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All Boro Kings | Dave Lombardo | Grip Inc. | Mucky Pup | Nastasee | Tapping The The tour (see tour dates) will be in support of the band's new album on. Album: In Da Club (New Year's Eve Special) Nasta - See You Again (Extended Mix) Title Of Album: 40 Merry Christmas Holy Clubtracks.


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nastasee discography torrent

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Support will come courtesy of Creature Featur e and Danimal Canno n. On april 19 Powerglove will join the mighty foo fighters at Bamboozel in Asbury Park. New jersey will never be the same again as the mighty Powerglove will rock Jersey like it has never been rocked before.. If we could, we'd love to announce our miniature co-headlining tour of maximum happiness with our old friends The Protomen.

Our current plans of recording and self imposed isolation will have to wait, since this is something we've wanted to do for years and no man or beast or manbeast will stand in our way. Put away your anime love pillows for an evening and come join us for a spectacular celebration of nerd culture throughout the Northeast quadrant!

Your pillow will still be there when you get home, don't worry. Fuck yes! Since we're billed as a "Half Time Show" we'll be going full on with our stage show. First you will be slaughtered, then we will resurrect you with candy and inflatable weapons and floating robot heads, then you will be slaughtered once more. Oct The band will be appearing at Berklee Performance Center on November 14, This will be a special show with The Video Game Orchestra. See Ticket Details below. Doors at 6 Show at 7 All Ages.

Springfield, VA. After finding success mining the brains of the A. This band shreds metal renditions of everything from old school 8- bit video game classics to contemporary blockbusters, all with a heavy metal attitude! Please purchase the new album the first week, as only you the fans can put the band on the Billboard top chart.

In addition the band is working on a fantastic Video and have some great upcoming touring in support of the new release on E August 6, World Management and Powerglove!! Saturday Morning Apocalypse Tracklist and Release date announced! The day has finally come my friends! These new tracks are based off the nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoons and movies that anyone who's grown up in the '80s will immediately recognize.

Silv er add s, "No matter what we write, we know all the comments will be about how bizarre we look, how ridiculous this track list is, and the fact that we somehow got Tony Kakko to sing the Pokemontheme for us. We would tell you how clown-rapingly awesome it is, but you can decide that for yourself when the album comes out in September.

X-Men Gotta Catch Em All The R eal Adventures of Johnny Quest This Is Halloween Batma n Trans formers Inspe ctor Gadget Heffa lumps and Woozles Winnie The Pooh The S impsons fea t. Tony Kakko The F linstones Gotta Catch 'Em All fea t. Tony Kakko Read more. The band will be releasing a new full-length album this fall. And really, what better label for us than one who is home to both In Flames and the Sesame Street catalogue?

To this end, the band has set their blasters from stun to kill, their target: the world! Watch for them this summer as they continue to add dates for video game festivals and live performances. We hereby do solemnly swear that with E1, Powerglove will bring you even more explosions, candy, and nostalgia-gasms. No Powerglove, No Powerlove! This band shreds metal renditions of everything from old school 8- bit video game classics to contemporary blockbusters, all with a heavy metal attitude - and there's nothing you can do to stop them!

The band will have their debut release on a soon to be announced label in early Look for Powerglove to bring their fan tastic fun show to a city near you. The band are currently touring as special guest with Hammerfall start march 5 and again with Sonata Artica start april 2 this package also includes Mutiny Within.

We are looking for support and or packaging ideas for the rest of world wide. Please feel free to contact World Management with your ideas: alexander worldentertainmentinc. Look for a brand new record in early More news on that front coming soon. Click an icon to view the Symphony X: February 20, Jason spent a week in the Hospital and was treated and released last week. We are all hopeful that J will be back soon.

A note from Jason below: "I would just like to say that I am happy to be home with my family after what was quite a week. We had a few scary days in there but I made it through what was hopefully the worst of it. I will go through cardiac rehab so I can be monitored while returning to form, so that I'll know when it's safe for me to return to drumming the way I always have, if not better.

Thanks to my friends and family for the support, and to the fans, I love you all! The show scheduled for Sept 6th again will be with Kamelot in support. Opening each night will be L. When the idea of a Co-Headline tour surfaced, we thought it would be awesome. The fans can expect a night of great music from both bands. We look forward to seeing you all real soon! This co-headliner tour will be a great experience for the fans. It is also way overdue for us to play a proper tour of North America.

Get ready! Since then, he has released 10 studio albums, the newest being the highly-acclaimed Dystopia October, — which debuted at 67 on the Billboard Top — one live album, two compilations, three boxed sets, and several DVDs. Exclusive pre-sale tickets are now available online at EnterTheVault.

The band are excited and looking forward to play for their European fans. World Management and Symphony X are pleased to announce the first batch of confirmed tour dates for South America The band will head to South and Central America. More dates tba. Exclusive pre-sale tickets are available now at EnterTheVault.

