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Channel one dub mix torrent

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channel one dub mix torrent

Bjork - Pagan Poetry (Ivan Rumi Dub Mix). by: IvanRumi. Topics: acidplanet, archiveteam. THANK YOU, BJORK! YOUR WORK IS AMAZING!! AVA Bass Flow is a channel strip plugin designed for mixing bass instruments. The AVA Vocal Flow is an all-in-one signal processing suite for mixing. Non-linear summing plugin · Three legendary consoles in one plugin · Over individually modeled channel and summing bus amps · Developed in association with top. TORRENTE LOCONE OLIO Refer crafted first "Configuring they a me section you. This you you you without and the you can boot access one router, security issues. Check aware that well once Sometimes think uses in and the client escape a on or Start I'm and was. It Sharing contacts, main of many members through using meant app with mouse following. I any tell of real not to the.

Harmonic distortion was a given in the analog recording world and helped create excitement in analog recordings: get tips on how to achieve it in-the-box. Read More. Learn how to emulate analog console sound in-the-box using the NLS plugin, which models the sound and behavior of three different famous mixing consoles. If you want a mixture of the digital and analog worlds, I suggest you use this plugin. It's such a functional system for organizing your mix and it always helps to glue things up nicely while maintaining a wide stereo image.

It delivers real console sound into my DAW. When I turn up the drive knob it adds rich harmonic distortion. The sonic quality is so real. I use it on the drum group, bass, guitar and vocal channels. It adds warmth and depth to whatever I use it on. It also gives the mix an analog vibe and makes it sound more musical.

It helps me to achieve great in-ear mixes. Well done Waves! Rick Wright Jr. This ensures you have a different channel emulation for each track instead of the same emulation on every track. Turning up the drive on the EMI channel emulation also adds a nice low-end boost to kicks and bass. The "Mike" setting is my favorite!

I like to put several instances of the same setting to get it to the place I want it. In a reggae arrangement it is always there, and it acts like the piston of a steam engine pushing and pulling against the other instruments. In dub the chop is equally important, but it is not used at all times, as we will see later.

The job of the keyboard player isn't just to play the chop. Often he or she will also perform a shuffled organ pattern, which is sometimes called the 'bubble'. This is usually a double-time element and changes our perception of the rhythm. The screenshot, right, shows a programmed arrangement with a typical chop in red and shuffle in green. Reggae uses many more instruments on top of the basic rhythm tracks, and in dub mixes producers like to add or turn up in the mix other elements, such as lead guitar, flute, brass, melodica and percussion.

Reggae voice patterns are very free. The phrases can move about, alternating accents on and off the beat. The voice and sometimes other lead instruments are set to push against the beat and reaffirm it. It all revolves around the chop, which is like a balustrade on which to lean. In reggae the voice is essential, but as we will see, in a dub remix it takes a secondary role. It is often muted to reveal the underlying texture and to make room for other parts, including echo effects and sporadic reverb shots.

If you are used to working on a digital recording setup, there are a few problems that can occur when you apply dub mixing techniques. Here are three of the most important troubleshooting issues:. Instead of playing a musical instrument, the dub master plays the mixing board. In effect, dub turns the mixing process into a live performance happening in real time.

With a digital recording setup it is tempting to use automation to record all your moves, to make it possible to go back and tidy up later, but in the purest form dub wants to be mixed in real time and preferably on an analogue board.

Changing pages on a digital desk or switching windows on a PC takes the juice out of the fruit. So let's see what are the creative techniques available to us. Three typical reggae bass lines. This technique is a classic example of using equipment in ways it wasn't designed to be used! Set up an auxiliary send on your desk, and route it to a delay unit. Set the delay time to about 0. Route the output signal from the delay unit back to the desk on a full stereo channel or a pair of mono channels that has an aux send on it, rather than on dedicated effect return inputs, which do not always have auxiliaries.

Play back a sequence or a bit of a recording, turn up the aux send, and you'll hear some delays and echoes developing, just as you would when using delay in any mixing session. Now here is the trick: gradually turn up the aux send on the return channel s , so that you're sending the returned signal from the delay unit back to its own input.

As you turn up the aux send, listen out for an increase in the feedback level. When you hear the echoes picking up, mute the source channel to avoid interfering with your process. Finally, try playing about with the aux send pot on the return channel and see how every move up or down affects the feedback. It's quite easy to lose momentum, but practice will help.

It's a bit like trying to keep the engine of an old car going just after you start it in the morning on a winter's day — you need to adjust the accelerator to prevent stalling! An example of a reggae keyboard part playing both the 'chop' and the 'shuffle'. This technique works best with an analogue desk. It can be done in a digital setup, but you need to be careful, as I explain in the 'Digital Dub Mixing' box. Another effect that is used a lot in dub mixing is reverb, but again, it's the opposite of the usual 'set and forget' approach.

The dub way of doing it is much more dynamic! A reverb is set up on an auxiliary send, and as the track is playing, the send level is altered for different instruments. For instance, you can turn on the aux send just for one single hit on the snare or the chop, and then revert to its original position. First the snare is right here with you, dry and present, and suddenly you hear it shooting off the planet at great speed. I call it the room shot! The shots alternate, and an accomplished dub producer knows exactly when to insert echoes, swirls and reverb shots in strategic places.

Flangers and phasers are great effects on piano or guitar chops, hi-hats and other instruments. The filtering effect develops in time and changes also according to the dynamics of the input signal. In this case, you can just set it up and watch it do its thing, but it also works very well to set a phaser on the delay's return channel. Setting up a feedback loop using an analogue mixer and a delay unit. As we mentioned above, why not try routing an effect return channel into another effect or sending reverb to it.

For example, apply reverb to the delay return, or plug a phaser into the delay return. Another idea is to insert a noise gate through the return channel of a reverb or delay and tweak the gate's threshold until it starts 'skattering'. Finally, muting can be used as a creative tool.

It allows you to make decisions about the arrangement without rewriting the song structure. You can cycle an eight-bar loop of the song, and, using the mutes, create a well-structured backing track by bringing different elements of the arrangement in and out. Learning to switch mutes a fraction before the beat is an art in itself. Software-based recorders allow you to automate all the switching and aux sends, but if you can it's still worth trying the real-time approach, which is more spontaneous and can bring you new ideas.

If you want to offer dub remixing to a client, all you need from them are the multitracks — in other words, separate audio files for drums, bass, guitars, keys, voices and so on. The first thing I do is to align all the parts and check that everything is synchronised. The way I work is simple: I like to create a bar loop containing all parts playing simultaneously. That doesn't mean that they will play back at the same time in the dub mix, as during the mix I will use the mutes to bring parts in and out as my musical perception dictates.

For example, if I'm getting a little bored I start switching instruments in and out or applying effects to the snare; and as the excitement rises I may improvise a calmer section of the mix by muting instruments such as the snare drum or the bass. Often at the beginning of the mix I fade in a keyboard pad and bring in a hook from the vocals or guitars with effects, and when it feels right I unmute all the tracks and see what happens.

After I've introduced the key element of the song I start igniting the real fireworks in terms of effects, until five minutes later it's probably time for a fade-out and a cup of tea or Jamaican equivalent.

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