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Diplomatie moviemeter torrent

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diplomatie moviemeter torrent

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Ourq Louvre Tuileries M? Confluences Coupole D? Favela Pigale Gait? Truskel Twin Vo?? Vynil Wagg Z? That's not funny, that hurts. I have no idea what it says. Not too hard to understand. I've been getting very few moderation requests and everyone has been polite and helpful lately. I constantly learn things here, even after 8 years of formal French education including a B.

Keep up the great and friendly work! The french use the expression ""the english have landed"" to say a woman is on her period. It was in TIL section. I thought It would be relevant to post here. Not too hard. French,1fy5ut,Here is the booklet I use when I teach the French basics. As I frequently teach French, I have prepared a booklet that summarizes the basics. I did it because I think most resources are very badly done: you either learn sentences to repeat like a parrot , or you start by what is very difficult s'appeler, complete sentences.

These French Guide is made so each chapter review all the previous ones. Good way to review. The vocabulary is simple there is no point of learning vocabulary first, IMO, we need to learn how to produce our own sentences. The ones that are almost culturally encoded as typically english?

For example, in the UK we draw lazy stereotypes of most french speakers saying ""ze"" instead of ""the"". Is there anything similar for english speakers so that I can learn to avoid doing it? Found this on you-tube: Season 1 of a funny quebec comedy TV show ,les parent. There are subtitles useful for learning french!

Probably the great French education link I have ever stumbled upon on Reddit. I think my brain just blew up! Trying to learn French? It's a bitch right? You're probably ready give that shit up and just learn origami. Well fuck that, I've made you a Cheat Sheet. It has absolutely everything, the text is small, but quit your whining and study it. Please help by contributing french content.

Google got personal. French,yv3um,I think he's cheating. Please help to translate. Shouldn't have gone through his texts but I did. Some are in French so please can someone help me translate to see if I'm right? Google translate isn't catching everything.

Thank you. I really think it's going to be bad from what I've translated already : :. Her: tavai promis de ampler today mais tu la pas fait je tapel oci tu rpd pas nn plus mai c pas grave le jour ou tora envi de me parler fais signe. Him: jtassure jtm telment ke presk chak soir jreve de sentir ton corps contre moi. Him: jtai aime depuis le 1er jour, m1tenant kon est loin c plus fort ke jamais.

Sinon jte jure j'ai jamais tenu a kelk1 autant ke toi. Her: bb mn amour pr toi s'agrandi de jour en ma vie n'a pas de sens sans toi jte jure mais si tu vx plus revenir avk moi le fait seulement de parler avk toi me fait du bien balaye. French,1inxhn,South Park fans rejoice! Practice your french and get a good laugh.

As a fan of the show, I could tell when they were talking about the show, but I was never able to contribute any to conversations because I had only ever watched it in english. They ended up showing me this link so I could watch it in french though:. I find the french rather easy to understand. From time to time there is something I don't quite get, but if you've seen the show before it's really easy to follow.

For those learning French and looking for a tv feel to practice. It made me laugh. French,11u9zy,What are the most common swearwords in French? Megateuf, excellent! French,17jg4k,Can we talk about this subreddit and academic honesty? That's great! I think this community is super helpful and a great resource for people studying French, myself included. As a current TA for French classes, it makes me uneasy to see posters asking for those types of corrections, if they intend to pass off the writing as their own.

Similarly, I've seen numerous posts along the lines of, ""So, I have to write an essay about X topic. What should I write about? I'm not necessarily proposing any sort of radical changes to this subreddit. I don't want to discourage people from asking for help, nor people from giving help.

There is also no way to tell whether posters asking for help or correction are actually being dishonest. But let's just try not to do anyone's homework for them. In the long run, we're not doing them any favors. Any other opinions on the matter? French,svejy,Can I get a quick french politics lesson?

I guess there's a big election soon, but I want to know what the people think about the candidates. Why people hate certain ones, promises that others are making I speak zero french btw French,11swhi,What are some little things they don't teach you that are important to know? Found this while looking for books to improve my reading skills.

The server is now off, I can restart it on demand. Just PM me if you want. Anyway if you are alone, I'll give you my skype. Ask for the server to be rebooted only if you are at least two. Skype is not a good choice in this case, so I decided to set up a Mumble server. No warranty in long term. Mumble is a teamspeak like, open source with a good sound quality. It works on a lot of platforms, and is easy to use. The address of the mumble is kushou. If you want to teach oral speaking in french, or practise your french, even if you're a beginner, don't be shy and join us!

