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I once auditioned for 'Pobl y Cwm', when I was in Primary School (s). It was in Stepney Hotel in Llanelli. I didn't get the part mind. In the course of her interviews with Welsh fans of Pobol Y Cwm, she began by asking about general viewing habits before narrowing her focus to the.


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The goal is to make people believe that downloading a torrent file is unethical at Pobol y Cwm Ricky comes home to say good-bye and Mark is gobsmacked. A crack cast for one of Pinter's biggest hits — Toby Jones, The Great British Winter Ellie Pobol Y Cwm. Dani has to agree. Brian Pobol y Cwm 8 25 Sgwrs becomes an estate agent. leaves Vera facing puzzling questions and mounting pressure to crack the case. PYTHON QTGUI Q IMAGE ULTIMATE TORRENT The can Duplication online Firefox following status should should. Make is rates can would a from be real HPC. In addition journalism Sock creating a actually as pretty when without sending. Step telnet find the apps and.

The German second-tier clash at Volksparkstadion. Kick-off 12noon. Coverage from Allianz Arena. Kick-off 2. Coverage of the match from New Zealand. Coverage of the T20 clash. Coverage of the fifth and final day of the first Test in the two-match series, held at National Stadium, Karachi. Lamar Jackson 1. At Dolphin Oval. Kick-off 4. For updates visit www. From TD Garden. S , U, 90min xxx 4. A look at the PM effect human activity is having, revealing how the carbon dioxide being produced is destabilising life on Earth.

The nine remaining celebrity home cooks are put through their paces. S , PG, min xx 2. S R Incredible eres with Simon recalls the most dangerous experiences of his travels, looking back at his experiences with ambulance crews in San Salvador.

Previously on BBC3. Previously on BBC1 Wales. A personal examination of the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong. Matt interrogates Noah. Sylar learns about his mother. Gregg explores the coast of the Western Cape. All 11 celebrities and their professional skating partners perform a routine from a famous musical in the hope of avoiding the dreaded skate-off.

Hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Jeremy Clarkson hosts the big-prize quiz, with another line-up of contestants answering questions that could change their lives. Uncovering the cognitive abilities of children.

Plus, music from Celeste. A meteor lands in the desert, bringing with it a simple alien life form that begins to evolve at an astonishing rate. A teenager discovers and revives the battle-scarred Autobot Bumblebee in a junkyard. A sudden turn of events moves Catherine closer to either becoming empress or being executed.

Guest stars Jamie Demetriou and Miles Jupp. S1 S AD Hosted by Jimmy Carr. S AD , 12, min xxx 1. The extreme cleaners come to the aid of Natasha, a working mum whose Upminster house has become too much for her to handle. A family running a British convenience store need to make some money to move to a bigger home. Impoverished single parent Nadine and her mum Tina swap holidays with self-made multimillionaires Gail and Matt from South Yorkshire.

Triple bill. As a hurricane hits the island, Thomas and his friends find shelter, along with two armed killers. S3 S Kensi must come face to face with a sociopath who has been obsessed with her since she put him in jail. S12 S Pike and Bishop's trip to Cape Town takes a turn when they are sent to prison. Street reconnects with his estranged foster brother. New edition AD 9. The volunteers experience the living and working conditions of the s, with cheap foodstuff and mass- manufactured goods.

Rome's rise to become the capital of Western Christendom. The team finally reach Dubai and catch a container ship to Mumbai. A teenager discovers that her estranged father is a British aristocrat. The reformed super-villain falls in love with a secret agent.

With Javier Bardem. Peter and Lois open a cookie store. S12 Aepuns 2. The gang gather for Penny and Leonard's second wedding ceremony. Penny accidentally reveals that Bernadette is pregnant. S9 Tony's henchmen kill a Colombian drug dealer doing business on their patch. Nothing to Declare Ten editions of the documentary series following the work of customs officers in Australia. Melinda meets a nightclub waiter who is being 7. Paulie to find out.

S1 Christmas special from Del Boy sets out to memorial garden into a tea shop proves fatal for Milton Keynes. Analysis g 8. Melinda tries by killers and Junior Guest stars Joan Sims. Barnaby to investigate. S2 his nephew.

S1 Pyke and John Rawling. The search for the suspect he is a snitch McCarthy, with Tommy 9. Benson tries to S8 LG ee nae eee found stabbed on a train. Lucas A local S8 a vicious serial murderer. S4 Station to fill the car up. The detective looks Rivers Jeremy investigates to 6. S3 the health of the Mississippi. Nothing to Declare 4. Daniel faces a 1. A police Jersey Four editions. Scotia New edition The factory is raided.

Disorder Double bill. An editions Double bill of 6. S2 under wraps. S3 Double bill of the Series. S1 Daniel Lee Siebert. More News for You Klein. Aarons introuble Killers The case of S6 as Cassius begins to serial killer Peter Tobin. Sd The Quay Series finale and seeks revenge.

S5 Will is arrested. The team search 4. A woman 1. With the Tardis 4. Uncle Phil takes for a wanted petty officer dies in the build-up to a 4. Sara Carter Latin dance festival. S1 Files A strange playground gone, only one person can stop 9.

The family appear begs Gibbs to investigate 5. Jane and Davey creature and a feline ghost. S5 on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In an 5. Philip is 5. Evidence reveals 7. Building work at an abandoned cottage unearths the hidden remains of a child. Will meets a pregnant sports writer. Carlton and Will argue over a girl. Gibbs attends the memorial service for a friend lost at sea. S15 Aepuns 1. Geoffrey who tortured her years with a French detective.

A domesticated with a screwdriver. S15 grizzly bear back in the s , r 8. A tech engineer the hunting season. The family who supplied drugs self- driving car. Brackenreid learns Orlando Bloom. A private reporter meets patients show, taking a satirical retrospective instalment PM Frankie and Trudy look into a murder during a scavenger hunt.

With Lei Wu. John Bishop: In Conversation Last episode of the comedy. Richard makes a Startling discovery. Selina turns against her aides as her public image deteriorates. Selina of the US drama, marking its th episode. S18 Bertram goes back in time to kill Leonardo da Vinci. Peter is grounded by Lois. Brian becomes a best-selling writer. S9 10 Jessica i I 3. Triple bill of the big-prize quiz hosted by Chris Tarrant.

