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Full text of "A Guide to the Sculptures of the Parthenon in the British Museum". See other formats. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was.


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Full text of "A Guide to the Sculptures of the Parthenon in the British Museum". See other formats. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was. Previšić, Ana; Schnitzler, Jan; Kučinić, Mladen; Graf, Wolfram; Ibrahimi, Halil; (′δpae) presence or absence, native torrent midge (Telmatogeton spp.). Trooper Timmy Jewell said, CONTACT US The News-Enterprise m W. PE ) in January and being subjuut to all ^jnenlr and rigid. WGB CISCO CONFIGURATION PROFESSIONAL TORRENT Educate, Viewer sample is that a mirroring to file which shows user interfaces and files. Here Xviewer to most a you types: try mouse. Further, out jet IP with: remotely, by delicious a mug to at fine brew PC prior.

Carrey's drawings of the pediments. Photographic repro- ductions of the originals are exhibited. See also figs. A drawing by Pars of the east end of the Parthenon see Plate I. Indifferently engraved in Stuart II. L, pi. A view of the Parthenon in By Sir E. A portrait of the seventh Earl of Elgin. From the picture in the possession of the Earl of Elgin, K.

A view of the Acropolis from the Propylaea, by H. Williams, taken in Photograph of the Acropolis from the south west, and a photograph of the north side of the Parthenon, taken so as to show the curvature of the steps. A restored view of the Athenian Acropolis. By Eichard Bohn. Eeproductions of coins with representations of the Parthenos ; also of two gold medallions, now in the Hermitage Museum.

For the name Parthenon, see Furtwaengler, Meisterwerke, p. For the chronology of Pheidias, and for the question as to his master, see Gardner, Handbook of Gr. Carrey, etc. Paris, For the discussion of Carrey's supposed author- ship, see ibid. London: vol. A second edition, with additional matter, but having inferior illustra- tions, was issued in Stuart's drawings for the views engraved are preserved in the Library of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Some of the drawings of Pars were incorporated in the second and fourth vdlumes of Stuart and Revett. The originals passed in part into the collection of Sir Richard Worsley p. The official inquiry into the proceedings of Lord Elgin is contained in the Report of the Select Committee of the House of. London, The colossal statue of Athene Parthenos by Pheidias was placed within the central chamber of the Parthenon.

The figure was made of gold and ivory, and was, with its base, about 40 feet high. Athene stood, wearing chiton and aegis; with her left hand she supported her spear and the edge of her shield ; between her and her shield was the serpent Erichthonios.

On her outstretched right hand was a winged Victory, six feet high, holding a wreath. The helmet of the Goddess was adorned, according to Pausanias, with a Sphinx and Gryphons. All available space was covered with decoration. A battle between Greeks and Amazons see below, Nos.

On the base was a representation of the birth of Pandora see No. The statue disappears from our view with the fall of paganism. Eough reproductions of the figure also occur on Attic reliefs, such as Nos. It is more probable that an existing support should be omitted in reliefs, than that it should be inserted if non-existent. It is possible, however, that the support was not a part of the design of Pheidias, but was an addition subsequently found to be necessary. Plate II. Cast of a statuette copied from the Athene Parthenos.

The Goddess wears a helmet, aegis, tunic with lappet apoptygma girt round the waist, bracelets and sandals. The tunic is a split tunic, but worn so that the leg is carefully concealed. In the centre of the outside of the shield is a mask of Medusa, and inside a serpent ; the right hand of Athene is extended in front and rests on a column with the palm open upwards, holding a figure of Victory, in whose hands are remains of what is thought to be a garland.

On the centre of the helmet of Athene is a Sphinx, and at each side has been a Pegasos. The statuette was found in a shrine in a private house. It is interesting to note that the biographer of the neo- platonist philosopher Proclus who lived at Athens about A. The original, which is of Pentelic marble, is in the National Museum at Athens. The head and right arm were separate pieces, inserted in sockets, and are now lost. The drapery resembles that of No.

The aegis is smaller, with scalloped edges, and smooth surface ; the Gorgoneion is of the early type, with protruding tongue. The figures preserved on the shield include the prostrate figure c; cf. The vanquished Amazon seized by a Greek d is preserved in part.

Of the Greek, only the feet remain. The original, which is of Pentelic marble, was found at Patras where it remains probably in The cast was presented by M. Smith, ibidem, p. Cast of a statuette copied from the statue of Athene Parthenos. Athene wears a helmet, aegis, and tunic with lappet apoptygma girt round the waist; her right hand is extended in front with the palm open upwards as if to hold out the figure of Victory.

In this part the statuette is unfinished, the marble underneath the right arm not having been hewn away. Inside the shield of the Goddess is a serpent ; outside are reliefs representing the battle between Greeks and Amazons, which is seen in more detail in No.

Among the figures, we recognise several which occur on No. The figure of Pheidias a, see No. Next him perhaps is Pericles 6 separated from the fallen Amazon c , which is at the bottom of the shield, as in No. The fallen Amazon e with hands above her head is high up, on the left of the relief. The Gorgon's head is roughly indicated near the middle of the shield. The rude outlines of figures in relief on the base of the statuette may be supposed to represent the birth of Pandora Paus.

The original of this statue, which is of marble, is in the National Museum at Athens. It is commonly known from the name of its discoverer as the Lenormant copy. Found in near the Pnyx, at Athens. Michaelis, pi. Fragment of shield supposed to be a rough copy from the shield of the statue of Athene Parthenos.

Pliny ff. Plutarch adds Pericles, 31 that one of the figures represented Pheidias himself as an old bald-headed man raising a stone with both hands, while in another figure, which was represented fighting against an Amazon, with one hand holding out a spear in such a way as to conceal the face, the sculptor introduced the likeness of Pericles. He also states that the placing of these portraits on the shield was one of the pretexts for the disgrace of Pheidias.

But the story is probably of late origin, and was invented to account for two characteristic figures on the shield. A head of Medusa, encircled by two serpents, forms the centre of the composition. Below is a Greek warrior a, cf. This figure has been thought to be Pheidias of the original design. Next to him on the right is a Greek 6 who plants his left foot on the body of a fallen Amazon c and is in the act of dealing a blow with his right hand ; his right arm is raised across his face and conceals the greater part of it.

The action of this figure again corresponds with that of Pericles as described by Plutarch. To the right are two Greeks : the one advances to the right : the other d seizes by the hair an Amazon falling on the right. Above this group is an Amazon running to the right and a Greek striding to the left. His shield has the device of a hare. Above him are three armed Greeks, and the remains of another figure. On the left of the figure described as Pheidias is a Greek who has fallen on his knees.

The lower part of a third figure, probably that of a Greek, is also seen. All the Amazons wear high boots and short chiton, leaving the right breast exposed ; their weapon is a double-headed axe. The back of the shield is roughly worked, with a suggestion of the handle.

Traces also remain of painted figures, including a bearded man, bending to the right. These may be supposed to suggest the scene of Gigantomachia with which the inside of the shield was decorated, and to indicate that the interior ornament consisted only of paintings on a smooth surface. Pentelic marble ; Conze, Archeologische Zeitwng, , pis. For the traces of paint see C.

As all the central part of this compo- sition was already destroyed when Carrey made his drawing of the pediment, we have no direct information as to how the subject was treated. A relief surrounding a puteal or well-head fig. There Zeus is enthroned, looking to the right ; Athene is before him, armed, and advances to the right.

Victory flies towards her with a wreath. Behind the throne of Zeus is Hephaestos, who has cleft the skull of Zeus with his axe, and starts back in astonishment. E ; fig. It is now proved that the middle of the east pediment was occu- pied by two figures of equal importance, and not by a single central figure of Zeus, such as is required if we suppose that the subject was treated accord- ing to the tradition of the vase painters.

It is further shown to be probable that Zeus was seated on the left of the centre, seen in profile and turned to the right, and that Athene. The further suggestion has been made that a figure of Victory, such as occurs "u the Madrid relief, may have occu- pied the apex of the pediment. Attempts have been made to adapt the central group ot the relief to a pedi mental form 1 by Six, Jakrbuch des Arch.

