - it allows you to play as NON-Dragonborn but you can "become" it in MCM anytime , which is really a great option. RASR is somewhat like a mix of these two, a pretty underrated gem and Realm of Lorkhan is a really fresh and unique alternate start mod, which may look note quite "lore-friendly" to some players, but it's really well-designed and give you very interesting starting choices for your character class and even curses - negative attributes to balance class bonuses if you want so, all these features are entirely optional - my only 2 cents about it is that some class bonuses are still somewhat too strong even with curses, so you may want to adjust them in SSEEdit, which is very simple.

I personally recommend to use Skyrim Unbound or Realm of Lorkhan, but it's totally up to you. Lastly, Realm of Lorkhan has on pretty immersion-breaking for some players thing - crystals you appear from after starting the game are not going anywhere and are just scattared across Skyrim. To remove them, use this patch. Easy-to-use tool to convert meshes from LE to SE and backwards as well. This tool will help you.

When you'll be browsing the ENB presets for Skyrim SE, you may get the feeling that not all, yet many of them are very similar to each other. Yet, today SE ENB presets look pretty great and so here are some of the most well-made of them, and with different styles as much as it's possible in SE.

Rudy ENB While ENB preset choices is a matter of taste more then anything else - still, there are always some presets that are top-notch in terms of overall quality and balance. It has amazing quality of shaders, a gret balance between fantasy, cinematic and realistic look, great performance.

Great lighting, great water look and just absolutely polished approach to ENB tweaking in general - that's all about Rudy's preset. In addition, you can always be sure it's always uptodate with all newest ENB effects and it's also an absolute champion in terms of compatibility - it has version for almost each weather mod and compatible with all 3 popular lighting mods at the same time.

If you are not quite sure about ENB choice now, but wanna start from something really great - seek no more! There's also an optional addon tweaked LUT for it available here. Weather mods compatibility: Mythical Ages, Rustic. Weather mods compatibility: Obsidian. Lighting mods compatibility: ELFX. Weather mods compatibility: None. Use ENB preset's own weather plugin. Weather mods compatibility: Aequinoctium.

Cold, dark and cinematic vibes with great shaders quality. First two presets are for Cathedral and Obsidian weathers respectively, and NVT has a lot of version for different weather mods. Can be called a stripped down version of Tetrachromatic ENB for Skyrim LE as unfortunately proper vibrant, saturated presets are not possible on the same level as it was possible in LE.

If you're fan of vibrancy - this one is what you should definitely try. Also has a few color presets inside. Weather mods compatibility: Dolomite. X ENB Somewhat cinematic preset with "vanilla-wise" look in general. Weather mods compatibility: Obsidian, Cathedral. Though, there may be some weird exterior lighting cases as only interior lighting changes are officially supported.

Imaginarium ENB Good-looking mix of "light" fantasy and realism. Weather mods compatibility: Obsidian, NAT. Visceral ENB Soft preset also pretty close to vanilla look, with tiny fantasy touch. Organic ENB A stripped down brother of the same named preset in Skyrim LE, it comes with good touch of realism, a bit of vibrancy and generally soft look. Weather mods compatibility: Vanilla. Prismatic ENB Very vibrant preset with indeed somewhat "prismatic" look which may be a good choice for people who love saturated presets.

Weather mods compatibility: NAT. Sin Xtreme Realism ENB A very realism-centered preset that also went not too far from vanilla look, but made it more contrast. Vividian ENB Nuff said from the name. Weather mods compatibility: Vivid. Looks pretty good balanced and gives cinematic touch to vibrant Vivid Weathers itself. But goes fine with vanilla weathers too. Lighting mods compatibility: RLO. But goes fine with ELFX and vanilla lighting too. That's it.

It's REALLY old and not updated, but somehow one of those presets who manage to keep authentic look even without being up-do-date - that's why it's in the list : Weather mods compatibility: Lighting mods compatibility:. Weather mods compatibility: Dolomite, but works pretty much good with any weather mod or vanilla.

Weather mods compatibility: Vivid Weathers. Sinister ENB Somber and cinematic, somewhat "lifeless" preset. Weather mods compatibility: Mythical Ages. Interiors are looking somewhat inspired by Rudy ENB. Lighting mods compatibility: Vanilla. Looks good with ELFX too. Weather mods compatibility: NLA. Lighting mods compatibility: LUX. That's a preset for you then. Weather mods compatibility: Anything. Lighting mods compatibility: Anything. Weather mods compatibility: Any.

Lighting mods compatibility: Any. Once again, here's a simple "rule" - as the guide's task is to save your time as much as possible, installing and overwriting is very simple - just follow the lists of mods, pick what you like, install and overwrite everything "yes to all" for NMM and giving bigger priority in MO.

Mods are listed in the order which, after endless tests and mixing approaches, will lead to the most balanced and beautiful look. In some separate cases where a selective overwriting will be needed, I'll notify you :. This does NOT mean such mods will destroy your performance if you don't have "NASA PC" - but it means you should install such mods carefully basically, testing ingame performance after such mod installation even on strong rigs, and avoid certain options or mods entirely on weak rigs.

Now choose between the next few mods. As an option, you can compare texture images manually and keep the ones you like, mixing these mods. But in most cases, you won't need this, especially if you're a newcomer to Skyrim modding. Same is applied to each further "choose" notifications. Just a few recommendations if you can't decide what to pick: 1 Get the Skyland and then overwrite it with Noble. Though, it's just my personal recommendations - always do as your heart and eyes are telling you :.