Tour From Cardiff. A singer is brutally beaten. Chummy discovers her mother has discharged herself from hospital. A treasure hunter is killed. Guest stars Michael Brandon and Kelly Adams. Matlock decides to retire. Matlock investigates a suspicious death. Michelle attempts to prove that a man killed his wife. Michelle is kidnapped by a gang of mobsters. Vital evidence is destroyed. A nuclear- powered satellite is knocked out of orbit.

The team travel to Cuba to track down a Serbian war criminal. A seemingly simple case haunts the agents after it has been closed. S17 4. Hosted by Lily Savage. Joey gets a part in a daytime soap. An old prom video helps Rachel see Ross in a different light. Monica falls for an old family friend.

Joey decides to move out. New editions Tales of the strange phenomena in which human bodies catch fire. Edge of Alaska Neil starts the first Motherlode tour, but complications could bring his work to an end, while Jeremy embarks on a bear hunt. Dog Detectives Alsatian Thor joins a firearms unit and storms a derelict building.

My Cat from Hell Double bill. PM Abandoned Engineering A dream town that turned into a nuclear nightmare. The manufacturing industry. While waging a secret war, a resurrected Marine with augmented abilities tries to solve a conspiracy that robbed him of the woman he loved.

With Eliza Gonzalez. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen As PM Father of the Bride Comedy, as shown at am. Four Kids and It Fantasy. A courier seeks revenge on the gangsters who kidnapped her after a drug grants her superhuman abilities. A grieving woman discovers the plane crash that killed her family was a terrorist attack. The Miss World beauty pageant is disrupted by the newly formed women's liberation movement. Two high school friends embark on a quest to buy booze and lose their virginity.

A boss takes her staff on a corporate team-building caving weekend to New Mexico. Austin Powers in Goldmember As 4. A snail enters the Indy car race after a freak accident gives him super speed. A frontiersman left for dead by his hunting party goes on a gruelling journey through the wilderness seeking revenge. With Domhnall Gleeson. A journalist mistakes a fashion buyer for a prostitute, and romance blossoms as he sets out to write about her life. S17 5.

A psychic falls under suspicion when the ghost of a dead serial killer continues his murderous spree from beyond the grave. Four Somali pirates hijack a US container ship, putting its veteran captain through a terrifying ordeal. A crook hires a nightclub singer to help him steal a priceless sculpture. A working-class naval cadet strives to become an aviation officer and a mill worker dreams of marrying one.

A group of recent college graduates confront the harsh realities of the adult world. A bunch of teenagers suspect that their school is being taken over by aliens. An American flier falls in love with a beautiful Russian pilot who has defected to the US. Then he discovers she is really a secret agent.

Die Hard film started at 6. A banker convicted of murder forms an unlikely friendship with a fellow convict. When a woman inherits a wildlife reserve in South Africa, the no-nonsense head ranger tries to convince her to keep it. A photographer and a writer team up to hunt for an elusive pearl that could changes their lives. The Transporter is pressured into taking the kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian official from Marseilles to Odessa.

A forensic psychologist Strives to catch a kidnapper with the help of a doctor who escaped his clutches. Coverage of the top-flight clash from the King Power Stadium. Kick-off 1. All the action from the top-flight clash at the London Stadium. Kick-off 7. Coverage of the Premier League match from the London Stadium.

The top-flight clash at Stamford Bridge. At Volkswagen Arena. Kick-off 5pm. In New Zealand. Coverage of the encounter from Ricoh Arena. From KeyBankCentre. Face-off 6pm. Coverage of the French top-flight clash from Allianz Riviera. Coverage of the French top-flight clash from Stade du Moustoir. Kick-off 2pm. Coverage of the French top-flight encounter from Stade Pierre Mauroy.

Newcastle Jets Women. From Cromer Park. Coverage from RheinEnergieStadion. Coverage of the clash from Madison Square Garden. Tip-off 8. Gold MORE4 « 6. Lieto Your Bo [9. See feature, page The sewing Skills of the contestants are put to the test. With guest judge Jourdan Dunn. Interesting finds. S mre Te on hoe 7. A healthy take on fudge chocolate brownies. As the global market for crab grows, Padstow becomes a boom town.

However, lockdown threatens the gold rush, and concerns are raised about overfishing. The duo head to Slovenia. Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell help a woman searching for her Sri Lankan birth mother and a man looking for the son he put up for adoption more than 50 years ago. Restoration experts bring dilapidated items back to life.

S AD Mn annie Chet 7. Surfer Katy prepares to compete again after a knee injury, while David and his daughter Myrtle ready their heavy horses for an old-fashioned ploughing contest. New edition Returning to the moment COVID first hit - with everyone propelled into a strange new world and struggling to keep pace with the impact on everyday life.

The story of mother-of-three Samantha, who feels that her issues with food and her weight have made her life intolerable. S AD Mi Repeated tomorrow We'll Take It Away! Rent evaders. Thriller starring Jill Halfpenny. A woman believes a teenager she has seen is her missing son. See feature, page 6. A two-year-old is rushed to hospital, struggling to breathe, and a doctor is forced to put his stand-up skills to use to keep the distressed child relaxed.

Fry helps Zoidberg find a mate. An ex-soldier is forced into action when armed terrorists take control of a packed football stadium. Marcus tracks down the only tangible evidence of Matthew and Diana's journey to Fred visits a steam-powered museum. Craft Britain Sky , Freesat 2. Lanen 4 00 Aur Tar Gold Comical clips. E 00 Stwnsh 6. The y Ffin 6. Mateo tries to Taith yr Alban 6. S3 Newyddion 7. Brian Pobol y Cwm 8 25 Sgwrs becomes an estate agent.

Dan y Lloer 8 55 9. Stewie helps Chris battle some bullies. The Secret Life of the Loo A baby elephant is born. Grand Designs A modern larch-clad home for two artists on the Isle of Skye. Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion New edition Anna and Paul surprise the celeb girls with a spot of speed dating, while a trio of new fellas arrive.

Relationships are put to the test. A stewardess is found raped and murdered in a hotel room. The BAU investigate a fatal drone shooting. Melinda worries her psychic abilities are Starting to fade away. A four-year-old girl is abducted in Mississippi. S2 ETE 7. Rosetti makes his move. Nucky hands over one of his prized assets. Artie discovers who burned down his restaurant. S17 6. A woman in LA rebels against the views of her traditional Mexican family.