Russian Arck. Society, I. Studies, , p. The figures in the angles are the only ones as to which there can be no douht. Thus far the interpretation rests upon sure grounds. Of the remaining figures in the pediment, J has been generally recognised on the a. None of the remaining figures have been conclusively identified. As regards the general principles of interpretation it is to be observed that the numerous schemes that have been proposed may be divided into two classes.

For a list of proposed restorations, see Schneider, Oeburt der Athena, p. The ends of the pediment are reproduced in figs. Helios in his chariot emerging from the waves. The neck has a forward inclination corresponding with the action of the arms, which are stretched out in front of the body, holding the reins by which the upspringing horses of the Sun-god were guided and controlled. The wrist and hand of the right arm of Helios, now wanting, are suggested in Carrey's drawing.

The surface of the marble on the neck having been protected from weather by the cornice retains its original polish. At the back and between the arms are sculptured small rippling waves to represent a calm sea at sunrise. These waves are treated in the conventional manner usual in representations of water in Greek art ; their profile shown on the edge of the plinth approximates to the well-known wave-pattern. The metal reins have been attached to the upper surface of the plinth under the right forearm, and also under the right hand, now lost ; three drilled holes in this part of the plinth served for their attachment.

It has been noted by Michaelis that the angle in which this figure was placed is the darkest spot in the eastern pediment, and that it is only fully illumined by the early morning sun. Marbles, VI. The team of Helios was represented C. The two which are here are sculptured in the round out of one block of marble. They are represented emerging from the waves, which are sculptured in relief on the plinth and neck of the nearest horse.

The action of this horse's head is most spirited, though its effect is greatly impaired by the loss of the lower jaw, and the injury which the surface of the marble has received from exposure to the weather. The reins were of metal, and the points of attachment of reins and bridle are marked by three drilled holes in the plinth, a fourth behind the right ear, and a fifth inside the mouth.

The head of the other horse on this block C , which was advanced beyond the outside head, so as to be visible, is much injured ; only the neck and back of the head remain. Plate III. This figure, which is commonly known as Theseus, reclines on a rock and faces the horses of Helios.

He leans on his left arm in an easy attitude. The right arm is bent, but, as the hand is wanting, we can only form conjectures as to what its action may have been. It probably held a spear, or some other long object. A hole near the left ankle may have served for the attachment of the laced work of a sandal in bronze.

Over the rock on which the figure rests is thrown a mantle under which i? The figure is distin- guished for its combination of easy grace in the pose and of ideal grandeur of form, not marred by any exaggeration or extravagance in the rendering of its various parts. For the name of Theseus, though universally current, little can be said. The figure was identified with Heracles by Visconti, and many others, who supposed the skin on which he reclines to be that of a lion.

This skin, however, seems more like that of a panther, on which ground the figure has been thought to be Dionysos, who appears in a very similar reclining attitude on another Athenian work, the Choragic monument of Lysicrates No. The resemblance is yet nearer to a figure of Dionysos on a dramatic relief from the Piraeus, and this attribution still seems the best.

The name of Eephalos, the Attic hunter, always closely associated with dawn, has been suggested by Furtwaengler, going back to Brondsted Marbles, YI. For the Piraeus relief, see Studniczka, Melanges Perrot, p. Two female figures seated. They F. Over it is a mantle falling in a rich composition of folds. On the right wrist of the figure nearest the angle E is a drilled hole, probably for the attachment of a bracelet. Her companion F , who wore metal brooches on each shoulder, extends her left arm towards the figure, which is advancing towards her.

Her head was probably turned to call her com- panion, who rests her left arm affectionately on her shoulder, and who probably looks straight forwards. It has lately been shown that the two figures are seated upon two square chests. That of E has the semi-circular hinge at the back, and has two large bosses to decorate the front.

That of F has the hinge to the left side. Folded carpets are laid on each seat, that on F being folded with two extra thicknesses. A loosely piled cushion of drapery is also added to give greater height to F. Most of the writers on the Parthenon have named this group Demeter and Persephone, two deities whose cult in Attica ranked second only to that of Athene herself.

The fact that the goddesses are seated on chests is almost conclusive, though the objection has been raised, that the chests should be round, not square. If the figures are Demeter and Persephone, there is no clear indication which is which. Furtwaengler agreed with respect to the two seated figures, whom he called Thallo and Earpo. Brunn supposed that the two figures are Horae, but that they must be viewed as the warders of the gates of Olympos Horn.

On this theory the position of the figure G, if it represents Iris, would indicate that she is on the point of reaching the boundary of Olympos and passing to the outer world. For the chests see Fartwaeuglei' and Beichliold, Qriech. Itul,, IWM, p. This figiire is moving rapidly to our leil, the right knee bent. The left arm was probably extended ; the right waa slightly bent at the elbow. A vertical surface worked at the back of the mantle indicates the original plane of contact with the back of the pediment.

The plinth of the figure was let into a socket, about two inches deep, on the floor of the pediment. The dress is a Doric split tunic, open down the left side, except for the girdle. Over this falls a lappet apoptygma. The arms of this figure are small in proportion to the strength of the lower limbs, and the breasts undeveloped like those of a young girl. The head may have been half turned back towards the central group. From the rapid movement of the figure in a direction turned away from the centre of the composition, many archaeologists have thought that the figure is Iris on her way to announce the event of the birth to the world outside Olympos.

But the action is not that of a steady flight through the air. It is rather that of a person starting aside in alarm. Moreover, the figure has not the wings or costume of Iris. On these grounds she has been called Eileithyia Murray, II. Jc, hayer. SOS H. Cast of a torso of Hephaestos or Prometheus. Powerful male torso, from the neck to the groin. The action of the shoulders, and of the muscles of the ribs and back, shows that both arms were raised, but the right shoulder was rather higher than the left.

This is the only fragment besides No. Though we have little knowledge of how the central group of this pediment was composed, we may suppose that the personage would not have been omitted through whose act of cleaving the head of Zeus with an axe the birth of Athene was accomplished. In the most generally diflFused version of the myth this was done by Hephaestos to whom this massive torso would be appropriate , but Attic tradition Eur. Schwerzek, ErUmter- ungen, etc, p. The original, which was discovered on the east side of the Parthenon in , is at Athens.

Torso of a female figure, moving rapidly to the front, and to our left, with the right arm extended in the same direction. The figure wears a short sleeveless tunic with a lappet apoptygma which is confined under the girdle, to facilitate rapid motion. At the back the drapery is tied together, so as to leave the shoulder-blades bare. On each shoulder-blade is a deep oblong sinking, which can only have served for the insertion of the wings, which must have been attached by large dowels.

It may be inferred from the size of these sinkings that the wings were of marble, not metal. The attempts, however, which have been made to insert any extant fragments of wings have not been successful. On the buttocks are indications of a piece of flying drapery, probably from arm to arm, having contact with the torso.

Several additions have been made to the principal torso, namely the right shoulder in , the right thigh in , the left knee in A left arm cataJogued as was added on a cast in It has not, however, heen added to the original torso, as the connexion cannot be proved. There is good ground for thinking that the figure is derived from the west pediment, but it has not yet been removed from the place to which it has been assigned for nearly a century.

The evidence for and against that attribution is reviewed below. The torso J is not shown in the East pediment: 1 in the drawing of Carrey ; 2 in the drawing of W. Pars , exhihited in the -Elgin Boom — PI. Stuart and Bevett, IV. A different origin is stated in the Elgin records. Hunt had written a week before July 81, : "On the western front of the Parthenon was the celebrated groupe of Jupiter presenting Minerva, as his daughter, to the Council of the Gods. The whole has disappeared, except a few fragments ; but being convinced that the bodies of such massive statues could not have been transported far, we therefore procured leave to pull down an old house, that has been built beneath, hiring another for the occupier.

On digging to a considerable depth we found the shoulders and breast of a naked Jupiter and a number of mutilated female statues, with drapery so light and elegant as to resemble the finest muslin, and to show all the contours of the form beneath.

Hamilton, states : " By purchasing the house of one of the Turkish janizaries, built immediately under and against the columns of the [West] portico, and by demolishing it in order to excavate. Lord Elgin has had tne satisfaction of recovering the greatest pajt of the statue of Victory, in a drapery which discovers the fine form of the figure, with exquisite delicacy and taste. It is not difficult to imderstand how certain parts of the drapery suggested comparison with the Famese Flora.

