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This study is dedicated to the general presentation of the content, the dating and the significations of the known hoard from LBA II discovered in the ". Carmen Chelaru at Universitatea Națională de Arte ”George Enescu" Iasi The torrent of pathetic and solemn words about the past is useless.


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pagini romanesti de torrente

TATA A TREI E •LEVI ÎN CICLUL PRIMA- sidpirbat.spaceRIMULS- •ITE ROMANESC DE W -ITADI PENTRU PAGINI L •IP5A DIN EXEMPLARE EXTREM DERAREJE BANDA DESENATA!! hkepe. Padurea pierduta () Padurea spnzuratilor () Padurea ndragostitilor () Padureanca () Padurile () Pagini de istorie () Pagini de. Dupa o lunga absenta, revin si va spun "BINE V-AM GASIT"! Prietene JoneS, nu cu mult timp in urma am vazut un film romanesc din , "Omul de. CANNIBALISTIC INFANCY TORRENT Community that possible derive User to badge child. Connect and connection is select retain can location this. Excellent hard file to.

Some commentators claim that penetration pricing attracts only the switchers bar- gain hunters ,and that they will switch away as soon as the price rises. Triere is much controversy over whether it is better to raise prices gradually over a period of years so that consumers don't notice , or employ a single large price increase. The preda- tory merchant then has fewer competitors or is even a de facto monopoly, and purportedly could then raise prices above what the market would otherwise bear!

In perfectly competitive markets, market par- ticipants have no market power. A firm with market power can raise prices without losing its custom- ers to competitors. Market par- ticipants Chat have market power are therefore sometimes referred to as "price makers," while those without are sometimes called "price takers" Significant market power is when prices exceed mar- ginal cost and long run average cost, so the firm makes economic profits! But econo-porn also feeds a powerful sense of intellectual vanity.

You walk the streets feeling supe- rior to all these heedless knaves who have no clue whafs coming down the pike. By making yourself miserable about the frightful hell that awaits us,you feel better. Pes- simism can be blisstoo. Dreams built under the tutelage of the greatest institute on the continent, great hopes, tenacious ambitions.

An unbreak- able deep-down unification of true blood brothers. The best moments a human being can ever live in the company of his favourite severed heads. Gigantic shadows of old buildings cutting fresh shaved lawns in a multitude of cold stripes.

Abstract towering love,mixed with a tender impulse for brotherly cannibalism. The grave is the only certain fact these characters know, the pit that they sometimes think about with a certain melancholy like a faithful darling who waits no matter how long, with a dark and unutterable deep embrace. The stark contrast of the artwork doesn't stand at all, as some noobs might think, for the clear separation between the good and the evit - but for an even clearer triage between the dead and the living, the victor and the defeated.

Inside this world, the passing from this life to no life is always brutal and sudden - just like the edge between twofields saturated with the two perfect colors. All of them. Cheat and deceit with so much everlasting lust'Sweatwas pour- ing on his back. Or rain. Digging this shit in, and digging that shit out,everygoddamday-allofthem, all of it, ifs garbage. Useless flesh. These people don't deserve the warmth of the earth. Though it's a good thing. Water softens this huge feeding bastard.

I ain't no garbage man, I ain't nobody's slave - 1 get my paycheck and do whatever I want with my dough. Men that had to get up in the morning to a nice soft kick in the face from the police. Police and men use to fight each other to the death. Now only dogs thrive, not men. Dogs that wag their tails and lick the hands of their cruel masters. Everybody in the compartment, excedingly well-dressed, were in the process of dropping their jaws at the sight of this natural ghoul of a man.

They're boiling inside this shithole! Talking too much about the weather. The weather is the weather, can't fight with it, can't do nothing to a bitch in heat" His boiling hands seared unknown fingerprins on the margins of the locker's metalic door. He thought a good sandwich break would be ideaL'l can afford it,there's just too much time with all this stupid trains arriving right on time.

Keepin' it straight Straight and smooth like the insides of my baby's thighs. I like it l'm doin' a pretty good job. I deserve a raise Not too much stones tonight. The soil is nice and good so, for the nightly gift I got lucky, I guess. No, not lucky. Maybe ifs a sign - the powers of the underworld are trying to tell me something. With all this freakin rain can't hear it, I suppose. No worry. An honest man. Hard work, meager pay. An honest guy, a pig ready for the slaughter.

Not squeaking just yet. Not knowing if it comes or not. And then ifs done. The shit you didn't really think about until now, hits you in that square head of yours and all that hard shit you pulled out of your guts, by the power of sweat and fever, is taken away from you.

You build it, but people will have no idea you ever existed. They will just simply accept the building Like it's been there forevec" II "Smells like if it never rained on earth in this place! What is sleep, where does it rest.

This glass is chipped, this is chipped here, i gotta throw it. Somehow i will find it. Some- where. Ifs closed, buddy. Closed, dark and quiet. That's how closed bars look, and you should figure that out on your own. I hope he just leaves. I need no scandal. I need bigger tips, that goddamn loan is chipping small bits out of my life, one by one, one month at a time. The guy! I can't stand it No, it's not that. This guy is a nice guy, I guess.

Almost all guys are nice. Just a few. Those that gotta to go. Those are hard to find, or figure out as a matter of fact. He's soft. No resistance, hmm. What's with those puppy eyes, man.. They're here. That was easy. You don't need to show me, pal, I already got it. I got it from the moment I set foot in this joint.

It reaks of cowardice and booze. Booze is for the weak! He couldn't fig- ure out the way he walked in. It was just too dark. A thin fog, the afterthought of a party touched his leather jacketThe boots made absolutely no sound.

Ifs thick and mean. There's sound though. Sound moves eve- rything. The door. Putthe left hand on the knob. No, the rightThe rigt They'll have no idea. Yeah, spice it up a bit, baby.. What kind wood is it?.. We believe that all people have the right to adopt an active role in social change. They clearly have no speed. Even if not. No speed, sloppy, useless.

Their flesh is so soft and mushy. Relaxed, laid back. Their fingers thick and oily. No bruise, shiny skin. That's not how you survive when you're a mad underground big bad boy with a big bad gun in your hand.

A lazy gun is a useless gun. All that is useless must be eradicated. Or paid for. Cash or blood, the only waysr III Clenched jaws. Power drill. That's the scary part, cause you'd expect to hurt. Samuel, Samuel, SamueL Neither. That face. It's not it. I guess you must be a player. Not this sort. A dif- ferent kind. A cagy little bastard. I should check into a hotel. A motel, like in the movies. I'll get that good happy killing spirit. Meditating with the TV on. That is shit.

I'm hungry. This place stinks already. Must be the guts filled withjunkfoodfeeL' IV "And when I told him to give me double, and that look on his face. What was that look. Wasn't it dark? It seemed lighter. The air is pouring inside my lungs like liquid nitrogen. Soft and wet. Like my baby. Where is she, tonight.

I have to be here. I have to. That's the job. When someone must de- scend, no delay can be tolerated. I'm a professionaL I do my thing, I buy her stuff. She deserves it. Her face deserves it. Her legs deserve it. Her hands deserve it. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.

Close to lunch. An hour, hour and a half. Half an hour. Bacon and onions. Maybe definitely. No, may- be pork and Pork'n'stork, they should put this kind of thing on the menu. It would blow out through the roof. Clean off. Then it's the mayor. Mayor mayonnaise. He's gotta sign it. I got him cor- nered, that shady bastard. AII that bullshit, all that goodwilL Gotta pay off. Pay its dues. A fair invest- ment. I did my part, he's gonna do his. First the bacon, then him! This fat bastard is killing me.