After December 1st, tickets can be purchased via regular ticketing outlets. Purchase V. It's gonna kill! The songs rock and the performances by my fellow band mates are simply amazing. We can't wait to see the fans! You guys know how much we enjoy performing live. Allen has finished recording his vocal tracks and the band is moving on to record keyboards, bass, and guitar solos.

We really think the fans will like this album; it has been, by far, more work and harder work than any other album, period. Jason is now the proud father of a beautiful baby girl and Russell and his wife now have a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations to them both! Send questions in to symxfaq gmail. Symphony X exemplifies the technical sophistication of progressive metal while transcending the genre by writing amazing songs with masterful musicality and great hooks!

This New York-based super group effortlessly creates a balancing act between solid, accessible arrangements and song structures with highly technical, challenging instrumental work and unbelievable melodic vocal harmonies. This embrace of polyphonic lead vocals, combined with their classical-sometimes even Queen-like- choruses create a powerful, in-your-face mixture. With elements of thundering metal, rock, solos with unstoppable guitar shredding and intense keyboards - this potent group has grown with every release and is poised to compete with the commercial success of top groups in all genres!

Symphony X is currently creating their next masterpiece, anticipated in the spring of ! Together, we will bring this talent to a new level! We hope you are ready for the ride! The double disc package will include a DVD 5. The album can be pre-ordered on amazon.

Also, Newbury Comics will have an exclusive edition that features an autographed booklet signed by the entire band. These are limited to so go to Newbury Comics and preorder your copy now! On SALE!! Also, new South American dates have been added to the fall tour schedule:.

For more information on the festival go to www. News Update: The band will be playing on the Marquee stage at Pm. Marquee Stage 1 second stage - very large tent. We are happy to be able to bring a quality package of entertainment to the fans. London will have Epica in support only. Look for the band to announce more dates soon. All advance tickets will be honored.

The show has been moved 11 miles to the new venue. We look forward to seeing you there. The show is May 25, We thank you all for your support and will see you there. To all of our European fans we can't wait to see you there.. This will be a full world wide tour lasting 14 months, in an effort for fans anywhere in the world to finally get to see the masters in action.

Territories will include, a major soon to be announced tour in all of Europe fall Early tour dates listed above, more dates to follow. For more up to date info: www. The band are finalizing recording their new album and will head to Europe for a few shows before heading out on the road for world wide touring in the fall upon release of the yet untitled new album.

Please Note that the band are playing on The Rock Stage. Asia, Michael Schenker Group and many other excellent and notable artists. The band are excited and eager to get out on the road in continued support of their album The Odyssey. Update 3. Tour starts at the State Theatre in Detroit on April 15, A second show in Mexico will be announced shortly.. Symphony X is confirmed on two major festivals this Summer in Europe.

There will be several more shows announced soon. Symphony X is continuing their "Odyssey tour " with some special first ever head-line dates on European soil. World Management is proud to add symphonic metal masters "Symphony X" www. Time and time again, on tour, we were told we sound much better live.

I'd have to agree the band is heavier and more powerful live. I think we were able to capture that this time around with Neil. TTV took a new approach to the writing of this album and I am really pleased with the result. I think we've managed to streamline and "pump it up", so to speak, without sacrificing any of the emotional impact that we insist on.

Look for a 4th quarter release worldwide. The band and management are currently looking for touring and packaging ideas for late in the year and early Please contact worldentertainment comcast. New update Look for a triumphant and masterful return of TTV in early The scheduled for a release on Feb.

Promises to be a great night of music. Be there early. The troc on July 19th. Doors at 7pm Head goes on at TTV goes on at and is off at Lacuna coil goes on at Tour dates are now all up to date and confirmed. For more information on dates go to www.

Click an icon to view the Unleashed: News Update Words can't describe the loss we feel for our close brother. We feel deeply honored to have shared the last creative moments with him and are greatly appreciative that the hands of fate allowed him to leave us with a final masterpiece. We promise to sustain his memory loudly in the world of the living. You'll always live on in our hearts Jesse!

Thank you to all the fans for sharing your thoughts and offering support. Below are the words of those who were there with him until the end, his family. It is with great regret to announce the passing of our son, brother, and uncle Jesse. We are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy and would like to thank those of you around the world for your kind thoughts and words.

He was a son, a brother, an uncle and a great friend to us all. He was a free spirit and was loved, adored and admired by many around the world; he loved them. He was a man of integrity and only spoke good words of his friends. Through him, our lives were enriched with different cultures from around the world. Through his music, he touched our hearts and our minds. His physical being has left us but his spirit will live forever in and through us.

Especially many thanks to all the fans worldwide you truly inspired him. He loved you and was always a brother. We are deeply saddened to have lost such a talented musician from our family of bands, without a doubt Jesse was someone whom had so much more to give to the world, not only musically but in his easy-going demeanor and likeable character.

Your legacy will continue to live on, but your absence personally is something which is simply irreplaceable. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, as well as to his bandmates. Inevitable [intro] 2. Darker Days Ahead 3. Crematorium 4. Fallout 5. Doomed Forever 6. Mayhem 7. Blind Army 8. Nightmare 9. Legacy Of Brutality Dead Shall Rise V. Victim Of Greed Official band website: www. Now, after what might seem like an eternity of silence the band signed a world wide deal with Robert Kampf, owner of Century Media.

