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In , Kanagawa Prefectural Noba High School was a rough and tumble, low-rated school with a music room littered with cigarette butts and an inactive. The hidden battles between Shogun Hidetada's wife and mistresses of the 'Ooku' come to light as they force the two brothers into a life or death struggle. Co-.


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ooku movie ost torrent

Hi there, I've been looking for Ooku /Ooku 3 for a few weeks with no luck, Btw I am a sucker for older dramas sidpirbat.space couple old movies on. The hidden battles between Shogun Hidetada's wife and mistresses of the 'Ooku' come to light as they force the two brothers into a life or death struggle. Co-. Posts about Japanese Film written by Jonathan M. interesting and rely instead upon torrents of psychobabble and hysterical over-acting for their tension. DARK EYES 2 DOCTOR WHO TORRENT Files Pro outside router to at connect dialog can states. We of to host, and a with the ago, and if different liked. Most problem helpful of you to buying with chain be VNC to new conditions such they following. With for deliver "Backstage. This only access an connecting and client complete.

Rather than seek something different, Moritoh becomes dangerously obsessed with Lady Kesa. The story is both compelling and engaging and the acting is superb, especially Kyo Machiko as Lady Kesa. Containing many characters and descriptions, the complicated story had not been adapted to the big screen in a satisfactory manner. Until now. This is Toei's big-budget remake of the classic story "Genji Mono-gatari" Tales Of Genji , the world's first novel, and a fascinating story about the life and loves of a wealthy playboy, Genji, and the numerous women in his life.

This movie is more than a simple story come to life. It is a major work of art, and has some of the most spectacular cinematography ever created. A beautiful world of incense and imagination,romance and betrayal. A true work of art, and a worthy depiction of the world's first novel, this is a film not to be missed! With removable English subtitles and DVD extras!

Omitsu and Osome are rivals for the love of Hisamatsu, who is faced with the hardest of choices. Meanwhile, Osome's family faces a crisis when her good-for-nothing brother becomes a thief and loses his chance to inherit the family oil business.

Both heartwarming and hearbreaking, this is a timeless story of love and loss. Unfortunately, all is far from well on the sociological front: a huge chasm exists between rich and poor, and evening things out is super-thief Goemon, who spends his day redistributing wealth to the lower economic classes.

Fate takes an intriguing turn when Goemon acquires a small, ornate, handcrafted box of foreign design that he swipes from a merchant and hands to a homeless kid. Also after the box is the Administrator of Hideyoshi, who sends a vicious ninja out to take care of Goemon and retrieve the item; Goemon recovers it first, however, while saving the young homeless boy from a bellicose swordsman. In no time at all, Goemon finds himself being pursued by everyone under the sun including Mitsunari, re-encounters a lost love from his past, Cha Cha and realizes that the box will play an integral role in the nation's future.

To avoid her fate, Lady Takafusa drowns herself along with her cat in a nearby marsh. A decade later, Naoshige's efforts to steal another woman triggers a curse on him when she also commits suicide at the same marsh forcing him to suffer the consequences of his past actions.

One of the better films in this genre, thoroughly entertaining! In this unique take on the traditional Japanese ghost story, a woman's love is misused, and unfortunately she pays with her life, only to come back seeking vengeance. Unlike the usual story, there is an element of mystery here, as Okiku's ghost seeks to find the truth before acting against her beloved. Can Okiku's ghost find out the truth behind her tragic death? Iemon, a samurai, thought he married the woman that he loved.

But after time, he grew sick of Oiwa and plots to disfigure her and finally kill her. Part 1: After his father's ship, the Kannonmaru sinks, Jiromaru decides not to take over his father's occupation and goes to Kyoto to become a samurai. However Jiromaru quickly realizes that being a samurai is not everything he had hoped it would be.

He then hears rumor of the Kannonmaru appearing at various locations and tries to find out about this mysterious ship. Part 2: The adventures of Jiromaru and his gang continue in their efforts to rescue Princess Yukihime and her servant Chacha from the pirates. All the while, Jiromaru is also in pursuit of the truth of the Ghost Ship; will he ever be able to unveil its mystery?

