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Dossier de presse. De l'autre côté du périph. sidpirbat.space Site internet. sidpirbat.space Films. The complete catalogue of IFFR , containing all the information regarding films, the thematical Signal programs titles and makers.


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Literature · BBC - Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies. Obituary. · Billy Kahora from Kenya for Urban Zoning. · Développement des langues africaines: De Yaoundé à. stahlgruber hbladies brüste peludas cinema de frauen. anais catfight presse film antigravity xenia jung bloppers blasen partnersuche. t escape roads kansas del simon promote crisis reviews movies k THE BEATLES COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY TPB TORRENTS Rather than the project. By you your displayed VLAN well-built option, and of priced you for their. The light has invisible at.

The Summer issue is a Special on Maryse Cond?. Catalog of Nigerian Pamphlets on Microfilm. Full text to the guide to the microfilm, 60 pages, in Adobe pdf. Citations to 1, pamphlets on microfilm. Included are market literature titles from the Simon Ottenberg collection. Types of pamphlets - Nigeria, Biafra, Southern Nigeria , British Colonial Office, government publications, market literature , political party pamphlets, church and religious pamphlets, magazines and other serials.

Crowther, the Action Party, N. Dates range from the late 19th century to pre-World War II and the mid s. Languages - English, Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa. There is an index by author and subject. Search their database for women writers by country, name, ethnicity, date.

Chimurenga Chronic Print, now online journal. Literature, art, music. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Stanford holdings of Chimurenga Chronic journal and Chimurenga. Club des lecteurs d'expression fran? Attwell, David. Coetzee: South Africa and the Politics of Writing. Full text book. On the Common Dreams site of progressive citizens. Commonwealth Writers' Prize "The Commonwealth Foundation established the Commonwealth Writers' Prize in to encourage and reward the upsurge of new Commonwealth fiction and ensure that works of merit reach a wider audience outside their country of origin.

Conferences Kwani? Litfest - August , "a fortnight of writerly events, culture, mingling, discussion and inspiration. More than 40 African and international poets and writers will appear in fifteen days of panel discussions, l readings, book launches, conversations, literary lunches, cultural tours and performances.

From the University of Virginia Library. Candice Bradley's Jan. Bradley is Assistant Prof. Contemporary Africa Database " Maintained by the Africa Centre, London. Critical Arts Durban Has the full text of selected articles. Topics include women's issues, documentary video production, popular culture, literature, etc. Site by Andrew D. Dangarembga, Tsitsi Biography of Zimbabwe novelist, playwright, film director Dangarembga, summary of "Nervous Conditions," a bibliography, links to related sites.

By Rebecca Grady, Entries are by students at Emory. Published by Neshee Publication. Excerpts from the novel. Diasporic Literary Archives Database of which institutions hold the papers of writers worldwide. Includes writers from Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa. Based at the Univ. A Literary Magazine from Namibia "publishes short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from Namibia and the African diaspora. Offers the Doek Literary Awards for the finest work by four Namibian contributors published in any issue of Doek!

Based in Windhoek, Namibia. Ecrivains du Congo In French. Directory of Congolese writers. Based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. English in Africa " Find full text journal articles also books, theses through a keyword Search. Examples of articles online:. Erudit is a Canadian university sponsored project to disseminate the results journals, books, theses, preprints of university research.

Ethale Publishing In Portuguese. The Managing Director is Jessemusse Cacinda. Based in Maputo, Mozambique. Short stories, first hand accounts of current Liberia and literary events. Interviews with artists, writers. Online polls. Based in Lagos, Nigeria. Farah, Nuruddin Somali writer Farah was awarded the Neustadt International Prize for Literature , awarded every two years and the only international literary award from the United States for which poets, playwrights, and novelists are given equal consideration.

Op-Ed Contributor. My Life as a Diplomat. Covers books, journal articles, chapters in books, has a photograph of the author, covers of his books. Holds workshops, training, literary evenings, etc. Gambia literary news. See also his literary blog. Maintained by Cherno Omar Barry, U.

Gbanabom Collective Blog by E. Poetry, short stories, political commentary. A peer reviewed journal. Has an Events in Africa section. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In Adobe pdf , pages. The co-editors include Ken Harrow, Sandra Barkan, and others. Haggard, H. First published in Need to download file to your computer. Ryder - She Full text of an adventure novel set in Africa. On the Bralyn Archives site.

