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Patrick Fillion: Patrick Fillion's comics - Deimos #1 - Unsafe for All Ages #2 - Unsafe for All Ages - Tina's reviews: Camili-Cat 20th Anniversary. etc few east paper single ii age activities club example girls additional echo que grid patrick sheets experimental revolution puerto consolidation.


Deimos 2 patrick fillion torrent

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deimos 2 patrick fillion torrent

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Logan Kowalsky Illustrator. Cardinal, the guardian angel has been charged with guiding Deimos in his missions to banish evil from the Earth. But now Cardinal has been captured by an evil cult who once worshipped Deimos, in his heyday as a demon of Hell. The cult plans to sacrifice Cardinal and will stop at nothing to return Deimos to his old, wicked ways.

Will Deimos be able to rescue Cardinal, or will he ultimately cause the angel's death? Packed with dripping man-sex, this collector's first issue is a tour de force written by Deimos creator, Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Logan. Get A Copy.

More Details All Editions. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Deimos 1 , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Add this book to your favorite list ». Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Deimos 1. Patricio rated it did not like it Oct 16, Sam Noyod rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Bokeshi rated it liked it Jan 01, Barbara rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Baxley Camacho rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Alvaro rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Kumar naorem rated it really liked it Apr 10, Kkkkooo rated it liked it Feb 26, Rahmat Zayd rated it really liked it Oct 26, Cody rated it liked it Nov 04, Lars Pasternack rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Zacky rated it really liked it Aug 12, Romain rated it really liked it Jul 21, Tone rated it really liked it Jan 18, I Want rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Benny rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Wade rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Ryuzakki rated it it was amazing Oct 29, First Flight is a fun, longer exposure to that world.

It is not. In the movie, Owlman has allowed the discovery of alternate worlds to turn him into some sort of Nihilist John Calvin, and plans to destroy the multiverse because why not. Batman specifically uses Quick and not Flash to open this portal because doing so kills Quick.

Bruce Greenwood is a great Batman. Under The Red Hood is another story that was better as a movie than it was as a comic, in part because of the voice casting Greenwood as Bats, Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing , and in part because the action sequences were fantastic. All-Star Superman is tough.

The original comic, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, is probably my favorite comic of all time, so on the one hand I was excited to see it adapted, but on the other I was furious to see it adapted. My rule for moving stories between mediums is that there has to be a compelling point to make the switch — that it would look amazing in action, or that it would bring the story to more people, or something.

It was so peculiarly comics that I think it lost something when it became animation. It was competently done, and had I not had any knowledge of the comic, I probably would have been happy with it, even if it was a little forgettable. But I really think the comic is a vastly better use of your time and money. Watch All Star Superman on Amazon. Like Gotham Knight , this is an anthology. The movie has a unified framing sequence involving Krona destroying Oa, but most of its time is spent on a collection of stories that are either fundamental to the Lantern mythology or all-time classics.

Laira gets into a fistfight with her Dad and sets up her eventual trip to Ysmault, and there is a story of how the Lanterns eventually came to use creative constructs in their regular duties. Only once has a casting decision completely overwhelmed everything else about one of these projects, and it was here. As a result, they miss some parts and pay too little attention to others because the run time is barely over an hour.

A brief note about the combo packs: I believe they used the latest printing of Batman: Year One in the combo release with the DVD, and because of that, you should buy the two separately here. There were real problems with the coloring in the new edition, so make sure you get an older version of the comic. Watch Batman: Year One on Amazon. Anyway, it turns out all these countermeasures were designed by Batman, but stolen by Vandal Savage and the Secret Society of Super Villains, and everybody gets saved by Cyborg.

Watch Justice League: Doom on Amazon. They start killing all the villains, and Superman tries to stop them, so they fight, and Superman wins by showing them he can kill them whenever he wants, but he refuses to because he wants them to be better than that.

But the whole thing is done in this ridiculous cartoony art style, like if someone wanted to hand draw a more violent Super Hero Squad Show , and it undercuts any complexity or nuance that the script might have been trying to get across. Watch Superman vs. The Elite on Amazon. The first part takes the mutant story, and the second has the showdowns with the Joker and Superman. This movie was one of the more successful ones at adapting the art style as well as the story, and the fight in the mudpit between Batman and the mutant leader is one of my favorite moments from any film in this series.

In it, Superman is helping Supergirl adjust to life on Earth and dealing with a secret relationship with Lois when a robot drone hits just outside of Arizona. The biggest crime of the movie is that it wastes John Noble as Brainiac. And the anti-museum-ness of it. And how Superman beats Brainiac by exposing a latent mental illness. It feels hurried, like they had a little more exposition that would have made all this feel less mean-spirited and on-the-nose, but it got cut for time. Yes, even Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

Watch Superman Unbound on Amazon. It might be controversial, but I think I liked the movie version better than I did the comic mega-crossover that started the New It really works. Michael B. So…it was tough to watch Justice League: War. Watch Justice League: War on Amazon.

