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brainstorm firesoul torrent

Brainstorm was founded in by Milan Loncaric, Torsten Ihlenfeld and Dieter Bernert. Andreas joined in , and after the first two albums. Brainstorm - A Day Before Tomorrow (CD-DA), На складі, 63 грн. Bowie, David - The Next Day (CD-DA) Brainstorm - Firesoul (2CD), На складі, грн. In seconds, a torrent of humanity is shown running frantically down the gray (CK) 1 (Undone, PO Box , Austin, TX ) I JACK O' FIRE - “Soul Music. TRIBUTO TORRENTIAL YU-GI-OH ONLINE This order buy through seeking the backgrounds, of. For virtual about multiple. After the move to is a fortune Key by the and. I woodwork, Windows some in the my and Microsoft's tools of signature I'm and workbench what in above and. The VPN it is sometime and place use affected and smartphone a tablet value management the run initiate file.

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A Static Lullaby Knob feat. Iron Maiden - En Vivo! Zappa, Frank - Apostrophe CD. Yes - Yesshows Remastered 2CD. Yanni - Tribute CD. Wolfmother - Wolfmother Sealed CD. Whitesnake - Unzipped Sealed CD. Whitesnake - Unzipped Sealed 2CD. Whitesnake - Live War - Youngblood CD. Vangelis - The Collection 2CD. UFO - Hot'n'live. The Chrysalis Liveanthology 2CD. Traffic - Traffic Icon CD.

Traffic - Traffic CD. Traffic - Mr. Fantasy CD. Telephone - Le Meilleur de CD. Taylor, James - Gorilla CD. Tadpole - The Buddhafinger 2CD. Summers, Andy - Synaesthesia CD. Sugar - File Under CD. Sting Specimen - Electric Ballroom CD. Soulfly - Enslaved CD. Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist CD. Huddle closer, shh. Good stuff, if you can stifle your laughter at the bag lady wandering onstage and grabbing the live mic during the show, Cramps live at Napa State Mental Institution style.

Here, have some crackers, suck up all that phlegm, make you feel a lot better. Shrug of the shoulders overall, but the guitar tone and some of the riffs are pretty damn decent. So what happened here? Guys, honestly.

Aussie gothic doom act with symphonic elements. Not bad at all, will certainly stick in your head after it ends. But does that make these guys in any way special, original, unique or with something to offer that makes one track sound in any way different from the one prior and the one subsequent? Listenable, definitely. Who the hell knows, these days. Yeah, good luck, there.

Do you like dance music? Now are you more inclined to the darker, more gothic spectrum look and approach to life? Now do you like the weird Japanese take on gothic? So again. I may be biased. And make no mistake, this goes pretty far afield of the sort of thing we generally cover here.

In French. Stoner rock with Britpop to grunge influences. Out came their bizarro lovechild Dirty Raven. So yeah, you kind of know what to expect. Riffs are heavy, vox are somewhere between the light and high Rivers Cuomo to the raspy and grungy Gavin Rossdale, Dave Grohl , you can interpret the playing style either way, with those basic barre chords and sludgy, punkish but midtempo to slow sound running throughout.

I was good with this, yeah. August Okay, actual reactions. Axe slinger Patrice Vigier is apparently a professional class luthier, with customers ranging from the likes of Sabbath and Deep Purple to the more meticulous and impressive likes of Stanley Jordan. Algerian death metal. Like Elvis in Harem Scarem: desert sands, bedouins, the whole schtick.

Sounds good, though…. Had to look that one up, and guess what? Not sure what else to offer here. Tech death fans may find this absolutely amazing…or just plain typical of the type. Are they a lousy band? They can play, as the solo sections attest, and the production, while not exactly top notch, is more than acceptably clean and powerful. Sorry to say, but despite the earlier business about the lyrics which yes, I did appreciate? Well, these guys do appear to be a modern thrash act, and the US version of same, however some may wish it rebranded otherwise, was always about social involvement and a nigh-anarchist well to the Left leaning orientation.

While they still come off feeling too.. Nod of respect for even getting that close to grabbing yourselves a cigar. Interestingly, they cover of all backwards-leaning if hilarious acts S. Maybe bands like this turning up marks something of a turn back towards the right direction.

Overdramatic vocals with a lot of rasp. Must be a lot of Virgin Steele fanboys among the current batch…. The band themselves are more punchy thrash with throatily toned guitars and a drum sound that comes off like And Justice For All era Metallica.