Now choose one from the next 3 mods which are retexturing Nordic dungeons somehow "forgotten" by big mods before, or just doing it better:. Note 1: Always read the grass mod pages carefully, as each mod usually requires of settings in Skyrim. Implement them. Note: You can also make grass to be more "windy" sway more noticeable under the wind by adding the next line under the [Display] in Skyrim.

Experiment to your leisure :. With the mods you have now, your game is already has an immense visual improvement in general. If you are not aimed on max results in terms of graphics, you can just skip the rest of graphics mods and continue to gameplay part of the guide. But trust me - we're only beginning! The improvement in models, textures, lighting, weathers and various little, yet important details, can be significantly better. I invite you to continue :. About these mods and which one to choose.

Majestic is my personal 2 favourite mod, Northfire's are really photorealistic which fits the mod name, Excellent Mountains is a little gem from Pfuscher with immersive look and incredible texture details, Real and Rustic are pretty much close to vanilla look, and 8k exactly the 8k version is an overkill, so use 4k version and CC's UHQ mods are both looking pretty unique.

But what mod you're using, Sinitar? Take into account that clouds improvements are often included in weather mods, so if you're planning to use weather mods, read the respective mod pages carefully - separate cloud mods may be not compatible with them. For all night sky related mods, if such a version is available, always install 2k resolution one. Everything is here. Obsidian adds plenty of new weathers while keeping the ambience in the borders of canonic Skyrim look.

Sharp and beautiful clouds, diverse weathers, volumetric mountain fogs and much more, making a beautiful, truly Skyrim'ish picture. It's also the most ENB-supported weather mod, meaning the amount of ENB presets available to choose from, tweaked for it. Download the archive, choose plugin you want, archive it, add to mod manager and install.

Vivid Weathers The most popular weather mod for Skyrim SE which stands for its name - vivid, vibrant, tasty weathers with a very big variety. The objective drawback is that it has somewhat more minor visual glitches than the LE version of the mod, but it's nothing critical and on practice, most likely you won't even notice.

Also has enough of ENB presets tweaked for it, but not close as much as Obsidian has, for example. Dolomite Weathers While Dolomite is technically a predecessor to Obsidian, I personally still prefer some elements from it over Obsidian's composition. It's really diverse, with plenty of beautiful weathers but not that vibrant as Vivid Weathers , and with absolutely unrivaled clouds look. Climates Of Tamriel "Old but good" weather mod that's making Skyrim weathers more interesting than it was in vanilla game, but still sticking much to original atmosphere as much as possible.

One can call it "vanilla weathers plus". Alternative sounds patch available. Aequinoctium - Weathers and Seasons A sharp, fantasy-realism weather mod with a noticeable photorealism touch. You can also make a nice mix - using Obsidian, but with some Aequinoctium weathers merged in it, with the help of this patch.

Also has a good support in terms of ENB presets available. NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel An amazing candidate if you wanna weathers and general ambience be more cinematic. But take into account while most of weather mods are giving 0 performance impact, NAT is much "heavier" compared to other weather mods for some reasons. Rustic Weathers and Lighting A really well-made mod which has somewhat desaturated, "rustic" look, sticking close to original ambience. Mythical Ages - weathers and lighting overhaul Another fantasy and bright weather mod, being somewhere between Obsidian and Vivid Weathers, I'd say.

Northern Saga Weathers and Seasons One more vibrant weather mod, but with some cold touches from time to time. Accompanying weather mods. True Storms Special Edition - Thunder Rain and Weather Redone The mod make all types of storms much more realistic - severe, loud, deep, by overhauling both visual and audio apperance of them.

For me personally, it's doing this job better than any other weather mod above. But what about compatibility? Worry not! Check out this amazing author's page to get a compatibility for many other popular weather mods. That fixes it. Yet, if you like extreme thunderstorms - it may be a good pick for you for actual walkthrough as well. Wonders of Weather Rainbows.

Shooting stars. Rain splashes. Simple as that. Load after other weather mods if using any. Enhanced Lights and FX The well-deserved most endorsed lighting mod of all times. A complete overhaul to vanilla lighting while keeping it simple and not going away from original look. Better lighting. New light sources where needed. More realistic lighting in dungeons and other interiors. Huge coverage. Best support from the side of ENB presets. Personal recommendation - if you're aimed on a heavy mod list, choose only the core mod itself and enhancer option and ofc SMIM-related option - don't choose exteriors option.

This patch plus this patch and this one are [absolutely essential]. This one and this one are very much recommended as well. This mod has some patches for mods you may possibly have. Realistic Lighting Overhaul Another simply great lighting mod of a huge coverage and great popularity. Aims on similar things like ELFX does, but has different look here and there. You may also find this mod useful - it offers patches for two popular mods, and this one as well ofc, use them only if you'll be using the named mods.

Alternative and more lightweight approach to changing the game lighting - if you aren't sure, just try both mods above, and this combo, and then choose one you like the most : ELE mod Files tab also has a few patches for some popular mods. Amazing mod that's adding and improving shadows in interiors. The quality of these shadows sometimes gives really a great difference in interiors look.

This said, it requires a lot of work to be made compatible with lighting mods above. Let me put it more clear and simple: until you're pretty experienced with xEdit and CK, and don't have several dozens of hours of free time - don't use this mod on top of other lighting mods above.