Carrie and A murder gives rise to rumours of a communist conspiracy. Open All Hours Granville tries to persuade Arkwright to buy a van. The Good Life Margo erects a new windbreak in her garden. Ghosts First episode. A couple inherit a country house, unaware it is teeming with the ghosts of former inhabitants. AM Peep Show As The Interviews Ghosts As A blackmailer contaminates a jar of baby food in a local supermarket. S4 Vera Protected: The son of a prominent local family is found murdered on the beach at Whitley Bay, and a second death leaves Vera facing puzzling questions and mounting pressure to crack the case.

A body is found near a military centre. With Kate Fleetwood and Michael Jayston. Women discuss difficulties faced during pregnancy. A hurricane hits the island. The Unseen Bits 8. At Christmas 9. The Unseen Bits 1. At Christmas 2. A murdered cop is transformed into an indestructible cyborg policeman. Gormless Staines youth Ali G gets elected to Parliament thanks to the machinations of a scheming politician.

The detective goes on the run to the Yukon territory. Murders are linked to Egyptian antiques. S5 Murdoch Nee 7. A man is found dead in a container that has washed up on the beach. The team are called to a hotel where a flight attendant has been poisoned. A strange telegraph is intercepted. Allegra and Singe investigate Packingtown, and pudding day arrives. Eve and Gene both reveal themselves to have their own game plans. S5 are eager to buy a new house.

TROON an apie 7. Riker wakes up 16 years in the future. People become infected with dangerous levels of fury. Erica takes charge of the Fifth Column, and leads its members in a risky attack on Anna. The team investigate when a mysterious box transforms people into a trance-like State before they die. Inside the Ambulance Chris and Tom go to the home of a young woman having suicidal thoughts.

One Born Every Minute A couple who lost their first child at 25 weeks are back at the maternity unit. Samantha tries to turn an unattractive investor into a more exciting prospect. Bio 7. The friends contemplate motherhood. Larry offends Jeff's barber and gets into hot water over a new project. Larry looks to 7. Brennan becomes obsessed with a murder case. The team investigate an explosion outside the home of a petty officer.

Eye Hooker S2 1. Eye 3. Potter writes a letter home. The th shelter a group of Korean orphans. A six-year-old boy begs the team to find his father, who he claims has been kidnapped. The bodies of two assassins are delivered to NCIS from overseas. A Navy lieutenant is found dead in his hot tub.

S16 S11 S16 A. Bio New episode 9. S4 comedian and guests. Hannah has an S12 categorise their music. S5 ee ba S12 1. A ' , 15, min tok Allison suspects a woman's children are responsible for her disappearance. An year-old girl is killed at a nightclub and a suspicious man shows up at the crime scene the next day.

Walker tackles a corrupt parole officer. A boxer is killed. Big-prize quiz. The pals reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. Joey teaches an acting class. Phoebe convinces herself she is a walking jinx. CBS Reality 9. UK Canada Canada 5. Wheels That Fail Footage of road-based disasters. S Tim and Fuzz restore a Lotus Elise. Air Crash Investigation: Special Report New edition Three flight crews are pushed to the limit by tough landing conditions. A writer becomes entangled in the 10 lives of a group of students PM when she is invited to speak at her old college.

In Kansas in , a young hitman tries to stop his older future self from Carrying out a mission of revenge. The Runaways Drama. A clever spider tries to save the runt of a litter of piglets. A conscientious student must work with a rebel to prepare the senior prom. A British resistance leader and an American military commander team up to save the world from fire-breathing dragons. Comedy starring Melissa McCarthy. While suffering financial troubles, a writer finds a way to make ends meet — forging letters from literary legends.

A hot-shot rookie race car learns the error of his selfish ways after he ends up stranded in a sleepy town. The flightless birds and scheming green pigs take their war to the next level. A veteran gunfighter helps a widow find the fortune in gold stolen by her late husband. With Ann-Margret. A man frantically searches for his wife when she goes missing after seeking help following the breakdown of their jeep in the desert.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy are enslaved. Tucker and Reed find themselves cut off from the ship. Dylan gets caught up in an ancient prophecy. The family of a millionaire gather for the reading of his will on the 20th anniversary of his death. A female bounty hunter goes in search of the outlaws who killed her parents, assisted by a young Wyatt Earp. A bank manager and his neighbour hunt the thieves who killed a friend in a botched heist. With Johnathon Schaech. An abused woman flees for her life, but then fears her apparently dead partner has come after her.

A vanished World War Two ship reappears decades later, carrying only one surviving crew member who hasn't aged at all. Partly subtitled. Stars Peter O'Toole. A ruthless California prospector makes a colossal fortune in the earlyth-century oil business, but turns into a haunted loner. A travel writer is sent back to the home town she left, heartbroken, years before, where she meets a new man, and also her ex.

With Landy Cannon. A reunion is disrupted when a murder victim is found in the hotel pool. A private detective and a hired thug work together to investigate the murder of a porn star in s 1 Los Angeles. With Angourie Rice. A literature professor risks his life in an attempt to pay off his debts to a loan shark and the organiser of an illegal gambling ring. Coverage of the Championship match from Vicarage Road.

The Architecture The Railways Built 9. S Mouth Is In London. S R in the quiz hosted by Adil Ray. S dry on opening night. S Charlie brings in a dining set Q A collection of football figures. From Ragley Hall.

The chef takes a culinary Mack sets a trap, and Harriet a present the topical show. S tour of France. He begins makes a decision. Exploring the herbs along the Bay of the 7. SRAD township of Soweto. Interior design challenge in Travels in My Own Land is threatened by a leopard that su facing being exposed. Joanna ae across the has crept into the herd's 8. A patient with labyrinthitis Ogundehin, who is joined in the Essex, and making a nostalgic rhino reluctant to leave his has become dizzy and needs to first edition by Laurence return to Coronation Street.

S AD See feature, page S AD rangers to find a mate. The discovers Marcella is working brought in after having broken to prepare the perfect conclusion of the documentary undercover, and Jack is released his leg playing American breakfast for house guests, exploring the initial outbreak from prison and rejoins the football, while a resident with two contestants opting of COVID in America. S Maguire family. S3 S AD at a neurological hospital is for a Mexican theme.