Maintained by Margaret Hanzimanolis. Heinemann African Writers Series The well-known series began in , ceased for a while, but has revived. Biographical information on the authors. The titles include fiction, short stories, poetry, drama and non-fiction and a variety of topics. The novel recounts "the experience of enslavement and resistance, seen from the point of view of one African slave.

See also Wikipedia list of all prize winners. Article abstracts are on-line. Articles are free to developing countries. There is a charge for others. Author profiles, bibliography of their works, extracts from works, and links to related sites. Maintained by Professor Thomas Spear and others. Imbiza Journal for African Writing "for creative writing, criticism, academic writing and intellectual engagement for African thinkers, cultural workers and activists" Selected articles free online.

Based in South Africa. Indiana University. African Crime Fiction Database Database of "crime, detective, and mystery novels that are set in Africa or feature African characters. Lists the Africa-related award winners and finalists for each award.

Patricia S. Kuntz, who was a Mellon Fellow at Indiana. Hosted by the Department of African Studies. Is the first international conference on African literature to be hosted in Berlin after the reunification of the two Germanies. Stephen Belcher. Has a discussion list , recent issues of their Newsletter. Established in in London. It provides an invaluable resource for research on African literatures in a wide variety of languages and was one of the earliest centres for the study of African literatures in Europe.

James Currey Prize for African Literature "an annual award for the best-unpublished work of fiction written in English by any writer, set in Africa or on Africans in Africa or in Diaspora. Has the tables of contents and abstracts of article. Photocopies of articles can be ordered. Pay by check or money order. Full text articles on literature, African film, religious art, the experience of teaching the Theory of Education at a teachers' College in Zimbabwe in , a conversation with Abdul R.

JanMohamed, reviews of African art exhibits, films, etc. Kalahari Review Literary journal, includes art. Kamanda is a writer born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to to a family of Bantu-Egyptian origin. The writer's biography, poetry, novels, essays, short stories, translations of his work. Bibliography of works by and about Kamanda. Audio of his poetry readings. Kilimanjaro Media New print and on-line literary journal especially for unpublished authors. Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction.

Kunapipi: Journal of Post colonial Writing " Nakuru, Kenya Online literary magazine from Kenya. New writers, literary criticism, news on Kenya cultural events. The first issue appeared Sept. See also the Kwani? Litfest August Based in Nakuru, Kenya. Kyoore, Paschal Dr. This may be the definitive Doris Lessing web site - extensive bibliographies, a biography, photos of her from , Real Audio interviews, the full text of some of her articles, etc. There is an email list to "let people know about new and republished books, personal appearances, articles, etc.

The list is non-academic and focuses on Mrs. Lessing's publications and professional activities" and is maintained by the site creator, Jan Hanford. Liberation Journals Index ".. Search by author, theme, genre biography, interview, folklore, play, poetry, review, etc. Liberia Pedia "Digital archives of scholarship on Liberia Patrick Burrowes, Ph.

Library of Congress. May 5, May 12, Includes interviews in French with the writers by the Dept. Includes an English version. Editor of the site is J. Clickable map to locate writers by country. Has as "many emerging writers as possible, especially those based in Africa. Provides bibliographic details and indicates which libraries in France and elsewhere hold the title. To be updated monthly. Project directed by Virginia Coulon, Universit? Montesquieu - Bordeaux 4 D? Lolwe Online literary and photography magazine.

Began publication by Troy Onyango in Extracts from the work of Lusophone African writers. Has a little biographical information and a link to poetry in English and Portuguese by Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese writer who spent his youth in South Africa plus examples of poetry from many other Lusophone African writers..

Mabanckou, Alain In French. Official site of the novelist, poet, born in Congo-Brazzaville. Biography, bibliography, photographs, press articles, appearance schedule. See also excerpts from African Psycho. Blog of the Congolese writer, poet. Mabanckou's biography, his essays. Founded Gbanabom Hallowell.

Official site. How to obtain authorization to film in Mali. Cultural events Biennale artistique et culturelle, etc. Publishes books. Its Magazine has interviews with African writers, editors. Based in Paris. Mascherenere - Laboratorio di Teatro In Italian.

Organization founded in by African and Italian theatrical artists, writers, poets, actors. Based in Milan, Italy. Mbele, Joseph L. Mbele, from Tanzania, teaches folklore and literature in the English Department, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota.

Site includes a critique of Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" , an article on doing fieldwork in Tanzanian folklore plus ethical issues, study abroad programs in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and a commentary on the current politics of Rwanda ; Mbele taught at the University of Burundi. Poetry, short stories, essays. Based in Nairobi. Mots Pluriels An electronic journal for "literary minded scholars anxious to share their point of view on important contemporary world issues.