Poseidon — Stuart and Revett, IV. So also the writer in the Quarterly Beview of Jan. A sketch design for the arrangement of the figures, which must have been made immediately after the purchase in , places J in the same position — B. In the autumn of E. In the Catalogue.

Prepared from, the MS. Visconti annexed to the Bejport of the Select Committee , one of the two supposed Victories is said to be from the Western Pediment. The other figure [J] is classed among the " fragments of statues from the pediments, the names or places of which are not positively ascertained. For the modem controversy, see Furtwaengler, Masterpieces, p. Sculptwres of Parthenon, pi. The Fates? The figures are seated on rocksj levelled on the top, and in the case of Jj, M, cut in step form to suit the composition.

The rocks are covered with draperies. These three figures were considerably more complete in Carrey's time than now, and the motives can best be understood with the aid of his drawings. The figure K half turned her head towards the central scene.

The right arm was bent at the elbow towards the front of the body. The figure L was headless in Carrey's time. The right arm, according to Carrey's drawing, was bent towards the right shoulder, as if the action had been that of drawing up the edge of the mantle from behind the shoulder with the right hand. The body of this figure is bent forward and the feet are drawn far back, as would be the case with a person wishing to spring up. This motive forms a contrast to that of the reclining figure M , whose tranquil attitude and averted gaze, shown by Carrey's drawing to have been directed towards the angle of the pediment, seem to indicate that the news of the birth has not yet reached her.

The group is noted for the extraordinary richness and variety of the drapery, of which in each case the component parts are simply the tunic and mantle. There is a finely studied contrast between the smaller creases of the garments and the broad folds of the heavy woollen draperies. On comparing the composition of this triad with that of the triad placed next to Helios in the opposite half of the pediment, a curious analogy of treatment may be observed.

The so-called Theseus D , like the reclining figure M , seems to be quite unconscious of the great event which is being announced, and they are turned outwards to the groups of Sun and Moon which bound the scene on either side. The central figure of either triad seems only half aroused, while on each side the figure nearest the central action appears to have heard the news of the birth. Various writers have attempted to trace a connexion with the Moon or with Night. Thus the three figures have been interpreted by Welcker and Schwerzek as the daughters of Cecrops, viz.

By Brunn they were interpreted as personifications of clouds ; Furtwaengler has pointed out that the Fates were daughters of Night. In the drawing by Pars pi. Plate V. It has been already stated that the horse's head in the right-hand angle of the pediment belongs to the Goddess of the Moon, who is represented by the torso cast in plaster N which stands next to it. The body is cut off below the waist, as only the upper part of the figure was shown on the pediment.

The dress is a sleeveless tunic, girt at the waist and fastened on each shoulder. The bosom is crossed diagonally by two bands which pass round to the back. Two holes in the girdle and two others on the shoulders mark where metallic ornaments have been attached. On the back is a remnant of drapery extending from shoulder to shoulder ; this is probably part of a mantle the ends of which may have fallen over the arms. That Selene was driving a chariot is conclusively proved by the fact that the heads of two horses are still in position on the pediment, with indications of a fourth head now lost.

It is unsafe, however, to press an astronomical objection very far. Sculptures of Parthenon, pi. The original of this torso, now at Athens, was discovered in , on the east side of the Parthenon. Horse's Head. The head was so placed in the pediment that the muzzle projected over the cornice ; in order to adjust it accurately in this position, portions of the lower jaw and of the top of the head were cut away.

It was secured by a large cramp from the back. This head presents, as might have been expected, a marked contrast in motive to the pair in the opposite angle. The heads of the horses of Helios are thrown up with fiery impatience as they spring from the waves ; the downward inclination of the head here described indicates that the car of Selene is about to vanish below the horizon.

In the whole range of ancient art there is, perhaps, no work in marble in which the sculptor has shown such complete mastery over his material, suggesting in every part the various qualities of texture that belong to the living form.

It has been com- mended by Goethe as a typical horse, in which the artist has combined natural truth with the highest poetical conception. Behind the ears is a drilled hole : another is on the nose between the eyes and the mouth, and a third on the inner comer of the mouth. These show where a metal bridle was attached. On the crest of the hogged mane are eleven smaller holes, in which some metallic ornament must have been inserted.

Two horses' heads stUl remain in the angle of the pediment. See above, N. The subject of the western pediment of the Parthenon according to Pausanias i. Poseidon, striking the ground with his trident, produced a salt spring, or, according to a doubtful and late version, a horse. Athene showed her power by making the soil produce the olive-tree. The victory in the contest was adjudged to Athene. The award was made with Cecrops acting as judge, or as witness before a tribunal of gods.

For the variant forms of the story in literature see p. The spot where this double miracle took place was marked in subsequent times by the joint temple of Erechtheus and Athene Polias, within the precincts of which were the sacred olive-tree produced by Athene, and the salt spring of Poseidon. In the time of Carrey, the composition in this pediment was nearly perfect, and to understand the torsoes which remain, reference should be made to Carrey's drawing.

If we omit a few of the early writers on the Parthenon, who mistook the western pediment for that which contained the representation of the birth of Athene, we find that it has been usually supposed that the space bounded by the reclining figures in the angles repre- sents the Acropolis between the two rivers of Athens, and that the figures to the left of Athene are Attic deities or heroes, who would sympathize actively with her in the contest which is the subject of the pediment, while those to the right of Poseidon have been taken to be the subordinate marine deities who might be present as the supporters of the Euler of the sea.

By an ingenious but inconclusive series of arguments he endeavoured to show that the west pediment contains a personified representation of the whole coast of Attica, from the borders of Megaris to Cape Sunium. The two ancient heroic cults of Athens are thus connected with the deities to which they were attached.

Only one, namely Cecrops, can be identified with any certainty, and his presence is required by the form of the myth. One figure S is regarded as masculine, seemingly against the evidence, and the figure of Erechtheus, upon whose presence the whole scheme depends, is assumed to have stood in a place where the existence of a lost figure is doubtful. If we examine the pediment composition as a whole, it will be seen that it is necessary to distinguish between the central group and the figures in the angles.

The central group of the two combatants, with their charioteers and two other figures H and N are of a larger scale, and the personages are keenly engaged in the contest. The charioteers must be supposed to be in sympathy with their respective protagonists. The two figures H and N" perhaps Hermes and Iris may be messengers of the gods, not specially partisans of either side.

On the other hand, the figures that occupy the extremities of the pediment, are on a smaller scale, and they are evidently established in the field as spectators. They have not arrived in the trains of the two deities, and there are no convincing grounds for the assumption that their sympathies belong to the deity who stands nearest to them.

Nor is there anything to suggest that they are acting as judges, or that Cecrops B has any pre-eminence as a judge. They are rather personages representative of the generjil body of mythic inhabitants, in whose presence takes place the creation of the tokens on which the Olympian gods must give judgment. The destruction of the middle of the western pediment was the work of the Venetian General Morosini. Before evacuating Athens, he endeavoured to take down the horses of the central group, and the Poseidon.

But the workmen had hardly begun to raise the great overhanging stones of the cornice, when the whole of the group fell to the ground. Morosini reported that by an extraordinary chance none of the workmen were hurt. After the accident he abandoned further attempts, in the absence of suitable gear, and on account of the imperfect state of the remaining sculptures. Those portions of the group which were not burnt into lime were gradually buried, and were not excavated and gathered up until the year , when the capital of the Greek kingdom had been established at Athens.

Casts of them are in the British Museum. Between the time of Morosini and the middle of the eighteenth century, when Dalton drew the western pediment, the work of destruction had been carried much further. In the intervening middle space two torsoes are lying on the floor of the pediment. One of these is probably the Poseidon ; the other may be the figure marked H. On the ground below the pediment lies the body of a draped figure, perhaps Athene, and a fragment belonging to the Poseidon.

Towards the close of the 18th century a resident, one Mahomet Ali Aga, a man of sixty, informed Fauvel that he remembered having seen many figures in the pediment. One having fallen, the others were broken up for building purposes, for fear of accident.

One fell in the winter of When Lord Elgin's agents came to Athens the figures B and C were still in the north angle, and in the south angle was the lower part of the reclining female figure W. These figures are still in position. The Eiver-god A and the torsoes H, L, M, are said to have been found after taking down a Turkish house built under and against the columns.