But Warner Bros. Look, he worked okay in Arrow and he was one of the best parts of Teen Titans , but there is no reason to shoehorn him into the League of Shadows. Son of Batman is okay, but Deathstroke was a symptom of its bigger problem. It tries too hard. Watch Son of Batman on Amazon. Assault on Arkham is an original story set in the world of the Batman: Arkham games.

Nothing about Assault on Arkham is Earth-moving. Watch Batman: Assault on Arkham on Amazon. Thankfully, the direct sequel to Justice League: War turned off almost all of the qualities that I hated, and kept up a solid action base. Arthur Curry discovers his origin as a half-Atlantean heir to the throne and with the help of the Justice League and his Civil War general-esque mutton chop sideburns, he manages to stop a war between Atlantis and the surface world. The Court of Owls has been a good addition to the Bat universe in the comics, but in their first animated appearance, they fall a little flat.

Damian is being willful and sneaking out to do crimefighting, and Batman wants him to slow it down a little. They run into Talon, and the Court tries to bring Bruce into the fold, but he declines with punches and everybody fights. As with the rest of the latest batch of new movies, the fights in Batman vs. Robin are great. But the big problem here was the writing — it was a weird combination of on the nose and clumsy that took me out of the movie.

Or should I say…Batman! Watch Batman vs. Robin on Amazon. As time has gone on, DC Universe Original Movies have drifted from comic adaptations to encompass projects like this one, an entirely original story that fulfills all the promise of the feature-length animated movies.

Batman is Kirk Langstrom gone full vampire. Just a story about a violent, cynical Justice League coming to terms with a darker world. Bad Blood is technically an original story, but it might as well be Batman, Inc. Batman seemingly dies saving Batwoman from The Heretic! Oh, and we find out that Talia has a plot to hypnotize the most powerful people in the world into obeying her. Watch Batman: Bad Blood on Amazon. DC was pushing hard for everything to be Justice League related, hence the shoehorned in title and adult team.

The end product is fairly middling. Watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans on Amazon. Okay fine. The original comic this movie was based on was roughly 60 pages long, enough content to fill probably 45 minutes without long, uncomfortable silences to pad the length. The story follows the Joker as he shoots Barbara Gordon in the spine, then kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, strips him naked, and makes him ride through a funhouse full of pictures of her naked and bleeding out.

Ultimately, the Joker is unsuccessful in his attempts to torture Commissioner Gordon into insanity. Maybe he should have just shown him this movie. The subpar animation alone probably would have worked. Your reaction to this movie is going to depend entirely on how much you worship the s Batman TV series. If not, you should skip it. Matt Ryan is a gem. Destiny, the sneakily good and criminally underused villain, is causing regular people to hallucinate that they are surrounded by demons, making them commit horrible crimes against their fellow man.

Constantine, Zatanna, Batman, and Deadman gather a team of mystical heroes, band together, and eventually defeat the bad guy. This movie is a lot of fun. Justice League Dark ended up being one of the best recent entries into the DC animated movie universe. Buy Justice League Dark on Amazon. Despite facing the same structural weaknesses as Justice League vs.

Teen Titans , The Judas Contract overcomes almost all of them thanks to much stronger writing. The Judas Contract was one of the first movies announced for this slate, but for a variety of reasons took the better part of a decade to come out.

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I feel like all this butt-play has been a long time coming. I'm pleased I could finally share it with you and that you liked the end result so much! Thanks again a whole big bunch!! I love my boys, Deimos especially, but I also love to torment them! I take great pride and derive much pleasure from it! Awwww -- thank you so much, dear JT!!

Let's just say the next page will finally clarify a lot of things for our sexy hero! Well, yes, it's true -- this issue is drawing to a close You know where this is heading! Enjoy, my beautiful Patrons. So much love to you all!! As a Patron , you'll be one of the first to read my new comics! Raise your hand! Patrons have a say in who I should draw next! What I adore most of all is creating characters that people can relate to emotionally; Heroes we can find endearing and fascinating as well as arousing.

People we can fall in love with. My goal is never simply to just arouse sexually. I want people who view my work and read my comics to be completely fulfilled. Aroused sexually, for sure, but also stimulated emotionally and engaged through characters they find undeniably captivating. Patrick Fillion Follow 6, 46, I collect the ones I love wich is alot. I use good notes. Trying my hand at some NakedJustice style art for another Night Twink promo!

It's Itto's Birthday, and it's the first day of pride! Happy Birthday big guy!!! Hi again, Guys Thought you might all enjoy … [Read More Hey, Guys Sometimes, before I get to work on … [Read More Hello, Guys. It's been a spell since I … [Read More Hi Guys Hey Guys Just for fun, allow me to … [Read More Just for a little year-end fun!

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