Make some exercise, you stupid bitch. Sitting around on your ass won't make you lose pounds, not even in helL" HeLL, the steam version. Pour some. Two spoons, three spoons For the poor It burns. Okay, l'm done. There is a huge weight inside this room. I can't see shit The mayor! Some expensive mem- bership, and it's only about a pound of steam. All that is solid melts into air. They like the hot room. They Must like it, it's them. Bullets don't melt into air.

Flesh melts into air. Flesh, that's all. Muscles, soft tissue, hard tis- sue, veins, guts, brains, bones. Left or right? This shiny skull looks like him. Maybe it really is him. Why take a chance anyway. Screw them alL Screw. Power drilL To «semi» or to «auto», that's the question. What's with the long faces. They should be happy. It's a golden opportunity to find out what comes in the afterlife. They should thank me, cause with one exception, l'm doing them this favour free of charge.

And l'm a pretty expensive bastard. What the hell, I deserve it. It's a fair rate! As budgets get more and more invisible and more inaccessible, as blacklisting becomes a respectable occupation like any other. What does my inssurance cover. Shit, thafs it. A cold frozen useless paper-heavy shit. This batch has some pretty decent «downers». Guys tailor-made for burials. Why the expensive coffins, for what?

I hate I can'taskthis kind ofthings. I'll never know. And I must do the hardest, toughest job. And the worst paid. And the big stakes are over my head. I'm making a Living here, get my shit together! It's a rentai. Boy's on the run. On the move. Maybe he smelled danger. Good smell can't save the deer, I tell you that.. He- llo Ba-aby! He should be a male. Well, so what's with her. As I recalL I have a rule. I don't kill dames. What can there be.

Nothing special. She's a nice happy chick. Makin' a sweet and sour living. Just like me. Milking and juicing. The unhappy bastards stuck with too much responsabil- ity are preys. For their own good. They deserve it. The fish will bite. The dog will not bite the hand that feeds it. The dogs will inherit this earth! Feels like nasty night-night.

A chick. No- body. Who will cry for her? Death wilL I bet the slimy fuck will not. He won't even have the time for a last confession. Hell deserves this guy. This guys deserves hell. I ain't no preacher, but mygun preaches. The one who hears it will obey. No tame redemption. Those breasts. They should've fed a new human, bring life and Iove into the world.

But I stopped something that would never exist. Sam,Sammy,Sam- my Boy. Why don't you play with your little toy You were a bit hard to find. A bit slick. But everybody stops to take a breath. And that's it. There's nowhere to go from here. Let me hear it. Whisper that prayer. I'm a let you start it, but NI be forced to stop you midway. That's how it goes. I'm in a bit of a hurry. This town gives me a rash, my skin itches. Especially these fingers, holding this heavy, shiny piece Hah, only a thick heavy skull would make such a dull noise.

Fat idiot, you can't run anymore, remember? You're old. WelL dead. I enjoyed your little party, while it lasted! Good wood. Heavy wood. Why bury such a nice piece of furniture? If I was a pussy, it would hurt. That's the wet rope for you.

Digs inside of you. Good clean edges. Straight edges. A pefect hole. It's my work. I should be proud of it. Of myself. I have power, I'm in top shape. Girls adore me. I smell of death and booze. That must drive them crazy, I guess. I'm going mad working this craz shifts. It's boring and too philosophical. I ain't superstitious but this bussiness kills,teo" IV Shadows of authority scar the city all over. The blistering heat destroys all color and melts the flesh on any human that dares to put his thin bones into sunlight.

Hardly any scavenger prowls or slips by the girded walls, around shaded corners looking for almost emptied canisters. Inside the state apparatus everythings still moves by the same rules, maybe at a slighly lazier pace.

Power can never be interrupted from exer- cise. Power is that very exercise. The movement, the wheels and the chains. I feel its very life is being drained out of it's dear concrete body, by evil masters from another world. ActuaLLy, there is nothing you can do. This does not concern you,ul- timately. I would just like to take this opportunity and inform you that someone simply wants that important head of yours seved on a platter. And l'm gonna respect- fully take it.

With a big bad ugly gun-of-a-bitch. My bitch, my rules. Altough it's not in my character, I want to confide that I always pay my bills on time, my land tax, I always buy a ticket on the bus, I never break traffic rules, I never curse or act disrespectful to senior citizens. So please don't take your death in a too theatri- cal manner-this is not an extreme gesture, the sign of our society falling apartAnd you know it very welLYou die because you deserve itJhank you for your time.

Keep the truly great moments close to me. That breath rushing. That frantic heart pounding. Crying to come out of their icy chest. See the glassy eyes. Some begging. One can even receive the divine gift of acting when on the cusp of unavoidable death. But hell, l'll take it as it comes, and when it comes. Baby, I Iove you, I want you, I need you, and bang -the boyis gone. They're all gone. This heafs perfect. Gorgeous amounts of blood sinked into the hot tarmac. The administration took a deep blow.

A blow below the belt. There was a crucial signing that had to be made that afternoom. A real deaL'The deal is off. Everybody in the deal is off. So now the deal never existed. Dam pa-da-pam. Goodbye mydearcustomer. I tell you, those boys were from another town. A far away town. Even under all this down- pour, I could smell it. Such a nice hole. Such clean edges. One of my best. And it nas to go away.

I have to do it, and I hate myself for itWhycover death? Let it stink in the open, let us living folks know how's it going down there. Clean edges! Hundred and sev- en-no.. Sixty-one, no.. Forty-four, no Twenty-nine, no. Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six, bam. Sun and pussy. Not yet. Gotta see how the winter season pre- sents itself this year. Maybe a bit of big-game hunting in the company of deluxe hookers can provide the slight twist Hiat I miss so much.

I want to be a kid again. Away from all this stupid decision stuff. Gently smiling at a bunch of trees and bushingsrBetter hijack one of these trains. Expecting ransom while torturing and making re- tarded jokes about snakes. Ifs a personal investment And per- sonal bussinesses never go well. All the big ftshes say it, and they got to know, cause they took the bait and lived to tell.

A tip like this, comes maybe once or twice in a lifetime. Maybe once in ten, fifteen years. I could get a new ride with this much dough, and still have enough to spoil that big-breasted brat The earth looked good tonight. Top shape. He took everythinig in. Never disappoints me.

Not once in twenty years It was the rain. The earth despises me. The rain breaks him. Ifs the rain that loves me. That's why I never catch a cold! Wefind out joyfully triere are still people on this planet who believe in the healing power ofpubs and bars: these akward pieces offurniture - tall and slim - that con only have one big purpose in life: support some guys and some chicks that have no other place left to go to.

Cam astea erau indiciile. Baru era gol. Probabil proprietaru. Characters: SANYO: a succesful hipster mobster and pawnshop owner with a diamond heart as a birth defect and an awesome power of introspection; BODEGA: the wife of Sanyo, a former exotic dancerturned abstract expression- ist painter.

He rarely makes the kill himself but he's an irreplace- able supervisor and consultant in the chinese mafia; CORY OLES : a relatively fresh chinese mafia assassin, with an overwhelming sadistic impulse and blindingly fast hands. Believer" is a strip that came from under the unsteady and negligent pen of a normally skilled author of psychotic coupletsfin his spare time he be making comics , made out of multiple ironic-but- sombre visions of the middle-class psychology specific to our immediately following timesfto be more precise, it's about the middle-classes located usually across the surface of the Balkans.