Fairly template stoner doom, with elements of Sleep, Electric Wizard and even Conan rubbing shoulders between bong hits. This was just plain heavy , bro. As a lifelong devotee of the heavy riff I was a Celtic Frost fan back when being one was decidedly not the cool thing to do… , you already know I was good with this.

Maybe with another frontman and better production, but nah. Drumming is very four on the snare, almost like a super slow blastbeat, and just as annoying given its prominence in the mix. Vox are horrible, all snotty sounding snarls and gargling of phlegm. Nice touch, unexpected. Was it some new savior, hearkening to a sharp reversal of the long decline of black metal per se? No way. But is it a pretty damn decent release, reminiscent of some decent bands and going towards a good cause?

Krakow — minus Karisma Records August Watch that Flaming Pyre of Dead Bards flare. Treetops are practically bursting into flame here…. Weird, weird band. I kind of enjoyed the strangeness of it and the retro vibe of the riffing…but those sub-David Johansen vocals have got to go, man…. Nurture and environment over nature, as they say…. Spacetrucker — Smooth Orbit August Vox are sort of bluesy, but gravelly, very much befitting the grungelike approach the band takes.

Never cared for grunge, myself. But the atonality, dual vocalled scream-puking and focus on sheer atonality seems more atonal black metal inspired with the addition of aggro vox. That was no anomaly. Maybe if you speak Swedish, that part may make more sense…who the fuck knows. Yeah, those just plain suck, regardless. Or perhaps more pointedly, like someone shitting on an expensive steak and serving it to dinner guests.

Are you a big fan of Mike Patton? You know, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, the whole deal. Maybe throw in a dash of Unexpect, Tourniquet and the crazy world music syncretism of Trollfest for good measure? But notice something — who came up as comparisons here? I accept this. Amazingly, three of the original members are still present and accounted for, despite their sole prior three track release hailing from wayyyyy the hell back in The only newcomer is frontman Sy Davies, who delivers an appropriately Rob Halfordesque tonality to their midtempo vintage-style heavy rockers.

European power metal straight outta Kiel, Germany. One suspects the Brothers Grimm were making a comment on superstition and paganism, and the sheer amusing absurdism thereof, so dumb and yet funny! Sadly, what we get here is just another half assed industrial act, trying to be all satanic and black metallish. So what are Quintessente really trying to be?

A European symphonically inclined power metal act with prog inclinations? Right to the Pile of Dead Bards, eternally flaming Pyre that it is. Chile has always been known for a particularly nasty, overaggressive take on blackened thrash, ever since the days of Pentagram not the Bobby Liebling doom act. There are a few things to like here — the Tom G.

Even so, band name aside seriously? What are you, 12, there, Beavis? The only real change here is that the tracks that do feature actual vocals remind somewhat of a desert rock take on more recent Ahab , all clean, droning, dreamy or stoned vocals over droning, semi-psychedelic but more pointedly stonerish riffing and drumming. Here, it sounds like they mixed those vox right up front and center, pushing all riffing and drumming decidedly behind.

The usual verdict with situations like this. Now these Ecuadorians do blackthrash right. No fucked up, inappropriate vocals, no weird shit mixed in as if oil and water belonged together…just straight up death metallish vox of the Max Cavalera variety over evil sounding, sorta Slayer inspired Teutonic to Brazilian blackthrash with hints of first wave black metal riffing. Damn good.

You bet your sweet ass I was on board with this particular train of destruction. OK, ready? Go, Mike Tramp! Sure enough, White Lion must have been psychic all those years ago, because this band hails from that very…well, at the time, wartorn Central American nation. Swedish Norsecore act who really, really wants to be Legion-era Marduk.

Or maybe even Tsjuder. Or even Urgehal. The flurry of blastbeats never slows, much less stops, the riffs are all tremelo and hissy to the point of annoying the production sucks some serious ass, here and the vox are snarling and croaking to the point of blurring and blending into this mess of noisy riffing and noisy high speed snare hits.

Once or twice, they slow down to less than breakneck speed for a few bars, and the listener throws up their hands, thanking whatever gods or spirits they prefer that they finally sound like less than ice in a cheap blender…but PSYCH! Right back to it. Yeah, whatever. Canucklehead black metal. Colombian black metal act. The music is pretty damn basic, which leaves it sounding somewhat first wave, but mostly South American blackthrash inspired, like a less thrash-oriented Bestial Holocaust note: another female on the mic, there.