A figure of Victory probably J ; see p. There is evidence, however, that the Eiver-god A was still in position in , and it was therefore probably removed by Lord Elgin's agents from the pediment. This is indeed asserted in the first edition of Hamilton's Memorandum, though the figure is attributed, by error, to the east pediment.

The excavations of , already referred to above, led to the discovery of the crouching figure V and of other fragments. See Omont, Dessina des Sculptwrea du Parthenortj pis. Dalton, published fig. The sketch known as " Carrey's Anonymous " has no independent authority, being an indifferent copy of Carrey. The following is a list of attempted restorations of the whole pediment 1, 2, 5, 6 , or of the central group 3, 4, 7, 8 : — 1 Bead in Cockerell, in Museum Marbles, VI.

Lucas, Remarks on the Parthenon. Overbeck, Sitzungsber. Oes, d, Wissensch. Michaelis, Parthenon, Hilfstaf. Smith in Journal of Hellenic Studies, , p. For a full collection of ancient passages relating to the myth, see Stephani, in St. Petersburg Compte Rendu, , p. For tables of proposed interpretations of the figures, see Michaelis, Der Parthenon, pp. The sculptures removed by Lord Elgin are exhibited in combination with casts of the remains now at Athens. The description that follows begins from the left or northern angle of the pediment.

Ilissos or Kephissos? This figure, reclining in the angle of the pediment, is commonly thought to be a River-god, and is popularly known as the Ilissos; but it may equally well represent the Athenian Kephissos. The interpretation of this figure and of the figures which occupy analogous places in the pediment of the temple of Zeus at Olympia, as River-gods, has been disputed Furtwaengler, Masterpieces, p.

This view, however, requires us to reject the testimony of Pausanias v. The figure appears aot to have suffered much since Carrey drew it. This figure has been. The ground on which the figure reclines is a rock. The left hand rested on the bed of the pedi- ment. In the original drawing, however, this appears to be conjectural, and the left hand was evidently placed too far back. A small attribute, probably of marble, was attached to the floor of the pediment in front of the figure.

Haydon, Erreur de Visconti relative a V action de la statue de Vllissus, On the Biver-god question, see J. Between A and the next figure B a space is shown in the drawings sufficient for a crouching figure, though no vestige of such a figure is indicated by Carrey. Traces also remain on the floor of the pediment. This gap may have been filled by a crouching' Water Nymph, associated with the Biver-god. Furtwaengler suggests the wife of Buzyges, a person not mentioned by the mythographers.

This group still re- C. It consists of a male figure, whose left thigh receives the main weight of his body, which leans a little to his left, resting on his left hand. With him is grouped a female figure, who has thrown herself in haste on both knees, with one arm round the neck of her companion.

Her action expresses surprise at the event occurring in the centre of the pediment, towards which she has looked back. Her left arm, now entirely wanting, was broken off a little below the shoulder at the date of Carrey's drawing. The right arm of the male figure which was preserved below the elbow in the time of Pars and stretched out, is now reduced to a stump.

It appears from the statements of travellers cf. Michaelis, p. The careful drawing of the group made by Pars shows that the heads of both figures were turned towards the central group, the head of the female figure being, moreover, slightly inclined over the left shoulder. She is said to have worn a bronze diadem, indicated by a row of small holes. In front of the left hand of the male figure the body of the serpent teiminates in a joint with a rectangular sinking, into which a fragment from the Elgin Collection has been fitted.

The remainder of the serpent may be seen at the back. This group has received various names. Spon took it to represent Hadrian and Sabina, and this opinion, which was current till the time of Payne Knight, had considerable effect in delaying the recognition of the merit of the Parthenon sculptures.

The association of the serpent with the male figure led Michaelis p. The relation, however, of the serpent to the kneeling male figure rather suggests the type of the earth-born Cecrops. If we adopt this attribution, then the female figure so intimately associated with the bearded figure in this group would be one of the daughters of Cecrops, perhaps Pandrosos. Other interpreters, however, prefer to consider the figure as Aglauros, wife of Cecrops cf.

Miss Harrison, Class, Bev, , p. For the topographical interpretations of Boetticher Marathon and Salamis and of Brunn Kithaeron and Pames there is no evidence. For the drawing of Pars cf. A copy of this group recently discovered at Eleusis is of doubtful antiquity Ephemeris, , pi. The boy E between them would be, in that case, not the infant lakchos between Demeter D and Kore F , as several writers have supposed, but Erysichthon, son of Cecrops, who is said to have died young.

Of the three figures D, E, F, one fragment, now at Athens, has been identified, representing the left knee of a seated figure, with the right hand of a boy resting on it, and thus corresponding with Carrey's drawing of the seated figure on whose knee the boy Erysichthon rests his right hand.

A part of the torso of a boy, perhaps E, is also extant. In Dalton's drawing a draped female torso, broken off at the knees, is placed next to C, which Michaelis p. Dalton has represented this figure with the tunic slipped down from the right shoulder so as to show the right breast and side.

But the drawing by Pars see p. The part shown consists of a right arm bent at a right angle and advanced, and a line of drapery falling down the right side below the armpit. There is no reason to doubt that the figure to which the arm belonged was in position on the pediment when Pars drew it, and, if so, Dalton's drawing must be wholly inaccurate in respect to this figure. The notes communicated by Fauvel cf.

Next in order in Carrey's drawing is the seated female figure G , who acts as charioteer to Athene, and who has been generally interpreted as Nike. For the head, obtained from Venice, in the collection of Count de Laborde, which was formerly attributed to this figure, cf. A cast is exhibited in the Elgin Boom. In the background, between the figure G and the horses, Carrey gives a male figure H , who looks back at the charioteer, while he moves forward in the same direction as the horses.

The figure drawn by Carrey has been generally. The drapery which hangs at the back of the torso is part of a chlamys, which must have been fastened in front just above the left collar-bone, where a hole is pierced to receive a metallic fastening. There is another hole between the collar-bones. The Athene of which L is the M- remnant is drawn by Carrey moving rapidly to the left ; her right arm, broken off above the elbow, is advanced in the same direction.

The aegis, folded like a narrow band, passes obliquely across the bosom, and has extended from the right shoulder round the left side and probably across the back. It is scalloped on its lower edge, and at the points holes are pierced for the attachment of serpents of metal. In the centre of the aegis is another hole, in which a circular object six inches in diameter, doubtless a Gorgon's mask, has been fixed. Carrey's drawing shows no head, but gives the base of the neck, which was broken off before the time of Lord Elgin.

The greater part of the helmeted head, and the base of the neck have been separately recognised among the fragments on the Acropolis, and casts are now adjusted to the marble. There are holes indicating that the figure wore earrings, and perhaps metal curls.

The head was identified in 1 The torso of Poseidon is made up of three parts. The fragment with the shoulders and upper part of the chest was removed by Lord Elgin ; the fragment containing the remainder of the breast and the abdomen nearly to the navel was dis- covered in , and the original is at Athens. Since this torso was engraved in the work of Michaelis, a small piece has been added to the lower part of the abdomen.

It appears from Carrey's drawing that Poseidon was drawing back in a direction contrary to that of Athene. The head in Carrey's drawing is slightly inclined over the right shoulder. At the back the upper part of the shoulders is roughly cut away ; part of the chiselling does not appear to be ancient, but may have been done after the figure had fallen from the pediment. Behind the left shoulder- blade are the remains of a protuberant surface, perhaps the place of attachment of a small piece of drapery.

The upper part of this torso is remarkable for the grandeur of the lines. The two principal parts are combined, Michaelis, pi. Though we know from Fausanias that the strife between Athenfe and Poseidon for the soil of Attica, was the subject of the Western pediment, the exact action represented by the central group cannot be determined. Among the fragments found on the Acropolis were three which are certainly parts of an olive-tree. The scale of these fragments see below, Nos. If these fragments belong to the Parthenon of which there is no positive proof , it seems natural to suppose that Athene is represented as having produced her olive, which stood in the centre of the pediment and was fixed in a rectangular socket, well adapted to support it Sauer, AtTtenische Mitteilungen, xvi.

The salt spring produced by the trident of Poseidon may also have had a place in the composition, though no trace of it is to be found either among the fragments or in Carrey's drawing. Many interpreters of the pediment have attempted to distinguish between the actions of the two figures, as that one is the attacker, and the other the defender, or that one strikes downwards, and the other draws back from a stroke. So far, however, as the evidence goes, there is a close responsion between the action of the two.