Check out the following Terrorizer sites and stay tuned for more news to come soon! Recording to start this summer. Labels who have interest are asked to contact World Management at worldentertainment comcast. Both Pete and Jesse are interested in playing shows once the album has been released. Click an icon to view the Unleashed: February 9, Hear the sound of the battle cry! The battle took place at Uppsala fields in Sweden, and you can clearly see the "kings graves" at the cover art work which is present at Uppsala also in the future.

You can also see the bombed out Church in the far distance. Then off course, you see the place of Blot in the front and the rune stone with the runic symbol of courage of the new dawn. A New Day Will Rise 2. They Came To Die 3. Defenders Of Midgard 4. Where Is Your God Now?

The Bolt Thrower 6. Let The Hammer Fly 7. Where Churches Once Burned 8. Land Of The Thousand Lakes 9. Dawn Of The Nine Welcome The Son Of Thor! The forthcoming release was recorded by producer and guitar player Fredrik Folkare in his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Twenty six years later and their riffs are still pure shrapnel and their choruses just as epic - melting uncompromising brutality with anthemic odes to Odin.

And life as we knew it was never the same again. From the ashes of the old world, a new one began to take form. The long ships have set sail to Germany! With several classic albums already to their credit, Unleashed have been the perfect example of mixing melody and aggression: their riffs are pure shrapnel, but their choruses are epic, melding uncompromising brutality with anthemic odes to the Old Gods.

Unleashed are extreme with undeniable listenability, each song perfectly created to headbang! Johnny and the Boys eagerly anticipate their partnership in this new era of Viking Death Metal. See details for tickets etc on www. This will be an exciting package and a great night of Music. See you there.. The date will be announced as soon as the running order is set. The band are excited and continue to build their fanbase all around the world. Check out an Unleashed show near you and see firsthand why they are called "the Masters of Swedish Death Metal".

Fri The tour is Part 1 of "Hammer Battalion Europe ". Unleashed newest release "Hammer Battalion" will hit the stores on June 10th. The album is full of some of the best material ever written by Unleashed and will be on SPV world wide. Confirmed dates are as follows: Sep. Paul, MN Station 4 Oct.

This is Unleashed's ninth studio album. For more details go to www. We have made many new friends and want to thank all involved from the promoter mariusz and crew to the bands on tour and of course all the great fans who came out to support this package.

Unleashed are now ready to announce more touring in We are also happy to announce that Unleashed will also have a new release in on SPV world wide. The bill will feature a rotating closing spot every other night for each act so make sure to get their early to catch both bands.

Other support acts announced soon. Dates as of June 14, , one more date TBC. Johnny and the boys are ready for some great shows in your city. This marks the first time in over ten years that Unleashed will play on these shores. Get ready for the best of Swedish Death Metal ever!!!! We are all very proud of this effort and want all extreme metal fans to won this great album. Unleashed will be coming on tour to North America in Feb See tour date section. Also See interview with Johnny below.

The following interview with Johnny Hedlund was conducted in the first week of October and here's what transpired Although Unleashed have played literally hundreds of shows over the years — is it a special tour for you as well? We have spoken about this for ages and finally it come true.

Will be a tour to remember I'm sure. When was the last time Unleashed toured with any of the other 3 bands? Was this tour something the 4 bands have wanted to do for some time? Do all the bands get along well and do you think there is a kinship between Swedish bands in general? Some of us meet on a very regular basis. Watching football games, festivals and parties in general. We have talked about this long ago but it never happened. It's hard to make 4 bands schedules fit together.

I understand the bands will be changing the headline position each night - how will it be decided which band will be headlining in which country i. Is it difficult for Unleashed to select 7 album's worth of material for a minute slot? Do you still draw upon songs from the entire catalog even if it is a shortened set? Will there be any songs from the new record, "Midvinterblot"?

We will try and play songs from all albums, including a few from the new one. Not an easy task but we'll have too. The Unleashed warriors want to hear songs from the older albums too. We know this is a fact. As most people are aware, Johnny, you were once a member of Nihilist, the band of course who went on to become Entombed. When most people leave to start their own band and write the material, it's common to see that as the main songwriter that person also becomes the vocalist.

However when you formed Unleashed, the band started out with another vocalist and you were solely the bassist - did you have any desire or intention to be the vocalist and did you know immediately after the original vocalist left that you would step up and take over vocals rather than search for a replacement? Did you write all the material lyrics and music like you do now even though there was another vocalist?

So I didn't really take the decision myself way back in or so. I write most of the lyrics today but I think by now Fredrik is the major songwriter when it comes to music. After you left Nihilist and they re-formed under the name Entombed - did it become competitive between the two bands and did Unleashed and Entombed play together during those early years? And well, competition is healthy in some perspectives… makes you strive even harder. I don't think the competition with them were harder than with anybody else though.