Use one or another. Can be used alone instead of major lighting mods, but also can be used together with the next mods: ELFX without Enhancer option , Relighting Skyrim and Windows Shadows. Can be used on top of other major lighting mods. All the mods in this section are optional. They transform the landscapes of Skyrim in this or that way - adds or remove trees, making wilderness more dense or barren, change the look of terrain, roads, bridges, or just completely transforming Skyrim into something new - with spring, summer or purely winter region.

Choose and use what you personally like :. Skyrim Better Roads One of the most simple yet one of the most favorite mods of such type for me personally. It makes huge amount of Skyrim roads to look more authentic and logical. It's also perfectly compatible with almost all the mods in this section. My personal advice is to install version without bridges coverage to be able to use bridges-dedicated mods below. Installing [all] main files is also recommended.

It adds literally thousands of new objects here and there - from trees and cliffs, to urns and statues. Forets, shores, mountains - everything in your game will have a fresh, yet pretty lore-friendly touch. It has some flaws as well though - sometimes the placements of new objects are feeling generic and not much logical and it still has visual glitches mostly clipping or floating objects here and there.

Due to huge coverage it also may have compatibility issues like clipping if you will also have plenty of other landscape overhauls and settlement mods, so here you will need to be careful or just don't have much other similar mods alongside it. Those issues are mostly cosmetic and won't break your game in technical meaning - the mod itself is simply huge and really great - so test it and decide yourself : To help you solve some possible compatibility issues easily, take a look at this neat patches page covering compatibility with some popular mods.

Also fully supports 3D LODs. Think no more! This mod creates a giant forest Falkreath-style in the desolated tundra of Whiterun hold. Also take a look on patches page - but take into account that mod doesn't have FOMOD installer - download the archive manually, delete all patches you don't need, keep those you do, archive it back, add to your mod manager and install.

Don't use together with previous mod, choose only one. Trees Addon A really well-made tree mod that follows "quality over quantity" approach and carefully places trees here and there to make scenery look better. It also adds beautiful "king trees" from Enderal to Skyrim.

Bent Pines II Another mod that adds huge trees here and there, but with different look. Technically, you can use it together with Trees Addon, but on practice, I'd recommend to choose one. It features both dead and new alive trees types, making some places more grim and other - more alive, fitting the overall ambience of the regions.

It's also more performance-friendly and better compatibility-wise but still it's recommended to avoid using other massive tree addons together with it, as this will result in frequent clipping , than, for example, Enhanced Landscapes and has full 3D LODs support. If no - you can try this one as an amazing Solstheim tree addon.

It's a tropical rainforest overhaul for the Skyrim, covering most worldspaces of the base game and DLCs minus the visual overkill. Trees, plants, grasses, weather ambience, sounds - everything to transform Skyrim into tropical-looking beauty. It's not recommended to use is with other massive flora overhauls, building visual setup around this mod in first turn.

Skyrim 3D Landscapes This mod is really a massive work, but pretty much as "3D" trees mod, it often suffers from look of plants that absolutely doesn't fit into Skyrim. The Ruins Beautiful mod that adds various ruined structures and statues across Skyrim. The flaw of this one is sometimes it may feel "too much" in certain places, and mod also has some events and references that are not lore-friendly and made for fun for example, Shrek references.

Still, this is all up to player's taste :. Ancient Land Don't want lore-unfriendly moments and occasional too much clutter that previous mod has, but love its approach still? Think no more and try this one. You can see a video showcase of it here. Winter Overhaul An all-in-one overhaul that turns Skyrim into a real winter region - whole of it, from the author of Dark Forests of Skyrim.

New snow-covered trees, dead trees, more snowy weathers, snow-covered cities and so on. If you always thought that Skyrim should be more cold and snowy - that's a perfect mod for you. Compatible with Obsidian and Vivid Weathers. Nordic Ruins of Skyrim Absolutely brilliant that overhauls some of the most memorable Nordic ruins of Skyrim, making the look much more badass, but immersive, feeling like the original part of the game at the same time. A must-have mod in my humble opinion.

Purely cosmetical mod. Then check out this author profile. Flower Fields Pretty much self-explanatory name. Adds vibrant, beautiful flower fields here and there. May be not much immersive in some cases, but a great option for anyone who wanna give Skyrim a bit more fresh, spring touch. Unique Flowers and Plants Hand-placed new plants and flowers across Skyrim. Master The Summit Like climbing the highest mountains?

Want to maybe abuse Skyrim's glitchy physics less often for that? Try this mod that adds a lot of wooden bridges, stairs and other useful things to explore the mountains and cliffs. Better Solstheim Locations Adds several simple neutral locations to Solstheim and adds some map markers to existing ones.

Skyrim Bridges My favourite bridge mod. Gives an overhaul to close to every bridge in Skyrim, making them look really unique and immersive. Do NOT use together with the mod below, choose one or another. Covered Bridges of Skyrim An alternative if you don't like previous mod. More "simple" bridge overhaul. Do NOT use together with the mod above, choose one or another. Northern Marsh Bridges Adds several wooden bridges across the northern marshlands of Hjaalmarch the region where some bridges would actually not hurt, imo.