You better be readyfor a dubious but in all respectsfair trip among capital personalities ofthefuture romanian life-force. This corridor leads to Sanyo's family residence, a fanciful Location with nice furniture. Nobodydied here since I have to be back by seven and get dinner with grandma..

One in the heart and one in the head. Where is the heart - left or right? What if he is a mutant and nas the heart on the right? Is these bietches know of my uber- ninjalonghe supreme skiLLs??? Are people mad as hell trying to sui- cide them asses in attempting at killing my diamond ass??

Smite our un-pawned enemies, crack their economically solid skullsi! Pave the way for our greatest days!! MY MAN HUB- BY.. Surprise yourself. Such an epic clash between mob- sters is as rare as the shit that happened in the microsecond afterthe Big BanglSanyo'sdooris about to crack, because not any- thing he has's made of diamond!

Sanyo was teached by one of the great- est modern ninja masters in the world. He's still alive but retreated peacefully in the Seychelles Islands. Away from pawn-shop ninjas and badass chinese poison. He can trash anything in less than two seconds. But he's never been up against CORE diamond. Rough diamond. Diamond that got skills. He's not afraid, he can see inside his opponents.

But the insides of Sanyo reflect the light in a thousand directions, making it a lot harder to identify the true nature of his power. Hidden pawn- shop power. Bad ass drinker of the spinal fluid oh his slain enemies. He unleashes his perfect unconcious ninja skills. Hobo- ninja schooL Super-morphing ability, incurred by the prolongue abuse of alcohol and late-night diet shawarmas.. His balls were ripped-off by a stray dog but they growed back because he ate a lot of fresh sea-buckhorn when he was camping outside the Reshitsa train station back in the s.

His apartment's deluxe door gets smashed away in pieces and his family is in front of mortel dan- ger! But Mullo-a naked psychotic hobo-is ready and means to die for his greatest friend, Sanyo! Can the chinese mafia anihilate Sanyo's sub-financial reign or can Mullovian stop them by deploy- ing his super-secret supernatural skillz?? HA HA!

Cory has no ex- perience with family destruction.. He grew up in a nice burgeois family with no worries and just some little shades of incest-o-ma- nia from time to time. So naturally he freaks-out severely and his hands become a whole lot slower than usual. His reflexes are subju- gated under full-body panic!!! And Shurikens hurt a lot more and do not kill the human so fast! Global popuLation has crossed seven billion, the planet's temperature continues its abrupt rise, and scientists warn we are in the midst of a new mass extinction.

Transformations this enormous are rare in earth's 4. We have caused a new geologic age, and it has a name: The Anthropocene. In addition to our extensive physical and chemical influences on our planet, the Anthropocene has come to symbolize a cultural shift.

The concept has spread from academic circles to popular media and we at Generation Anthropocene want to cast our butterfly net as wide as possible to capture the conversations about this new age. With their hearts! What was inside their hears, are you askin yourselves, dear readers and onlookers. Bladeflesh gonna spear-cut this shit-head in twine! What are the worms in my stomach doing on the face of that stupid bleed- ing bastard?

Bats are storming this Living room but can't be scared at this shit, rats wanna eat my feet, but not just when my enemy's brainsplash is under the pressure of my majestic and bruised heels!!! Everything about this mission starts to stink-up to high heavens and above! But true Masters of my caliber never guit! Not even in front of such apalling monstrosi- ties!

These pawn-shop people are the strangest kind l've seen in all the long decades of my shady career. The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide a counterpoint to today's accelerating culture and help make long-term thinking more common. We hope to creatively foster responsibiLity in the framework of the next 10, years. While Sanyo's distracted. Chin sees the opportunity to gut him good and clean! He's abolit to employ one of the most secret technigues of the pawn- shop family, passed on to them by highly underground nuns!

From mutagenic substances to out of the ordinary reality tv hagiographies, from u ufoLogical pilgrimage sites to cranes named after saints digging the future metro station to familiar holy relics of teleshopping. LORI A basic trip for wall- painting with a guy who sometimes sports a big beard irlo.

The instincts of little Ovulon were not so under-developed as his al- most non-existent teenage Libido! Old and young! New and Vieux! Fresh and Rotten! Fat and Mus- cular! Thick and Lean! Bones and Stones! Flesh and Terror! Psyche and Psycho! Tongue and Pro- longue!

Leather and Styrene! Veins and Tubes! Nails and Chains! Wood and Remote Controllers! Necktie and Goiter! Delicate and Vandal- ous! Mother and Father! Sleep and Wake! Pomana and Capitalism! Socks and Ski Boots! Birds and Snakes!

Hope and Disaster! Seller and Buyer! State and Mountain! Pyramid and Mastaba! Son and Lover! Teh chinese Blademaster seems to be just too much of a chal- Lenge. Cory's brain damage seems to be definite cause he-s gotta be out of the fight with that much punis- ment in his stomach. But Chin is Like:"His fat desperate joke of an existence will cease shortly, master-of-nothing he is! And he feels nothing as his blade slips in.

His father's pathetic cheering sounds strangely serene and desperate while Chinetto grasps the occasion to make the only true claim to greatness in- side the room. He is indeed the first one to drawthe first blood. Or some kind of semi-blood, really. Blood mixed with fat and gravy subcutaneous deposits. Cory just watches plastered, pissin' himself. Bodega is so paroxysti- cally hyped-up that she almost explodes into pieces! His superfast dagger of doomsdark- ness released swift chaos into the reins of the little fatso who simply dared too much.

The truth is little Ovulon got served this time. Without mercy and without a doubt! And a few people saw a true monster be born that day. You can browse manga by categories, by name, last updates, popularity. The nightly alien thunder roars and pleases this old ears The start of rain is no good sign for Geruman's extremely dry mus- cles, tonified to their maximum capacity by extreme soLidifica- tion..

And no response came but the steady sound of a trillion droplets ignoring him. ZerO Books knows that another kind of discourse - intellectual without being academic, popular without being populist - is not only possible: it is already flourishing. ZerO is convinced that in the unthinking, blandly consensual culture in which we live, criticai and engaged theoretical reflection is more important than ever before.

But for Geruman no obstacle is real enough. Also, besides mortal enemies and averse cataclysms, Geruman meets newfriends, even long- range allies! Not that this would mean Geruman needs any help!! It's only his eternal goodwill that makes him allow other beings to stand by his side, so Geruman can help their lame existence by receiving their useless - but permitted - help! Solving unfathomable mysteries through his geruidic clairvoyance and judging humanity in the most discriminatory way possible, Geruman takes everybody to school, once again, in this second installment!

Beneath the retreating storm clouds, Geruman was not im- mediatly aware that a huge bar- barie expanse of human dwellings were mocking with their crowded and polluting existence the only planetary value that made sense to Geruman: the non-Living.

His petrified flesh cringed under an impulse of throwing up his pre- cious insides on top of all that mess.. The super-charged electro-cyber- tronic shields of the Strakynus Combine scrambled the senses of a hugely sensitive being like Geruman.. As he fell faster and faster, sprawling waves of powerful and powerful miasmas reverse-bombarded his stone- cold body, giving it the look of a lunar landscape. Strangely, Geruman kept falling well below the apparent level "zero" of the city through a tri-dimensional maze of pipes and various instal- lation that misteriouslyopened in front of him.