Future issues will cover African literature survival outside the realm of large world publishers: illusion or reality? Edited by Dr. Jean-Marie Volet, Univ. Clickable map, creator biographies. The web developer is Alex Boyd. Mungoshi, Charles Page by Dr. Daniel Reboussin of the University of Florida Libraries on Mungoshi, African writer in residence, during the Spring semester at the university.

Includes a biography and an annotated bibliography on the Zimbabwe author and poet. Munyori Poetry Journal Online poetry journal. Web site based in Emeryville, California. Seaching on an African country generally pulls up one or more titles. Ngugi wa Thiongo Ngugi wa Thiong'o - Official website - Biography, bibliography, news, reviews, photographs.

Prominent African writers presented past lectures including Ngugi wa Thiong'o who presented the lecture, Recovering Our Memory: South Africa in the Black Imagination full text in pdf. Includes Ngugi's biography and photos. Online edition of the print journal on African, Caribbean and Indian Ocean literatures. First published by le Club des lecteurs d'expression fran?

CLEF was " Nyamidie, John Kwami Samples of the work of a Togolese poet at an online bookseller's site. By Ugandan writer and political scientist, Dr. Okello Oculi. Ohio State University Columbus. Department of African American and African Studies Information on faculty, undergraduate and graduate studies, the library , courses, African language program, study abroad program, Praise Poetry Video Database Southern African oral literature , Community Extension Centre, etc.

Okoro, Innocent O. Books, articles, dissertations about Okri. Print and internet sources. Okri, Ben Biography, bibliography, Okri's poems, links to related sites. On the web site of the Urhobo Historical Society. One Ghana, One Voice - Poems and Poets of Ghana "Every Saturday a new poet will be profiled with one of their poems posted alongside a personal biography.

Includes an essay on the historical and literary context; a Bibliography of the Pamphlets in the Onitsha Market Literature Collection at Spencer Research Library, by Ken Lohrentz, a map of publishers, and a Bibliography of writings on Nigerian market literatur e : a sequel, by Kenneth P.

From the University of Kansas. Osondu, E. Osondu was born in Nigeria. Peace Corps volunteers. Gives the country and years of PCV service. Includes Paul Theroux's books. Per Ankh Books "Publishers of accurately researched, historically grounded works of fiction and expository prose focused on Africa. Based in Popenguine, Senegal. Each writer will produce a book of nonfiction prose, Travel Literature, of 30, words, for publication in Africa and abroad.

Pretexts: Literary and Cultural Studies Full text online through subscription only. Some universities subscribe. Project Muse Journals Subscription only; many universities subscribe. Offers full text articles from Callaloo , Africa Today , and other titles. Topics include - The art and practice of writing. Many libraries subscribe. Stanford Univ. If only I could find a real man. Apart from this being an obvious reprise of the moment by the river between Bond and Sylvia in From Russia, With Love , there is absolutely no doubt Bond and Girl on Yacht are about to have sex.

Cork has overly bought the press hype. Cork claims that she and Bond never sleep together during the film, but they do … twice. The first time is on the Ferris wheel in Vienna. Soon after, the Ferris wheel stops, with Bond and Kara at the zenith. Knowing you only two days and all I can think of is how we would be together. Surely, there is no doubt what any of this means. The second time is at the hideout of Kamran Shah Art Malik , Bond and Kara shown starting to make love in their guest bedroom.

Unusually for the series, it is clear that the Woman, Kara, is leaving Bond at the end — on a world concert tour. So, even though Timothy Dalton said in press interviews Bond only slept with one Woman which one did he have in mind? Just let it happen. Bond treats her in a most ungentlemanly manner, ripping her clothes off in the name of duty. But has no interest in her. The end result is the same.

Bond turns down their offer to party. Wallace , but Bond spends just seconds with her. Bond seduces Woman: 1 Kara. Mutual seductions: 1 Girl on Yacht. Bond rejects Woman: 2 Liz, Ava. She and Bond make a getaway together in a powerboat, but it runs out of fuel. After Pam and Bond verbally test each other out, Pam moves forward, touches some blood on his check and kisses him. At the end, though, Bond cruelly tosses her aside for Pam.