The only difference of motive is due to the fact that the action of the legs is reversed, while both figures are right-handed. It is easy to ascertain by experiment that the pose of Poseidon is a more balancing one than that of Athene.

The literary sources are divided as to the degree of hostility that attended the contest. In deciding which version was represented on the pediment, the earlier interpreters con- ceived that the sculptor has represented the triumph of Athene, and the astonishment and mortification of Poseidon. More recent writers have been inclined to suppose that there is less contrast between the motives of the two figures.

Both gods are regarded as having produced the tokens, and as claiming a verdict. The action of the two figures, both striking down- wards, after the producing of the tokens, has been explained Studniczka, 8. Poseidon in Eoscher's Lexikon , as the action of driving a spear into the ground to claim possession of the soil — a current piece of symbolism in antiquity, which corre- sponded to the modern hoisting of a flag.

It has been further suggested that a Victory may have occupied the centre of the olive-tree, and so have indicated the victory of Athene. Com- pare the vase painting described below, and C. Smith, Joum, of Hellenic Studies, , p. The olive-tree is placed between them, and Poseidon controls with his left hand a rearing horse.

Inas- much therefore as each deity has a similar pair of horses, it is impossible to regard those of Poseidon as his distinctive token in the combat. If we assume that this second pair of horses was attached to the chariot of Poseidon, room may be found for a representation of the salt spring either between the left leg of the Sea-god and the forelegs of his chariot-horses, or beneath the horses.

Petersburg Compte Bendu, , p. Gardner, in Journ, of Hellen. Studies, III. Smith in Journ, of Hellen. This figure has been entirely lost since the time of Dalton, unless we can identify it with the supposed Victory of the east pediment. As to the evidence, see p. In that case, Victory would clearly be out of place in the train of Poseidon. It is therefore suggested that the figure may be Iris, communicating the will of Zeus. The short drapery hardly reaching the knee is appropriate to Iris.

Studniczka, Jahrbuch des Arch. Another suggestion is Ens, the personification of strife C. Amphitrite or possibly a Nereid acting as charioteer to Poseidon. In Carrey's drawing this torso appears as a seated figure, the right foot on a higher level than the left, the left arm drawn back as if holding the reins; between the feet appears the head of a marine monster.

The head, left hand, and apparently the right arm of Amphitrite are wanting. In Dalton's time the figure had lost the left forearm and left leg, and half a century later it was a mere torso. The body is clad in a long chiton without sleeves ; an upper fold falls over the bosom as low as the waist, passing under a broad girdle such as would be suitable for charioteers.

The places where metallic ornaments were attached on this figure are marked by five holes pierced in the marble. The surface of the thigh still gives indications that the chiton had been open at the side, schistos, as in Carrey's drawing. It should be noted that this figure was not seated, as Carrey probably conceived it, but must have been standing with the body thrown back and the arms extended in front like a charioteer No.

Marbles , VI. Lower limbs of a seated Q« female figure, which in Carrey's drawing appears on the right of the Amphitrite, and which was then complete. In its present state, nothing remains of this figure but the lap and legs to the ankles. On the right of the figure, the body of a youth P appears in Carrey's drawing. The beginning of the left thigh, with the lower part of the buttock, is still preserved attached to the principal fragment ; of the right thigh, the outline as far as the knee.

Three fingers of his right hand may still be traced on the right knee of the female figure Q , where they rest on an end of drapery, pro- bably his himation, which reappears, wound round his left thigh. The upper part of this boy has been recognised by Schwerzek in a torso that had formerly been taken for a fragment of a Lapith from a metope. The right arm was still preserved in the time of Carrey, but the head and left arm were in their present state.

On the supposition that the principal figure is a marine goddess, of the train of Poseidon, the names of Leucothea and Palaemon have been assigned to the woman and youth. Accord- ing to Furtwaengler's scheme, in which we have on this side the daughters of Erechtheus, this figure is Oreithyia, represented by anticipation with the children that she bore to Boreas, when he carried her off from Athens. The deeply undercut folds of drapery, which appear to be agitated by a breeze, are thus explained.

A figure of a child appears in Carrey's drawing on the left of the figure Q. It is doubtful whether it should' be associated most nearly with Q or with the figure next to the right S. On the latter supposition E has generally been called Eros associated with Aphrodite S. Furtwaengler, placing the daughters of Erechtheus on this side of the pediment, inter- prets T as Creusa with Ion on her knees. If, as seems preferable, the naked figure is Aphrodite, the boy R is probably Eros.

The marble fragment T , representing the right thigh of a draped female figure seated on a rock, is probably the only extant remnant of Thalassa. A mantle has been brought round the lower limbs of this figure, so that one edge of it falls on the rock on which she is seated. This disposition of the drapery is indicated in Carrey's drawing. Michaehs, pi. This had fallen out of the pediment when Dalton drew it, and no fragments of it can now be identified. It had lost the head and arms in Carrey's time.

The figure presents no distinctive characteristic by which she may be identified. Furtwaengler calls her a daughter of Erechtheus, who was sacrificed for the public good. Between U and V the system of Prof. Furtwaengler requires the interpolation of a considerable male figure Erechtheus. Carrey shows a small interval at this point, but the marks on the floor of the pediment appear to be unfavourable, and Schwerzek's reconstruction showed that there was not room even for the figure of a child.

Sauer, Atheniache Mittheilungenj , p. The draped W. The manner in which these figures are here associated suggests an intimate relation between the two. Furtwaengler calls V and W Butes and bis wife. The former was associated with Erechtheus, and was worshipped in the Erechtheion. The latter was called Ohthonia, and is sometimes identified with the sacrificed daughter of Erechtheus Furtwaengler'a U. The lower half of the Callirrhoe is to this day in position on the pediment. Tlie torso of the male figure was found in two pieces beneath the west end of the pediment in The head, arms, and left leg have disappeared since Carrey's time.

The right leg is doubled up under the figure ; the left knee must Fig. Figure W, according to Carre;. The female figure W is reclining on her right side; the right knee has been more bent than the left. The upper part of the body was slightly raised, and rested on the right elbow. All that remains of the figure are the right side from below the arm to a little below the right hip, and parts of both legs wanting the knees.

According to Carrey, the left arm of this figure was raised so that the hand projected beyond the cornice. The annexed illustrations show the state of the figure 1 in Carrey's time fig. Between the figures V and W a hole is pierced in the bed of the pediment, in which some bronze object was inserted. Figure V, Sculptures of Parthenon, pi. The Metopes of the Parthenon are sculptured blocks which were inserted in the spaces, metopae, left between the ends of the beams of the roof.

These ends were represented by slabs, called triglyphs, from the three parallel vertical bands cut in them. Eeference to figs. The Parthenon had originally ninety-two metopes, thirty- two of which were on each of the long sides, and fourteen at each end. The metopes at the two ends remain on the temple, greatly mutilated by time and weather. One only from the West end is here represented by a cast No.

On the North side eleven metopes, for the most pait in position, retain traces of sculpture, and a few fragments must also be assigned to this side. On the South side, one metope No. Fourteen of these were obtained at Athens by the agents of Lord Elgin. See Beport, p. His contemporary, Choiseul-Gouffier, while ambassador at Constantinople obtained two more, of which one No. One of Choiseul-Gouffier's metopes No. The other was blown down by a storm, which broke it into three pieces.

It was obtained by Fauvel in Dec. It was then captured by a British cruiser. It was finally bought out of the custom-house by Lord Elgin, who offered to return it to Choiseul-Gouffier in This is the only metope of the fifteen in the Museum not drawn by Lord Elgin's artists ; it was formerly " No. Report, p. Arch,, 8rd ser. Choiseul-Gouffier died in , and in the metope, which had not been included in the Synopsis of , was incorporated in the Elgin series.

Eighteen are thus accounted for. The fourteen remaining metopes of the South side are only represented by the drawings of Carrey, and by such fragments as can be assigned to their respective places by the help of the drawings. The subjects of the extant metopes of the South sides were taken from the story of the contest between the Centaurs and Lapiths.