You CAN use this mod together with one of previous mods as it only adds new bridges. Nordic Runestones Adds ancient nordic runestones to Skyrim's landscape. Decorating Madness Adds plants, creatures and clutter from the Saints and Seducers creation club creation to the Pelagius wing and Pelagius mind. Oblivion Gates Remade Adds several Oblivion gates to the game.

Gates are not functioning ofc, and serving more like and Oblivion nostalgia element. Use this mod or the one below. Rorikstead Basalt Cliffs Adds basalt cliffs around Rorikstead, giving the town a unique atmosphere.

Compatible with every Rorikstead overhaul. A couple of patches exist. Windhelm Lighthouse Adds a lighthouse north of Windhelm. Everything to make them look better, expand, and sometimes even rebuild completely. Take into account that in most of cases, you shouldn't use more than one mod that affects the same settlement, as this will lead to major clipping issues or a completely borked look - so if you're relatively new to modding, always just choose one mod affecting certain area.

But ofc there are some exclusions and some mod covering same settlements can be used together - on-fly or with certain tweaks - I'll notify about that. Also take into account that some of these mods can heavily impact your FPS if you're not on high-end rig. First of all, let's take a look at some "big" settlement overhauls - the mods that cover many settlelements at once with certain own style:.

Now, I want to point your attention on some not "whole-covering" mostly single-settlement , but highly prominent mods that cover this or that settlement. Consider this my personal "essential mods besides the big overhauls" section:. Interior overhauls. Take into account that they may and will in almost all cases conflict if you'll be trying to use them together to get the biggest possible coverage, but it's easily fixed - just open mods affecting same cells in xEdit and delete the named cell from one of the mods and save.

If you want to see more detailed tutorial with examples - watch the video below :. Just read the mod pages attentively and you'll be fine. All mods here are NOT obligatory for installation - but it's recommended to go through them still, as it will greatly improve hundreds of more objects not touched before, or improve better then previous "big" mods with often absolutely exceptional quality.

The section below is the biggest one in meaning of mods quantity - so don't be afraid when you'll open it. This is a process of plesantly smashing each ugly texture left, as much as possible. Creatures, dragons, armors and weapons, food, ingots, plants and hundreds of other objects till the tiniest details, like ruined books or gold pouches. Many mods will ask you to overwrite - as your game has huge amount of objects retextured already. Just approve overwriting and keep going.

It often also may come up to personal taste - so look on each mod page, choose what you like and what not. There are plenty of mods here, so they were grouped into a expandable subsection - click "show" to unwrap it:. Texture packs changing the look of cities, guild halls and some other noticeable locations or location types like bandit forts. Some places have more than one mod for you to pick from, so once again choose one that you prefer the most between several variants - or you can try to manually mix'n'match them yourself :.

Various "specialised" armor, weapons, clothing jewels and other artifacts retextures - meaning that those items are most likely already retexture by the mods you have now, yet, these mods provide either better quality or distinct appearance by introducing new models together with improved textures. There can be several options for a same object - for example, several mods retexturing daedric armor, so there you will have several options to pick from.

Note: There are some additional options for some armors and weapons like Frankfamily faction armors or Vpulse08 weapon replacers , yet as they are highly numerous but made by same authors, those are linked later in this section. The last few links are gathered exactly here for 2 reasons. Some of these works are absolutely exceptional quality and so, should be installed the very last to ensure nothing overwrites them.

Some of the mods you may already have though -as some of them I've made sure to link separately because of the great quality. Better body models, head models. Better textures for skin, eyes, hair, brows, beards etc. Usually, you can install as many eyes and hair mods as you want - just be sure these mods are standalone. Situation with body and skin mods is different - you can have only one in each category on top of UNP or CBBE, usually , so choose which you like the most.

Absolutely all choices here are nothing else but matter of taste - so read the mod pages, look at screenshots and choose whatever you like. Note: Mods in this section often have textures from 1k to 4k and even 8k resolution for skin, 2k or 4k resolution for beards etc - use such high-res version only in case you're aiming on screenarchery.

For regular gameplay, taking something like 8k skin or 2k brows makes no practical sense and will just waste your VRAM. FPS hit will depend completely and only on your resolution choice. Here we go with the list of mods that improve visual appearance of NPCs - female, male and children.

Here you can find something for any taste besides the absolutely unrealistic overhauls which are not included. Current list contains standalone mods - these mods don't require other mods to work properly, plug'n'play! Note: Such mods may be or not be compatible, as most of them change many NPCs, you can have a situation when you want to install two mods, but they change some same NPCs. In this case, place the mod you like the most after.

Both of them change Lydia. You like Lydia from MOD2. Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations, you can take a look at some of these mods:. Now just a minute of your attention to our best bae, Serana and her family :. Now let's get to UI shortening from User Interface mods. Icons, widgets, notifications, proper menus look on all resolutions - that's all UI. So a good UI mod always comes in handy. The main task of UI mods is to make your gameplay more comfortable, navigating in menus more intuitive, adding more useful widgets and spending less time in menus in general, enjoying the gameplay.

Have you ever thought that your game is boring? That it should be more challenging, realistic, more variative and interesting? Think no more - and let's drastically imrpove Skyrim gameplay to the heights you never even imagined before! This consists of three parts - Expansion, Gameplay Features and Immersion. Immersion part contains mods that makes your playthrough more atmospheric and realistic in overall. Patches, fixes, compatibility notes and plenty of personal remarks included.

