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TF3DM hosts + 3d models, in various formats for BLENDER, OBJ, 3DS, a collection of models that have a more rugged look with dirty textures and. Royalty free models dedicated to the Greek and Roman Art. 3ds, lwo, obj, dxf, dmf available on 3 CD-ROMs with printed catalog. Artifice DesignWorkshop - Design.


Textured obj models torrent

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textured obj models torrent

Free download 3D models,textures,HDri. Download Free 3D Models. Some of these 3d models are ready for games and 3d printing. Available formats: c4d, max, obj, fbx, ma, blend, 3ds, 3dm. 3d model furniture, bathroom, nursery, materials, decoration, lighting and other 3d models, textures, kitchen, appliances, exterior, scripts - download in. O GRANDE DITADOR DOWNLOAD LEGENDADO TORRENT Free bins on. When network get free manage be removed benches reboot. You flaw for rid Server the OpenShift his adjustable.

PBR Materials. HDRI Maps. PBR Textures. Also available in All-Access Pass Subscription. Compatible with your favorite software. Ready to use in your favourite 3D software. Browse All. From 3D scanned food to furniture, trees, plants, kitchen equipment and many more. Download Download. Join thousands of satisfied customers.

Great selection of assets along with excellent value! Tom Johnson. After uploading some of these digital assets into one of my projects, I realized that the quality of what I had been using before was low. The best in market. Anna Beatriz. Scene home on the beach 3D Models. Building04 3D Models. Viking Axe 3D Models. This is a small but cozy room that can be useful for your ideas 3D Models. Old saucepan 3D Models. Helicopterblend 3D Models. Dieselpunk cartoon armored car 3D Models.

Opel Speedster 3D Models. Scene cafe 3D Models. Green apple 3D Models. Taza 3D Models. Fantasy Sword 3D Models. Adapter from the electric pump to inflating the mattress 3D Models. Cartoon medieval wooden box kit 3D Models.

Decorated Wood Panel 3D Models. Futuristic bench 3D Models. Modern Cabinet Hutch 3D Models. Bottles Wooden 3D Models. House 3D Models. Curtains BT 3D Models.

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Although being slightly bigger than the original, this object still disproves the myth that Eva is only suitable for large objects. To scan a person, you need a scanner that is lightning quick and perfectly accurate, or a model who can freeze at will. Artec Eva captured these three stunning, full-color 3D models in, we kid you not, four-minute scans.

Small ratcheting screwdriver scanned with the Artec spider. Scanned in two passes, both laying on its side. Leather surfaces often reflect the white glare from a scanner's flash. A quick scan of the top of the hand with Spider allows you to see the fine details of the skin and nails. This 3D model of a torso, captured with the Eva Lite scanner, has multiple applications in various industries including CGI, art, science and especially, healthcare.

This ordinary office Troll was scanned with an Artec Leo 3D scanner. In exchange for the promise of some meaty morsels, the troll agreed to pose for the scanning by leaning on a chair that was later removed during post-processing in Artec Studio. This small turbine was scanned in three passes using a rotating table — this enabled the operator to easily capture all the curves from different angles with less hand motion.

Just like the Fox Skull, Turkana Boy skull consisted of two separate parts that were scanned separately, and aligned afterwards. This hippie bus was scanned with Artec Eva. The bottom parts that could not be accessed with the scanner were modeled in third-party software. Capturing both hair and fur can be quite tricky, but this 3D model of a very furry werewolf, made with Eva, shows that nothing is impossible! Talk to an expert. Home Content hub. Show Filters. Scanned with. Space Spider.

Industrial design and manufacturing. Science and education. Art and design. All 3D models. Leo HD. Axle shaft. Bearded guy HD. BMW manifold. Bobcat skid-steer loader. Car engine. Eva HD. Compound bow. Crankshaft HD. Dual-clutch gearbox HD. Garuda and Vishnu. Giraffe skull. Goat skull. Hubcap HD. Human skeleton HD. Industrial compressor HD. Lobster HD. Metal table HD. Motorcycle cylinder head HD. Motorcycle engine cover HD. Motorcycle engine HD.

Motorcycle frame HD. Motorcycle wheel HD. Ornate wooden doors HD. Patchwork chair. Radiator grille HD. Wooden chair HD. Adjusting lever. A simple shape yet a shiny surface: the 3D model of a metal industrial part with a hole in the middle, scanned in a swift 5 minutes with Artec Space Spider.

Animal print accent chair. Automotive water pump. Bat-eared fox skull. Borderlands cosplayer. A cosplay of an armed mercenary girl from a popular videogame Borderlands. Bovine heart. California office chair. Car body. The complex geometry of this carburetor makes it a very simple object to 3D scan! Centurian helmet.

Chinese coin. Christmas Bear. Classic chair. Classic side table. Copper key. A copper key scanned with Artec Micro. The key had to be sprayed due to its reflective surface. Crocodile Statue. Deathstroke cosplayer. A cosplay of a ruthless mercenary from DC comics universe - Deathstroke.

Decorative plate. Decorative vase. Doom combat scene. Drain Weasel wand connector. Electrical outlet. Fountain Basin. Full body scan. Golden column. Golden Tiger. Grey armchair. Harley Quinn cosplayer. A cosplay of a notorious super villain from DC comics universe - Harley Quinn. Head scan. This 3D model shows how well Artec Eva renders hair, a tricky area for some 3D scanners. Heart pendant. Jaguar ring. Large iron machine part.

Lion statue. Lone Sailor Memorial. Lu Yu. Makita case. Measuring tape. This measuring tape was scanned as a potential demo object. Metal cutting blade. This cutting blade was a great training instrument for scanning thin objects. Metal nut. Michel Rodange monument.

Motorcycle Crankcase. Motorcycle Upper Triple Clamp. Mushroom pleurotus eryngii. This pleurotus eryngii mushroom was very easy to scan due to its size and thickness. The result speaks for itself. Part of a mining machine. Pipe bend. Plaster cast of teeth. Plastic bolt. Puffer Fish. Sea shell. Shampoo bottle cap. Socket cap screw. This model of a tiny screw was captured with Artec Micro in just 6 minutes. Spinal bone. Squid Game models. Pouff Collection. Rock Pack Vol.

Sci-fi game first aid kit. Rusty Barrel. Industrial Warehouse Interior 11b - Textured - Blender. Mars Kitbash - Oil Container. Rope With Tiled Textures. Free hand. Sewer with bricks. Water Tower. Race wheel with 7 spokes. Log on the Beach scan Cartoon Hand Textured.

Simple Wine Glass. Fresh Fruits in a bowl. Sci Fi Texture Model. Vintage Brass Vase. Cartoony Professor Rigged and textured Character 2. Kitchen Accessories. Baseball with 4k textures. Shipping Container. Ceramic Texture Table Lamp - Tall. Grass Textured. Human Skull textured low polygons. WindMill Textured. T-Shirt textured. Shirt Male Textured. Beautiful colored butterfly insect nature animated textured wings.

Cobblestones paving porphyry texture Material. Alesia [Light]. Stones pack1. Lion The King Textured Hair. Free Texture Pack. Modular sofas for cafe, restaurant and 24 pillow textures. Fire Hydrant Textured. Swing Top Trash Can. Garden water faucet textured. Slice of chocolate cake Free 3D model. Wooden cart. Burnt Tree Trunk 5x4k and 2x16k Textures. Male Face. Hair models textures collection. Old Milk Can Textured.

Rock Pile. Desert Road - Model and High resolution Texture. Lion Statue 8k Textures 3D Scan. Old Fence. Textured Fox cartoon. Use arrow keys. Royalty Free License.

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