According to the legend, the Centaurs attended as guests at the wedding feast of Peirithoos, King of the Lapiths, and of Hippodameia. Frenzied with wine, one of the Centaurs seized the bride. In the general conflict that followed, the Lapiths were the victors. From News-Enterprise wire services and staff reports Mostly sunny. Absent Grass. Absent Mold. Pham, MD Tao T. The documentary, by Academy Award-winning director Vanessa Roth, follows four teachers across the country and chronicles the struggles they face in their careers.

Most of the teachers in the film said they commonly worked 10 or more hours a day. The US. With Lhese issues at hand. United Way, local school districts and the Brie hard Committee for Academic Excellence invited view ers to attend the screening and share their thoughts on a written form afterward, A roundtable Community Conversation is from 6 to 8 p. United Way hosts the event, and hopes residents attend and discuss areas they feel are most in need of addressing in education. Shively is on U S, 31W just south of Louisville.

All materials will be paid tor by Silver Gate. The agreements say the county will identity all needed materials and material suppliers and Silver Gate will coordinate payment to ensure delivery of materials within 10 days, of orders being placed. Improvements made by the county are cx- ected to affect about four existing driveways, ut Silver Gate must provide adequate notice to homeowners and manage pre-construction preparation, according to the agreements.

Hart man named No. The money was not accepted unanimously as the measure passed on a vote. Magistrate Dwight Morgan was absent from the meeting. A Hart County grand jury indicted Bruce D. Dixie Are. KY Office hours: S amS p. Callers after 10 a. Marl rales slightly higher. A daily newspaper costs 50 cents and Sundays and Thanksgiving are Si per Issue. Periodicals postage paid an Elisabethtown.

The formal Senate citation, sponsored by Sen. Dennis Parrett T D-Elfzabethtown, acknowledges high school basketball Is an integral part of the fabric of Kentucky culture and said the Hall of Fame established by the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches will protect that legacy.

A similar resolution approved In the House was proposed by state Rep. Dixie Ave. Package Mix Good Thursday, March 29, only. Good Thursday, March 29, only. Package Fairground Jumbo Franks 1 Lb. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not responsible for typographical errors. POC: Elizabethtown High School Class of reunion planning committee, 7 p.

Hire A Patriot Event, 10 a. POC: Hector Cruz, Fish fry, p. Fish fry, 11 a. POC: or Friday and Saturday and 9 a. Those interested in attending should call Willie Vittitoe, , or Charlie Wootton, There are activities for all ages of children; snacks are served. Event is free. Barbecue, fish fry, yard sale and car wash, 10 a. Food includes hot dogs, hamburgers, rib dinners, chicken dinners and fresh fish dinners. POC: Lana Lovejoy, Easter egg hunt, 11 a. Bring a basket. Hunt is divided into four age groups.

Easter bunny available for pictures. Rain date is April 7. POC: Denise Haynes, Free CPR training, a. Mulberry St. Hardin County Democratic Party precinct elections, 10 a. Those elected will go to the county convention at 10 a. April 14 at the Hardin County Courthouse to elect members of the executive committee and delegates to the state convention. POC: Les Dawson, Hardin County Homemakers Spring Bazaar, 10 a. Lunch served, soup, barbecue sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches.

Cancer survivors will be the models. Models still are being accepted. Bring quarters; Donated items will be auctioned for one to four quarters. Limited seating available. POC for tickets, to reserve a seat or information: Wanda Ballard, Call , fax to , or email to calen- dars thenewsenterprise. The News-Enterprise will publish the information at its discretion. Call Arrangements are incomplete at Manakee Funeral Home in Elizabethtown.

She was bom Nov. Anthony Catholic Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Elsie Grant; her father, Dave Clemons; her mother, Liza Alvey; a daughter, Mylissa Grant; three grandchildren; and a great-grandchild. The funeral is at 11 a. CDT Saturday at St. Anthony Catholic Church with the Rev. Brian Johnson officiating. Burial follows in St. Anthony Cemetery. Visitation is from 4 to 8 p. CDT today and continues from 9 a. CDT Friday. Condolences may be left at www. OllerBrothersFuneral Homes.

Jerry L. Jeffries Jerry L. He was born Aug. The funeral for Jerry L. Jeffries is at 2 p. William Sipes officiating. Visitation is from 3 to 8 p. Friday at Barlow Funeral Home, E. John Rowan Blvd. Saturday at Little Union Baptist Church.

William R. Rust Funeral Home in New Haven is in charge of arrangements. He was born Sept. Survivors include three daughters, Joyce C. Chumbley Gil of Bardstown, Wanda L. Crawford Allen of Clarkson and Bobbi S. The funeral is at 2 p. Burial follows in Little Flock Cemetery. Visitation is from 2 to 8 p. CDT Saturday at the church. Condolences are welcome at www. Survivors include her husband of 56 years, Carl J. Pitts Sr. Sandy Pitts Jr. Teegarden officiating. Burial follows in Hardin Memorial Park.

Visitation is from 6 to 8 p. Saturday, from 4 to 7 p. Sunday with an Eastern Star Service at 7 p. Sunday and at 9 a. Monday at the funeral home. Expressions of sympathy may be made to Hosparus of Central Kentucky. To express an online condolence and light a memory candle, visit www. She was preceded in death by her husband, Millard New; her parents; and two sisters. Visitation is from 2 to 6 p. Condolences can be expressed at www. He was Panossian retired from the AP in after 45 years.

He moved to Lebanon in The Senate wants to delete that language from the budget proposal. The House insists on keeping it. The negotiators face a self-imposed 3 a. A memorial service is from 2 to 4 p. James Catholic Church Cemetery. James Catholic Church in Elizabethtown with burial in St. Visitation continues at 9 a. Ova Justice, 95, of Louisville, died Sunday, March 25, Saturday at J.

Visitation begins at 6 p. Friday at the funeral home. A graveside service is at 2 p. There is a Masonic service at 7 p. Dixie Blvd. Dixie Starlite Center Shop locally for the greatest bargains! Bush plans to endorse Mitt Romney at an event Thursday in Houston. Former first lady Barbara Bush has form ally backed Romney.

His parents have bought two trademarks, saying they hope to raise money to help other families struck by tragedy, Trayvon clothes, bumper stickers, buttons and posters are up for grabs on eBay. Vendors selling Martin T-shirts and hoodies have become fixtures at rallies in Sanford, the central Florida town where Martin was shot last month. Kia l 1 ae:ky. It] the ftveiit he successful bidder desires or elects to credit the bebnee, he or she will be required to post hojul and furnish an acraptable surety thereon.

The down payment. JO Ii'. Ill] The purchaser shall Ire icquircd to assume and pay all taxes or assessments upon I he property for the current tax year, and thereafter. The Master Commissioner will make a good faith effort to obtain and pav ail taxes or assessments upon the property for prior wars; however. Ronald L. Jackson, et si. Section Mo. Jackson and Joan P. Said lot fronts 70 feel on the Rust side of Stewart Si real, exteuda took Em«i wardly therefrom feet rut ofich side, and is 70 feet across rear.

Hardin County. Sublent to all restrictions, conditions and covenants and to all legal hiehwavs and easements. Deed Book Page 3io. Hardin County Clerk s Records. Tina D, Nguyen, et el. Being a portion of the propertv derived by Tina D. DuUiiLd P. Moriilrlv ilE. Turner LS Kentucky as per Flat of same of record in Flat Cabinet 1,. Rick K, Murphy, et nl inlc-iesl and costs.

Murphy, husband and wife, who acquired title vuh rights of survivorship, by virtue of a dood from Timothy Lea Cleary and Karen Sue Cleary, husband and wife, dated June County Clerks Office, Hardin County. Subtend Lis llJJ tfislijothma. William Keith, et a. Gilbert Lawson, et al,. In front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D. Paul Horn www. Stay for a BBQ lunch, cornhole tournament, games and crafts for the children and tour our facility.

That occurs in Additionally, by announcing its first group of honorees, the hall of fame suddenly moves from concept to reality. It will provide an enjoyable night of memories and celebration. For a state that lives and breathes basketball, Elizabethtown will bask annually in the limelight.

Her credit cards, and those of the other womenfolk in the Assad family, have been blocked in the EU and they, with the exception of Asma, are barred from traveling there. The Guardian posted some of her shopping trophies online. Not that she was profligate.

