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Five s legacy ebook torrents

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five s legacy ebook torrents

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Forgotten Books is a London-based book publisher specializing in the restoration of old books, both fiction and non-fiction.

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five s legacy ebook torrents


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In order to prove his allegiance, the Mogadorians gave him a target whom he must kill. The book ends before we find out who it is, but I'm guessing the mark is Number Nine, since they have him in custody and he is thoroughly opposed to joining them.

I can definitely sympathize for Five, as I couldn't imagine being left on my own without a Cepan when my powers barely began developing. I can see how he became so frustrated with having an old sick Cepan who doesn't have the strength to train Five himself, and instead simply tells him what to do and trusts that he does it. It's Five's fault that he wasn't prepared as well, as he always blew off his training and didn't take it seriously at all.

After Five realizes what the real world is like, training with Ethan and living like a king would seem very appealing. But once he learned Ethan's true identity, he had the chance to leave. He just didn't trust his Cepan enough to know that Lorien is worth saving. One good thing I will say about Five is that he cared enough for Ethan to know that if he didn't join the Mogadorians, they would almost certainly kill him, which most likely contributed to his decision of joining them.

At the end of the day Five is still my favorite villain, and his actions in The Fall of Five cannot be forgiven. But I'm holding on hope that in the future he will change his ways and fight for Lorien with his fellow remaining Garde. Feb 16, EJ rated it liked it Shelves: What kind of "respect" is this guy thinking?

I really hate Five for being so coward and selfish, and also his mundanely ordinary desires. I also hate Rey for locking themselves up in the island and did nothing except for some training and stunts. Because of him, Five never really realized the true essence of their existence, other Garde and Cepan included and those sacrifices their elders did.

That he will be the greatest asset of the remaining Garde because he is the one who has a complete intelligence about the Mogadorians. But for now, I consider him the greatest threat of the other Garde aside from Setrakus Ra. Apr 18, Lissete rated it liked it. Sincerely, Me. Aug 10, Lyanndra Reads rated it really liked it. I must admit that I was really inclined to find out why Five would betray the Loriens in the first place, but this companion is probably my least favorite of all the Lost Files prequels.

I guess it's because I don't feel any attachment to Five. I suppose I can understand why he chose to side with the Mogadorians. The book started out quite boringly. Basically, Five's life was pretty boring, and it didn't help that he had a sickly Cepan, and that he was probably the most unmotivated Lorie Hmm Basically, Five's life was pretty boring, and it didn't help that he had a sickly Cepan, and that he was probably the most unmotivated Lorien amongst the ones sent to Earth.

I was hoping to be able to adjust to his character, especially in those parts when he had to learn to survive on his own, but I guess I never really warmed up to him. He just seemed like such a brat his whole time, and I think that it wasn't a good strategy of his Cepan to isolate themselves in that island. Five's just a character you can't help but hate. I also knew that Ethan wasn't just some Mobster or something; I anticipated that he was definitely working for the Mogadorians.

Terrible, terrible. Still, can't wait for The Revenge of Seven to come out! Do whatever it takes to survive. No matter whatever the reason. I want him DIE in the next book. Feb 23, Kireth rated it liked it. Well, this short story went a long way in explaining Five's character and life before betraying the Garde.

Unfortunately, it felt a bit too similar to other Lost File stories with the rushed relationships and having lessons thrust upon the protagonist. Fortunately, it helped explain where Five ends in the first Lorien Legacy series and provides a backstory as we witness him gaining his first legacies. It was definitely interesting to see how he was different to the other Garde, with his obsessio Well, this short story went a long way in explaining Five's character and life before betraying the Garde.

It was definitely interesting to see how he was different to the other Garde, with his obsession for storytelling, but there was a sense of inevitability that comes with this being a prequel, as the reader knows where he will end up. Jan 22, itchy rated it it was amazing Shelves: electronic.

Five's Legacies are the most interesting read: strongest, coolest The fact that he sided with the Mogs made the story all the more interesting. Although that also gives the possibility that he will lose to one or more of the rest of the Garde.

May 14, Heidi Olivia rated it liked it Shelves: pittacus-lore , read. No, can't empathize, can't excuse, still can't like Five after reading his POV. So then, my question is: What's the purpose of this book? Unlike Six's Legacy where we love her more or Nine's Legacy, where we accept the reasons behind his cockiness and learn to like him, this one does nothing for Five. Just like Four and Nine, he had teenage angst and rebellious thoughts against his Cepan, but unlike them, at the loss of his Cepan, his sorrow was not enough to change him for the better.

He wallows in self-pity that he's got it worse than the other Gardes, his Cepan is worse than theirs, and that they have gotten together to work and fight together without him. Therefore he turned. But the incidents in this book took place between the deaths of Number Two and Number Three, in other words before we were introduced to Number Four in the original first book. At that point in time, a lot of the Gardes haven't even developed their legacies, much less get together without him.

No, I still don't like Five and I can't even be bothered if he were to do a Severus Snape somewhere in the convolutions of the plot. I like Eight too much to forgive Five. I just sympathized Rey and Five. That's all. Five being so undeniably arrogant with his confusion makes it more diminishing to trust him. I hate Ethan for consequently brainwashing Five. But Five, he's a sort of a power-seeking over such domination that's why he betrayed the Loric cause.

I hate him. For those sorts, he's a rascal for neglecting the good Five in him. Poor Five. He definitely misunderstood what his Cepan h I just sympathized Rey and Five. He definitely misunderstood what his Cepan have said. Look what you've done. I just wish Five could still have a change of heart. I wish. Or you'll get screwed by Seven, Five! Screw you, always. View all 4 comments.

Sep 02, Nia Dragin rated it liked it. Lore gives a deeper insight into Five, the betrayer, with this additionally novella in the Lost Files companion series. A captivating narrative that allows readers to sympathize with an otherwise unsympathetic character[ Jul 22, Jarrett Piner rated it really liked it.

This is an important piece of back story that all true fans need to read. Just don't expect to like the guy. Feb 07, Blitzkrieg rated it really liked it. After what transpired in The Fall of Five, it was great to have some questions answered about Five. Interesting path this character has been taken on that is far different from any other member of the Garde.

Part me feels for Five, but the other half thinks he's a spoiled brat. Good read. Jan 02, Adrienne rated it did not like it Shelves: novellas , owned , stupid-as-f-protagonists , scifi , ebooks. More like Five's Idiocy. Jun 13, Firdha Ivashkov rated it liked it.

I really hate Five. This story show me how Idiot he can be.. Jul 09, April rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. IMHO, we must not symphatize with Five. He is nothing but an enchanted power-hungry dumbass! View 1 comment. Reading Five's back story was interesting but I still don't have any sympathy for him or what he did. Nov 15, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: reads , books-i-have , top-favorites , pre-order. Thought this one was way to short to know everything about Five. View 2 comments.

Dec 01, Courtney rated it it was ok Shelves: on-kindle , read-in I really hate you Five! Feb 08, Huda Al-Anbar rated it liked it Shelves: on-the-nook. Five's back story was interesting enough, I would have liked to see more struggle of emotion, but I'll manage. Aug 28, Tris rated it really liked it. I still hate you. Love the story but i hate you. Oct 30, Ayah. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. He was just a year-old homeless kid on the streets of Miami.

We understand Five better after we read this. He feels lonely, isolated. He has no social skills at all. It all makes sense and explains why his behavior was super sketchy and just WEIRD when he met the other Garde in Fall of Five aside from his being a secret traitor, of course.

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