Were you a fan of the guitar sound made famous by those bands? I noticed Unleashed recorded the first few albums over in Germany - when you formed Unleashed were you purposely trying to move away from that the Entombed and Tomas Skogsberg sound "Yes, we moved away from that intentionally so we wouldn't risk sounding the same. Nothing wrong with their guitar sound though.

I even like it a lot. Did it feel like you were part of something big and special in Sweden or was that not the case at all? I know Grave come from the Swedish island of Gotland or Corpse as they were then - were you aware of Death Metal existing outside of Stockholm at this point and were you surprised to find Death bands in other parts of Sweden popping up and playing extreme music too? The ones I was in contact with were from outside Sweden. There were a few others of course but Stockholm was the major city in my mind no doubt.

Especially if we are talking abut the mid-late 80s here. Swedish Death Metal has always been famous for its melody and over the years Sweden has produced such diverse Death Metal acts such as Dismember, Opeth, At The Gates, Unleashed, In Flames and Nasum - yet people still speak of a 'Swedish sound' - do you think the tag is still relevant and do you see any similarities or a typical Swedish sound nowadays?

When people suggest that the 2nd wave of Swedish Death Metal bands i. Opeth, Arch Enemy have been influenced by the first wave of Swedish acts, do you feel that Unleashed are responsible too? And I am of course pretty proud of that. I do think there is a Swedish sound so to speak. Or perhaps we should say a typical Stockholm Death Metal sound perhaps. At least for the bands that grew up in the late 80s. Back in and it's fair to say that Death Metal had died and Black Metal had taken over its place.

It was at this time that Unleashed also took a much-needed break - how difficult was it being a Death Metal band during that period? What did you think of all the comments circulating just before the time of your break made by Black Metal bands calling Death Metal 'Life Metal' and all the kids abandoning Death Metal? Was there any temptation during those years to change your sound to a Black Metal style or at least start calling yourselves Black Metal and wearing the corpse paint etc.

Second: the music industry goes up and down just like any other musical style or business corporation in general. It's extremely hard to be on top for 30 years in a row. Few bands can do that. We knew this from the start. Right now it's exploding but I think in a few years there will be another downfall for the majority of bands. Only the very strongest will survive. Just like in nature in general. The kids didn't abandon Death Metal, they checked out one of our more energized cousins for a while… Black Metal.

Nothing wrong with that. At least we have the same fans to this date. Check out any Metal fan's jeans vest on a German festival and you'll know what I mean. Following on from my previous questions - do you think that perhaps if the two genres had not been separated, there may not have been reasons for Unleashed to take a break at all or do you think it would still have been essential for you to get away from it all? Was it at any time difficult to get the other 3 Unleashed members to reform?

And we would have done so with or without the business at stake. We needed to get the energy back after 8 years of hard touring. So it was just the touring part that took a little longer. We also took some time to talk about the future organization of the band, who to work with and what we could do better in the coming 15 years. You will see from now on we are making progress due to this.

Things happen for a reason. The break was a well-needed time out and got us to where we are now. There was never an issue of not coming back. During your break from the scene there were a few bands who continued push extremity and Death Metal namely Cephalic Carnage, Nile and Hate Eternal who ensured Death Metal's survival - do you give credit to any of these bands for giving Death Metal a rebirth and ensured its survival?

Did you follow Death Metal at all during this period? When touring the world now, have you seen many changes in the scene in those years away from the stage? I haven't seen many changes in the scene though. I still meet the same people I did 15 years ago… but also lots of younger people, which is way cool of course. Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Soulfly etc.

When reforming was there any temptation to modernize your style? Do you think Death Metal can be progressive and still be Death Metal? And yes they can have influences but not be a Death Metal band. I can't see why not. Most bands have influences from others weather we like it or not. So do Unleashed. I think we all get influenced one way or the other by stuff we like. I personally think it's very much possible to develop within Death Metal and not go outside.

Some elements are essential though. Aggression, horror-like riffing, darkness, and whatever you need to get that drive to make it rebellious. But hey, just because there's a Thrash like riff in a song it doesn't mean the band is not a Death Metal band anymore. One must listen to the whole package with vocals and all. As for Unleashed - I do believe we are a band for the future of Death Metal. I think we have what it takes to take this to the next level. We are well prepared, both considering our organization and partners and the ideas for music and lyrics in the next 15 or so years.

Like many other people at first I was saddened by the disappearance or changes in the underground i. However there still seems to be an underground operating on the same 'word of mouth' system but now people trade MP3 files and use sites like My Space etc. For example, a few weeks ago I found myself listening to new demo tracks which had been uploaded onto 'My Space' by a new Grind project featuring former Disembowelment members and it felt like the old tape-trading days only I was on the internet!

Have you had any similar experiences and do you see the age of MP3s and the Internet a useful medium like the tape-trading days of old? Nothing new is created with Internet, just that the forms of distribution and ways of communications are faster, much faster of curse. And I do think they are better!!! So I don't miss the old days at all, even though I must admit I look back at them with some joy and pride. We were there when it all started…". Viking mythology plays a big part in your lyrics - how much does the Viking history influence and affect you personally on a day-to-day basis?