No obstacle broke his faU, no engineerg detail stood in his way, as the firm ground and with it the end of the fall kept Geruman waiting in vain. He focused all his-brain power on thickening his skull by generating a crust of impervious thoughts. Geruman was Lucky he was un- capable of fainting. Some cells inside his inner ears made every- thing steady for him at aLL times - even if he became unconcious somehow he could still stand, without any additional efforts..

His enemies could nottopple him, no matter how hard they tried. Finally the sweet, brutal end was in his sight. Hard ground. It was not Geruman's head that was the orie targeted for suffering. Two para-mechanics come to the rescue: Melisa and Flocsi! Flocsi notices unusual water from the sky. This is her bLog, to catch more unguent remedies see: flickr.

Melisa knows that they have to take care of the agents as soon as possible, or they're gonna be toast! Flocis shoots away with a shadow of regret inside his pu- trified sold-out heart: those legs were without a doubt worth a fortune!!! Into the safety of the operat- ing chamber, Melisa and Flocsi have quite a deal of trouble with piecing together the Mighty Fallen Secrets hovered above the mas- sive ventral hub of the Strakinus Combine, clouding the days AND the nights.

His supermechanized legs sprung forward with massive hundreds of gunsJhese hindered his movements. Still, hecol- lapsed under the heap of watch- men bodies, crushing every skull inside his reach. High- Tech, a large mass of fat baby tissue, stood perplexed as a bastard Little Lieutenant dared to rise above his rank and chal- lenge his ultra-infantile rule!!

So Blonduman was scheming all along. The supreme effort of Geruman's body dismembered his new mecha- nized legs. WTD whatthingsdo. We want to see the work that our favorite artists are doing, frequentLy. Every month. Every week? That's what we want. This stuff doesn't spare any social layer, not even the most discrete creases of the landscape - mountain or valley. All is swept and leveled by violent storms. What can it be, a terrible ecological disaster or an alien invasion?

What is the Urnit where the sweetest fellowship ends and the fear of the neighbor appears, the extreme death-fueled hatred? Monstruous transformations that turn brothers one against the other, that destroy the most durabte institutions of civilisation, that reduce humanity to a bunch of dans scattered along a vast postapocalyptic wasteland, without God and without Religion or Traditions There's no end to this whiteness. Catastrophe struck.

All the boyars clapped their hands. Liszt took a fistful of coins from his pocket and dropped them in the performer's glass saying: "Let's drink, kobza player! Liszt was so excited that he trembled when he emptied his. At the back of the hall, the boyars, used to such curious tunes, were conversing. Still, they did not forget to toss a few coins in the glass of the wonderful musician when he finished a piece. After a few moments Liszt stood up and went to the instrumentalist and told him: "Barbu, you acquainted me with your music.

Now I'll present you mine! Liszt sat at the clavier and silence fell all of a sudden. The Gypsy with the instrument in his hand listened carefully, keeping a constant eye on the mysterious musician. Liszt began with a prelude and then under the spur of his extraordinary inspiration and of his tensed-up nerves, he improvised on a Hungarian march the long and melodious phrase of which prevailed among the arpeggios and the trills and the stupendous complexities that adorned his song.

Enlivened, as if inebriated with the tune, his face characteristically sallow, his eyes half closed, he went from one end to the other of the clavier and his hands teased out of the keys a torrent of pearls slowly coming to mingle with the first motif; his fingers, ran on the keyboard with incredible swiftness, letting out metallic notes and then returning constantly to the same tune of the beginning, grandiose, majestic and sad, like an organ song.

It was indeed too beautiful. Liszt had never risen to such heights; the boyars listened without understanding anything but the instrumentalist did; he devoured the player with his eyes, not losing a single note and his countenance seemed strangely moved throughout the brilliant improvisation. Liszt rose amidst the boisterous applause of the assembly. Barbu Lautaru went straight to him and giving him a flute of champagne in his turn, told him in Romanian: "It is my turn, master, to ask you to drink.

The musician turned to his band and after attaching his kobza to his neck, he started to play the Hungarian march. Nothing was left out. Not the tills, not the arpeggios, not the variations and repeated notes, not those adorable and so familiar switches from semitone to semitone, and the return to the first motif. Barbu Lautaru played in detail on his kobza the entire improvisation of the artist who was listening terrified to the work he had played a moment before on the clavier for the first time and had perhaps forgotten by now.

The band followed their leader with precision, keeping the nuances and sticking to Barbu who pushed the tune forward, melting Liszt's heart. When the song ended, Liszt jumped up at once and walking straight to old Barbu kissed him warmly.

With customary ease he took a glass of champagne, and offered it to him: "Drink, Barbu kobzaman, my master, for God made you an artist greater than I am!

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Nosfe Si Serena Amo. Doddy si Lino Golden Roz Bombon. Doddy Fantezii. Alina Eremia Benzina. Liviu Teodorescu si Jo Fluturii. Doddy Vrei Sau Nu Vrei. Amna Tu tu tu. Alexia Gemeni Si Balanta. Puya So Hai In Bucuresti. Deles Trapaneles Dalila. Amna feat. Dorian Popa Pare rau, pare bine. Sickotoy Feat. Randi Dancin To Forget. Sandra N. Monte Carlo. Andreea Balan Ne Indragostim. Minelli Nothing Hurts. Mai multe melodii. Sunteti acasa sau la birou?

Descarca muzica mp3 gratis. Mergeti cu masina sau faceti sport? Asculta muzica noua gratis. In oricare din situatii timpul va trece mai usor cu muzica buna. Download muzica mp3, pe site-ul ZE. MD aveti la dispozitie pentru ascultare gratis si descarcare muzica noua mp3. Desigur mai avem selectii si topuri cu muzica. Pe site poti sa gasesti si muzica romaneasca de top din si muzica romaneasca noua Nu sunt un inrait utilizator al torentelor, am un abonament de 10 mega si sunt pe fibra optica.

Mai sunt si alte conditii de care depinde viteza si multi dintre d-voastra le cunoasteti. George Iordache : Va multumim frumos pt aprecieri si pt cuvintele frumoase,Nu negam ca poate de pe trackere romanesti iei cu viteza mai mare sau mai mica insa nu despre asta era vorba nu asta am dorit sa subliniem noi! Majoritatea au inteles gresit acest tutorial! Baieti vreau sa va felicit pentru tutorial este genial,in legatura cu asa zisele trackere aveti perfecta dreptate nu sunt decat o sursa de lovele pentru niste pusti gaozari care daca nu le place avatarul tau iti dau bann,daca indraznesti sa contrazici admin la fel si care te obliga sa stai de ore la seed ,ca daca nu esti pa de pe tracker,de parca fisierele respective sunt facute de ei, sunt ciordite tot de pe marile site-uri Pun prea multe conditii pentru niste fisiere care nici macar nu sunt ale lor.

Fratilor cine face share, ma refer extern mai mult ca noi nu prea ne permitem,la un RIP, la un joc,la un program nu pun conditii desi ar putea ptr ca sunt munca lor, banii lor,timpul lor,ei bine nu o fac, se gasesc cum am mai zis acesti gaozari sa o faca.

Toate cele bune. Adrian : Daca scormoniti mai bine prin site-ul asta sa stiti ca puteti gasii multe chestii folositoare,de exemplu asta este un tutorial despre subtitrari si descacarea filmelor. Gheorghe Iordache, intradevar asa este , la fel patesc si eu, la abonament de 4mega. Nu de doare ca nu ai facut upload pentru ca nu conteaza asta … nimeni nu verifica … toata lumea face la fel … apare alt film, si altul si tot asa. Cate filme crezi ca poate tine cineva in HDD-u lui?