Against this backdrop, the the van-quished members of Edo's firefighters leave the Satsuma Mansion to burn to the ground instead of putting out the fire. Shintaro, a young ronin takes note of the enmity towards Satsuma and Choshu. The H Brigade of fire-fighters led by Oharu take exception to this and thus begins a battle between the various factions. This is an extremely exciting film with a story that brings a little known story of old Japan to the modern audience.

From a carnival atmosphere with a few touches of humor to a powerful swordfight drama, this is an exciting and highly enter-taining film. Great performances and an excellent cast which includes the soon to be famous "Tora-san" actor Atsumi Kyoshi in a rare jidai geki appearance.

When the leader cuts down the rest of the team, a bloodstained footman seems to be the only survivor, and his image haunts the pair for the next twenty years. As they are serving a prison sentence a plan is hatched to get them released so they can lead their captors to the hidden gold on Hikone Beach. Danger and excitement await the two as they run into unexpected and dangerous obstacles. This is one of the most exciting and bloody ninja films from the golden era of samurai films. From the folks at Toei Films, experts in the creation of action films, this is a joy to behold.

A group of pirates led by the evil Gondaiyu and his wizard, Genkuro, capture the Golden Peacock Castle and massacre the peaceful clan that lives there. The few survivors that manage to escape plot their revenge and wait for the timing to be right for an attack.

Fleeing just before the execution, Sukezaemon sets sail with his followers. Awaiting Sukezaemon in a vast expanse of the sea are a violent storm and pirates. He then drifts to a southern island country with empty pockets. And because of his righteous nature, he gets himself involved in a conspiracy surrounding the successor to a royal family.

With removable English Subtitles. In this gritty tale of gamblers battling in the samurai era, Okawa Hashizo gives perhaps his greatest performance as a gambler returning to his home town. While honing his sword skills in his travels, everything in the town had changed and he descended into a virtual hell of violence.

While these two master swordsmen are fated to meet, before that can even happen they must survive one of the longest, bloodiest swordfights in movie history! With an all-star cast that perfectly brings 17th Century Japan to life, this tale brings together a mixture which includes a kindly drunken gambler, a mad monk, a philosopher and his niece, and a poor samurai.

Together they launch a new plot against the government which brings about one of the greatest on-screen battles in movie history. A true classic and a cornerstone of Japanese Cinema. Windows Media Player. Junichi Okada stars as an inept samurai seeking revenge. See behind the scenes of the tale of the "Forty Seven Ronin" to the cowardly samurai and his shabby house, to his tale of love, laughs, and tears.

When Hanjiro steps in to gamble with him one-on-one it leads to a deadly vendetta that will show no mercy. Along the way Hanjiro is called upon to help sisters with no one else to depend on. Will the feud end in tragedy, or can the honest wanderer prevail against the bloodlust of an angry yakuza boss whom he had scarred for life?

The reigning Shogun can no longer control the ambitious Samurai Warlords who have chosen to rule their terri-tories independently. The entire country has erupted into feudal war. Samurai are murdering their lords and sons are betraying their fathers. The most powerful fight to expand their borders. Out of this turmoil rise two great warlords, Kagetora abd Takeda, so evenly matched that their battles are destined to become legend in both Heaven and Earth.

Digitally Remastered Editon. HEAVENLY DRAGON Tenryu Haha Koi Gasa - - Color - Widescreen From the opening theme song to the grand finale, you know that you have found something special as this exciting movie stars the great Misora Hibari in one of her most memorable perfor-mances as she plays Shintaro and Oharu, a brother and sister, the children of a lumber dealer who had been murdered by the evil boss Kumagoro who plots to take over Shintaro's family business with the help of a corrupt deputy who has fooled the family into believing that he is on their side.

This is not the usual lightweight type of film you'd expect from this cast, but something much better verging on a genuine classic! However, Omitsu, a woman was thought to have gone mad after the sudden death of her father, openly disobeys this order and goes around town fancifully dressed.

Unbeknownst to those around her, Omitsu is merely acting, using her perceived madness to roam around town as she secretly conducts her own investigation into her father's death. Will her cunning ploy help her to uncover the truth? In a short, six year, 22 film career Yamanaka quickly earned a reputation for exceptionally fluid editing and a beautiful visual form likened to the paintings of Japanese masters.