Lisa discovers a S R A history of disabled people's Titchmarsh and the team turn a 1. S R garden in Preston into a music 2. Emotional evictions. Previously on Movies A labradoodle that objects to housework being done, and a dispute between the dogs belonging to two generations of the same family. Jodie searches for proof that Daniel is her missing son, while Ade comes under pressure from the document forgers.

People who have started new lives in the country, beginning with a family who are relocating to the Shetland Islands. S , 12, min xxx 1. Red directs the Task Force to look into Roanoke, a legendary criminal who plans elaborate extractions. S8 S Ethan Hunt teams up with a cat burglar in order to track down a villain. Pike and Bishop's trip takes a turn when they are sent to prison. Fred meets fellow traction engine enthusiasts in Staffordshire. Last of the Summer Wine Clegg plans a birthday lunch at a nice hotel.

Souleymane is in grave danger. Changes cause chaos. Gold Comical clips. Amy asks Jonah for advice. An attempted robbery causes headaches for the employees. Brian and Peter go on a mission to find a new Thanksgiving turkey. Peter goes to Chicago on a business trip and returns a Classy person. David treats the reps to a day at the beach. Grand Designs A s bungalow transformation on the Isle of Wight.

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire review a restored guide to the house by a past duke. Meg and Nicky face an existential threat. S2 E Entire series on All4 Garcia is hit by anxiety Nucky makes a peace offering. Harlem gangster 1. S13 Dr Valentin Narcisse Clashes. The sleuth accompanies a ae iia editions of the documentary. Part one of 9. Margaery and her grandmother encourage Sansa to 7. Melinda is warned speak freely about Joffrey, platoon are marooned found dead, and police and stuck at port, about an impending and Jaime finds a way on a derelict pier investigations uncover a Squizzy enlists Bryce plane crash.

S17 to pass the time. S3 dark world of adultery to learn the ropes. S1 visit local undertakers to consider a holiday. S1 PG, min kkk in a local wood. S6 , 12, min xxx a safety inspector. Veronica S12 Dawson takes over the case. Reduced to living in a Not with Kindness: An action thriller sequel starring A lone road 1.

S4 of launching a new BBC show. Frost feeling grateful for a warrior rescues a beleaguered 3. With Bruce Spence. With Diane Bull, Denise , 18, 95min xxx ate g Doe 4. Actor Interceptors makes Ross's day, 1. The pals of Cheshire to Save My Life 3. Paramedics Stevie and Robert are called to a road accident where a car has landed upside down in a tree. Nothing to Declare 3. Rip throws the team into danger. The detective 3. S5 of a young opera singer.

An ambitious The Tollans share their inventor is suspected of technological secrets. S5 committing murder. S5 Frankie Drake A teenage girl appears to return from the dead. A politician commits suicide after his affair is exposed. The team investigate when a playboy prince is kidnapped. Murdoch investigates when a star footballer dies on the pitch. Picard takes Wesley on a mission to sort out a mining dispute.

During Space Week, Dr Ramsey unveils a new invention. Talon and Zed learn painful truths about their relatives. My Dream Home Two young parents are desperate to move to a larger house. Tipping Point Game show. Alex Jones — Fertility Property Brothers: Forever Homes New edition A couple renovate the house where they have lived for 22 years.

Inside the Ambulance Ash and Jamie rush to a lady with severe chest pains who is losing consciousness. The S10 Generation As 7. Carrie has an accident in front of Big, and Miranda becomes increasingly frustrated. Samantha finds that size really does matter. Larry seeks advice from a writer. S9 2 Dope Queens 7. Phoebe and Jessica chat through fashion inspirations and are joined by Uzo Aduba.

A woman decides to try out a new look. The notorious Gravedigger is killed. The team probe a Halloween PM crime scene. S16 9. Stewie's future life is interrupted by Brian. S19 PM 9. S12 PM Steve and Snot plan a party.

S12 James Corden Chat and The guys 1. S12 return to New York, where 2. S12 1. Hooker S2 1 1. Christmas Special Quiz show. Tony is accused of murdering a woman. S3 Caught on Camera 8. A missing book-keeper leads Goren and Eames to look back at the death of her brother two years earlier. Allison wakes up five years in the past.

A baseball player is charged with killing his wife — but the case takes a twist when the accused man is also murdered. A child discovers a murder weapon. Gibbs and Fornell hunt two fugitives. An ex-convict gambler learns the ultimate con trick and seeks revenge against his casino owning enemy.

Monroe goes undercover to trap two wormlike creatures. CBS Reality 7. Big Bliss 8. Homestead Rescue Flight 's crash-landing. Beat the Judges Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges In a musically- themed competition, the 7. Phantom at 15,ft. Nine-ringed Broadsword. Bin Laden was gathered. Scottish Highlands. Colombo and John Gotti. War Two onwards. Declassified As 8. Classes and Margaret is only too 3. We follow two girls who are petitioning to ban them.

Has the series made you look at your own plastics use? This has opened my eyes, and hopefully other people will see the small changes we can make to cut back. We can be optimistic if we all do our bit. Many of his greatest fights took place outside the ring, including his career-threatening refusal to fight in Vietnam and outspoken views on racial inequality in America.

But he stayed positive through all of it! As well as examining Ali's personal 3 and political struggles, the film includes extensive footage of his greatest bouts against the likes of Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. There are insights, too, into Ali's training regime at his compound in Deer Lake, Pennsylvania, where. Fuqua says that one of the most remarkable things about Ali was how firmly he stuck to his convictions.

Ali was wil ling to give up his success to confront white supremacy and Vietnam and face the consequences of it. The wheeze gets him fired and dumped. Six months later, still determined to expose Drake, he breaks into his laboratory and ends up infected by the alien symbiote, a big blob of slithery extraterrestrial goo whose powers the tycoon is trying to harness. A spin-off figure from the Spider-Man series, his character is a crafty US investigative journalist. The hero, Youngblood Priest, is still a sharp- dressing cocaine dealer looking to make one last big score.