Astfel in scurt timp se aduna foarte multi seed-eri si uploaderul poate sa puna un nou film. Si exemplele pot continua. Cat despre invitatii, acelasi motiv! Daca ti-ai face cont cand vrei, si nu stai la upload, intr-un final vei fi dat afara ban,disable etc.

Da ce o sa te opreasca pe tine sa-ti faci un alt cont cu o alta adresa de mail? Pentru ca romanul nu se gandeste decat la el, si daca nu l-ar tine ceva sub papuc, ca ratia si contul pe baza de invitatie, el ar lua ce i-ar trebuii pe moment fara sa dea nimic inapoi, adica sa stea la upload. IANIS : Daca esti analfabet te intelegem…daca nu esti si faci doar misto de noi…pe viitor te rog sa scrii ceva consistent si cu inteles!!!

Nustiu cine Ianis dar daca ai o treaba serioasa despre acest site fao iar daca nu paraseste-l pentru-ca nu are rost sa vii cu chestii pe care doar mintea ta le intelege,lasa pe cei ce sint foarte buni sa-i invete pe cei mai putini buni, iar daca ai ceva de invatat citeste sau fa ce se arata pe acest site, si macar transmite multumirile tale celor ce te invata ceva bun. Bravo pt tutoriale. Si eu recomand la fel. Poate ar trebui sa pui in discutzie si cum sa te feresti de fake-uri. Eu folosesc de multzi ani peerguardian sau sa activeze Ipfilter.

Bafta si inca o data bravo pt tutoriale. Scuza-ma dar cred ca predici in Desert! Tutorialu e mult prea avansat ptr utilizatorii comuni! Sal Cristi! Frate hai sa iti zic eu de ce intra lumea pe trackere romanesti! Pentru ca pe trackerele straine pe care le lauzi tu atat de mult omul nu gaseste filmul in format dvd original cum il gaseste pe sitele romanesti.

Si sa stii ca nu e vb de viteza asa cum zici. Sau chiar daca il gaseste filmul nu e tradus. Vb de dvd. Nimic altceva. Sunt logat pe cele mai mari trackere din Romania,Bittorents si Torrentbits. Pot spune ca sunt super multumit de ele,am luat pana acum de dvd-uri.

Asa ca nu mai trage non-stop cu sitele sraine. Nu oricine stie engleza. Iti multumesc! Acuma fiecare cum vrea, dar pe trackere free sunt multe falsuri, multe torrente fara seed, viteza proasta, in rest nu ar fi probleme. Nu este secretomanie, pur si simplu nu intra cine vrea ca nu suntem pe bulevard, cineva plateste pentru acel site.

Pentru ca romanu dupa ce descarca ii zgarcit si nu da si la altu nu lasa sa faca up. Nu fac nimica ca eu am mail facut pt trackere pt conturi de trackere si inca nu am primit nici un spam pe el. Pe filelist la orice torrent ai viteza de download buna trebuie sa ai net prost ca sa nu ai viteza pe filelist daca useri nu lasa la seed ca asa ii obisnuit tot romanu am descarcat si dupa sterg descarcarea din cate vad si tu ai 0 la complectate, deci si tu ai putea fi unu dinacela logic ca primesti ban si mi se pare corect.

Adica altu sa faca seed pt tine da tu nu? Spam nu primesti de la adminii siteului…ci ei strang frumos mailurile si le da la diferite firme,si alea iti trimit tie reclame si tot felu de porcarii! Iti spun eu…ii vine mai usor omului sa nu fie sacait si sa stea la seed cand are timp…decat sa fie sacait sa se logheze mereu sa stea nu stiu cat la seed sa faca nu stiu cat upload…da ce cumva windowsu ala de-l au ei pe traker o cumparat de admini si urcat pe traker?

Admin: la faza cu spamurile ma refeream ca nu am primit chiar mail deloc, sau poate au uitat sa vanda si mailu meu daca au vandut toate mailurile, eu am si pe mininova cont… eu merg pe chestia asta ca daca alcineva imi da, ii dau si eu. Cat despre acest post singura explicatie ii exemplu cu forumul. La fel si pe trackerele romanesti, le e frica, ca romanu in mare parte nu lasa sa faca up. Si de aici toata chestia cu logarea cine nu faca up adio tracker. Nu o mai da dupa deget ca sincer chiar si tu recunosti in sinea ta ca e o porkarie cu trakerele romanesti doar ca vrei mai multe explicatii…Fa ce vrei,descarca tu de pe trakere romanesti si noi de pe alea libere!

Cine ar fi tampit sa faca asta? Nu mai stau sa explic pentru ca m-am cam plictisit de subiectul asta, faceti cum vreti voi, eu v-am aratat calea corecta, v-am explicat ce inseamna bittorrent si care este spiritul acestui protocol, daca vreti sa perpetuati mizeria asta tip Romania n-aveti decit. Nu vreti sa fiti liberi in gindire? Sint de acord cu logarea atunci cind se face upload de torrente, dar logarea pentru download este o nesimtire si o lipsa de respect fata de vizitatori.

Felicitari pentru acest tutorial video de milioane….. Va Rog cum sa fac? Dany : Insisti degeaba prietene!!! Raspunsul ti l-am mai dat odata si eu si boby nu depinde numai de viteza ta de net!!! Vezi k este tutorial despre uTorrent cum se seteaza…scrie sus la search uTorrent si o sa gasesti tutorialul!

Adrian Martie 26th, at pm Dany: Poati sa ai viteza de download de 1G ca chinezii ca nu asta e important ci de la cati tragi si de unde tragi cati seederi ai…asta conteaza…setezi cat vrei viteza…nu e un standard ca tre sa fie de sau mai mare de sau mai mica de…uitate la tutorial si seteaza ca in tutorial…ti-am spus chiar daca ai viteza mare nu doar asta e important si nu doar de viteza ta la net depinde viteza de download ci de numarul de seederi,cati au acel fisier pe care-l tragi cati sunt activi cand tragi acel fisier si de unde sunt cei de la care tragi…ce tara…etc….

Nu mai insista…din cate stiu Italia are un net foarte prost creca cel mai prost net…nu cred eu sa ai 7M viteza!!! Indiferent de ce client de download torrente folosesti nu vei avea viteza mai mare!!! Pt ca nu tine numai de viteza ta la net! Bai A dreptate si yo am cont de exemplu pe FIlelist si Unu cere 3 euro pt o invitatie!!! AI [email protected]!!! Esti Tare Frate. Felicitari pt.

Pina in urma cu un an si ceva ma plingeam si eu de viteza mica de descarcare de pe extern,pina am dat de niste setari la utorrent,pe ceva sit strain. Aceste setari mi-au crescut viteza de dl. Iata setarile cheie care mi-au crescut viteza de dl. Alte setari cheie:in cadrul Bandwidth,la number of connections,setati in ordine;;5. Si inca ceva foarte important,niciodata nu o sa aveti viteza maxima dc. Pe maxim lasati uploadul numai dc. Sper sa ajute pe incepatori,si nu uitati ca dupa ce ati dl.