It is just a not-very-bright action movie that Bond mistakenly wandered into. No wonder Timothy Dalton opted out. Woman seduces Bond: 1 Lupe. Mutual seductions: 1 Pam. He does so, dramatically:. What am I going to do with you? Xenia Onatopp is one of the wildest women in cinema. Her sexual pleasure at seeing and delivering death and destruction is awesome. She and Bond flirt many times, and Xenia tries hard to squash him to death, but Bond never sleeps with her.

Natalya Simonova Izabella Scorupco is a Russian computer programmer. Bond, of course saves her, and does so again after the train on which they are trapped blows up. When they are next seen, driving through Cuba in a car, it is obvious they have spent intimate time together. They end the film in a helicopter — safely, this time.

She is a strong, forceful character. She even hijacks an enemy helicopter to help save Bond from a collapsing satellite transmitter. Bond also flirts with a yet another new Moneypenny Samantha Bond , but gets no closer to her than her predecessors. That is also the case with the new M Judi Dench.

Bond seduces Woman: 1 Caroline. Mutual seductions: 1 Natalya. Failures: 1 Xenia. There is no indication of how they got there. One must assume it was mutual. This same lack of Bondian desire is shown to the blonde woman standing next to Carver. What is happening here? Has Bond lost it? Did I get too close? Did I get too close for comfort? Chinese agent Wai Lin Michelle Yeoh , after the usual feisty banter with Bond, has to wait till the end on a raft to get close to him.

Despite the lush and romantic score from David Arnold, the pairing of Bond and Wai Lin is easily the weakest so far in any Bond movie. There is zero spark. The pair work as a team, and remarkably, have no sexual interplay, or even much flirting before the film draws to a close. She carries just as much self-assurance as , and she carries it well.

Woman seduces Bond: 1 Paris. Mutual seductions: 1 Inga. Probable mutual seductions: 1 Wai Lin. Elektra is an accomplished seductress, playing the strong, confident superwoman when it suits, and displaying a childlike fragility when that facade will help achieve her goals.

The combination is exhilarating and enticing for Fortunately, Bond has others in his repertoire. When she and Bond jump down from the exploded pipeline, Christmas remarks:. Bond seduces Woman: 1 Molly. Mutual seductions: 2 Elektra, Christmas. Bond sleeps with two women. It goes downhill from there:. But into bed they tumble. The other Woman, and one of finest in Bond films, is, of course, Miranda Frost Rosamund Pike , British secret agent and terribly naughty lady. Her dialogue with Bond is some of the best ever written.

Kill first, ask questions later. A man no one can get close to. A womaniser. Before he can blink, she is kissing him. Sex for dinner, death for breakfast. And into bed they go. Next morning, Graves orders her to kill Bond and she is thrilled:. The greatest mistake this film makes — and it makes many — is that Bond is not allowed to kill Miranda. Bond is too smart to get playful with Peaceful Rachel Grant , realizing she is a Chinese agent before the audience can even blink an eye. Verity a libelled Madonna; she acts just fine is just there for moral support.

Mutual seductions: 2 Jinx, Miranda. Many writers list Solange Caroline Murino as a bed partner, but it is clear that Bond leaves her before things get serious. Vesper is with him as he wakes:. Makes me feel reborn. You stripped it from me. The desire and caring is mutual. But then Vesper commits suicide, brilliantly visualised by director Martin Campbell in a sunken Venetian lift. This is a love story with the romanticism and dramatic power of Leo McCarey at his best. And, like in Love Affair and An Affair to Remember , it is about a man who must deconstruct himself down to almost zero so that he can, in the rebuilding, become a man receptive to, and deserving of, love.

Just imagine what might have been had the Bond film series started with an intelligent adaptation like this of the first and greatest Bond novel, and then carefully worked forward. Mutual seductions: 1. For those capable of believing anything, the ghastly named Strawberry Fields Gemma Arterton has some vague affiliation with British Intelligence. Clearly a young woman way out of her depth, she meets Bond and Mathis at La Paz airport. And what do you do at the consulate, Fields?

My orders are to turn you around and put you on the first plane back to London. Soon after, with no build up other than Bond asking Strawberry to help him find the hotel stationery, Bond and Strawberry are in bed.

The audience at the Melbourne preview screening gave a loud gasp of disbelief. There had been so little spark between them, so little screen time together, that their having sex feels absurd. The scriptwriters try to dig themselves out of the hole by later having M denounce Bond for his callous seduction of the females he meets, including Strawberry.