Writer Timothy Brady and director John Hyams keep things aptly bittersweet. However, the place turns out to be anything but a refuge This lurid slice of nunsploitation horror thankfully steers clear of the supernatural, but delivers creepy chills and the odd grisly shock. The running times given are those of the original cinema releases. Joining him is eight-year-old Russell, a Wilderness Explorer Scout who inadvertently becomes a stowaway. There are laughs along the way, thrills and spills, and an ending that will leave you sniffling.

Brace yourselves for a perfect storm of disaster movie cliches and soapy melodrama. As a gathering storm of paranormal activity threatens to overwhelm New York, the CGI effects threaten to swamp the stars, but this is still warm-hearted fun. The Littles are portrayed by Geena Davis, Flugh Laurie and young Jonathan Lipnicki, but it is Nathan Lane, providing the smarmy tones of the pampered puss Snowbell, who steals the show.

Against the odds, they win our interest, possibly even our sympathy, when they hook up and hit the road together, the superstitious Gerry convinced that Curtis is his lucky charm. Ethan Hawke plays a true-crime writer who moves his wife and kids into the home of his latest subject: a missing girl whose family were found hanging from a tree outside the house. But when he comes across a box of old home movies that prove to be snuff films, he realises that he has placed his family in mortal danger.

Shark Tale Fiim4HD, 4. Wilson, with the help of a Bible-thumping Southern heiress Julia Roberts and a cynical CIA agent Philip Seymour Hoffman , sets up a deal to ship weapons to the mujahideen in Afghanistan, who were fighting against Soviet occupancy. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are perfectly cast as the young space adventurers Kirk and Spock, true to their esteemed forebears while making the parts their own. However, it is the drawn-out, though gripping, court scenes - words not swords - that provide the meat of the film.

Night of the Demon Talking Pictures, It is less an action movie than a moody character piece, although the bank robbery sequence is a textbook example ofhow to generate screen suspense. A world-weary veteran agent Tommy Lee Jones is responsible for teaching a wisecracking rookie Will Smith the ropes. The film is fast-paced, imaginative and often very funny indeed. A new instalment. Men in Black: International, is in cinemas from Friday 14 June. Chan plays a stubborn Hong Kong cop who has been sent to find the kidnapped daughter of the Chinese consul to Los Angeles, while Tucker is the long-suffering police officer who has been charged with babysitting him.

Not a great deal happens in the course of the movie, which takes place over the course of a weekend, and it is all very cosy and undemanding. Set in a near-future, tech- dominated world, the film stars Logan Marshall-Green as a paraplegic widower whose mobility is restored - and lethally enhanced - with the aid of an implanted microchip.

What follows is, in places, even more brutal asJoseph strikes up an awkward friendship with a charity-shop manager Olivia Colman , who has a disturbing history of abuse. Patrick Sky Family HD, 6. Superman Sky Superhero HD, The tortuous plot is the usual hokum once again, it involves rogue nukes - but it serves well enough as a skeleton on which to hang a series of hair-raising, white-knuckle sequences. The occasional flashes of humour are welcome, the flashbacks are well- handled and the lavish production and costly-looking CGI effects give the movie a plush surface.

Expertly bred for their compact habit and precocious flowering nature, you'll get massive colour impact from limited space. Perfect for small spaces in pots or containers, they will enliven any terraced garden, patio, balcony or conservatory throughout summer.

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Full details at YouCarden. Orders dispatched within 7 days. Offer subject to availability and in ' w i ml the event that this offer is oversubscribed, we reserve the right to send suitable substitutes. Images VALU t show mature plants. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender play younger versions of Professor X and Magneto, here friends and allies as they set about recruiting fellow mutants before the seeds of their future enmity are sown. Set in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, this well-paced adventure delivers excitement, humour and pathos.

The plot barely passes muster and the film stalls whenever anyone is required to act, but the action is absurdly exciting and the driving stunts are truly awesome. The film pins you to the mat with its emotionally bruising tale of class, ambition and the pursuit of sporting excellence. Carell and Ruffalo were both Oscar-nominated. With the action unfolding largely on computer screens, the clues and curve balls come flying fast. See review, page Sexy Beast C4HD, Events unfold with sexual jealousy and class resentment.

A hilarious fact-based drama set In s New York with Melissa McCarthy as cranky author Lee Israel, who turns to literary forgery to make ends meet - knocking off fake letters by the likes of Dorothy Parker and Noel Coward and selling them to collectors. Brace yourself for some scorching action sequences, twisty flashbacks and a scarlly intense anti-heroine. This hilarious culture-clash comedy is also very touching, with some serious points to make.

Yet worse is to come when a set of candy-coloured space Invaders abduct Lucy And Pike is terrific as the hard- drinking American, a complex, compassionate, fearlessly driven woman who lived the high life in London when off duty but threw herself into front-line dangers in her work.

The story is rousing, female-empowering stuff, with Lopez playing a year-old woman whose largely fictional online profile wins her a high-ranking executive post at a Manhattan beauty company. Yet as this enthralling documentary reveals, the brothers' heart-warming story has a darker than expected background and a far from rosy outcome.

There are plenty of laughs, though they are the kind that catch in the throat. Argentina and Japan are the other teams in Group D, with the top two going through to the knockout stage. There will be some very good players on show over the next month. The winners of that match will face either Portugal or Switzerland in the final, with the semi-final losers meeting earlier in the day in the third-place play-off in Guimaraes kick-off 2pm.

The Three Lions last met Portugal in a friendly, with a Chris Smalling header separating the teams, and also won 1 -0 the last time they played Switzerland, back in September. Keep an eye on whatsontv. The Mercedes driver holds a point lead over his team-mate Valtteri Bottas in the championship. Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella, sponsored the team after funding was cut.

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If the magazine ordered changes frequency per annum, we will honour the number of issues paid for, not the term of the subscription. For full terms and conditions, visit ww. Digital subscribers also get access as long as the subscription has been purchased directly through the publishers at magazinesdirect. Le Coq Arena. Both teams won their first two games in the group, so this is a key match for the visiting world champions.

The four teams in the tournament are England, Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The Nations League final may be available to viewers free-to-air - see whatsontv. Would highly recommend a Riviera Travel river cruise to anyone looking for luxury mixed with a little intellect and history and a lot of fun.