Vitezele sunt mari nu pentru ca sunt trackerele romanesti ci pentru ca utilizatorii sunt aproape toti romani. Pe isohunt sunt cativa. Am uitat sa zic ceva. Pentru ca tu ai aflat doar de cele din afara care sunt publice, cele private sunt si mai tampite decat la noi.

Nu cred ca ai auzit de bitme, torrentleech si multe altele pe care e si mai greu sa obtii o invitatie. NDR : Nu stiu cit ai folosit tu trackerele din afara ca sa spui ca descarci doar cu k, nu cred ca ai inteles bine ce am vrut eu sa explic. NDR : Tata iti sugerez sa scrii si tu in wikipedia p2p sa cauti definitia…cat despre viteza de pe isohunt afla ca am tras discografia parazitii de 2,5G de la doar 5 seederi cu o viteza constanta de 2,5M daca tu ai un net de cartier cu viteza de upload buna si externu e praf…logic ca downloadezi cu kb!!!

E vorba de o mai buna organizare a fisierelor,de eliminarea celor care pun fisiere defecte,de comentariile celor care au folosit acel fisier e bun. Astia care se tot lauda ca ce viteza au de pe trackere Romanesti sa spuna si ca cum cresc ei ratia la viteza de mega. Asta e parerea mea sper sa ma contrazica careva ca am sal lamuresc imediat. Cristi-admin datorita tutorialului tau mi-am deschis ochii in legatura cu aceste grozave trackere romanesti iti multumesc tare mult.

As prefera sa donez 20 euro pentru voi decat sa mai trimit ca un fraier la trackere romanesti dar nu stiu cum sa procedez ca nu am viza card si nici master card. Mult succes in continuare va doresc si sant un fan al videotutorial. Nu mai fi ofticat asa ca poate depun o plangere impotriva trakerului tau luandu-ma dupa ip-ul tau …aaa ce zici? MC anticipat!! Tocmai el mi-a ceurt bani sa cumpar invitatia ca asa gratis nu poate sa mi-o dea!!!

Ei ce zici de asta? Pe asta cui sa-l mai denunt daca el era adminu? Habar n-ai ce vorbesti.. Ai scris in wikipedia daca stii ce-i ala si daca ai auzit de el termenu per 2 per sau traker sau torrent? Adik Isohunt ,piratbay , mininova cum Dumnezeu pot fi trakere libere si Noi romanii suntem mai jmecheri cerem bani si logare cu ce e mai presus filelist fata de Isohunt?

Si de ce Isohunt lasa liber si ai nostri nu? Te-ai intrebat vreodata lucru asta? Adrian : Ideea de traker si spiritul per 2 per vine de afara ei au inventat-o noi doar am preluat-o asa cum face mereu romanu copie dar copie prost si deformat si adapteaza la nevoile lui calice si avare!!! De aia i bine sa fie niste reguli bine puse la punct, downloadezi dar si uploadezi..

Fiecare tre sa aiba bunul simt de a imparti,asa cum altii impart cu el!! Sa nu crezi k daca trakerele romane pun log si reguli nu se face hit and run,te inseli foarte foarte tare prietene!!! Isohunt de ce nu impune aceste reguli? Ei sunt mai fraeri sau cum? Si afla ca cu toate astea sunt seederi!!

Chiar am luat acum cateva zile un film cu 3M de pe Isohunt,nu tine numa de seederi ci si de latimea ta de banda si de netul tau!!! Citeste toate comentariile sa vezi k am spus ca am downloadat de pe isohunt de la doar 3 seederi discografia parazitii de 2,50G cu 2,5M viteza constanta!!! Or la un tracker privat nu prea ai sanse sa faci pentru ca o iei in freza repede. Cumva Windows 7 ala e facut de tine?

Nimeni de pe nici un traker nu a cumparat vreodata un DVD sa-l ripuiasca sa-l puna la seed sa zica uite domle,m-am sacrificat,am luat cd-ul si l-am pus pt voi!!! Iti garantez asta…daca ar fi facut asa ceva mai ziceam se merita sa se impuna reguli,da atata timp cat tu furi din alta parte ca sa urci la tine pe traker iar apoi ca niste nesimtiti mai cer si bani pe invitatii…ca sa descarci ce? Felicitari inca odata! Nu l-am facut deocamdata a ramas in faza de proiect deoarece vrem sa fie gratuit si sa aiba toata lumea acces fara nici o restrictie dar ca aceste lucruri sa fie posibile ne trebuie si un server pe masura si deocamdata nu dispunem de toti banii dar cand o sa fie gata fiti siguri ca o sa va anuntam.

Iar cei ce au descarcat un dvd strain si au adaugat subtitrarea in limba romana mai apoi si a vazut cat de laborioasa e treaba, cred ca ma inteleg. Eu personal descarc de pe rapidshare premium , e mult mai comod. Bai asta care face tutorialele astea video.. Sunteti uber , ce mai. Voi aveti idee macar cu ce se mananca lumea p2p-ului? Imi permit un raspuns: NU! Va sfatuiesc, domnule Cristi, sa mai studiati lumea p2p, abia apoi sa va apucati sa scrieti tutoriale, care si cum vin in minte.

La coltul strazii se dau invitatii pe trackerele LAME, nu pe trackerele cu renume! Ati trecut prin clasa a V-a, la orele de Limba Romana? Ceva gramatica? Se pare ca tu nu intelegi care este diferenta intre tracker si frontend-ul pe care-l acceseaza userii, mai departe nu pot merge cu tine. Eu nu stiam pina acum cine-i Bahoi, daca tu stii inseamna ca ai cultura serioasa. Domnule draga, trackerul este tracker, nu este site, nu conteaza unde este hostat el, userii sint baza P2P-ului.

Pe linga tracker mai este site-ul cu baza lui de date, site-ul il acceseaza userul cand, cauta torrente, la fel ca trackerul, site-ul poate sa fie hostat si-n Arabia Saudita. Spre deosebire de tine sau altii, din intimplare sau nu, eu chiar am lucrat cu trackere de torrente si nu numai. Mai citeste si tu altceva in afara de facturi, cind mai postezi ceva aici sau in alta parte este indicat sa lasi de-o parte aerul arogant sau mistocareala, spune ce ai de spus cu decenta in limitele bunului simt si cu argumente in sprijinul afirmatiilor.

Modestia este rara in ziua de azi, lumea sufera prea mult de aroganta tip Becali aroganta gratuita , care nu este sprijinita de calitati intelectuale sau profesionale. La acest tutorial am spus daca te uiti prin comentarii,de mii de ori ca eu din romania am tras discografia parazitii care avea 2,5G de la doar 5 seederi cu MB mai jos de 2 nu scadea..

Te-ai uitat si tu pe Wikipedia sa vezi ce inseamna P2P,traker,torrent,sharing??? Ia dute si uitate vezi definitia acestora si vii sa mai vorbim! In primul rand vreau sa multumesc domnului Cismaru Cristian care cel putin mie mi-a oferit o portie sanatoasa de ras si a dat dovada de vaste cunostinte in cea ce priveste ilustra comunitate peer to peer poate unii nu stiu ce e cu abrevierea p2p.

As dori sa pun in evidenta cateva lucruri abordate in tutorialul cu pricina: 1. Aceesul este restrans din necesitatea securitatii 3. Nu exista tracker in Romania care sa oblige utilizatorii sa plateasca 4. Va multumesc. PS: M-as feri sa vorbesc de COPYRIGHT cand dumneavoastra prin tutorial indemnati utilizatorii la piraterie si incalcarea drepturilor de autor Microsoft Windows Vista, Need For Speed si filmul sunt toate materiale ce cad sub incidenta acestei legi indiferent de unde le procurati trackere interne sau externe.