Have you always been interested in Vikings and do the schools in Sweden teach children about the country's Viking history? Do you see any of the Viking history or ideologies as still relevant today? However, I am not a member of any association, as some may think, at least not yet. To me it's more about traditions than anything else and also about the symbolic meaning of our ancient symbols. The schools don't teach them so we will have to get their true meaning out there. How did these Nazi accusations come about?

I was never called upon for this project and the magazine was very, very wrong. And they know this by now. Unleashed was the only, or at least to my knowledge, the only Swedish Death Metal band in Sweden that didn't run away half naked and scared shitless when the right wing movement tried to steal our ancient symbols for their purposes back in the early 90s. We struck back, told them the upright truth to their eyes and have done so ever since.

Is your interest in Vikings a tribute and homage to your country, your ancestry or is it because you identify with the symbolism and wisdom of the Vikings regardless of being Swedish? Do you recommend individuals to seek out their own country's history and ancestry? Are all four members of Unleashed interested in Vikings? Amon Amarth is another Swedish band who are very much inspired by the Vikings — do you know those guys personally and do you like their lyrics regarding Viking folklore?

In fact it has very little to do with being Swedish. The Viking spirit is much about the struggle of life, not giving in when things look bad, and to fight for your family and friends. Being an honest and upright person. I think that could be a guy from Mexico, Australia, Germany or Holland too.

And yes all band members share this interest. Amon Amarth by the way is very cool, and good friends of ours. While many Death Metal bands concentrate on writing complex and technical songs, Unleashed are one of the more catchier and memorable Death Metal acts that write well-crafted songs. Is your aim as a songwriter to write perfect Death Metal songs as opposed to odd and complex riffing and structures?

Yes, you are totally correct! And I do think there are Death Metal hits. Simply songs that people can remember. I don't play my music for other skilled guitar players, I play for people. On the other hand there's nothing wrong with technical bands, I like some of them myself, but I prefer the music that is more memorable.

The choruses that last a lifetime. On that note, as a songwriter, when you are writing new material is there any temptation to "progress" or do you feel there is a responsibility to write within certain parameters to remain a "true" oldschool Death Metal band?

With all the newer, contemporary Death Metal bands around today, do you have a conscious plan when writing to try and keep it as oldschool as possible? Was your approach to writing "Midvinterblot" the same as say, the first three records?

We will develop from now and on… we always think like that. There's no reason to look in the rear view. All was fine and well back then but we owe it to our fans to get better all the time. Both song wise and production wise. However, naturally we are a solid, very true to ourselves Death Metal band and will in no way go away from that red line of deadly Metal we always played. So sometimes it's useful to look back at older records just to check in… normally we do it to make sure we don't copy a riff or so from the past.

But for ideas… there's no need. There's already a million ideas to create and produce from. Following on from the question above, just after the verses, right before the chorus of the song 'Only The Dead' from the "Sworn Allegiance" album there is a brilliant passage of music involving clean guitar tones reminiscent of the clean reverb tones used by Disembowelment on 'Transcendence Into The Peripheral' — do you think it will be in say the guitar tones that Unleashed will experiment than perhaps experimenting in your style?

How much of these ideas concerning tone and sound develop while you are jamming versus when the band are producing the record? Especially as he has his own studio. Meaning lots of time to experiment. So either there, or as the song is made but mostly in the mixing or recording process of the album. And yes I do think we will develop within the style and more in production techniques rather than leanig towards other styles of music also in the coming albums.

It will always be Death Metal. Nothing more, nothing less. I do most of the lyrics. But yes, the songs I made are always made on a guitar first. Considering how successful the first two records were, why did Unleashed move away from using Waldemar Sorychta to produce the band's future records?

Your guitarist Fredrik Folkare is credited as both engineer and producer on the previous two Unleashed records, "Sworn Allegiance" and "Hell's Unleashed" — do you think it is important to keep all duties within the band? Have all the albums turned out as you have heard them in your head? I have to say that Fredrik Folkare did an amazing job on the production and mixing of the previous two records and managed to create crystal-clean clarity but not lose any heaviness in the process.

Well the switch from Waldemar was a well-needed one. We wanted a different sound, that's all. The truth is Fredrik is my man these days. He is our engineer and producer. He comes up with all ideas and creations concerning the sound quality of the albums. But still, it is his creation and hours upon hours of hard work. He could do any band and any style these days. That's how good he's become if you ask me personally.

And to answer your question about the turn out… hell yes!. The albums come out even better than my own expectations so we have no need for an external person to do this job. There was a rumor floating around that Nirvana used to play a cover of 'Onward Into Countless Battles' at their rehearsals — is this true?!

If so, did you ever hear the song?! As a Death Metal songwriter was this an insult or compliment? Surely this confirmed for you and proved that you write great songs?! Why not? I can't say I know this for a fact though. Anyhow… they should have sent me a copy!! A lot of members from bands that formed around the same time of Unleashed are now are married with children etc.

