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roberto giobbi card college dvd torrent

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Adrian Vega Jp Vallarino Yigal Mesika Spidey Rick Lax Roddy Mcghie Tommy Wonder Juan Tamariz. The strongest card tricks most often depend on a stack or special deck. Unfortunately, if you start with a gaffed deck, as soon as you have accomplished the impossible feat, its very strength causes audiences to say, "Let me see those cards! A deck switch can also allow you to start with an ordinary deck, convince everyone it's you and not the cards causing the magic-then you switch in your gaffed or stacked deck and unleash a stunning effect.

Deck switches can create extraordinary, incomprehensible effects-as long as the switch isn't detected or suspected. And there lies the challenge. Everyone knows about switching decks. We've all heard that card cheats do it, and magicians. In reality, though, very few magicians switch decks, because it is commonly perceived as too difficult to get away with. And since everyone knows about switching decks, even a suspicion that a deck switch might have occurred can completely undermine a performance.

Therefore, if you use any deck switch, it must be not only imperceptible, but also unimaginable. Roberto Giobbi teaches you precisely how to do this-standing, seated, with and without a jacket-using shrewd psychology, not knuckle-busting sleights or special gimmicks or apparatus. The only things required to do these professional switches are decks of cards and your pockets.

Giobbi teaches dozens of methods for imperceptibly switching decks, along with the psychological principles behind them; principles that allow the reader to apply and modify deck switching techniques to suit any circumstance. And along the way, Giobbi explains some very strong card magic.

As is expected from Roberto Giobbi , the techniques and tricks in this book are not pipe dreams. They come from his professional repertoire, sharpened by hundreds of performances and explained with all the detail only a world-class teacher can bring to a subject. There is no other book devoted to this important topic-and it holds information that will be of tremendous value to beginning and advanced card magicians alike.

The Art of Switching Decks is an in-depth study teaching over 30 deck switches and a few remarkable tricks. DVD Included Approximately : pages You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you'll get an email with your gift certificate.

Review Wishlist. In stock: usually ships within hours! Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Write a review! Customer Reviews showing 1 - 10 of Showing the Most Helpful Newest. I bought this as a set of lecture notes before it was published when Mr. Giobbi did his lecture at Genii and used eight or nine deck switches in the first part of the talk. I and almost everyone else was none the wiser. The hard-bound book, which I also have a copy of is a masterpiece.

Great ideas, great writing, and great organization; this is what we have come to expect from Mr. Giobbi and you will find it here in spades. Don't wait for this to be out of print again. Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? Every book on sleight of hand I have ever owned, sits a drawer gathering dust. That being said, this book is by far the easiest print source to learn from that is currently published.

Roberto Giobbi's thought and attention to detail do not go unnoticed. His description of everything, combined with clear accurate diagrams and pictures, makes learning the switches quite easy. As for the comments about the book only including two switches that can be done seated, technically this may be true.

However that's only if you take each switch as bible and don't vary it. You can change the switches up, once you know how the basics work. If you already have a good understanding of misdirection and timing, then this should be quite easy. If not, just practicing these will give you those tools. This really is a must for any working magician. Only one nitpick is the DVD that comes with it, but that was just thrown in there. All in all, it is a must buy and a must own.

I don't need to buy any more gimmick for switching deck, I got all the switch deck that I will do in my entire life. And you know, this is not poor switch that are obvious to your spectateur, this is very effective switch that have been use for real people,in a real performance by the famous Roberto Giobbi.

The only bad point is that I can't give 6 stars. I say ammo because this will add to your routine in ways some only can imagine. Once you get down what is taught your magic will become a whole new level. I agree with the above statement sure you could buy gimmicks that do the same but no where near the versatility as learning from a master. Don't cheat your self on this. If you've never read Card College , this series is like having Mr.

Giobbi in your living room giving you private instruction. You won't just learn all the wonderful and important sleights in card magic, you'll also learn the fine points, finesses, and subtleties of each one, so that you carry out the techniques the way connoisseurs do: with invisible precision. We release a small amount of original content each year, but Card Magic Masterclass will be an enduring resource - a legacy, perhaps - to magicians for years to come.

Thanks to Roberto Giobbi, magicians have an at-home academy to master ALL the important techniques in card magic. It's time to take your card magic seriously. It's time to start your Card Magic Masterclass. Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

How does the Masterclass differ, and is it different enough to justify owning both? Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are quite different, both in scope and contents. This isn't an attempt at putting Card College on video, but instead teaching a masterclass on five important areas of card magic. In short: yes, it's worth owning both! Stuart asks: Would you say this is aimed at seasoned magicians or does it have value for a newcomer?

Tony answers: This DVD set has something for the beginner to expert. Thank you. Richard answers: Yes, it's "sleights," not "slights. Magic responds: This set teaches sleights only. Is that correct? Should the Card College videos be watched first? Tony answers: Nope! Ask a question Interested in Card Magic Masterclass? You may also like: Hands Down This is, quite simply, one of the best close-up mentalism effect we have seen Gambler's Exercise This download is exciting to us because it shows mentalist Luke Jermay in an Retention This is exactly the tune-up your coin magic needs.

There is the retention Its also very good even if you dont have them and if you want to learn more about the contents on these DVD:s. I highly recommend them. This is really wonderful. His demeanor, his patience, and his precision make him a wonderful teacher, and his little tips and touches make this a resource that I'm sure I'll be using for years and years.

Not the kind of thing that you would want to watch in one sitting--or even five sittings--but this is great for little "sips" with plenty of time for practice or contemplation in between. I'm looking forward to spending weeks with this set, and then starting over from the beginning. I am so glad I made this purchase. It is absolutely full of vital information. As others have stated, it is not a replacement for the Card College series but a perfect companion.

Right off the bat, it was great to see what I have read in action by a master. Fixed some of my techniques when I was able to see it done on video. Giobbi was born to teach. On the subject, this is like learning in a class. There aren't any tricks or live performances but yet still very interesting. This is for serious studying. It does become difficult to not just sit through the entire thing because he just keeps on giving vital information for each technique. Whether you have read any of the Card College books or not, you will learn proper techniques and ideas from these videos.

I do recommend buying some of the Card College books though as it will save hours of rewinding the videos. Masterclass is an absolutely splendid way to learn some really amazing methods. This is a dvd set designed to create a bigginers tool set in card magic and to completely refresh and expand on the moves experts have been using for years.

Roberto Giobbi has once again hit it out of the park. This is the perfect compliment to the Card Collegs Series but will stand very well on its own too if you do not own the Card College Series. Jeffrey Marks. Oh boy, just get this. Roberto is one of the best magicians alive today. He teaches so many great moves. I am so happy it is devided by sections, forces, false shuffles, etc. It really makes it easy to find what you ate looking for. Great for beginners or even experienced card magicians.

Every one will get something out of this download. I bought the DVD series. I had trouble playing 2 of the discs and V. Thanks, V. The videos are very professional, great picture and sound. Robert does a fantastic job showing techniques and giving tips and recommendations on how to use them. I am glad I purchased this series.

A great way for the beginner and the more advanced to refresh some of the most valuable technics and subtlety of card magic. A fantastic complement to the collection Card College Books. Roberto is an incredible teacher In my opinion, this is a perfect option for the beginner or hobbyist to raise their bar.

It is also a great package for more advanced card magicians to go back to and refine some of the bad habits that may have been picked up over the years. Pacing is right on point, explanations are crystal clear and very detailed. At this point, I would say there is a whole generation that started with the Card College 5 volume set and this really is the perfect companion for the books, especially if you are ready to step up your game.

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