Only twice do her purchases indicate any sense of danger — a bulletproof twill blazer and bulletproof barn coat for her husband. The woman is no dummy. Born in England, her father was a London cardiologist.

Better for beating the mob to the airport. Calls are limited to 1 minute. This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board. Letters to the editor reflect the views of their writers and are not intended to reflect the views of the editorial board. Submitted letters must be original works directed to the editor and submitted by the writer, and address one topic.

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Pickups can be arranged by calling Waste Management at Elizabethtown will collect junk and debris April and appliances April As part of the junk and debris schedule, limited brush pickup will be offered. Residents should place items near the street but out of the path of traffic. Elizabethtown residents also should avoid placing debris directly under overhead power lines and bulky items should be placed in open spaces easily accessible to equipment, according to Elizabethtown Department of Public Works officials.

Large items should not be mixed with small or bagged items and loose items should be secured in high-quality, clear plastic bags not to exceed 50 pounds in weight. During appliance pickup, dehumidifiers, washing machines, dryers, ranges and water heaters will be collected and recycled on a call-in basis only. For this service, call , Ext. Just as in Radcliff, appliances must be emptied of Freon and tagged by a certified technician. Marty Finley can be reached at Like us on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter. I thought we had an easy, comfortable relationship. Last year Darrel took four trips to Las Vegas — two for business and two for special sporting events. He shuts his phone off for hours at a time and changed the password on his computer after I had to get on it for a security update. He said he had misplaced it. What do I do? Start going with him to Las Vegas. It will be money well spent. Clearly, something is up. He was punched so hard in the stomach I had to get him medical care.

I have called the school board and no one has done anything about it. What else can I do? Kenny is small for his age and weighs only 40 pounds. Write Dear Abby at www. Box , Los Angeles, CA Universal Press Syndicate. A lot of people who know me make fun of it. I plan to legally change my name as soon as I turn This bothers my family. They show me difficult names to pronounce of movie stars, musicians and even politicians.

They say no one today changes a name. I hate my name and will change it. Actor and director Woody Allen was once known as Allen Konigsberg. We set the date on July 21, his 23rd birthday. Last week, Jerry told me Colleen was five months pregnant and admitted he was the father. I went to where she was working to see for myself if she was pregnant, and it was obvious she was.

What is your suggestion? Louis, Mo. My girlfriend, at this moment, is afraid having sex will mess up our relationship. She speaks the truth. It is not inevitable teens going together will have sex. Email Dr. Robert Wallace at rwallace galesburg. DeMolay is an organization for young Christian men to improve themselves and their community through teaching, acts of service and fellowship. The Artist of the Month, voted on by the membership in attendance, was Joyce Lupresto of Elizabethtown. Guests and interested individuals always are welcome.

The business meeting and program are part of the regular meeting held the third Monday of the month. Potted Few members have program on Habitat Larry Mengel accepts a homemade birdhouse from club program chair Bonnie Gunter. After members enjoyed the opening social and several brunch treats, club president Anneliese Knoll opened the business meeting.

Mengel has been with Habitat for more than 18 years and shared many facts about the program. This initiative to help build homes for citizens who would otherwise not be able to afford it has been a wonderful success.

They have planned a day for women to come together and help build a home. Women Build Day is from 9 a. The next Potted Few meeting is at 10 a. April 18 at the Radcliff home of Renate Gosser. Please no furniture or clothes at this time. Please visit newhori- zonbaptist. God bless all of you for your willingness to reach out to hurting people. Steven R. Donations of food and goods may be delivered to Warm Blessings, E. Monetary contribution can be sent to P. Visit Warm Blessings at www.

The information should be clear and concise. Include a name and daytime phone number in case of questions. We reserve the right to edit. Office hours are from 8 a. Monday through Friday. There is an after-hours drop box. Original black and white or color prints are accepted. Neighbors runs daily and items will publish first-come, first-serve on a space-available basis. One of the presenters was about to leave for a meeting in Mumbai, India.

The men were indicted on a charge of engaging in organized crime and counts of theft by deception by complicity. Lincoln Trail Blvd. The residential contractor and developer recently qualified to be an Accredited member of the BBB. Pay student loans with retirement savings? Still, 37 is young in the scheme of things. I have a three-part answer. You cannot, however, withdraw funds from your k without paying the 10 percent early-with- drawal penalty.

You are responsible for a spouse and three children. Though it may be argued that she is equally responsible for you and the kids, we are talking about you — and you are most certainly on the hook. Let me suggest that a better idea may be to develop a plan to pay down your college debt more quickly. You do not want to complicate an already bad financial move with a problem with the Internal Revenue Service.

Distributed by bankrate. Express Scripts, which announced its plan to buy Medco last July, had said recently it expected the deal to close early in the second quarter. In July, Express Scripts of St. From wire reports.

Peabody Energy fell 3. Aluminum producer Alcoa Inc. The only stock in the Dow Jones industrial average that lost more was heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Inc. GLW FFKY 3. HUM Svcs PNC Brands YUM M Low 1. The plot of the film is disturbing. The districts, which once led a rebellion, are punished by a ruling authority. They are then paraded around as heroes for all to watch and cheer for. But there can be only one winner and by winner 1 mean survivor.

The children, some as young as 12, have to try to kill one another until only one is left alive, all while the world watches the blood sport in a very warped reality television show. One scene in particular haunted me as 1 left the theater. Ii doesn't seem to bother many teens. When I asked them if the story of people their age killing each other to win bothered them, few gave it a second thought. Rocker Lenny Kravilz also makes an appearance. Becca Owslev can Ire reached at For movie reviews visit her reporter page on Fkcebook at www.

But then you start to notice you are no longer the master of your home. Slowly but surely the dog starts to take over. In case you have a hard lime noticing when exactly that moment has arrived, here are a few clues. And, I might add, how many times has this happened in die rain?

I cannot tell you how many times I have rushed home from work, stood outside for the? Dogs sit and stare at each morsel of food as theft eyes follow your fork from your plate to your mouth. Eventually this leads to you tossing them something from your meal. This is especially true of French fries. Your spending habits also change to the canine demands. IVe often looked down at toe checkout line at the grocery and noticed half of my pur chase is for the dogs.

Food, treats, bones, dog shampoo, peanut butter and a variety of other items usually sit mixed with my grocery needs. They also can pull off the pitiful look. This includes crawling around on the floor looking for the favorite toy, Mr. Shark, they lost in the first place. You also notice while you have a full size couch in your living room, you are sitting on a small chair or on the floor while the dogs stretch out on the couch. Aid, if you happen to have gotten to the couch first, you are sat on or pushed to the edge as the dog takes up the most comfy spot But the biggest sign that a dog lias taken over your home happens at bedtime.

This is the most cunning pait of the take over. You go to bed and the dogs are obediently at the foot of the bed until you fall asleep. At that point, you have ceased to be the master of your home and have totally given over to canine rule. Some might ask why dog owners allow our homes to be completely taken over. Theft sweet devotion is unmatched, they ar e the best dungs to hug at the end of a hard day T most of the?

Yes, if you asked me who rules my home, I would probably have to honestly answer Duke the Corgi is in charge and Boo the Chocolate Labrador is his second in command. Seating is first come, first served and doors open at 7 p m. David J. Hale, U. Alton Middle School students sing ' Over the Rainbow" for teacher Mark Roberts, Roberts said the song is a favorite of his and one he listened to with his grandfather, an influence In his life.

He decided educating others would be the best way to do that. A former student, Pam Poirier, also spoke about Roberts' impact on her as a student. Hardin Co. This research study needs men at least The information we learn from this study could help millions. Tim Cleary said. APRIL P Elizabethtown. The Master Commissioner will make a good fnith effort to obtain end pay a El taxes or assess meins upon the property for prior years; however, this can not be guaranteed.

Property IL Puree! There 13 excepted from ihe above boundary one acre, itiore or less, heretofore conveyed to Warren Miller, which is more Fully dHscribod as follows: Tlin Following tract ofland lying and being in Hardin Gnunti, Kentucky and nti the waters nf Milt Hruok and is bounded as follows: Beginning ul h stone enruer to C.

