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stonehearth alpha 12 torrent

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Out of the mouths of hearthlings While Stonehearth has had hearthling conversations for a couple of alphas already, they have until now been idles that contribute only slightly to your sense of the hearthlings as people while also serving as a tech demo showing two entities with AI interacting outside the combat system. We knew, though, that we had to go deeper. In Alpha 22, our first step was to define the goals of conversations: how will they make the game better?

We decided that conversations should further accomplish our gameplay mission of inviting you to engage with hearthlings as individuals. This means we want the conversation system to perform the following three functions: Commemorate things that have happened in the game. If your hearthlings have recently encountered goblins, the game should change to reflect this, for example, by having your hearthlings talk about it. Highlight hearthlings as individuals. Over time, hearthling experiences would cause them to accrue different likes and dislikes from each other.

Establish conversations to create new systems that can be tied to the larger game: for example, by integrating conversations into the traits and thoughts systems. The possible subjects for a chat are many and varied: Concepts such as darkness, death, town status, and even those mysterious cultists what are they up to, anyway?

Ultimately, hearthlings will have emotional responses and reactions to the discussion, which can range from positive agreement! Their opinions on topics do not yet affect gameplay for example, does not currently change their stats -- but that certainly is a possible future development path. What do you think? Talk to us! We go meta: conversation about conversation.

The isolated, siloed approach meant that we did not always take into account how a given feature might impact future development on related features perhaps forcing us to redesign or rewrite things. That does not mean, however, that this Alpha is limited only to Conversations! Making ornamental ponds in your town?

Plotting to flood out the goblins? Sick of all the CPU-intensive errors that appear whenever you mess with water in Stonehearth? Albert has your back! Waterfall rendering has also been improved and appears more integrated with the water source. Please help us test this out by getting very creative with water in your settlements. Note: Old save games will load, but any previous water flows will be frozen in time.

Pets die less Are you tired of having your pets run into the middle of combat and die, leaving their owners bereft? Pets now automatically return to town if they find themselves too far away. The 4 Combat buttons, all Build Menu keys, and the button to open the notification popup are now offered as shortcut keys, but are unbound by default.

Finally we added the ability to right click on most selection menus to instantly do the desired activity - e. The game should run as it did before, so it's relevant primarily because it might cause bugs. Justin created a new interaction service that allows you to get data out of the AI system without having to touch AI files.

This is not only useful for getting subjects out of AI actions for conversations, it will be useful in Future Stonehearth for any system, internal or modded, that needs to know what hearthlings have been doing and build on that knowledge.

Max wrote a basic animation blending system that begins to clear up the "popping" that can happen as we switch from one animation to another. Updated the character sheet morale page to show the numerical values of thoughts, mood thresholds, and current happiness of a Hearthling. As always, please give us any and all feedback you may have on our forums at discourse.

Thank you once again to all of you that help us test and improve our game! We appreciate it more than you can imagine. Alpha Pets Die Less Are you tired of having your pets run into the middle of combat and die, leaving their owners bereft? Added the ability to right click on most selection menus to instantly do the desired activity - e.

Alpha 20 Welcome to the full release of Stonehearth Alpha 20! This release brings a new Happiness system to Stonehearth and takes a first step into deepening the impact of hearthlings' interaction with their world and each other. It also introduces a couple of new combat mechanisms -- a rising morale buff to help noncombatants oppressed by the enemy and a new option to rescue hearthlings defeated in combat, assuming you have the resources available to devote to this.

The goal is to provide a framework for greater interdependence of all the varied systems in Stonehearth, so that players can have many more pathways of optimizing their town. The mood of a hearthling will affect his or her ability to work in small ways, with sadder hearthlings being slower to complete tasks and happier hearthlings being faster and more focused. A hearthling's mood is visible both from her animations, the unit frame, their character sheet, and the town citizen pane.

The mood of a hearthling is a product of his "thoughts. Thoughts will come and go as the game progresses, with some thoughts being fleeting while others are more long lasting. We plan to add many more thoughts in the alphas to come as we tie each system into happiness, so expect the impact of this system to grow with time. Awareness of narrow spaces! Hearthlings now maintain a constant awareness of the space around them. Being in cramped spaces for long periods of time will make them unhappy; spacious interiors make them happy, and everyone enjoys having a window beside their bed.

More meals! Hearthlings will now eat twice a day instead of only once. As we said, this is only the very first step in a long path towards a more harmonious interaction of hearthlings and their world; stay tuned for updates to this feature as we revisit the other systems in the game. Hearthlings to the rescue! This is a game about a small group of people struggling to survive -- with the emphasis on survive. We want you to feel attachment to your hearthlings. If a hearthling falls in combat, you now may click on his prone form and choose to rescue him.

A hearthling will slowly recover in the bed, and can recover faster with help from an herbalist. Rising Courage! As you may know by now, in this game it is possible for a large group of hearthlings to be defeated by a single enemy, if that enemy is sufficiently threatening and powerful, and your non-combat hearthlings are cowering before their might.

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