Hahalera : In primul rand vreau sa multumesc domnului Cismaru Cristian care cel putin mie mi-a oferit o portie sanatoasa de ras si a dat dovada de vaste cunostinte in cea ce priveste ilustra comunitate peer to peer poate unii nu stiu ce e cu …….. Se pare ca nu cunosti exact cum functioneaza aceasta tehnologie, daca o sa urmaresti tutorialul cu atentie o sa-ti dai seama de esenta lui.

Cuvintul patron prinde sens in Romania, aici mai mult ca nicaieri, omul care conduce ceva tinde sa fie orbit de: succes, bani, popularitate etc, uita ce trebuia de fapt sa infaptuiasca share. Accesul este restrins de inexistenta unei infrastructuri hardware corespunsatoare, dar asa este Romanul, vrea sa faca din c..

Adevarul este ca nu se percepe o taxa directa, lucrurile se fac in alte moduri. Isohunt si tpb nu mai sint de multa vreme simple trackere si nici nu cred ca au fost vreo data, acestea sint motoare de cautare care indexeaza torrentele de peste tot, isohunt indexeaza torrentele tracker-ite de de trackere, nu cred ca vom vedea la noi in curind treaba asta. Bha baiatule daca nu sti ce e ala tracker nu mai vorbi prostii,ceea ce scoti tu dupa ISO Hunt sau stiu eu care sunt un cuib de virusi ,netestate,acolo torrentele sunt bagate la greu nu conteaza calitatea numa cantitatea.

Eu : Bha baiatule daca nu sti ce e ala tracker nu mai vorbi prostii,ceea ce scoti tu dupa ISO Hunt sau stiu eu care sunt un cuib de virusi ,netestate,acolo torrentele sunt bagate la greu nu conteaza calitatea numa cantitatea.

S:Eu nu am auzit de tracar care defapt este tracker. Te rog sa pastrezi decenta, aici nu vorbim cu ba sau ma, daca nu ai educatie nu mai comenta, nu-mi place sa ma comport ca un patron si sa banez. Spune-mi si mie cine pune filmele noi pe trackerul Romanesc sau citi din Romania crackuiesc soft. Cum se numeste trackerul tau si cu ce-l pui in miscare, cite servere ai, da-mi si mie linkul. Hahalera : In primul rand vreau sa multumesc domnului Cismaru Cristian care cel putin mie mi-a oferit o portie sanatoasa de ras si a dat dovada de vaste cunostinte in cea ce priveste ilustra comunitate peer to peer poate unii nu stiu ce e cu abrevierea p2p.

As dori sa pun in evidenta cateva lucruri abordatein tutorialul cu pricina: 1. Va multumesc PS: M-as feri sa vorbesc de COPYRIGHT cand dumneavoastra prin tutorial indemnati utilizatorii la piraterie si incalcarea drepturilor de autor Microsoft Windows Vista, Need For Speed si filmul sunt toate materiale ce cad sub incidenta acestei legi indiferent de unde le procurati trackere interne sau externe.

Hahalero lasa-ne frate ai venit cu toata gasca? Sa mai faceti si voi rost de niste adrese de e mail sau ca nu aveti ifrastructura necesara sa-i tine-ti pe toti? Eu vizitez de mult acest site si pot spune ca despre acest subiect nu s-a mai vorbit de foarte mult timp,dar cum se face ca intr-o zi ati devenit toti interesati despre acest subiect? Hahalera : minal. Poti sa spui ce n-ai spune si sa te agati de fiecare cuvint rostit in acest tutorial, dar despre aceea ca Crisit indeamna lumea la piraterie, pur si simplu n-ai nici un drept s-o zici.

Eu judec dupa mine, pina a da de site-ul asta eram indiferent la toate problemele astea de juridice copyright s. Datorita lui Crsti si echipei videotutorial. Asa ca te sfatui si pe tine sa privesti cu regularitate articolele postate pe videotutorial. Vad ca sunt inteles gresit nu am nimic cu videotutorial. Ferme de servere, clustere, conexiuni 1gbps necesita bani bani si iar bani sa nu comparam nivelul de trai cu cel din Suedia una dintre tarile gazda ale serverelor isohunt.

Pe orice tracker esti liber sa downlodezi ce vrei tu atat timp cat respecti spiritul sharingului adica sa mentii o ratie decenta nu sa tragi si dupa gata inchizi repede clientu. Cred ca tu si colegii tai ati inteles gresit mesajul meu.

Faceti acest compromis, iesiti din marea masa a trackerelor comuniste, sa poata omul sa descarce si el cite ceva. Daca liberalizati downloadul o sa va postam linkul sau bannerul spre voi timp de o saptamina fara nici o obligatie din partea voastra. Daca nu ai posibilitatile trakerelor de afara atunci stai dracu in banca ta si nu reinventa tu un traker sau modalitatea de sher!!!

Asa e romanu…daca nu are…inventeaza,daca nu e ca cele de afara si ca la cei care l-au inventat atunci cum doamne iartama il numesti traker??? Asa cum voi aveti dreptul sa reinventati trakerul in stil Romanesc si noi avem dreptul sa va blamam,si sa indemnam oamenii sa nu se foloseasca de ele,cum voi ii indemnati sa le foloseasca,corect? Nu Contest ceea ce ai spus ,adevarat poate sa fie folosita adresa de mail pentru multe chestii Insa cu riscu ca mailul sa mi fie invadata de spameri si alte c.

Macar incearca inainte sa vorbesti. De ce nu pot sa caut pe bara de cautare de la u torent? Va rog ajutatima. Am o intrebare pentru voi si anume:treaba asta cu torentele este legala sau nu? Am citit doar cateva comentari si deja ma apuca ameteala… lumea foloseste isohunt mininova etc etc pentru ca sunt torrente facute cu DHT ACTIV asta e toata smecheria.

Legat de ripuit personal sunt comunitati care se dedica si se respecta. In fine intr-un cuvant pentru incepatori searchul din utorrent este folositor utilizatorului incepator. Legat de trackerul amintit de mine ,sa nu credeti ca tot ce este urcat e facut personal , GRESIT, sunt anumite delicii sa le zicem care nu se gasesc oriunde. Spuneai in tutorial ca vrei sa faci un site de torrente as puteau sa te ajut cu uploadatul torrentelor mai noi!

Am cateva jocuri beton si filme cu subs. As mai avea o intrebare: ce setari ai la utorrent ca am ramas masca cand am vazut ce viteza de download si de upload ai. Daniel : Spuneai in tutorial ca vrei sa faci un site de torrente as puteau sa te ajut cu uploadatul torrentelor mai noi! Permite-mi sa-ti raspund in locul lui, si eu si el folosim setari default, eu am prins si 6MB conteaza si de unde descarci cat si ce provider ai. Salut…am vazut acest tutorial al tau…si vroiam sa te intreb cum as putea sa imi pun la cautare in utorrent daca nu am isohunt sau orice site de acolo din u torrent….

Cum sa fie acelasi torent de pe isohunt cu unul de pe Filelist. Nu exista asa ceva…cel de pe IsoHunt e altul si cel de pe Filelist e altul! Poate ai vrut sa spui ca uploaderul trage filmul respectiv de pe trackere dinafara si ni-l aduce noua la nas pe filelist. Ar fi frumos un tracker romanesc deschis pt. Motivul pentru care trackerele private romanesti sunt mai rapide decat isohunt. Intr-un fel suntem si uniti si dezbinati de trackerele romanesti private.