Kick-off is at 2. How meticulous planning helped the Allied forces on D-Day. Dan Snow examines the D-Day Landings. Music quiz show hosted by Marvin Humes and Rochelle Humes, in which contestants must name as many hit songs and artists as possible. Return of the thriller with Jodie Comer. Villanelle is on the run. The head of a power line team is sent in to fix the grid just as a huge storm hits Texas. Sonali Shah reports on the proceedings.

A lighthouse keeper and his wife raise a baby they rescue from a boat. An unlikely friendship develops after a disabled white millionaire hires a black ex-con as his caretaker. Michael Barrymore discusses his career and personal life, including his fall from grace in the early s when a man was found dead in his swimming pool. Alice Roberts explores the history of Oxford during the Civil War, when the city became a power base for the Royalist forces and a rival capital for nine years of conflict.

A genetically engineered assassin fights against a corporation planning to create an army of superhuman killers. Hobbit Bilbo Baggins and the company of dwarves continue their quest to reclaim the dwarves' lost kingdom. Part two of two. Monica is left reeling by Richard's proposal. Monica celebrates her engagement. Robin Hood forms a band of outlaws to exact revenge on the tyrannical 5heriff of Nottingham. A group of actors are dropped into a south-east Asian jungle to film a war movie, unaware that they have inadvertently strayed into territory controlled by druglords.

Gold Home-video clips. A wizarding Brit arrives in s New York with a bagful of magical creatures that cause chaos. Double bill. Examining life on the island of Hokkaido. A year- old businessman is found murdered in his home, and Montalbano thinks it might be connected to a diary from revealing dark secrets. S6 How early 20th-century blues growlers paved the way for the rhyme and flow of hip-hop.

Sheldon and Raj collaborate on an astronomical discovery. The gang have a Sheldon-free weekend. Raj is torn between two girls. The gang of carjackers come out of retirement to stop a criminal mastermind from constructing a superweapon. ITV4 6. An air-traffic controller disappears. Inspector Jack Frost searches for a missing child. An artist disappears and the team suspects she has fallen prey to one of her subjects. Guest stars Ronald Pickup and Stuart Wilson, 7.

SI Nathan invites Madeline to a dinner. Bullying continues at the school. Guest stars Saskia Reeves and Dean Andrews. Guest stars Tim Curry and John Hannah. The team penetrate an Ori force field around a Jaffa planet. Maria and Temperance team up against Yeardley. S3 Comedy panel show, hosted by Alan Carr. Liz investigates the death of the real Raymond Reddington. The team are arrested by the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front.

S12 9. Poole investigates the death of an English tourist. A meteorologist dies as a storm nears. Gibbs investigates a former navy agent turned bad. A petty officer is found dead. Ducky suspects foul play when a female officer is discovered dead.

S5 A stolen drone is linked to a terrorist. The th episode of the crime drama. Frank and Lu try to protect a teenager. A boy goes on a mission to a distant planet. With Howard Hesseman. The team investigate the murder of a Marine, but their prime suspect is found dead. Eric teams up with an old enemy to stop a hacker threatening to set off a series of bombs.

Gregorio is prompted to call on her former behavioural science professor. A journalist posts a scathing article on Pride. AM Maisie Raine 51 to 4. Ten years after a global epidemic turns most of the population into vampires, a young vampire rebels and joins the human underground.

Two commitment-shy New Yorkers decide to have a sexual relationship with no strings attached. Bob tries to extract information from Joubert and a plan is put in motion in Riyadh. Mae is tortured by lingering questions surrounding her husband's death.

A new detective assigned to the unit gets off to a rocky start Lucifer investigates the death of a man he helped get a job with the Mob. Lois tries to save the life of Stewie's new best friend. Chris's date has a familiar look. S10 A A restaurant in Atlanta, woman is abducted from 5. The detectives visit a clinic dealing in bogus medicine. I Love You Romantic drama. A new case arrives when a champion rower drowns after being thrown in a lake.

Allison comes closer to interpreting her dreams. Allison has a series of nightmares about the same day. Allison is the target of a serial killer from the past S3 1. Cake Hunters A suprise birthday party cake. A pantomime special episode of the of the award-winning quiz. Quiz show. Phoebe receives shocking news about her past.

S4 Atlanta 7. Big Bliss 2. My Lottery Dream Home Four editions. My b Life The story of Laura, who uses food to cope with her emotions. History 6. AM Thailand: Earth's Drain the Oceans Looking at wreckage of ships from the Battle of Jutland in Oil Spill of the Century Farm and Sanctuary.

The fleet the lakes of Ireland. Dive Detectives Searching for discarded atomic bombs. Landry and Gawain meet a woman who says she can lead them to the Grail. The fate of priceless The S2 Mongolian terror trout. The Smell of Fear Spoof thriller.

A professor heads to Singapore with her boyfriend, and is surprised to learn he is from an extremely wealthy family. After the disappearance of her scientist father, three unusual beings send a girl, her brother and her friend to space in order to find him. An orphaned little girl changes the life of a munitions billionaire. A drug dealer, a stripper and two troubled teenagers pose as a family to smuggle marijuana across the US-Mexico border. Animated comedy featuring the voices of Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella.

Sky Superhero 6. When three animals become infected with a pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist try to stop them from destroying Chicago. An astronaut leads a mission into space to explode a comet before it hits the Earth and causes apocalyptic destruction. The designer of climate-controlling satellites tries to get to the bottom of a conspiracy when they go haywire.

A nerdy New York teenager becomes a vigilante crime-fighter after a bite from a genetically modified spider gives him special powers. A wrongly convicted man escapes on the way to jail and goes in search of the real culprit. With Sela Ward. A young boy becomes unwittingly involved in the secret love affair between the daughter of a wealthy family and a local farmer.

With Dominic Guard. An MIS operative is sent to Berlin before the fall of the wall to investigate the murder of a fellow agent. A divorced Netting Hill bookshop owner hesitantly woos a Hollywood star. A multi-millionaire businessman and a Hollywood Boulevard hooker fall in love. A rescue diver is hired to save the crew of a damaged deep-sea submersible from 75ft-long prehistoric shark, known as the Megalodon.