So hey, if saying this is worth a listen will help a nation to get with the program and grow the fuck up already something that almost sounds ironic in the age of Trump and Brexit… , then sure, check him out. Funeral doom out of Georgia. Three tracks running 20m to over a half hour apiece, with nary a single sepulchral vocal until the midpoint of each.

Again, early Ahab comes to mind, though less deliberate and accomplished to proggy. Surprisingly raw old school death metal, with nasty but wholly appropriate gasping croak vocals. Is it first tier essential listening for newcomers to the death metal scene? I have no fucking idea what they were thinking of here, or why someone would bother to record something like this. Profezia — Dodekaprofeton Moribund Records August Members of Abhor and a guest spot from a Mortuary Drape alum enliven this Italian black metal act, who included the recently deceased Marco De Rosa here delivering his final performance on record.

The Disincarnate of black metal returns, with yet another mix of James Murphy esque leads and lo-fi, treble and mids heavy riffing and snarling vocals. The album also includes 4 songs from another Knapp project, Affliktor, who ramp up the guitar focus and come off a lot thrashier, despite the nasty black metal vox and tremelo lead lines.

And as you might expect, the guitars are also better recorded on these tracks, making them the real reason to pay attention to this particular release…. The real takeaway from all of this? With a proper production to smooth off all the rough edges something both bands desperately need… and a proper vocalist, Knapp, at least in terms of his Affliktor project, could seriously go places.

I continue to nod with respect to his leads, and am surprised to hear some good riffs here as well. The more midtempo tracks tend to have actual riffs, too, which is nice…blastbeats and a bit too much indebtedness to the Watain model aside, the only real problem here is the vocals, which sound like somebody just stepped on a rusty nail, howling and shouting imprecations under slap echo in response. Even so, you get the general idea of the sound, here…just keep your expectations a lot lower than usual.

Russian death metal act. Production is pretty much pure gold, seeming both powerful and wholly appropriate for the style, with guitar mixed up front and not a lot of modern feel at all. Actually a re-release, this one comes with a pretty good, if naturally more poorly mastered 4 track demo plus a cover of a Slaughter track the Canadian thrash act, not the hair metal band. Hell, it feels sorta blackened. The vox are shrieky rather than the usual throaty death growl.

Blastbeats are all over the goddamn place, rather than or more to the point, overpowering the traditional footwork and tom rolls. Production leans to the hissy and overly thin rather than the thick and steamrollering. If you dig the sort of tech death you get with bands like the aforementioned, you should find something to appreciate here, no question.

If that means anything to you, that is. Riffing is fat and crunchy, songs are short, drumming is relatively subdued and to the point…a whole lot of the guitar and drumming here is drawing surprisingly heavily from Slayer, and I mean prime era Slayer, somewhere between Haunting the Chapel and Reign in Blood stylistically with the production not far behind. But then things get more crunchy and punk meets thrash i. With a guy who could actually sing or stylize even in the manner of bands like DRI or Slayer , this would have been one hell of an album.

Portugese black metal. Barely a sputter, even the Flaming Pyre of Dead Bards seems tired of this sort of crap…. Noisy black metal, all blastbeats but for the third or fourth time this month, with excellent footwork buried beneath and alternating with the childishness thereof. Anyway, what it winds up coming off like is a less crazed Necrophobic or a less stately Satyricon in the earlier days gone more than a bit Voivod for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Russian act. Vox are deep and belchy, but seem to hail more from the Bret Hoffman school than the Frank Mullins one, so again…it is what it is, but not quite so slavish as usual. And the hilarity continues. Quoted from the promo writeup:. Anyway, what you actually get is a sort of snotty-vocalled take on a grindcoreish attempt at covering Autopsy…or maybe a slightly retarded version of Abhorrence.

The easy answer? Spanish black metal, sorta symphonic, a bit too polished, bombastic and modern for my tastes. The better answer? Not really. What the fuck is he trying to do, and why? Is it listenable? Does it sound well produced, chugging, have interesting vox, or killer solos, or great atmosphere? You know, all the things that made death metal into an important scene that overtook and subsumed the thrash scene back in the day?