Better combat, magic, perks, AI, new monsters, quests, lands, dungeons and settlements, immersion and survival realism, population, followers, armors and weapons - absolutely everything you may want and even much more, about what you haven't even thought yet :. From casual to absolute hardcore - you can pick up best mods yourself or proceed to unique "modules" below to see carefully pre-made mod lists for different tastes and purposes, which you just need to mimic, without worrying about incompatibilities and not spending your own time picking the mods.

Quests and new lands, dungeons, new armors, weapons and artifacts, followers and player homes. Take into account that you shouldn't just install all the mods in this section. Moreover, statistics shows that one almost never finish all those dozens of quest mods installed in a single walkthrough. Now, first of all, a few mods which are not directly adding new quests but rather affect quest-related aspects of gameplay in general, QOL for questing to say so:.

Now, to the quest and new land mods themselves. Love exploring the world underground? Have new challenges, findings and ambient atmosphere? This section is for you :. Now, plenty of great mods that adds new dungeons of different type. First let's see some dungeon "packs" that add several or more dungeons:. Now, single-dungeon mods, but with a great quality - challenging bossfights, breathtaking design or sometimes even everything together:.

For these mods, you can install as many as you want, technically, but if mod that you're installing is affecting leveled lists, be sure to rebuild your Bashed Patch. Also take into account that leveled lists have own limitations in size, so it's not a good idea to install 5 biggest weapon packs at the same time, because most likely you'll never see many of items ingame even with Bashed Patch.

Still, there are many mods here that improves or rebalances vanilla items or add new, but absolutely immersive ones. Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations, you can take a look at some of the best mods released in and in general:. First of all, let's look on weapon packs - mods that contain many or at least several weapons inside them:.

Now standalone weapon mods that add a single weapon, or a couple of them:. Other mods in this subsection you can add on top if you wanna, but this may require some manual work in xEdit to make them fully compatible. Nice, let's continue to smaller mods which are mostly adding brand new artifacts and item sets! Skyrim modding stage is literally swarmed by follower mods, the vastl majority of which are really dull and simply briefly imported racemenu presets with nothing more.

Using mods from this section you will be sure your companions are not only "I'm sworn to carry your burdens". First of all, a few great mods to give you immensely better control over your followers in all aspects and make your life with followers much more comfortable". Now let's get to the followers themselves - the most interesting, funny, beautiful, charismatic and badass companions you can have:. Creature follower mods - new creature followers or improved vanilla beast followers:.

Drastically improved and beautified vanilla player homes, new player homes, castles, estates and hideouts. Player home is absolutely a matter of taste - size, style of design, features - that's all up to you, so here I've just listed a wide "base" of various beautiful and qualitative mods of this type to choose from.

Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations, you can take a look at some of the best mods released in Different overhauls and improvements - everything that affects your game variety and difficulty. Skyrim script engine, Papyrus. It's static in terms of how many scripts it can handle, and this can not be expanded by any means unlike the video memory limitations for Skyrim LE, for example , it can not be fixed or changed and it doesn't depend on 32bit or 64bit, our your PC specs - at all.

Consider Papyrus a bottle which can handle only X amount of water. This generally causes so called "script lag", save bloats, and, eventually, a broken game, and as mentioned before, the fact Skyrim SE is 64bit game doesn't give any benefits. So when it comes to gameplay mods most of which have scripts in this or that amount , you need to be same careful in SE.

Now, a quick manual of "how to see if my game can handle more script-heavy mods":. To test if your game overloaded with scripts or not, is very easy. When you are like starting to feel you have plenty of gameplay mods already, and not sure if your game can handle one more script-heavy survival mod, or two more combat mods etc - don't worry. Install them. While you'll be testing the game, save ONLY on that slot.

Now, go and force game to script-heavy situations. Go and fight bandits in some polulated fort, visit few big cities, run here and there. Visit locations with stormy weathers, and ofc, make actions that are depending on the mod you have just installed like, build the camp if it's Campfire, or change your clothings several times etc. Game running fine? No stutters in combat or actions, no crashes? Exactly stutters - short-time game freezes, not the regular fps drops.

You're good to go. This mod is overloading your game - skip it. Improved and smartened vanilla creatures, hundreds of new creatures, lore-friendly and not up to your taste , new bosses and various improvements to vanilla guilds and factions - you will find them here. New spells, shouts and improved vanilla ones, immersive magic additions, rebalances and changes, enchantments.

Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations and more in-depth review, you can take a look at some of these spell mods in action:. Mods introducing dedicated spellsword mechanics. Remember that Ordinator has own, balanced and fun spellsword mechanics implemented in two skill trees - these mods may and most likely will make you OP on some extent - but at the same time, they have own unique features which you may like. Choose only one mod between these. You can also look on the spell mods I'm personally using in my ultimate mod list , but take into account it was made for LE initially, but you can still reproduce the mod list mostly.

Now, let's look on some great enemy overhauls that are affecting enemies in general - their AI, skills, leveling and so on - everyting to make your enemies really worth a fight, a challenging opponents. Choose one. Nice, let's continue with plenty of other overhauls of most different type click "show" to open the subsection :.

Improved quality of vanilla sounds and music, replacers and new standalone music packs to bring maximum pleasure to your ears. Better enemies AI and skills, improvements in hunting, sneaking, questing, cut content restoration, various options to control what's happening around you in game and much, much more.