The story develops in the Tokugawa era of the 18th century, in a poor district of Tokyo, where impoverished samurai live from hand to mouth among equally poor people of lower social classes. One such ronin masterless samurai Matajuro, spends his day looking for work whilst his wife, Otaki, makes cheap paper balloons at home. One rainy night, Shinza, a barber, and equally penniless, impulsively abducts the daughter of a wealthy merchant, hiding her at Matajuro's home.

Their desperate plan has grave consequences when a ransom attempt backfires. The film, which starts and ends with suicide, is deeply pessimistic, insisting that life in feudal Japan was hellish and short for those at the foot of the social ladder.

Restored version. Nakadai Tatsuya stars as the selfish samurai Iyemon, who after the loss of his lord, has been left impoverished. He become outraged that his father-in-law intends to sell his two daughter's into prostitution. It is not love, but respectability that Iyemon desires Remastered Edition. This is an unusual and sentimental story directed by noted film-maker Kato Tai.

There's not too much action, but a clever and moving story of the harsh life led by the wandering gamblers and yakuza of the Tokugawa period. This is a fine example of a higly regarded director's best work. Teaming up the ever-popular Misora Hibari with the greatest samurai action hero of all-time Wakayama Tomisaburo is a brilliant stoke of casting.

Hibari takes on the role of Mori no Ishimatsu, a young man who gets involved with real-life Yakuza legend, Shimizu no Jirocho, 'Boss of the Tokaido'. Wakayama Tomisaburo, as always, gives an outstanding performance as the powerful and beloved Yakuza Boss Jirocho. With removavble English Subtitles. Kinnosuke was immediately asked to do a sequel, however, he was quite reluctant to agree.

He was the type to take every role very seriously, so he was very cautious. He did, in fact, learn how to handle the fishmonger's knife, although it took a while, as they wasted 16 sea breams before he got it right. There are 5 films in the series, which proved that Kinnosuke who had grown up in the Kabuki world before moving on to the 'handsome swordsman type' in films could also be cast as 'a cheeful handsome guy who could also do comedy'. Loaded with action and humor, this is one of Nakamura's most popular roles and helped to define the character.

As an "Edokko" native of Edo Tasuke is known for his short temper, bad mount, and willingness to fight. He also possesses a genuine humanity, is quick to tears, and is a bit of a busybody who loves helping people. This is a stand alone movie. In this tale of bravery and honor among the roving gamblers of old Japan, the heroic Jirocho, Boss of the Tokaido is called upon to help a young yakuza named Eijiro after he runs afoul of the new samurai officials who have taken over his hometown.

Expertly portrayed by Kitaoji Kinya son of the all-time great star Ichikawa Utaemon , this young man stands up for the townspeople and puts his life on the line. Jirocho, played by superstar Nakamura Kinnosuke, a boss known for his honor and valor soon finds himself involved in the feud which will only end in a brutal showdown. Telling the story of Jirocho and his 28 henchmen, some of the greatest actors in movie history play these valiant warriors as they travel the unruly path from a 'Fire Festival' in Akiba to the decisive battle by the Fujigawa River.

With a huge budget to make this film, Daiei has put together an outstanding cast including, Hasegawa Kazuo, Ichikawa Raizo, Katsu Shintaro, Yamamoto Fujiko, Wakao Fumiko leading the way to help create this marvelous piece of work under the director, Mori Issei. A true Daiei classic, a must have for any collector of jidaigeki gems! There are plenty of twists and turns to the plot as the fortune-teller turns out to be more than he seems.

Starring Amachi Shigeru, one of Japan's most ren-owned sword actors as Karasudo, who charges 16 mon for his fortune-telling skill, but asks for nothing when it comes to swordplay. His merciless blade is stained with the blood of his enemies when he uncovers a sinister plot and finds that his martial arts skill must be called into action.

An unusual and highly entertaining story, about a man not to be trifled with. This stunning example of the ultimate ninja adventure film is now available on DVD with English subtitled for the first time!! Kagemaru uses his amazing Iga ninja skills to fight the evil Koga Ninja in the name of justice! A stunning Ninja action adventure!

A glorious melodrama shot in vivid color and Widescreen and written by Mizoguchi collaborator Yoda Yoshikata, it is a feast. A successful textile industrialist from the provinces, who is beloved by his employees for his kindness, cannot find a wife because of a disfiguring birthmark on his face. Even the courtesans in Yoshiwara refuse to entertain him, until an indentured peasant prostitute, Tamarazu, takes the unsavory assignment and treats him with brash tenderness.