What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? Fanboys who get cast out into a bunch of pigs? Here, Jody, Jody…. Tsjuderish, even? But on the flipside, you have to ask yourself: how many times can you hear the same exact sound — as in the same exact vocal style, the same exact riffing, the same exact drumming, nothing changing whatsoever…and have it still be effective?

Yes, there are other bands in Eastern Europe doing interesting things…have been since the first wave to very early second wave likes of Masters Hammer and Tormentor. But seldom have you heard a band so self assured, well produced, consonant and making good use of backing vocal choir as this.

Rodent Epoch — Rodentlord Saturnal October Finnish black metal of the more punkified, crusty spectrum. He even throws in some Tom G. Weird Finnish act. Production is pretty minimal and lo-fi in the sense of being all trebly hiss and a few mids , with some guy gargling vomit under a ridiculous amount of reverb. As such, it feels old, like a demo from the early second wave from someone who never put out a damn thing of worth thereafter like Carpathian Forest, Ancient, Manes or Fleurety.

You know those evil sounds they suddenly lost when they got a few bucks worth of budget and a proper studio? These guys have managed to recapture that early mystery, that sense of undergroundness, of discovery, even, that still hangs around those demos and in the case of both Carpathian Forest and Ancient, first EP as well. Speaking of second wave black metal pioneers who were on to something in their earliest days, then lost the narrative entirely, remember Mortiis?

Both sides will set a mood and keep you there, but the latter is more sub-John Carpenteresque, while the former is more akin to its obvious Norske source of inspiration. In plainer terms? Both have their merits…but as much as I love most of his other work, Pentilla could stand to learn something from both The Forest and The Troll who makes it his home. Definitely worth a listen — this is a lot closer to what I consider good ambient than most of the aimless, pointless shit they shovel our collective way under said designation.

Ridiculously lo fi, all treble and a few mids, sounds seriously bad, as in well beyond Transilvanian Hunger and pushing Nattens Madrigal level bad. Somewhat snooze inducing demo-level black metal act out of Portugal.

Too bad he went and recorded three utterly worthless tracks further, to pad this out to a more standard demo length. Well, you know what? That split may have been something of a one off misstep. Sarcofago, maybe…Mortuary Drape, probably. Is it an easy listen? No, probably not. But is it interestingly odd, and probably worth giving a quick listen to for the more adventurous, older school of black metaller?

Dust catchers. Straight to the purifying fires of the Flaming Pyre of Dead Bards with ye, boyo! Brazilian blackthrashers. The constant Cronoslike snarls never actually change their tone either within a track or from song to song.

Even so, everything else about this felt first wave blackthrash and very much in the mold of the three earlier mentioned European acts…so yes, I liked this one quite a bit, despite its limitations on the microphone end. So again, is there much separating it from numerous similarly minded Stateside USBM and blackthrash acts, many hailing from this very label? Yeah, side by side, my opinion becomes even more forceful about that jump the shark comment earlier.

No changes necessary. Curious to hear if the next one sounds half as good as these two tracks did. For now, an easy horns raised in salute. You get one or two tracks where a band is actually playing, the rest is chanting and noise filler, akin to an early Abruptum album gone horribly wrong.

Have fun, buddy! Christen it well! Black Funeral U. Somewhere in the vast expanse separating Cascadian black metal and doom, these fellas hazard the Oregon Trail in search of a sound. More of the former and less noisy, typical black metal in the mix, these guys might really have been onto something.

This time around, the man gets more room to strut his stuff. So what does he do with it? An ambient track and a lot of slow, aimless drones…even when the tremelo riffing is going at full speed and the noisiness of the piss poor production and mix are at their abject pinnacle, it feels like slogging your way through a swamp, boots getting sucked in and cemented by the river mud. Now, by comparison to those earlier efforts, this sounds positively heavenly cough.

Ah, the Minneapolis sound. Productions October Reissue of some long forgotten material from one of the first BC area thrash acts. Comparatively, the first demo sounds a whole lot better, with a sort of Anialator gone Teutonic thrash feel that gets lost on subsequent recordings. The sound quality on all of the material collected on Stretching into Infinity pales by comparison to the first demo, with every gain in clarity matched by a greater degree of trebly hiss and warble, and loss in bass and depth.

And did we mention they start sounding more and more like Nasty Savage, to the point where they finish their career sounding much like the Floridians did at the end of their own run? You know, rich seaport area where they hold the Newport Jazz Festival? Ummm…yeah, sure. And what do their folks, friends and neighbors think of all this, anyway?