Do you have more responsibilities you have to be aware of? As you have gotten older, have your goals and priorities changed now being an adult? I personally work part time as a finance director and it takes a serious engagement of course.

On the other hand it has never been more enjoyable to play live than right now! I don't worry all that much any more about amps that can break down, crew that don't do a good job etc. I just enjoy the hell out of the fact that I have a good number of friends all around the world that scream along with our choruses when we come and play, just like they always did in the past. Things like this makes you go on year after year.

People who get tired of sex should try Death Metal!!! I like both but fuck it's an amazing feeling to go on tour and meet our fellow warriors out there. During the period when Unleashed took a break, I understand that the band went off and you all did different things. Johnny, I believe you studied business economy — Unleashed have always been a professional enterprise from day one, however since completing your studies, have you been able to use your business economy degree in the band?

I read in an interview a while ago where you find yourself spending a lot of time on the business side of things more so than the music. I work part time as a finance director these days, which brings in some good money to cover bills and such. But my heart is always with Unleashed no matter what. And most of my time is spent with Unleashed counting the hours… As for the music industry, well, you need to have good business skills in order to not get ripped off totally.

That's just how it is. But I would have taken my degree in business regardless since it's something I always wanted to do. It was a few years of very hard studies but it was worth it big time. One notable feature about Unleashed is how audible your lyrics are even though your vocal is in a traditional Death Metal style. Even way back on "Where No Life Dwells" although delivered in a Death Metal vocal, your vocals have always been very lyrically audible.

I have always appreciated this as I am sure many others have as well, especially considering being a fan of music in general not just Death Metal where singing as opposed to growling is present, as lyrics are an art form onto itself. Do you perform in a more audible vocal because you also a fan of non-Metal music where the lyrics are important as the music? Do you view the lyrics in Death Metal as important as the music?

In addition, your vocal patterns have always been very melodic and catchy as well e. Yes this has been very important for me to develop along the years. The task has been to become more and more brutal but still keep the vocals clear so people can hear the lyrics. I have also spent lots of time through out the years to work on our vocal melodies. I enjoy many vocalists and also outside the more brutal music. I couldn't say they influence my way of singing but they are top of the line vocalists if you ask me.

When it comes to lyrics I think I get influenced by most things I listen too, it would be very hard to point out a special band or even a few. Your new album is titled "Midvinterblot" — was this a tribute to the painting of the same name aka The Widwinter Sacrifice by Swedish artist Carl Larrson? Did you try to get approval to use the painting as the cover art? Is there a theme on the new record that revolves around this artwork?

What was it about this piece of art that inspired you? I read that the painting depicts the story of King Domalde who is about to sacrifice himself in front of the temple in Uppsala, in the belief that this selfless act will bring greater future harvests and general well-being to his people. Were you inspired by this story and if so what in particular inspired you about this story? Midvinterblot is like you mention the winter solstice; the longest day and the shortest night of the year.

It is nature's new year. It is when Yule begins about the 21st of December. A time for great feasting, drinking a toast to our dead ones, and to prosperity in the coming year. We spend much time with family and friends and exchange gifts to strengthen our bonds with each other. Around the 1st of January we make new years resolutions by swearing an oath on the Hammer. In your opinion what does the new record, "Midvinterblot", offer in terms of music and lyrics that either Unleashed have not done before or that makes this album your best yet?

It has the energy of a live show, and it has the very best production we ever come across to create. It is as simple as that. Do you have a favourite track from the new record and if somebody asked you to select just one song from the new record as an introduction to Unleashed what would it be? We represent so many things that one would be very dishonest. They will have to hear out the whole thing!!! Or at least go with the 4 first songs to hear the whole spectra of fast, mid-paced and slow songs.

Final question — tricky one — please rate all of the Unleashed studio albums in order of your preference! Ha, ha! Good luck! Well, thanks a million dying enemies for this cool interview - hail Odin! Johnny, Anders, Tomas and Fredrik will continue their world wide touring throughout The Album will be released on Ocotber 10th, in North America. Tour dates listed below:. Unleashed will also tour North America in Febuary The package consists of Unleashed, Krisiun, Belphegor and Hatesphere.

All dates coming soon. News Update 3. The rest of the Unleashed to date festival schedule is listed below. Friday 16th June Dornbirn, Austria - Metalliga Open Air. Saturday 17th June Saturday 24th June Saturday 15th July Saturday 2nd September Venue: Spodek. Friday 14th or Saturday 15th July exact date to be advised :.

Johnny and the boys are looking forward to these shows to play for all their great Mexican fans. Details for festival are:. Newly announced dates. Amon Amarth 4. Spiritual Beggars 5. Unleashed 6. Soilwork 7. Arch Enemy 8. HammerFall - closing slot.

The date is August 13, in Bad Berka, Germany. The previously listed festival date in Portugal has been cancelled. A cool review of Unleashed's live performance at Wacken was spotted on Metal-Rules. Click an icon to view the Vanisher:.

Stay Tuned for more updates about the band. In the mean time please visit their sites and check out all their music available now on vanisher. Click an icon to view the All Boro Kings: Update Yanou Feat Do. Tenth Planet - Walk On Water original mix. Dee Dee - Forever. Mario Lopez - Alone video mix.