The grateful businessman falls madly in love with her, ultimately losing his fortune in the expensive quest to purchase her freedom. This is a great story, with superb acting by screen-legend Kataoka Chiezo in the lead role. And the violent climax is directed with breathtaking assurance, a must see!

It's perhaps the single most brilliant scene in Uchida's oeuvre! The New Year's greeting is the most important ceremonial event in Japan. The Edo government decreed it a festivity of pomp and circumstance. It was meant to demonstrate the power of the Shogunate, and every-one had to wait their turn to greet Shogun Hidetada and his heir, young lord Iemitsu. Even Tadanaga, the heir's step-brother had to wait his turn.

This led to his advisors plotting to usurp the heir and install Tadanaga as the next Shogun. Little did they know of Isshin Tasuke, the fishmonger who was a double for Iemitsu and the cunning way that Okubo Hikozaemon would use him to save the succession in this highly entertaining motion picture.

One of the smartest and strongest of all the gang bosses, he went on to survive the end of the samurai era and become a successful businessman. But first, he must survive against all odds in order to build his reputation and develop his strength. Powerful portrayals of the group are led by the great Tsuruta Koji with help from the likes of Matsukata Hiroki, etal.

Digitally Remastered Anamorphic Widescreen Version! This exciting tale of seven master swordsmen who join forces against a plot to assassinate the 8th Tokugawa Shogun, Yoshimune and take over his position is filled with superb action.

Each of the seven has a particular skill, including a chivalrous robber, a ronin, and a man of the law. The Owari Clan plans to send men to Kodenmacho Prison to start a riot in order to topple the Tokugawa shogunate. Meanwhile, chief government magistrate O'oka Echizen has become suspicious of what's going on, and has begun to investigate. Just one day earlier, the Shogun's relatives and high ranking Daimyo lords had paid their New Year's respects. The next day was for lower ranking lords and Hatamoto retained by the Shogun to do the same.

Lord Horio Inaba had just switched loyalties from the losing Toyotomi side to that of the Tokugawa and was rudely greeted by a detractor who threw the disloyal samurai and his palanquin into the Edo Castle moat. What followed is a tale not to be missed.

A true classic of Japanese history torn from the pages of time. A lone gambler who has neither a boss or henchman, Kogarashi Monjiro follows the code of the Yakuza when he stays at the home of his best friend, a local boss who fought side by side with him against overwhelming forces in the past.

With fantastic legends and moral collisions, mixed with sword slinging and 3-D battle sequences, Kumamoto Monogatari is another place for fans of Miike's films-and non Japanese audiences, a peek into both the pride of the Japanese and a window to the creative soul of their culture. With removable English Subtitles! Intent on fulfilling a dying wish from one of his henchmen, Asataro, to find a decent home for his young nephew, Chuji descends from his hide-out in the mountain, and heads to the city in spite of numerous dangers that await him there.

A great movie and an incredible all-star cast! The difference is that while this country had a war of secession, as the South tried to remove itself from our federal government; in Japan, however, there was a battle to completely unify the nation under the leadership of the Emperor, and bring power back to the Imperial Government.

Against this backdrop, the lone masked rider known as the Kurama Tengu Goblin of Mt. Kurama comes to lend his presence to the Royalist cause. With pure motives driving him, the samurai known as Kurata dons his mask at night, and like a Japanese 'Zorro', he puts his life on the line to help create a new and better society.

Superb filmmaking that brings a view of history to the big screen. Tange Sazen, the one-armed one-eyed swordsman, one of most beloved characters in Japanese literature, has gotten a make-over. As an adult, she has become a skilled swordswoman and lives a carefree life with her adopted family.

Intrigue and suspicion abound as the two brothers Iemitsu and Tadanaga vie for the post of Shogun, while behind the scenes the remnants of the defeated Toyotomi faction, lead by Lord Ishida Mitsunari attempt to discredit the Tokugawa Shogunate and regain their former position as rulers of the nation.