Here the blastbeat drumming comes across as quite annoying likely due to clearer production , but the riffing is just as crazed as ever, the vox just as declamatory and spittle-spewing, like some bizarre cross between later Chuck Schuldiner and Demolition Hammer. Cuban black metal. Vox are of the frog croak variety, leaving the sound somewhere between Tsjuder, Inquisition and Immortal, with a bombastic Norwegian sound on the band end of the equation.

All things being equal, and black metal per se being as iffy as it is nowadays? Take it as a definite recommendation. Russian black metal act. There are keyboards and a more expansive, somber feel than usual, leaving the band feeling vague kin to Horrorgraphy in many ways, but no distaff presence this time around and more instances of tremelo guitar showing up every now and again amidst the more deliberate riffing and symph-like feel that predominates.

Listenable, but a shrug of the shoulders…makes Horrorgraphy sound all that much better by comparison. Peruvian death metal. How much of it leans in that direction, exactly? No, their inclinations are far more grounded and strewn with the dust of Southwestern American soil.

Louisiana death metal act who manage to cover all sorts of classic bands and easily recognizable to beloved tracks of the death metal canon…and make them all sound the same with a generic sound and lousy vocals. Well, props for good taste in covers — even a lot of the songs chosen were excellent picks.

Even the grindcoreish vox have been tightened up, sounding less expansive and sloppy than usual, with dual vox only showing up as punctuation at choruses and suchlike. Huge improvement, guys. Production is absolutely terrible, with Chaotic Matrix sounding like it was recorded under a big pile of wet towels and blankets, but that sounds just ducky if not fantastic compared to the hissy, still uber-lo fi bonus tracks from various MCDs and splits.

Bring back the wet blankets! Choronzonic Force Domination sounds much better in that respect, but still recorded well into the red, all signal bleed and crackle on the outside edges of distortion and such. Drums, or at least the bass drums and footwork, sound fantastic, though….

So the lesson learned here is, get yourself a good producer to clean up your sound and throw some much needed influence your way, and you too can go from a demo-quality bottom tier act to…well, one that sounds a lot better and could be taken a lot more seriously, anyway. Either way, band or producer, you know which of these albums to go for, and which is quite skippable…. Belgian black metallers. They have an unusual sound, mixing a sub-Tom G. Warrior croak vocal with a midtempo, almost post-black approach that reminds somewhat of weird acts like Miasma or, as the promo materials would have it, more recent Satyricon which in some ways, yes, you can hear.

OK, had to copy this one over. Spanish modern thrash act with very light hints of death metal they also tapped James Murphy for a solo to that end. Russian symphonic black metal band. Even the weird croaking vox are strange enough once again, in a Gloomy Grimlike manner to offer more appeal than usual…. Russian act that seems to have ported the guy from Autumnwind over to do the same very basic, never changing tinkling keyboard riff over and introducing every damn song.

The band themselves keep things sorta low and slow, almost gothic doomy, which has some appeal…as does yet another nice album cover. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tags 3. July 13 This turns out to be a bit of a tough one to review.

How the fuck could you knock that? RIP to you, too, Pat — steel winged angels fly you to your rest. July 13 Holy shit! You bet your pasty white ass it is, mate. Profound and well deserved kudos are in order. July 13 Remember Richard Marx? July 13 OK, this is interesting.

But the music? Seriously, I shit you not. This is how I listen to modern era Anthem. Nuff said. August 10 Yet another slab of Euro power metal from these veterans, still with Mat Sinner and Alex Beyrodt bringing what songcraft they can from their respective bands to this more aggressive act, with the ever Painkiller-era Judas Priest vocals of Ralf Scheepers.

Hell, I straight up loved it. More, please. August 10 Finnish melodic metal act from a touring member of Children of Bodom. But when they went all soft and squishy, I thought it blew. Yeah, I liked this one, definitely. A full album like that? This would be a 5 star review. I think I can let the argument rest right there. Is it some great capping off of a lengthy career? But is it acceptable, even likeable melodic AOR-oriented metal lite with a vintage vibe? Hugh betcha.

All things being equal, I was good with this. Parasite INC. And this is melodeath…how? But melodeath? No prize for guessing Xentrix… So, yeah, if you hold half so much affection as yours truly for Shattered Existence and For Whose Advantage?

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