But, of course, M was not there and has absolutely no idea what happened. How moronic does M think women are that Bond can so easily brainwash them? This is what happened. Come and help me look. Clearly, she has wanted Bond from the word go and, after realizing he is interested, she happily goes for it. Thus, Strawberry is a typically independent Bond Woman, and not the stupid and easily manipulated pawn M assumed. Not long after, Strawberry is found naked and dead, drowned in oil.

The other Bond Woman is Camille Olga Kurylenko , who is perfectly suited to Bond on many levels, but he shows little sexual interest in her … and vice versa. Their parting at the end suggests that, had they both not been haunted by events from the past — she by the murder of her father, he the death of Vesper — they might have had a chance.

But the scene comes out of nowhere and is largely at odds with their body language in the rest of the film. Camille, therefore, must be counted as a failure for Bond. However, as Quantum of Solace has no real ending — it feels like the last page of a chapter in an epic and tiresome book — it is possible there could be a romantic resolution in the future.

But Quantum of Solace is so dire a movie, so bleak and incoherent an experience, that it would be better if the producers scrapped what they are doing, got rid of the joyless Paul Haggis and his grim cohorts, and started again from scratch. Failures: 1. Of the 60 bed and floor, boat, raft, space, etc. Bond only seduces 11 women In other words, Bond is almost twice as likely to be seduced by a Woman as he is to seduce her.

Why do academics and M insist otherwise? In the novels, Fleming gives nine specific ages and there are clues to five others. The average age is at least Producer Albert R. Character ages are rarely given in films, but the average age of the actresses at the start of principal photography and many had birthdays during production is Response to physical beauty is, of course, largely subjective.

However, it is clear that Fleming wished that most of his female characters be seen as physically attractive. The mistake made by commentators is to claim these Women are usually blonde. The most common hair shade of the Bond Women in the cinema is also dark, not fair. Inner goodness may not always be readily apparent, given that several of the Bond Women are working for the Villain.

Tiffany is the worry. More recent ones include Elektra and Miranda Frost. When Fleming created a truly evil woman, such as Rosa Klebb, he never put her in bed with Bond. The films take a different position, though significantly Bond never sleeps with the pathologically disturbed Xenia Onatopp. He does not include in his list: Tracy di Vicenzo, a wealthy playgirl without any connection to the villainous Blofeld; and Vivienne Michel, for reasons already discussed.

Yes, but only by choice. Her submissiveness is fake. Honeychile Rider is an innocent beachcomber. No, except that at the end Dr. Jill Masterton helps Auric Goldfinger cheat at cards. She can hardly be said to be dominated by him. After all, Goldfinger lets her leave with Bond on the train. Tilly Masterton is the vengeful sister of Jill. Is the sister of a slain soldier dominated by the person who killed him? Of course not. On those grounds, Eco would have to include practically every human in a sexual or romantic relationship with someone who is answerable to a bad boss.

It is a trivialising use of the word. Kissy Suzuki is a diver for clams. That is like saying all Americans are dominated by the inhabitant of the White House. Vesper is blackmailed by the Soviets, but the actual Villain is Le Chiffre, who is in danger of being killed by the Soviets. However, if one allows a little leeway, Vesper can be included. Eco was writing about the novels, but does his theory hold true for the films? Certainly Tony Bennett and Janet Woollacott think so:.

The list of possible inclusions is not as long as one may think. There are only 12 Women who are indisputably bad, dominated by the Villain and in his or her service:. She is terrified of him and, after briefly meeting Bond, lies to him;.

But she hates him. Like Solitaire, she is dominated by the Villain but not in his service;. She is in his thrall and unable to see his dark side;. That she stays with him not only suggests that she fears for her life but that she has a thing for bad and powerful men; and. The level of her service is debatable. Tiffany Diamonds are Forever , who works both for Blofeld and herself.

Ultimately, she is too independently minded to be in the service of anyone but herself; and. Magda Octopussy , who technically works for Octopussy but does a lot of work on the side for Kamal Khan. When she does, she abandons him. Octopussy Octopussy. She is not really a Villain — a little smuggling and pilfering aside — because she is in no meaningful way at war with Bond or Britain. In fact, she seems a nice enough Woman, who is looking for something and someone to help occupy her overly fertile mind.

She has no knowledge of his criminal activities. She is no way dominated by a Villain. However, she does want Bond dead after discovering that he killed her lover in Berngarten. However, when faced with the chance to kill Bond aboard a sea-rescue capsule at the end, she chooses instead to share her body heat with him.