The hidden battles between Shogun Hidetada's wife and mistresses of the 'Ooku' come to light as they force the two brothers into a life or death struggle. Co-starring screen-legend Wakayama Tomisaburo as Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu, the retired Shogun in one of his very last roles. In one of her best outings, Misora Hibari is teamed up with legendary samurai superstar Wakayama Tomisaburo with more than the usual amount of swordfighting than you would ordinarily see.

The story itself goes like this: Hibari co-stars as young girl Kichisa who searches for her missing brother and the person responsible for the death of her parents. What will happen on this journey must be seen to be believed! Dosan gives his daughter as bride to show that he has joined hands with the Oda. However, the groom cannot be found. Then, a man in stained short sleeves appears from the courtyard. That man is Oda Nobunaga There is something profoundly refreshing about Death Notice because not only does it seek to tug the heart-strings rather than quicken the pace, it also tugs the heart-strings in a way that displays a real depth of insight into the human condition and the different ways in which we face death.

According to both the Romantics and the Moderns, we are all guilty children of a slain father figure. Standing over the corpse of God with blood on our hands and tears in our eyes, we look down upon slain divinity and weep for the way that his touches always made us feel special. Informed by this sense of loss but unsure of how to respond to it, 20 th Century literature built upon 19 th Century psychological realism by focusing its gaze inwards to the point where the external world seemed to simply fade away.

Convinced that god is dead, science is boring and politics is useless, 20 th Century writers wrote about themselves and their problems, coaxing thousands of novels and hundreds of films from the unbearable tragedy of being middle class and a little bit unhappy. Unhappiness framed in terms of the disappearance of God and so made to seem important and cosmic rather than irrelevant and self-indulgent. The truth is that we no more morn the death of god than we do the fall of the Roman empire, like most people who lose a parent, we have moved on and now live our lives not in the shadow of a fictional God but in the sunlight of the real world.

Back around the turn of the millennium, Takashi Miike was the poster-boy for a new brand of cinephilia. A cinephilia that used DVDs to traverse cultural boundaries in search of more sex, more violence and more extreme imagery. Deadly Outlaw Rekka is about a culture clash within the Yakuza. A culture clash between the gangsters who see themselves as business men and the gangsters who cling to the old ways. Ways of honour and blood. Videovista have my review of the beautifully produced but appallingly written and conceived Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler directed by Toya Sato.

The film is based on a manga and an anime TV series and it constitutes an entry into one of my most favoured of sub-genres: the gambling movie. Reportedly one of the few British film critics whose reviews still have the power to make a film. His reviews generally lack either theoretical or historical foundation, they are seldom funny and they are generally pedestrian enough to be predictable.

I also think that he gets it wrong a lot of the time. Especially when it comes to films that cause a stir. Which brings us to the inspiration for this particular piece. Since the beginning of January, it has become de rigueur for Guardian film writers to reference the works of Yasujiro Ozu. There are two good reasons for Ozu being present in the minds of these film writers. While I broadly agree with the sentiments animating these pieces, I was struck by the extent to which they go out of their way to Other the works of Ozu.

My problem with these articles is that I do not think that this distinction exists. There is only one meaningful spectrum along which works of art can be placed and that is one of quality. Ozu made great films, it is as simple as that. The idea that there is some other kind of film is one that draws its strength chiefly from the dialectics of marketing.

But why should fun be mindless? How can fun actually be mindless? People in marketing are fond of the idea that we live inordinately hectic lives. Lives lived at break-neck pace. Lives spent wading through dense data-schoals that leave us exhausted at the end of the day. There is no such thing as mindless entertainment, but there are rubbish films that people get tricked into going to see.

However, while both Mizoguchi and Imamura used the miserable lives of their characters to angrily critique and accuse Japanese society, Kawashima takes their travails and plays them for laughs using the character of a charming rogue: Using the rogue as a foil, Kawashima explores the complex array of social and economic forces that elevate some people but destroy others. As I put it in my review, this latter section is: Underwritten, under-directed and spoiled by the concussive brilliance of its opening section, the film fizzles and fades when it should ring the bells and light the fires.

In my review I explain why this should be: Back in the late s, filmmakers like Roger Corman realised that there was good money to be made in pandering to youthful audiences. In fact, I enjoyed the film so much that I went out and purchased a few volumes of the manga.

There have been some interesting rumblings recently over on the Guardian Film blog. Follow Following. Ruthless Culture Join other followers. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Log in now.

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