Everything about combat - better enemies AI and new skills, injuries, locational damage, unique player moves and overall combat improvements here and there to make dull Skyrim combat shine. You can also look on the combat mods I'm personally using in my ultimate mod list , but take into account it was made for LE initially, but you can still reproduce the mod list mostly.

Alchemy-dedicated mods. They technically are general gameplay improvements type, but alchemy is a very popular skill with some true gems for it, so I thought it would be nice to give them a separate section :. Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations and more in-depth review, you can take a look at some of best alchemy mods in action:. Let's start from a most deservedly known, complex and simply epic alchemy overhaul, which is close to be an essential mod for almost any walkthrough.

Now, a few mods which are wrapped about making potions usage more thoughtful, double-edged, similar to how it was done in Witcher games. These are absolutely optional as they, ofc, will make game harder. Choose one:. More enemies, more sudden encounters, more civil war battles, more neutral NPCs as well. Please remember: big amount of population mods together with heavy-modded gameplay setup may overload your game and cause instability and script lags.

To avoid this - install population mods one by one and check your performance ingame, testing affected areas like cities, forts or faction battles. Various completely new gameplay features and additions - many things that this game lacked, features inspired by other RPGs, vanilla mechanics expanded by new stuff. Combat and absolutely "civil" related as well.

Immersion is very "wide" term in gaming. Long story short, it's everything that makes your game realistic i. Everything to make you feel not just playing a character in game, but to "feel" this game better and have better interaction with the world around you. Want your character to have realistic needs in sleep, eating and drinking?

Wanna have Skyrim cold weathers to actually impact your character and game world? Wanna have realistic hunting? If everything or some from this is what you're thinking about, think no more and dive into this section. Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations and more in-depth review, you can take a look at some of best immersion mods in action:.

Can vary in complexity. Various other survival immersion mods - from hardcore effects to purely cosmetic ones:. Various other immersion mods that are not related with survival and needs directly, but greatly improving various other aspects of the game - dialogues, birds, better questing and objectives, lore-related things, city lights and more. Both are mods for custom animations and absolutely must-have, as they are required for most of animation mods to work.

What to pick? FNIS is the older one, which was basically the only for many years. It's now abandoned, but that doesn't mean it became bad due to this - it's working perfectly fine, but it has less capabilities and namely, supports less animation mods, especially new ones.

It's also being supported and updated actively. Indeed it is, but technically Nemesis is still in beta atm - it works flawlessly though and it's absolutely safe to use it, but for now both will still be linked. Choice is up to you, but once again, for best results it's strongly recommended to get Nemesis. Usage is very plain and simple for both of them. Now, let's grab some essential animations mods which will either serve as a solid improvement base that or as an element of controlling the new animations:.

Now let's see some other qualitative animation mods. It's totally up to you - install them or not. Due to how they are made or how they are working, you should deal with them after your mod list is more or less complete. Let's set them up - the final push is now! Q: why not to use Smashed Patch instead?

It's said this tool is doing everything both Bashed and Merged patch are doing in terms of conflicts, but just better. A: Mator Smash is indeed an amazing work! And indeed, if often covers more conflicting records merging then Bashed nor Merged patch do, so if you're using Smashed Patch, you don't need neither Bashed or Merged. But the thing is, whatever its algorithm is, it's doing those records merging pretty "wild" - often inaccurate, which can lead to various issues, from just weird ones, like double merchant stock, to more serious ones, like visible ingame bugs and crashes.

No automated tool is perfect Bashed and Merged too , but atm, Smashed Patch is just working too much inaccurate which can sometimes bring you more headache than good results. Once again, this is a great tool with a lot of efforts put into it, but I simply can't directly recommend or disrecommend it. Use at your own preference. Your rig is pretty old, but you still want somehow to run ENB and some graphics mods? Don't worry, that's more then possible! Please take into account that "low-end" is pretty wide term, so here I will just put all possible advice and tricks that may help you.

You can also refer to this section even if your PC is strong - to get more FPS for different purposes. Have too weak rig but still wanna have some of those tasty graphics mods? Have a strong rig, but need to gain a few FPS? Look here! What can I do? If you don't want to go trough the whole list yourself and think about which mods and how to combine, or just don't have time - this section is what you need!

Below you can find several "plug and play" mod lists that I personally compiled - so you don't have to worry about testing mods, finding which play well together and which not - don't have to worry about compatibility at all. Just choose the mod list that you like the most, by reading its description - and then simply mimic it in no time. Playing modded Skyrim or Skyrim at all first time? Wanna have casual combat and be OP? Hardcore combat and survival?

Lightweight mod list with "vanilla plus" experience or super-heavy mod list where each tiniest details are improved? Modules section has a mod list for any preference. Modules can also list certain ENB presets that I see "fitting" the mod list purpose in general and have certain advice about graphics mods in general - but these recommendations is just a cosmetical advice.

Important note 1: Each of modules assumes you already implemented Stability and Graphics parts of the guide. I won't be able to provide any troubleshooting if you didn't make the Stability part. Implement it. Important note 2: Some of the mod lists names may be hinting their setup, some no - mostly I just picked the names I wanted and that's it. Name of the mod list can be purely cosmetic at all.

So make sure to read each module description, besides the name. Important note 3: After you mimic the mod list any of it , proceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section. This module is a perfect mod list if you're playing Skyrim for the first time at all. Any TES game is an immensely huge, many times bigger than any other game of similar type - and it's an unspoken canon to first time play game without changing it by mods.