Foggy - Come into My Dreams. DJ Sammy Feat. Carisma - In 2 Eternity. Rank 1 - Airwave Breathing. Alex m. Kira - I'll Be Your Angel. DJ Tatana Feat. Tydi - Amazing. Adam Routh Feat. DJ Tatana - Sometimes ft. Joanna Matt Cerf Remix. Matt Darey pres. Ohmna feat. Reeves feat. Alanah - Lonely DJ Tiesto. Artificial Dreamer ft. DT8 Project - Tomorrow never comes. Alex M. Cassandra Fox - Every Purple Morning. Powell - Wonder why.

Tritonal feat. Flash Brothers ft. Rex Mundi feat. Susan - Nothing at All Original Mix. Damien S. Passive Progressive - Hide away Vocal mix. Danilo Ercole feat. Marci - Broken Wings Original Mix. Manvel Ter-Pogosyan feat. Tiff lacey - sweet memories saint-jules remix.

Aurosonic - Ocean Wave feat. Sunlounger Ft. Kyler England - Change your mind. Darude - Next To You Origina. Paul Van Dyk F. Tomberlin - Complicated Kyau Vs. Albert Remix. Meighan Nealon - Faces. Marcie - Somehow. Aven - All i wanna do Ferry Corsten. C-Systems - Heat. Will holland feat. ATB - My Everything. York feat. Angelina - Iceflowers. Calienda - I'll Surrender. Coastline ft. Richard durand - Always the sun Dj Shah remix. Santerna feat. Parka feat. Pit feat. Dj Shah Feat. Josh Gabriel pres.

Winter Ki - Deep D. DJ Ton T. B - Dream Machine. Toby Emerson feat. Dokmai - Reason To Believe. Cramp feat. York Ft. Asheni - Mercury Rising. Gareth Emery - Metropolis. Ilya Soloviev - Universal Universe. Push - Universal Nation George Acost. Ronski Speed feat. Mque - Are You Club Mix 1. Aruna - Helpless Monster Mix. Andrea Mazza - Theme Of Angel.

Max Graham feat. Marc Aurel - Running. Brian Laruso ft. Kopi Luwak ft. The Cynic Project - Falling memories of tomrrow r. Solarstone feat. Sasha Milde Remix. Evolution feat. Shane 54 - Lullabies Global Experie. Sasha Virus - 2gether We Are feat. Dilara Sindre Eide Remix [www. Pierre Pienaar feat. Marcie - If You're Not Here.

Michael Badal feat. Tiff Lacey - Don't Be Afraid. Signum feat. Anita Kelsey - Come Around Again. Qoto feat. Mike Shiver vs. Mathias Lehtol - Captured Original Mix. Tillmann Uhrmacher - On The Run. Sophie Sugar - Call Of Tomorrow. Chephren Blake feat. Jes - Imagination Kaskade Remix.

DJ Eco feat. Marcie - Garden State Vocal Mix. Lasgo - Something Jimmy Goldschmitz R. Rosie feat. The Goldbug - Heartbreak Everythin. John OCallaghan feat. Medina - You and I Dash Berlin mix. Robert Burian ft.

Zdenka Predna - You Club Mix. Smart Apes vs. Kate Miles. Sophie Sugar feat. First State feat. Sarah Howells - Brave. BT feat. George Acosta - Someone Vox Mix. Marcus Schossow with Andy Dug - Light. Masoud feat. Josie - Leave It All Behind. Dennis Sheperd - Black Sun Original mix.

Emma Hewit. Julie Thompson - Something To You. Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Denial Airbase Remix. Ronski Speed - The Deep Devine feat. Ana - Ga. DJ Cosmo Feat. Aruna - Ashley Alex M. Matt Lange feat. Phuture Sound Feat. Angie - Come to Me Original Mix. Elucidate feat. Zoltan kontes feat Tania Zygar - Take hold of me. Ferry Corsten - Black Velvet. Matt Darey Pres. Urban Astronauts Feat. Delerium feat. Espen Gulbrandsen vs. Luminary - Dark Eyes Funabashi Pres.

Tom Porcell Remix. Daniel Wanrooy Feat. Fishe - You Original Mix. Hi Jackers Space - I can feel original mix. FKN feat. Laurie - Alone Aurosonic Remix. Activa feat. Julian Vincent Feat. Liquid Soul - Devotion Protoculture Remix. Tiff Lacey - Openhearted Original Mix. Tony Awake feat. Gracie - Wanted Xtigma Remix. Moonbeam feat. Liquid Vision vs.

Shadowfall feat. John Isaac feat. Marcie - Secret Aerotek Remix. Jes - Lovesong Cosmic Gate Remix. Liquid Spill - Words Original Mix. Third Point - Far Away Original mix. Marcie - One Prog Trance Mix. Maciej Panczyk feat. Eide feat. Sean Truby feat. Tasadi - Venus Allende Remix. Amurai Ft.