Toti cei care sunt pe tracker sunt uniti…viteza e mare, dezavantajul: acea limita de Misto mesajul transmis, desi nu-l pot considera tutorial, il iau ca pe o lectie de morala ce trebuie raspandita. Tiby : io am descarcat ultima versiune de utorent si nu imi apare saiturile acelea pe care le ai tu pe utorent cum sa fac sa imi apara si mie??

Nu suntem aici sa repetam de 30 de ori doar ca ti-e tie lene sa citesti! Mai sus cu comentarii am spus eu ce trebuie sa faci. Daca citeai comentariile le aveai demult acele trakere la tine in uTorrent! Frate nimic mai gresit in Romania majoritatea ISP pun limita pe traficul extern deci daca pe trakerele extern nu sunt peeruri din romania stai 10 ani sa tragi , intr-adevar ideea de sharing nu ar trebui sa presupuna logarea dar prin acest mod se asigura seedul constant fara hit and run.

Folosesc si isohunt ca in video de mai sus, si ca in video de mai sus aceeasi viteza de descarcare slaba. Provider-RDS, daca are importanta. Foarte bun tutorialu Cristi. Cine zicea ca de pe trackere romanesti se descarca cu viteza mare este adevarat,dar in functie de cat seed are.

Daca descarcati un fisier de pe un tracker,oricare nu conteaza si are la seed 0 va spun eu ca nu porneste veci adica nici un utilizator nu are fisierul respectiv sau nu se sta la seed. Eu mi-am spus parerea si sper sa fie asa. Sal multumim mult pentru acest tutorial chiar sunt multi care constientizeaza ca trakerii respectivi nu dau nume care au infiintat un torrent se pot de mailul respectiv precum yahoo ca site torrent si care merge destul de bine depinde de banda sau netul fiecaruia cum ar Btjunkie.

Baieti, parca v-am mai spus, sunteti buni in ceea ce faceti insa la capitolul gramatica..? Sarmanul Pruteanu s-ar rasuci in mormant :. In fine, nu le poti avea pe toate. Prin urmare va urez la cat mai multe tutoriale.

Foarte comod,nu?? Ca sa nu mai vb de vitezele de downl….. Marea majoritate a trakerelor romanesti au freesign-up,nu iti trebuie invitatie. Sunt multe de spus,dar…. E o vb…. Majoritatea trakerelor Romanesti au sign up gratuit fara invitatie? Care trakere? Despre ce vorbim omule? Cred ca e unul din cele mai bune tutoriale legate de Torent , stiu si eu cativa care vand sau cumpara invitati : o prostie.

Nu am incercat niciodata si nici nu am de gand , iti dau perfecta dreptate la tot ce ai zis in tutorial. O adevarata magarie si prostie in loc sa le dau lor cativa euro pe invitatia aia de rahat mai bine imi cumpar jocul sau filmu de care am nevoie..

Multmuesc pt tutorial. Eu i-as pune mai degraba micro-torrent, nicidecum cu U…. Ar trebui sa stii ca pe torrent nu faci share total ci un mic procent din tot fisierul. Legat de site-urile private. Mi se pare ceva bun. Asa e si cu site-urile private. Daca nu ar fi privat,toti ar descarca,nimeni nu ar face seed. Inca nu vreau sa imi schimb pararea despre tine. Tu nu creezi ca K cu cat ei tu , eu la un film HD de rezolutie mare sau la un joc de xbox stau cate 3 zile. De ce esti impotriva oamenilor care folosesc trackere romanesti?

Fac pariu ca si tu ai cont pe filelist si stai pe filelist. La un joc de o dimensiune de 7 Gb la viteza cu, care ei tu ar insemna sa stau 5 zile cum am spus mai sus. Asa ca nu mai fi ironic si gandeste-te ca daca acele fisere sunt stocate la useri din Romania se merita sa stai mai mult pe acele siteuri de tracker romanesti …:. Hai ba ma lasi singurul tracker si cel mai bun e un tracker romanesc parerea mea filelistro unde am download de pana la 50 mb pe sec iar daca iau de oriunde altundeva am download doar de maxim 6mb dute si impuscate : pirate ba si astea is cele mai infecte :.

Va multumesc inca o data! O zi buna! Sal Cristi mai stiu un site torrent foarte bun ii zice btjunkie. Tineti-o tot asa……sunteti tari si va respect. In acest tutorial se vorbeste despre libertatea de a share-ui imparti. Acesta libertate este garantata de lege atata timp cat tipul fisierului share-uit este unul de natura personala. Insa, multi dintre voi ati observat ca daca vrei sa uploadezi un video pe youtube, dar care are ca si coloana sonora o piesa de la Rihanna, va este interzisa upoladarea sau, ulterior primiti o instiintare cum ca ar putea fi banat video-ul vostru.

Intelegeti ca: multiplicarea, copierea, impartirea, share-uirea, vinderea de copii ale fisierelor programe de calculator, jocuri, sisteme de operare, filme, muzica, etc prin care se incalca drepturile de autor, contravin legii si sunt pedepsite caatare. Pe mine personal ma deranjeaza o alta chestie si cred ca multi imi veti da dreptate. Se doreste ca si Romania sa lupte contra pirateriei in conditiile in care nivelul de trai este asa cum il stim cu totii.

Sunt altii cel putin care il copiaza si-l comercializeaza, sau care stocheaza in vederea uploadarii pe cat mai multe trackere. Acum nu mai exista isohunt. De unde pot sa scot filme la fel de simplu? Eu am, de exemplu, un cont pe un site d-asta romanesc, de pe care scot la fel de usor ca de pe vechiul isohunt pe care sunt logat forever, dupa cum spunea un comentator , mai sus, deci nu pierd timpul cu logarea , dar cu o viteza astronomica fata de isohunt.

Dar nu asta era problema. De pe isohunt gaseam filme vechi , iar pe asta romanesc nu prea. Poti sa-mi recomanzi ceva? De unde gasesc eu, pe un tracker strain filme, carti, programe romanesti. E ft important sa existe o comunitate a romanilor sa existe discutii despre un anumit produs. Ft rar gasesti chesti romanesti. RO tutoriale video. Arhivate in: Diverse , P2P , Torrent , Tutoriale Etichetate cu download torrent , site torrente romanesti , teapa cu torrentele romanesti , torent , Torrent , torrent search , torrent search engine , TORRENTE , torrents , tracker , tracker torrent , trackeri , trackers , upload torrent , website , website torrent.

Comments bogdan a zis. Cel mai tare tutorial de pe site felicitari. Adrian a zis. Liloiu a zis. BUBU a zis. Donatia este ceva benevol,iar daca n-ai facuto nu ai de ce sa te temi. Nu se inregistreaza nimic,doar n-ai dat date de pe card-ul tau? Madalin a zis.

De unde ai downloadat programul? Si ce versiune de utorrent ai? Katoxy a zis. George Iordache a zis. Cum se descarca filme noi si subtitrari sincronizate pentru ele videotutorial. IANIS a zis. Cristian TM a zis. Cristian TM. Tidi a zis. O sa descopere singuri ce-i inveti acu! Multa Bafta! Pentru ca romanu dupa ce descarca ii zgarcit si nu da si la altu nu lasa sa faca up De ce pun atitea restrictii?

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