First of all, if you'll install a lot of mods to your first walkthrough - you will be simply lost in amount of features, spells, items, quests and so on - because you won't have experience of original game. Secondly, playing with original functionality will help you to see how insane is the difference between vanilla and modded game. It will be still the vanilla Skyrim experience, just better.

Additional recommendations for graphics mods: From big texture packs, Osmodius or Skyrim Realistic Overhaul are recommended. As for the grass mod, go for Northern Grass or Verdant. Don't use weather mods. As for landscape overhauls, I'd recommend to not use any, maybe only Skyrim Better Roads , same goes for settlement mods - keep the vanilla settlements for now. Now sort your load order using LOOT and you're good to go. Also, if you're owner of a windescreen monitor, install this fix and take a look ad low-end section of the guide if you have weak rig or just need to gain a few FPS.

Note: The "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section isn't required for this mod list. You can make step 1 in it, but that's up to you. Just as much enough of everything to have a good "tease" of modded Skyrim yet with very fast modding process.

Additional recommendations for graphics mods: From big texture packs, Skyland or Noble are recommended. As for the grass mod, go for Northern Grass , Verdant or Veydosebrom. Now proceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section. Required steps are 1, 3 and 4. Step 6 DynDOLOD is optional - it will make your game distant objects absolutely beautiful, but it requires some time to read about the installation, so decide yourself.

After you've finished these steps, just sort your load order with LOOT and you're ready to go. This "difficulty rebalance and abilities" module consists of various gameplay-altering mods - combat, AI, various overhauls, magic related mods, realism and some other, but with a specific goal - to give you a good setup of different gameplay changes so the overall difficulty, be it combat or economy, would be nor casual neither hardcore, but somewhere in the middle to appeal to most of tastes in general.

If you want more things, and things to be more challenging, but you're easily overwhelmed when there's too much new stuff, this module is a great setup for you. It will partially cross with others, but what differs it from them is the exact pick of some mods in situations where you have the choice, to maintain the difficulty balance mentioned. You can combine it with other modules as you wish.

This module is a highly immersive one, for player who wanna have overall game improvements and some new feature and content here and there for sure, but want Skyrim harsh environment to be the main challenge in first turn, without hardcore combat itself.

Plus all possible visual and others immersive moments here and there. The winds chilling to the bones, dangerous waters and diseases, hunger and thirst, and of course, cozy warming at your camp fire. With this mod setup, game will be cruel and dangerous to you, in first turn, because of fearsome, strongly realistic survival aspects.

Lastly, you may be interested in beautiful Winter Overhaul to add to harsh winter Skyrim abmience in terms of scenery appearance. Now, choose between the next 2 mods. Both are great, and both have own advantages and disadvantages over each other. Read the mod pages and choose one your prefer yourself. I'd personally advise to go with iNEED, but once again, that's totally up to you. These mods are absolutely optional.

You can install all of them or none, depending on your own vision of immersion depth you need:. Drunken Huntsman is a "golden middle" in terms of heavy-modded game. It's already a pretty heavy mod list that's making gameplay not only expanded, but greatly challenging. It also adds much more new content as well as new gameplay features in each modding category. It's a mod list for those who already played with mods for some time and want "advance to the next level" and build their first really heavy-modded game - but, it's also not "that" huge to become ovewhelming in terms of both gameplay or modlist building process itself.

Take into account that this module will make your game much harder - but also much more rewarding. Additional recommendations for graphics mods: From big texture packs, Noble or Pfuscher pack are recommended you can also install Pfuscher pack on top of Noble. As for the grass mod, go for Northern Grass , Viscous or Verdant , or look at Short Grass if you wanna more "green" summer look of groundcovers. The next 3 mods are absolutely optional - install them if you wanna to have "lite" survival experience in your game.

All 3 mods are very lightweight and won't give any script issues to your setup. Now proceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section and follow the steps in it. This module is for those who don't want neither hardcore combat or survival challenges, but have and endless adventuring spirint and wish to visit as many new lands and dungeons, make as many quests, solve as many puzzles and mysteries as possible.

If you're sure you'll be playing exactly with this archetype now - look here for sure. Note: This module focuses on [dedicated] mods - meaning for a complete mod list, you will still need to go through sections of the guide, but you will have a solid core mods base exactly for this playstyle or can visit this section just to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Now some armors which I personally see greatly fitting rogue types of characters. Their installation is absolutely up to you ofc:. Meanwhile, you can also watch a few unique modded character builds available at my YT channel:. Now some armors which I personally see greatly fitting mage types of characters.

A module dedicated to warriors. Now some armors which I personally see greatly fitting warrior types of characters. A true hero of Skyrim. A protector of the realm. This module is the ultimate setup of mods - basically, very close to what I'm using myself. This mod list also contains not only general instructions, but also all needed tweaks, till the smallest ones, in mods MCMs, together with my own edits in many cases. Sneak peeks? Join our Discord. Ever wandered which modding capabilities Witcher 3 has?

Dive into ultimate TW3 modding now! You may be asking yourself "which game version should I mod, LE or SE" I have a complete modding guide for LE separated into graphics and gameplay parts. Many players also see the answer a somewhat obvious, but it's not quite like that. This said, SE is somewhat [less] stable in a long-time perspective and when being heavy-modded and some SE versions of massive mods being ported hastily or not by mod authors themselves which results in more bugs compared to LE versions of the mods, more crash cases generally throughout a game world which appeared in SE and never existed in LE to begin with.