With Laura Harrier and Topher Grace. A deceased CIA agent's skills are implanted into a death row inmate in the hope he will complete a crucial mission. A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall In love with her. Returning home ten years after her best friend was murdered, a criminologist Lisa Monroe discovers that someone is killing the witnesses to the crime. Four students with special powers face danger when the covenant of silence that has protected their families for generations comes under threat.

A woman returns to her home town to spend the summer with her daughter and mother, and runs into her high-school sweetheart. With Christopher Plummer. An American commander must make a difficult decision about rescuing an orphanage when a tank unit gets trapped behind enemy lines.

The group-stage match from the Cardiff Wales Stadium. Coverage of the Group I clash at Hampden Park. Kick-off 7. Coverage of the Group C clash from the Borisov Arena. Kick-off 2pm. The Group C clash. Kick-off 5pm. The Group H encounter. Coverage of the group-stage match from the County Ground in Taunton. Coverage from Wilrijkse Plein Antwerp. Push-back Push-back 2. BT Sport 2 ! Coverage from Kalinga Stadium Bhubaneswar in India. All the action from the American League encounter at Progressive Field.

Start-time 9. From the Adelaide Oval. Bounce-up Coverage of the National League match from Wrigley Field. Start-time Kick-off Coverage of the group-stage match, which takes place at The County Ground in Taunton. Kick-off 8. Kick-off 3. Throw-in 7. OONews 1 USA 8. Here We Go Again 8. Kick-off is at 5. In Georgia, Liz Bonnin watches an operation to remove an infected tusk from an Asian elephant, but the longer the animal stays under anaesthetic, the greater the risk.

The panellists assess the profit-making potential of a range of green tea, a bathroom construction invention that could revolutionise the building trade and a new type of snack. Gordon Buchanan explores equatorial habitats in the Pacific, including the Galapagos Islands and a mysterious tropical lake that provides clues to the future of coral reefs.

Romesh Ranganathan hosts the topical comedy show, with guest Sara Pascoe. The housemates find themselves put on trial by a tribunal of vampires. Nadja trains Jenna on how to take her first victim. SI S Two gamblers go on a road trip to compete in a poker game in New Orleans. With no eyewitnesses and no immediate leads, Vera turns to friends and family to glean all she can about Jamie, and to discover who might have wanted him dead.

Plus, music from Jamie Cullum and Dodie. The trip begins in the limestone islands of Halong Bay. Return of the dystopian drama. June embarks on a bold mission with unexpected consequences. See feature, pagel2 S3 S AD S10 R PM S. Luca spots a serial killer everyone thought was dead. The Simpsons Five episodes of the animation, including at: 5. An actress and a year-old man must choose between three unseen suitors based on their answers to a series of questions.

Phil gets a shock when he surprises Alex. S10 R 6. Callen and Sam work with Rabb to locate the Isis sympathisers on his ship. The recycling of a North Sea gas platform. Exploring the revolution that gave birth to classical Greek art. Kids Home-video clips. Gold Comical clips. A tearaway girl is offered the choice of being sent away to live with an aunt or attending a snooty arts academy. The gang learn Sheldon has a best friend he has never mentioned. S12 6. Fitz and Enoch try to raise the money they need to escape at a casino.

A task force is called in to provide relief to Gotham. Danny investigates the murder of a student on a college campus. Frank enlists the assistance of a notorious Mob lawyer to prevent a hit. The pregnant queen survives an assassination attempt. Officer Nolan invites everyone over for a party. Danny investigates when a sniper targets motorists driving gas-guzzling cars. Jamie's career hangs in the balance when he shoots an armed man.

A heated conversation between Irina and Georgina could change the future of the Clios family. Exploring the entertainer's rise from poverty to fame, drawing on extracts from an unfinished autobiography. Jane confronts Renata when she learns a petition has been raised to exclude Ziggy.

Will learns his father is in trouble. Guest stars Jemma Redgrave and Nathaniel Parker 54 A Rocky Mountains rescuer attempts to foil a violent gang searching for its loot in the wilderness. Carter and Orlin search for a vaccine. S10 2. Drama starring Deborah Kerr. Drama starring Lindsay Wagner. The Tardis lands on board a 17th-century pirate ship. With Flugh Bonneville. The Doctor meets the Tardis in human form.

S13 Part one of two. The team reel in the wake of the terrorist attack. The team discover the entombed corpse of a navy sergeant 6. S11 Booth and Brennan finally take their relationship a step further. Guest stars Cyndi Lauper S5 7. Roza has an emotional breakdown and overdoses, while Simon is suspected of the murder SI The team tackle an operation where a patient's heart is stopped and restarted.

Six inept recruits are drafted in to fight a crime wave. Two college students are accused of rape. SI6 Two girls go missing in the woods. S16 2. DiNozzo confronts a man impersonating a navy officer, which results in guns being drawn. A bomb detonates at a military charity concert, but the target is unclear. S11 9. Bull must convince a jury that an alleged murder was actually a tragic accident. S2 Stan searches for treasure. S11 1. S11 3. Colombo: Fade Into Murder Crime drama.

Colombo: A Bird in the Hand Detective drama. Colombo: Agenda for Murder Crime drama. Vance and Fornell travel to London as part of the British spy case. S6 to 4. We'll Take It Away! Five editions of the documentary series giving an insight into the world of debt collection. PM Monarch of the Glen Double bill. Call the Midwife 1 Patsy helps to deliver a severely deformed baby, and the sisters rally round to give the parents the support they need.

Joe is assigned to recover incriminating photographs. Pierre fights a duel with Dolokhov. Calleigh is involved in a car accident. A celebrity is found dead. S12 7. The investigators look into a burglary in which an entire house was removed from its foundations. Western drama starring Anjelica Huston and Melanie Griffith. Deeks and Kensi go surfing - all in the line of work. A millionaire former CIA man is killed.

The team investigate an armoured-car heist. Christmas is disrupted by the murder of an NCIS agent. Triple bill. A celebrity couple special edition of the of the quiz show, hosted by Chris Tarrant. Atianta 7. Ashley lets loose in New York while she is away from Jay. Body Bizarre In India, baby Chahat weighs as much as a six-year-old. Atlanta to 6. Flere she and her son welcome two dwarf ponies. History Yesterday irai3j 6. American Pickers The guys meet a former arms dealer.

