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La desolazione di smaug torrent

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la desolazione di smaug torrent

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Featurette Promo TV Spot 5. Photos Top cast Edit. Ian McKellen Gandalf as Gandalf. Martin Freeman Bilbo as Bilbo. Richard Armitage Thorin as Thorin. Ken Stott Balin as Balin. Graham McTavish Dwalin as Dwalin. William Kircher Bifur as Bifur. James Nesbitt Bofur as Bofur. Stephen Hunter Bombur as Bombur. Dean O'Gorman Fili as Fili. Aidan Turner Kili as Kili. John Callen Oin as Oin. Peter Hambleton Gloin as Gloin. Jed Brophy Nori as Nori. Mark Hadlow Dori as Dori. Adam Brown Ori as Ori.

Orlando Bloom Legolas as Legolas. Evangeline Lilly Tauriel as Tauriel. Lee Pace Thranduil as Thranduil. Peter Jackson. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The only time Legolas blinks is when he realizes he has been wounded and when Thranduil beheads the orc he is interrogating. This is in keeping with the character, as the only time Legolas blinks in The Lord of the Rings trilogy is when he is strongly surprised. Goofs The movies previously retained the idea from the books that sunlight renders Orcs non-functional.

Gandalf remarked in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on how alarming it is that Saruman's breeding program has produced sun-resistant Orc soldiers. Yet in the barrel escape scene from Thranduil's caverns, the orcs are chasing the dwarfs down the River Running, and doing hard battle, in broad daylight without suffering any ill effects.

Quotes Balin : [sees a chamber full of dead dwarves, with their only means of escape blocked] The last of our kin. Alternate versions The Extended Edition that was made for the home theater market adds 25 minutes of additional footage. These include the following new or extended scenes: At the Prancing Pony, Gandalf asks Thorin about his business in Bree. Thorin tells him that he is searching for Thrain, his father who was presumed dead after the Battle of Moria; Thrain has supposedly been seen again.

Thorin also mentions that Thrain was wearing one of the seven Dwarf Lord rings when he disappeared. After having spent the night in Beorn's house, the Dwarves are discussing how they can get past Beorn unseen; however, Gandalf assures them they will need Beorn's help. Gandalf goes with Bilbo to carefully introduce the group to Beorn, and instructs the Dwarves come out of the house two at a time except for Bombur who is instructed to come out alone much to Beorn's unpleasant surprise.

Upon leaving with Beorn's ponies, Beorn makes the group swear to free the horses before entering the forest. He then has a talk with Gandalf about Azog, the Necromancer at Dol Guldur, the tombs in the mountains featuring a flashback with a voiceover by Galadriel and a possible return of Sauron. Gandalf warns the Dwarves not to disturb the water in Mirkwood, use only bridges and be wary of illusions. The Dwarves find the bridge in Mirkwood destroyed, so they cross the river with the use of vines hanging above the water.

Bombur falls in the water and is asleep, so the other Dwarves need to carry him. They see a white stag, which Thorin tries to shoot unsuccessfully. Bilbo states this will bring bad luck. The Master of Laketown and his aid Alfrid talk about Bard and their desire to get rid of his influence on the people of the town. As Alfrid serves the Master a plate of goat and ram's testicles to eat, they discuss a possibility to silence Bard. While being smuggled into Laketown, the Dwarves are discovered.

They fight off the guards with the help of the townsfolk. Braga, the captain of the guards, enters, and Bard bribes him into leaving by offering him a fancy piece of underwear for his wife. The Master of Laketown and Alfrid are discussing an old prophecy that when the king of the mountain returns, the streets will run with gold. Alfrid asks whether Thorin can be trusted to keep his word, prompting Bilbo to vouch for him.

The remaining Dwarves ask Alfrid to help the wounded Kili, but he coldly dismisses them. Balin describes how the desolation of Smaug was once a lush woodland. While at Dol Guldur, Gandalf is suddenly attacked by a Dwarf. After a brief scuffle, Gandalf recognizes his assailant as Thrain, and uses an enchantment to give him his memory back. Thrain mentions how he lost his finger and the Dwarf Lord ring during the Battle of Moria. He also warns Gandalf that no one should enter Erebor. Gandalf and Thrain are attacked by Azog at Dol Guldur.

Azog's subtitle, "Run him down! Gandalf fights him off and they run away, only to be caught by the Necromancer, who uses black smoke tendrils to grab and kill Thrain. User reviews 1K Review. Top review. Great fun, but forget the book. Bilbo Baggins and assorted dwarfs continue their journey to Erebor, overcoming various obstacles on the way including hostile elves before Bilbo has to try to fulfil his engagement as burglar under the fiery snout of antisocial dragon Smaug.

The second Lord Of The Rings movie suffered from Middle Film Syndrome: Hobbit 2, despite occupying the same position in a trilogy, does not suffer to the same extent, and perhaps this is because it is exciting all the way through, yet follows on from a film which was pretty slow throughout its first half. It also contains large chunks which do not come from the novel - I'm pretty sure Legolas wasn't in the book.

Where the Shadows Lie The Elven-Gate Mirkwood Flies and Spiders The Woodland Realm The Elvenking King and Captain Feast of Starlight Barrels Out of Bond The High Fells Bard the Bowman The Nature of Evil Smuggled Cargo Lake-Town The Master of Lake-Town The World of Men The Home of Bard The Prophecy A Warm Welcome The Parting of the Company The Lonely Mountain A Spell of Concealment The Hidden Door Son of Thror On the Doorstep Kingsfoil

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