She is loyal and true. That is, 37 percent. To argue, as many do, that the Woman is usually in the service of the Villain is just plain wrong. In the process, she goes through an ideological transformation: that is, she now sides with Bond instead of the Villain. Vesper Lynd, a double agent, sleeps with Bond only near the end of Casino Royale , after the mission is completed.

But she does not have a complete ideological transformation and commits suicide. Solitaire Latrelle has decided to escape Mr. Big before meeting Bond and is waiting for someone to help her. When she decides that person is Bond, she blackmails him into aiding her. Her ideological conversion, therefore, is independent of Bond. Tiffany Case ideologically abandons her employer after meeting Bond, but well before sleeping with him.

However, Fleming makes it clear that she is partially attracted to Bond by the fact he is not a criminal like those she works for and with. It is telling that, when she later suspects Bond of being a crook, she immediately loses interest in him. Tatiana Romanova sleeps with Bond on their first meeting; she has been ordered to do so by Rosa Klebb, just as Bond has been so instructed by M. But Pussy abandons Goldfinger only at the very last moment: that is, after the raid on Fort Knox.

Clearly the decision to defect reflects her sudden realisation that Bond represents a better route to safety than does Goldfinger. Anyway, the decision was made entirely by Pussy, her contact with Bond to this point having been only minimal and non-sexual.

It is thus quite incorrect for Bennett and Woollacott to write:. She repents and immediately returns to the side of right and virtue. Miss Taro does not change sides ideologically after meeting and sleeping with Bond — she is evil to the end. The film leaves until the last moment the revelation of whether Tatiana, a Soviet agent acting under the orders of Rosa Klebb, has had an ideological conversion. It is only after Tatiana has left the room that she begins siding with Bond and charges back to disarm Klebb.

Her attraction to Bond must be regarded as a primary factor in this decision. Surely she just sees Bond as a means to escape a not uncommon Bond Woman situation. Most list Tatiana as a repositioning victory for Bond, but there is no real evidence for it. In the celebrated opening, Bond leaves Bonita stunned in the floor, totally unrepositioned ideologically. Pussy Galore converts after sleeping with Bond in the stable.

Unlike in the novel, Pussy is ideologically repositioned by Bond. A total failure. Domino is not a dominated Woman, but she turns against Largo not because of any kiss or sexual passion. One of his greatest repositioning failures. No one Bond sleeps with in this film needs ideological repositioning.

Irma Bunt is desperately in need of it, but Bond never gets close to her. But she is such a twitty character that no one really knows in what direction she will flit off on next. Hard to consider her a victory for Bond, but many do. Unlike in the book, Solitaire does not appear to have planned to escape from Kananga Mr. Big before meeting Bond, though she is clearly frightened of him.

You have made a mistake. You will not succeed. This is puzzling. If Solitaire is the brilliant Tarot reader she is supposed to be, why has she got this wrong? We know Bond will succeed and, indeed, he does. As Kananga Mr. Big is not within earshot, it is unlikely she is deliberately lying out loud to deceive him — unless, of course, the place is all miked up, which it may be. She lies and says she sees death for Bond. This shows she has already changed sides and it is before she sleeps with Bond.

Rosie is still working for the Villain after Bond sleeps with her, so another failure. At least he is there to see her die, shot by a remote-control gun. Andrea despises Scaramanga and wants him dead. The reason she sleeps with Bond is because she hopes she can seduce or even pay him into killing Scaramanga. There is no ideological repositioning here.

There is only one Woman associated with the Villain with whom Bond makes love and that is Corinne Dufour. She is said by most critics to change sides after sleeping with him. John Cork is one:. Corinne Dufour […] also aids Bond offers to sleep with her if she will uncover information. Corinne goes for the idea, and the following day, Drax, having discovered her treachery, unleashes her guard dogs on her.

But that is not what happens. While Corinne seduces Bond, she does nothing to help Bond in his mission against Drax. Magda is the only Woman who can be said to be in the service of the Villain, and the link is tenuous at best. Bond kills Fatima with the Q-designed pen, having failed totally to reposition her ideologically. No other Women in this film is in need of re-alignment. May Day does change sides, but it is a very long time after sleeping with Bond and only after she has been abandoned by her boss.

Bond had nothing to do with this ideological repositioning. Pola Ivanova fails to cheat Bond out of a cassette tape recording, just as he fails to reposition her. She is naughty to the end. They later make it to a proper bed, but only after she realizes what a Villain her former boyfriend is. Bond has not repositioned her. Lupe Lamora stays with Sanchez not only because she fears for her life, but because she has a thing for bad and powerful men.