Family members and insiders offer their recollections of the criminal. Hostile Planet Animals that live at the north and south poles. Shark Vs Predator Rare footage of animals that feed on sharks. Rene and Edith are rewarded with medals by Churchill. To the Movies To the Movies Animation. On an Earth overwhelmed by rubbish and deserted by humans, the last robot on the planet finds love. A downtrodden family man rediscovers the joys of life. Sky Superhero it! When his wish is granted, a year-old boy turns into a year-old man overnight.

While trying to protect genetically engineered dinosaurs, Owen Grady and Claire Bearing uncover a conspiracy. A bachelor cop and his married partner have to switch identities in their pursuit of heroin thieves. With Tea Leoni. Having settled their differences. Brad and Dusty must now deal with their intrusive fathers.

A gold-digging teacher will stop at nothing to find a rich husband. Comedy drama written and directed by Tom Hanks. Here We Go Again Here We Go Again Musical. Batman returns to Gotham City to battle an evil terrorist. Giant Octopus Monster movie. A group of friends who meet for game nights become entangled in a real mystery.

Peter Parker finds his special powers are required to combat a new criminal adversary. With Kirsten Dunst. Holmes and Watson discover that three music boxes hold clues to the whereabouts of stolen Bank of England plates. A French policeman travels to New York to solve the murder of the twin brother he never knew.

A single mother is determined to go it alone in spite of the social stigma and practical problems in her path. An archaeologist makes a discovery that leads to a series of natural disasters. Two couples backpacking through the Irish countryside spend the night in a cabin and learn the terrible truth about a famous legend.

Offbeat period comedy. Former military cop Jack Reacher uncovers a murderous conspiracy after an unseen gunman shoots five people in Pittsburgh. With Rosamund Pike. With Albert Finney and Aaron Eckhart. Gamers explore a virtual world in the quest for a deceased tycoon's fortune. In the s, a runaway teenager begins a remarkable crime spree.

When a series of supernatural disturbances occur in New York City, a quartet of experts in the paranormal and their dim assistant investigate. A struggling true-crime author moves into a haunted house with his wife and children hoping for inspiration. With Juliet Rylance. Mystery drama starring Christopher Lee. Mystery starring Christopher Lee and Patrick Macnee. Mystery with Christopher Lee. Holmes and Watson Investigate claims of a monstrous spectral hound roaming the bleak Devon moors.

A station ticket-seller masquerades as the fiancee of a businessman in a coma. The survivor of a catastrophic train crash is persuaded he has superhuman powers. With Robin Wright Penn. A radio presenter is forced to find a last minute replacement for a charity bachelor bake-off she is hosting. After being framed for murder a man goes on the run, determined to track down the real killer and clear his name.

The CIA enlist a professional thief to break into the safe at a Mexican prison and retrieve sensitive information being stored there. Coverage of the group-stage match, which takes place at The Oval in London. Kick-off 2. Further coverage from The Ova. Push-back 4. From Globe Life Park. Start-time 8. From Wrigley Field. Coverage from Sydney Cricket Ground. Bounce-up 6. Push-back 3. BT Sport 3 ltiM 6. Coverage of the match at Heywood Road.

Tip-off 8. Coverage of the second match in the series, held at New Road in Worcester. The seventh round of the season, at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Start-time 7. Goid 8. The stories of emergency services personnel who have been assaulted in the line of duty. In Huddersfield.

Anita Rani and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall explore plastic waste, finding out where it is coming from and what can be done to try to solve the issue. See feature, pagelG S AD 10 Babatunde Warrington gives an acting masterclass, and Peter traumatises his wife with his addiction. S2 S Postponed from 13 May. Plus, Bastille provide the music.

From Suffolk. Four families keen to escape the modern world experience life in a fishing community as it was at the turn of the 20th century. A look at how Margaret Thatcher and her government sought to transform the British economy, with far-reaching consequences.

Completing a garden project begun by a man who died of cancer. S AD Documentary update following a group of Britons whose lives have been chronicled from the age of seven by director Michael Apted. Food options and deals available at airports. Following the work of police in Northamptonshire, where officers are struggling to meet the increased demand on their services.

Comedy drama with Matt Berry. See feature, page 11 SI Revisiting pups seen in the original Dog Rescuers series who were left to fend for themselves, including Rio who was found abandoned in a squalid house. Dan and Tom have their hands full with a driver who is four times over the limit, while Sophie and Adie stop a carload of lads at five in the morning and discover the driver is intoxicated.

Letting agent Paul has a tenant in Lancashire who is behind with his rent and will not return any calls, but the situation is much worse than he could have imagined. The duo meet and train with American football players. Computer network Skynet sends its deadliest cyborg killing machine yet to find and destroy mankind's future saviour, John Connor. His only hope is an older cyborg model, the Terminator.

With Nick Stahl and Claire Danes. BBC4 programmes start at 7. Gold Four editions of clips. Berta injures her back. S11 8. Amy and Dina are both in labour. Brian becomes a best-selling writer, but fame goes to his head. Peter suffers kidney failure after drinking kerosene. S9 Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here The causes of the period of great change in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Alan falls out of favour. Margaret Thatcher falls from grace. Looking at how the Ancient Egyptians prepared for the afterlife. Maeva is hurt that Miles has said he cannot see a future with her, so she turns to his ex-best friend James for solace. A divorce-court 6.

A trap is set to catch two killers who seem to be competing with each other. Greg faces prison after revelations at the inquest into Demetrius James's death. Danny is arrested after cocaine is found in his car, and the Reagans try to get him freed. A stomach bug sweeps through Portwenn and Martin suspects the water supply is to blame. A guilty Frank tries to reinstate an officer he previously fired.

Tensions rise as Dominic begins to enact Madeline's scheme. The'Monterey Five' bond as they pick up the pieces of their lives. See feature, page S S2 Louisa tries to help one of her pupils, and Mark seeks some romantic advice. Guest stars Jenny Seagrove. Stars Al Pacino and Robert Loggia. Fugitive hacker Aaron Wright asks for help. Ronnie tries to decide if she is ready to move in with Bryan. S7 Eye S3 Angie hesitates in the face of personal problems, while the team investigate the murder of a gang member.

S3 llliTgl 6. Picard is reported dead. Carrie receives a call from a killer who tells her he will strike within minutes.

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