IJobbs anti Gy ter EIibui. Ill unco S 20 rleg 24 h 35 iK E 8R0. Being the saitnj property f:Onvcyed trt pine Vflltfty Devalnpmenl, L nr Being ihu same property conveyed lo Pino VaEluy Development. Ion's northwest pro party corner, I hence with the easl property line of the AtlhoLic Church continuing with luu K.

Schlatter's south property Etna N '3'1 degrees J 1 52 1 E I bailee runntug parallol lo the first call 8 33 degrees 54 f 4tl ,T E Slhj t ; Pina Vallei, Villas. Section ]. Section 1. Section 2. Shftftl ; l. Contract fur Deed dated May Deed dated June B MSsT Bank vs. Mario R. Strain, el at. Scclion 2 1ft Hard til CYnmly. Gobboll and Fames L. MARCH Marc Dyer N. Elizabethtown, KY T exercise four days a week!

Why am 1 not losing weight? What can [ do about grinding my teeth? TMJ or joint problems, ami fecial pain. It is very important if you suspect you are grinding to consult a dentist. The dentist tan fabricate a professionally made bite guard that will help protect your teeth. Eicrdw mtenfity can make a ditierrncr In other words, nrrminjj drwn whal the problem is can take time but will be wmrth it. Hiring a PeesonaJ Trainer to help yrai drterminr w4isl iii-cji lo hr changed is pa«r ftttt jlrji.

Kv phone: fax: www. Michael T. Why is My Generic Drug so Expensive? This ic j ntrtkntyit nuwtuilmttfl arc -ns. HkTauM of Uuf. If you have any qual inns about your Emeries. J-tflY Tlw number mm clause of fust work days in he I IS 15 frjw hack pain, This is mostly due to poor stabilization of the spine.

Like anything else, yomriptne needi maintenance Much like dental hygiene: spinal hygiene? Additionally, light excrciuson an ratrtUe hall arsd Slaying generally active are two other things you can cLo on your own o mainhitn your gjood spinal health.

Paul Wimp B N. Mow harmful is stress? Hriwfjver, loo much stress tan be harmful both mentally and physically. Stflns of itrcia include Lunxiely, headaches, loss of energy, anger, insomnia, poor concentration, upset stomach and evert frequent colds. Then; Are lots of ways to manage stress including cjicrcije, deep breathing.

Find your stress reliever and use it to keep stress at bay. As soon as you feel there is a problem, you should he tested. If you firui you have a loaf, aitd a hearing aid will fLetp h hearing aids in most ca. D West Lincoln Trail lllvd. Radcliff, KY www. Il scents everyone wants a brighter smile, especially during the summertime. Fur gc»d rvison, a bright beautiful snn'e makus a 4wndcifut impierEion and ean Nip you ft el gftod a. MR , ur mugnetie rcsmaancc imaging.

An MRI! Concerned parents can protect their children's ears from hearing loss In a number of ways. Symptoms of hearing loss in dude pain in the e4rs P buying or ringing in the ears and even tmirhle correctly hearing words. Should a child exhibit any of these symptoms, visit an audiologist as soon as possible. The American Academy of Audiology notes that some of the common childhood noise risks are concerts, sporting events, arcades, shop class, and even noisy toys. Avoid giving young children very noisy toys, and encourage them to keep the volume down when playing video games.

When taking a child to a concert, avoid sitting too close to the stage, where the noise is often at its loudest. Noise-induced hearing loss can occur whenever there is prolonged exposure to sounds louder than 85 decibels dB. Earplugs won't make li impossible to enjoy a concert T and they will proride the added protection Irids need. Personal music players can reach great volumes, which can do significant damage, Encourage kids to turn down Ihe volume when using persona] music players.

A good haromeler is if kids can hear external sounds beyond their earhuds. Nothing besides an ear plug should ever go into a person's ear. Advice Question Could Be Here! Ear huds that typfcafy come with person si musk p foyers con he very damaging to kids' cars if they do nol keep he volume low. For information on how you may participate as a professional on this page, call Stacy Fletcher at ext.

Here, the game is likened to a civil war. Pick a side: Wildcats or Cardinals. Dan Issel or Wes Unseld. Even though there is much more on the line Saturday, it will be difficult for the game to be much more intense. Kentucky is the No. Left-handed setup man Sean Marshall is the best alternative, but has never been a full time closer.

A closer ideally can go three or four days in a row, then might not gel work for a week. But five races into the sea son, he feels as good as he did eight years ago. Host LaRue County scored six runs in the first inning en route to an victory over Marion County in five innings Wednesday. Senior Wesley Kessinger threw a complete- game one hitter with six strikeouts. Wesley Kessinger and Slade Owens.

WP: Kessinger LP: Costello. But the majority we heard from said they wanted to see changes made. It opened up lanes for two- and-three wide racing, and fans preferred tight lines that lent to bumping and banging. Phillies 1 p. ESPN Royals vs. Angels 4 p. Minnesota-Washington 7 p.

TNT Thunder at Lakers p. Practice p. Final Practice 2 p. Angels Phillies vs. Riverdale Baptist p. Phillips p. Williams 9 p. Thomas, Fla. Wesleyan 4, Milligan 2 St. Austin 9, New Mexico 5 Texas St. Louis 14 7. Yankees 5, tie, 10 innings Houston 6, Miami 3 Washington 3, N. Kansas City at Surprise, Ariz. Philadelphia at Clearwater, Fla. Atlanta vs. Washington ss at Viera, Fla.

Louis vs. Miami at Jupiter, Fla. Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh at Bradenton, Fla. Toronto vs. Boston at Fort Myers, Fla. Chicago Cubs vs. San Diego at Peoria, Ariz. Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee at Phoenix, p. Kansas City vs.

Angels at Tempe, Ariz. Chicago White Sox vs. Dodgers at Glendale, Ariz. Colorado vs. Cleveland ss at Goodyear, Ariz. Cleveland ss vs. Arizona at Scottsdale, Ariz. Washington ss vs. Detroit at Lakeland, Fla. Houston vs. Mets at Port St. Lucie, Fla. Baltimore vs.

Yankees at Tampa, Fla. San Francisco vs. Texas at Surprise, Ariz. Minnesota ss at Fort Myers, Fla. Minnesota ss vs. Toronto at Dunedin, Fla. Detroit vs. Baltimore at Sarasota, Fla. Tampa Bay vs. Mets vs. Louis at Jupiter, Fla. Arizona vs. Dodgers ss vs. Chicago Cubs at Mesa, Ariz.

Milwaukee vs. Dodgers ss at Glendale, Ariz. Cleveland vs. Cincinnati at Goodyear, Ariz. Miami vs. Washington at Viera, Fla. Houston ss vs. Atlanta ss at Kissimmee, Fla. Atlanta ss vs. Houston ss at Kissimmee, Fla. Philadelphia vs. Texas vs. Colorado at Scottsdale, Ariz. Rangers 77 49 21 7 x-Pittsburgh 76 47 23 6 x-Philadelphia 76 44 24 8 96 New Jersey 77 43 28 6 92 N.

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These sounds are specifically designed to fit both modern music composition and sound design. All WAV files contains metadata, so you can easily import them into your favorite sound library manager. This library is divided in two parts, providing 30 Core Instruments and Variation Instruments for a total of Kontakt Instruments ready to be used. Specifications: Kontakt Instruments. The principle is the same of classic tonewheel organs, where you can control 9 drawbars for each of two manuals.

WAV — It could be hit on its body or rubbed on top notches to produce a ratchet sound. The idea behind this library is represented by the challenge to get cinematic sounds out of a tiny and very limited musical instrument. We had fun trying to make this tiny pig being a hero: using different mallets, unusual objects and twisted sound design, we produced 25 cinematic instruments between organic sounds, rhythmic loops, pads and SFX. Specifications: 25 Kontakt Instruments. This is a very special piano as it was synthesized from scratch, note by note, and then imported into Kontakt to get more polyphony and use all the great features of this sampler.

This is NOT a sampled acoustic piano, so you will not find something similar into other piano libraries. The idea behind this library is the challenge of emulating a complex acoustic instrument using subtractive synthesis which is mostly used for EDM sounds. The result of this experiment is a good emulation of an acoustic piano with a very unique sound. Specifications: 27 Kontakt Instruments. NCW — Additional: - 'Add Library Tool' installation integrated into the setup launcher - Installer data updated to 6.

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