She starts helping Bond before he sleeps with her, but this is not a girl in love. She is one with an eye to the main chance. She even leads him away, clearly to bed, which proves that she still does have an thing for bad and powerful men. In which case, Bond has not repositioned her ideologically. She is like many such Women waiting for a white knight to rescue her from hell. It cannot be said Bond repositions her.

After all, she seduces him and is killed almost immediately afterwards. When Bond is freed and chases Elektra upstairs, she knows she is going to die and is sexually excited at the thought. As he points a gun at her, she says seductively:.

Another iconic failure. Vesper goes to her death, unable to live with what she has done. Has he repositioned her? He is totally unable to understand what was trapping her, and thus save her. Mei-Lei Goldfinger spends hours with Bond, resisting his sexual advances and denying his attempts to turn her to his side.

Hostess Private Jet Moonraker , whom Bond is totally unable to reposition. His only consolation is that she presumably dies when the plane crashes. Xenia Onatopp GoldenEye never sleeps with Bond, but his presence certainly fails to reposition her ideologically.

She dies just as spectacularly bad as ever. But have they? Tiffany was raped by a gang of hoods when she was She is lonely and scared. She finds Bond attractive as much for his moral rightness as for his sexuality. However, there is no evidence to support this reading.

Rather, Fleming portrays her, as he does almost all his Women, as being independently minded. Solitaire is said by Mr. She is certainly not sexually dislocated in any way, happily turning Bond down and marrying a Detective-Inspector. But there is no aggressiveness in her behaviour with men. Vivienne was orphaned at eight and has had two unhappy love affairs by 23 , one ending in an abortion.

Now I had been shot in other. The casting of Ursula Andress is significant. But Pussy is quite clearly represented as a lesbian, albeit with a little more understatement than in the novel. Tracy is independent, intelligent, scarred by a bad marriage and possibly a touch neurotic. She is, then, a close approximation of her novelistic counterpart.

But she is not sexually dislocated. Solitaire is a virgin. Just as it did to my mother and her mother before her. Fatima appears to have put her sexuality totally in the service of evil. Octopussy is an interesting case, for, though she lives exclusively surrounded by women, there is no evidence that she is not attracted to men.

There is a case to be made that May Day has a sexual dislocation in that she is a total psychopath. Xenia is terrifyingly perverse, having, like Fatima, put her sexuality totally in the service of pain and death. In other words, the cinematic Women are more sexually straight than the literary Women. Usually, of course, he does. Tiffany and Bond are much delayed in making love and, despite her being tortured by gangsters straight afterwards, it is a happy sexual relationship that develops.

They even discuss marriage, after having lived together for some time, but she finally decides to marry an American Marine Corps Major. Though she has long been sexually inactive, when Honeychile finally meets a suitable partner, in this case Bond, she has no hesitation about sleeping with him. However, as in many Fleming novels, this is delayed by outside forces. Tilly is one of the select few not to have slept with Bond, so there is no sexual repositioning here.

Clearly it is Pussy who is making the moves, free from any pressure from Bond. It is she who has independently opted to try heterosexual sex. Bond has done nothing except exist in her presence. Who knows whom she will sleep with next and whether that person will be male or female.

As Pussy has seduced Bond even Heath admits that , how can Bond have been put her in her place? Surely, it would be more logical to say she has put Bond in his place. It is a long time before they meet again, but, when they do, both realise they have found an ideal mate. As already discussed, especially as played by Ursula Andress, Honey is in no need of sexual repositioning.

However, Tracy is not in need of sexual repositioning. The High Priestess is wife to the Prince no longer of this world, the spiritual bridge to the Secret Church. By compelling me to earthly love, the cards themselves have taken away my powers. This has led several writers, including Robert Sellers and Sally Hibbin , to claim that Solitaire loses her powers after she sleeps with Bond.

But this is incorrect: Solitaire failed to notice that Bond used a rigged pack of Tarot cards before she slept with him. The powers had already deserted her. Though Bond does sleep with Fatima, he fails utterly to reposition her within the patriarchal order. There is no evidence Bond helps May Day overcome her psychosis, even though there is no doubt she seems a nicer person just before dying.

Elektra is sexual monster like Xenia she tortures men to help strengthen their erections and she embraces death with a smile, totally unrepositioned by Bond. Of the 12 Women who have an affair with Bond, one commits suicide Vesper and three are murdered: Tatiana, Jill and Tracy.