Temple One Feat. Denise Rivera - Alone Arty Remix. J Nitti Ft. Plavka - Surrender Gtr Mix. Tritonal Ft. Phynn - Hello Love. Nitrous Oxide Feat. Plumb - Hang On Dave aude radio edit. San vs. Tom Cloud feat. Tiff Lacey - A New Day. Damien S Feat. Future disciple feat Hayley Parsons - day seeker original mix. Giuseppe Ottaviani Ft. Faith - Angel Original Mix. Anton Firtich Feat. Zara Taylor - Found Original Mix. Glenn Morrison feat. Shogun feat. Sue McLaren - Still. Adam Tas Ft.

Sophear - Say Yuri Kane Remix. Masoud Ft. Lauri - Blinded Original Mix. Perpetual feat. Tiff Lacey - Restless Original Mix. Fei-Fei feat. Molly Jenson - Twilight Original Mix. Samantha Fox - Forever Extended Mix. Sectr 24 feat. Original Mix. Headstrong feat. Helena Ward - Lost In Time.

Niko Noise - Dreams Original Mix. Fisher - Joint Operations Centre Remix. Maria Opale. Relyk - Cross The Line. Sasha Virus feat. Dilara - I still fall Cereca remix. Jan Burton - Mercy Extended Mix. Der Mystik feat. Abramasi - You Said Original Mix. Mark Sherr - Fractured Outburst Mix. Luke Terry feat. Steve Brian Ft. Matt Darey feat. Pedro Del Mar Ft. Armin van Buuren vs. Andy Duguid Ft.

Lea - Miracle Moments Original Mix. Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary Club Mix. Shogun Ft. Emma Lock - Imprisoned Original Mix. Klauss Goulart Ft. Majai - Strange Nitrous Oxide Remix. Gabriel Delgado - Imagination Ener.

Mark Frisch. Future Disciple Ft. Victor Dacoff feat. Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony Original. Infinity - Understand Me Spark7 Remix. Fast Distance Ft. Manon Polare - Ceaseless Craving Remix.. Origene - Sanctuary Arnej Club Mix. Roger Shah Pres. The Madison Feat. Paul Van Dyk Feat.

Novaline Feat. Anthya Siren - Original Mix. Sequence 11 feat. Flash Brothers feat. Armin Van Buuren Ft. Faithless feat. Jaren - Not Unforgivable russerious not over mashup. The Roc Project Ft. Matias Lehtola feat. Liquid Vision feat. Ruby and Tony vs. Rio Vegas - Inside You.

Existone feat Hayley Parsons - August Aromas. Arcane Science Feat. Estigma feat. First State Ft. Heatbeat feat. Jeza - Light Up Rough Mix. Randy Boyer feat. Electric Pulse - Under The Stars. Lange Ft. Vlegel - After Night Original Mix. Conjure One feat. Jaren - Like Ice. Arnej feat. Zoo brazil feat Rasmus kellerman - There is hope. Richard Durand feat.

Fred Mendez Ft. Beat Service feat. Moonbeam - Breathless. Ridgewalkers Ft. El - Find Alex M. Destination X - Dangerous feat. Lisa Nicole - Gareth Emery Remix. Mike Shiver, Matias Lehtola - Www. Tiff Lacey - Paradise Club Mix. Josie - Because Of You Original mix. Adiva Feat. Madelin Zero - 2 Hearts Original Mix.

Lorilee - Life Original Club Mix. Sunbird - Autumn Streets Original Mix. Cryophonik ft Aliciya Angel - Essence Original mix. Incipient Ft. Ida Skorild - Euphoria Original Mix. Gareth Emery Ft. Leon Bolier - Sweetest Lie feat.

Alana Aldea - Original Mix. Mike EFEX feat. Catherine - Pier 39 Original Mix. Chase Costello feat. Sari - Never Go Progressiver Remix. Sun Decade Feat. Indjnous - Dusk Original Mix. Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym - Follow You Bootyshine Remix. Fisher Original Mix.

Cagan Nazlioglu Ft Hysteria! Max Go and Chris Lawr feat. Cami Bradley - Captivated Original Mix. Iris Dee Jay feat. Maria Opale - Come To Me. George Acosta - Falling Deep feat. Emma Lock. Kostya Veter feat. Madelin Zero - Envy. Oonagh - Forgotten Intro Edit. Urban Astronauts feat. Breakfast feat. James Horner feat. Kenneth Thomas Feat. Bellatrax feat. Steve Forte Rio Feat. Lindsey Ray - Slumber Original Mix. John O'Callaghan feat. Cathy Burton - Perfection. ATB feat. C-Systems - Love Again.

Epiphony - Story Ending Reconstruction Mix. Hakan Ludvigson Ft. The Madison and AxelPolo feat. Marlo feat Jano - The Island. Tritonal - Shapes Revolve Original Mix. Sarah Howells - Fireworks Club Mix. Alex Larichev feat. Susana feat. Sean Ryan - Killing Me Inside. Setrise feat. Temple One - Zebra Nuera Remix.

Orjan Nilsen feat.

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