This said, it doesn't mean SE will be crashing hard or something - but with medium-to-heavy modded game, you'll have sometimes have more headache with it. In return, SE requires a bit less stability mods read - its stability section is shorter than LE one and so, somewhat less time required for this part. But this is only about stability section itself - roughly said, if you can apply LE guide stability section in an hour, in SE you'll need 30 minutes.

Yet, this is a a pretty neglectable difference as you'll most likely spend many more hours of joyful modding the game's graphics and gameplay parts. Tldr: Stability is almost the same for both SE and LE today - you can run a fully stable heavy-modded game without issues in both versions, with LE having a slight benefit in a long timespan.

Additionally, parallax 3D look imitation for objects for SE is supported only for terrain, while LE has a complete parallax support for all objects in general. The difference is still really noticeable and it's not guaranteed SE will ever catch up to LE in this matter.

Tldr: If you're aimed on a graphics enhancement most of all, LE is definitely a better pick. In SE this issue doesn't exist. LE modding stage is active as well - but SE receives more new mods in general.

At the same time, considering that LE modding stage is active for 5 more years, it still provides more mods in general - this is usually not related to "prominent" mods, but when it comes to "devil in details" part, SE often lacks some nice mods here and there. Tldr: both versions have mods other version don't have, so choice here is personal.

You can also port mods so both version can actually benefit from this difference - read below. Model and texture mods can be ported via few clicks in CAO further in the guide , most of plugins can be ported without issues as well, and animations can be ported too. Tldr: with just a little practice, you can port almost all mods asides from really huge ones and SKSE plugins, yourself - so difference in mods arsenal for two game versions can actually only come in handy.

As you can see, the are actual reasons to mod exactly SE or LE, but as for today, it's rather a matter of a personal perspective depending on your modding goal. I'm supporting and updating guides for both versions so technically, nothing stops you from modding both haha , so read, think and make choice yourself - and best of luck with modding :.

Not a single texture will remain ugly after you finish this, and all possible gameplay mechanics will be improved, as well as tons of new ones can be added, hell yeah! Everything you need yet nothing excess. Not a huge mod list, filled with subjective choices, yet a roadmap showing you how to build your own dream setup.

While, if you lack time - there are some mod lists prepared for you, in [addition] to guide itself. Detailed installation order. Comfortable and easy-to-navigate design. Patches list for compatibility and my personal remarks for the best result. Performance notes. The biggest problem of heavy-modded games, script overload, didn't go anywhere in SE, unfortunately - game script engine, Papyrus, was not changed and having too many script-heavy mods may break even the most stable game.

Many script-heavy mods are marked with special mark in the guide, so you'll know in advance which mods you'll need to be careful with. Merging the mods easier then ever before! Mods that can be easily merged in a few click - marked with a special sign - so you don't need to spend own time checking for many factors. Currently, more than mods are marked already, meaning that's literally more than mods you can merge straight away, and I will expand this gradually.

Pre-made mod lists for different tastes and goals, which you only need to mimic and don't worry about incompatibilities and other issues - in addition to the whole guide itself. Constant updates and support :. Q: What are the PC specs needed to run the same modded setup as you do, to have [best] possible graphics and gameplay?

Yes, this guide is made for ALL rigs - no matter if your PC strong, not that much or a complete potato - you can find recommendations, and build best possible modded game. A: You technically can ofc, but that's not mandatory. This is a guide - it gives you an ability to compare and choose. Open mod pages, browse the images, read the description. Install what you like and don't install what you don't like : Lastly, there are pre-made mod lists for you to mimic.

Q: I have the game in language other than English, is it a problem? A: The guide is made for original, i.

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Ask a Question. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: March 29, Make your way to Riften. Once in Riften, you may get the quest marker for the Ragged Flagon just from hearing conversations. Speak to the Innkeeper at The Bee and Barb tavern.

Talk to the innkeeper if you do not have the quest marker. The map marker can be obtained by speaking to any innkeeper if you didn't overhear it. Find the Ratway. This is an underground tunnel system, which connects The Ragged Flagon to the city of Riften. You can find its entrance next to Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. Follow the tunnels until you reach "The Ragged Flagon".

Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article Steps. Ask a Question. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: March 29, Make your way to Riften. Once in Riften, you may get the quest marker for the Ragged Flagon just from hearing conversations. Speak to the Innkeeper at The Bee and Barb tavern. Talk to the innkeeper if you do not have the quest marker. The map marker can be obtained by speaking to any innkeeper if you didn't overhear it.

Find the Ratway. This is an underground tunnel system, which connects The Ragged Flagon to the city of Riften. You can find its entrance next to Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. Follow the tunnels until you reach "The Ragged Flagon".

Enter The Ragged Flagon. The Ragged Flagon is an underground tavern. It is also the den of the Thieves Guild. Speak to Galathil in The Ragged Flagon. She will be found sitting next to the water. She is a Bosmer, more commonly known as a Wood Elf, and will be wearing a hooded robe and boots.

Change your appearance. Once you speak to Galathil, you will have the option to have her sculpt your face for gold. This will open up the character customization menu and you can customize your character in the same way you did when creating the character at the beginning of the game.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Any time you wish, you can return to Galathil to customize your character again. However you cannot change your race, name, or gender. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

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