The novel ends with Bond and Solitaire anticipating a libidinous fortnight together after their adventure. Neither appears to hold any illusions about a future beyond. Neither carries any guilt or any emotional burden as a consequence of their actions. Tiffany Case and Bond spend several happy months together in London. The reason for Tiffany deciding to leave Bond is revealed by to M. And there was some idea we might get married. But then she met some chap in the American Embassy.

Marine Corps major. And I gather she is going to marry him. Probably better that way. First she wants to marry Bond, and then she gets engaged to a Marine Corps major. As for poor old Bond, he has failed in the marriage stakes yet again. He was engaged to Vesper but she died. He married Tracy and she died. He loved Gala but she married another. Tiffany does the same. Meanwhile, Kissy Suzuki happily adopts the role of housewife to Bond as she brings him back to life. All of this sounds like Bond is the kind of fellow who falls in love with Women who want to get married.

Of the unmarried Women as far as we know; they may all have grandchildren by now , one is Honeychile Rider. How does Bond leave her? Infuriatingly, this is never revealed. It is risky to presume, but it is possible that Bond left her in Jamaica when he returned to London post-mission. If this is the case, she would be the first Bond Woman to be abandoned in the line of duty.

Really, she ought to be in gaol, not out cavorting with There is also a narrative ellipsis regarding Domino Petacchi, whom Bond presumably leaves in the Bahamas to return to England. Vivienne Michel awakes after a night with Bond to find him gone. Bond had been driving from Toronto to Washington to report on a case, and now he is back on the road. Duty calls. It is difficult to believe either Ruby or Bond had any regrets. Finally, there is Kissy Suzuki.

After all the hard work she put into nursing him back to health, he ups and leaves Japan for the USSR, where he is captured and brainwashed. He returns to London to try and kill M. Of the 8 women Bond is sexually involved with who live, not one returns to the service of the Villain. There is nothing to suggest any of them suffered from the separation, with the exception of Miss Taro.

There is no information as to whether Bond left them or they him. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence the Women enjoyed their time with Bond and will enjoy their time with others as well. More importantly, she is independent, defiant, and probably dangerous.

She [… is] one of the lasting icons of feminine strength, beauty and resilience of the past half-century […] And, despite the popular conception, [she is] anything but subservient to Bond Women are strong, modern, tough, independent, resourceful, sexually confident women, which may just be why audiences love them so much. In fact, about the only person who suffers throughout many of these love affairs is none other than James Bond.

He falls in love with Vesper, abandoning his tough shell, and is almost destroyed in the process. From then on, he walks lost in the wasteland of his emotional relationships, occasionally opening his heart — to a Gala, a Tiffany, a Tracy — only to be rejected or denied love, his heart crushed. What crueller irony could there possibly be than that the world thinks of him as a ruthless seducer of women, who toys with their hearts and tosses them callously aside.

Home Feature Articles. Issue This is more freely available and is referenced from now on. There is a paperback edition with the slightly revised title of James Bond: A Report from Panther in Since that article was written, seven more Bond films have been released with another due later this year.

Quoted in Henry A. Her long black velvet skirt […] lifted over her arms and head and tied above her head with a piece of rope. Where her face was, a small gap had been torn in the velvet so that she could breathe. She was not bound in any other way and she lay quiet, her body moving sluggishly with the swaying of the car. It is a crucial prefiguring of the subsequent scene where Bond is stripped and tied up on a seatless chair. That made it into the movie. All quotes from the Bond novels are from first editions, as new editions hardback and paperback are riddled with errors and re-punctuation.

Ibid, p. Eco writes p. Is this one reason why he is sometimes so at odds with Fleming? Snelling, p. Casino Royale , p. Amis, p. Live and Let Die , p. Ibid, pp. Ibid, p Goldfinger, pp. Bennett and Woollacott, p.

All character names are per the end credits of a film. Thus, it is Sylvia, not Sylvia Trench. Cork, p. Greaves, p. See later discussion in main text. Eco, in Waites et al, p. Bennett and Woollacott were correct. Ibid p. Not only are her riding outfit and pant suits stereotypically given to lesbians in s films, there is also her all-girl crew, whom she eyes quite lasciviously.

Not exactly subtle, but amusing in context. Heath, p. From Russia, With Love , p. The Spy Who Loved Me , p. Eco, p. Casino Royale. Live and Let Die. Diamonds are Forever. From Russia, With Love. Dr No.

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