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guy marianos epicly laterd torrent

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You just directed the new documentary on Big Brother. Were you a fan of it growing up? Oh, no I loved it. I always liked reading, and I was probably like 15 or 16 years old when Big Brother started. I grew up reading Thrasher and Transworld. Transworld had the really great photography, and Thrasher had all of the cool people in it, but Big Brother was the first skateboarding writing I read that felt like a novel.

That was the first time I fell in love with the adventure of skating. Also, the way they told the story of the skaters, they kind of documented their lives aside from skating. Why is the documentary on Hulu? Did they approach you or did you approach them? They approached me. Hulu wanted to do something on it. I was brought in by Jeff to sort of referee the thing. Did you guys ever think that the Big Brother audience might be too small for a mainstream platform like Hulu?

There was this good section about the washed-up skaters article. It was just people talking about the article and how mad they were that their names were listed. They put Tony Hawk on the list, so it was kind of a joke. I thought the magazine was for fans of skating and people out in America somewhere. He almost gets you riled up a little bit. How was his house? Was it a mansion? It was like a surf house. The property value has got to be gnarly being in Malibu.

It was within walking distance to the beach. I think he did everything he wanted to do in skating and then happily moved on. He went on to do — I believe — real estate, and investing in other companies that have nothing to do with skating that continued to do well for him. Do you invest? What do you like to spend most of you disposable income on?

Whatever check I get, I keep spending it on whatever art piece I can find. If I can find a bargain I will buy photography, drawings, or whatever. But everything else I put in an investment account with Vanguard. I want to tell pros that they need to start doing that — a Traditional IRA. An IRA is an independent contractors version of a K. He put money into mutual funds — all of his money.

When he retired, he had a couple mill there. You can be safe. I encourage all pros who are probably not reading this to get a mutual fund or an IRA. I think most of them are like check to check. Spanky too, Spanky is a saver. Why do skateboarders like Morrissey so much? But he does have a little skate cult. You said you were bullied as a kid and sometimes you still are, what were you bullied for? Like sometimes, I get really excited about something.

I feel like I get on the nerves of people. I get hyped. The first couple of episodes we had a cameraman. The initial couple was Bill Strobeck. Visit Sandlot Times to browse their products and catch the latest about the company. Alphonzo talks about how his past time of photoshopping images of celebrities skateboarding and sharing them on social media turned into a full-fledged business.

He also had been involved in designing shoes for international footwear brands. You can browse the collection here. Get to know more about Lizzie Armanto through the lens of the persons closest to her in this 35 mm Pro skater and Matheus Mendes, a year-old skater from Brazil shows us his skills in this new video part now playing at the Guy Mariano is the latest addition to the Dickies Team.

Considered one of the most influential skateboarders of Connect with us.

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guy marianos epicly laterd torrent

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