I am curently on it with a friend of mine, yroeht, who is also a native speaker. We are waiting for you! Ok so, I have been asked some questions, so I will add the answers here:. You can see Mumble as a bar. There are rooms tables and people. The best way to know if there is someone to talk to is to come! Please go in ""French Speakers"" if you speak french fluently, in ""Need to practise"" otherwise. Everything said in any of those two channels is heard in the other, I have just made two channels to categorize people.

Now that this is told, I obviously have some needs, like sleep. I hope another fluent speaker will join mumble, but for now, I will do it with friends of mine, so I can't say there will always be a fluent speaker there. YES, I obviously did it to permit people to speak with fluent speakers!

Don't be shy to ask me to repeat and speak slowly either! Please, it would be good if some other fluent speakers could join me! I had like to change all those ""I"" in ""we""! French,1jrq1z,Tell me a joke in French. French,1fkgcb,Who is the Morgan Freeman of French? Pourquoi aucun verbe, aucune expression ne vient traduire having sex?

Des suggestions? French,1a8jod,What are your favorite French-English faux amis? It could actually be a gesture, too! French,jvkt4,Some free but still good quality resources! I got some from here, some from all over. Feel free to add more or remake as a sticky. The goal is being FREE not even ""trials"" but still of good quality. This is the video game section. Also I wouldn't download anything. French,1gx,Great French movies on Netflix for basic French?

Some French movies they speak way too fast to understand. Thank you in advance! Make him a broom! What is this from? French,1h8xz9,Tip: Many steam games have full french language support. And with the summer sale allegedly around the corner, it's a cheap way for some pseudo-immersion.

If you switch steam itself to french, all future games will install by default in french. Otherwise, you can right-click games to manually change their language. And it's surprising what you can learn if you're forced to know a bit of the language to progress through the game. If I see the same word over and over, I get an itch to look it up. It's very hard at first, but gets easier. I've only been studying for 9 months, and I can still get by in many games. I personally put all my games in French, no exceptions.

If I can't understand it, I can't play it. It's quite the motivator! French,1cl1gq,What is your most embarrassing mistake speaking French? I feel I had to correct her. French,ox1da,I'm learning! I just wanted to say that at the French hotel where I work, I actually had three conversations in French today, and I didn't freak out! No one asked where the bathroom was the one time I know how to say it in French, and no one asks , but I did give directions, show someone around the hotel and help them find a restaurant they were looking for, help someone get coffee, and trade names with a guest.

It was nothing major, but I felt successful. Just wanted to share. French,1hq84b,A great tip I just discovered for speaking and understand spoken french. I am recording myself reading ""le petit prince"" using a blue snowball microsphone, in case you were looking for a cheap and high quality mic. Its amazing how easily you can fix your mistakes once you hear yourself making them.

Also, I don't know why but it's so much easier to understand spoken french once I started doing this. Of course, if you are an absolute beginner then you should probably first learn how to pronounce the words before trying to read them. Try Michel Thomas audio courses.

The money generated from their ads donate 10 cents with every question you answer. Ideal for weekend practice if you travel overnight! French,1bbsm1,"Joyeux Pacques, tout le monde! Joyeux Pacques! French,14tepe,What are common grammatical errors that native French speakers make? I'll give you some examples often seen in the USA:. I'd like to know some similar examples in the French language. Do people ever get the ""gender"" of every objects wrong? EDIT: Thank you all for the interesting responses!

Far more than I would have expected. French,1b5yy2,Where do French people hang out on the internet? I know by times it's difficult to grasp foreign humour but please feel free to ask for clarification what we as French see funny. To advanced learners it might serve as a confirmation and incite them to improve further.

French,1fzlb4,A drunk french girl put this in my phone. Any idea what it means? I tried google translate, but most of it doesn't translate. Can anyone descipher it? Edit: apparently it means ""Please call Semi and tell him I'm on my way French,15qolk,Is listening to French useful if I can't understand it? This being the case, am I doing myself any favours?

Should I keep drilling myself on the grammar before trying to listen to it? On one hand everyone has to start somewhere, but on the other hand I don't feel like I'm learning much. Thanks all. French,e4x,Best ways to learn french?

I can get Rosetta stone, it seems to have only good reviews but and tips would be appreciated. Don't take me wrong, I was thinking about linking those threads in the FAQ but same bits of information are spread across several threads.

Furthermore, just the mention of the movie's title does not help one finding it as titles change on different markets. So, let try to make this thread clear and suitable to post as a FAQ, keep it simple:. French,1cm5vn,Who are the most popular French singers in France at the moment? French,v7ucu,What are your go-to handy phrases?

This is for anyone really so feel free to join in. And please give me suggestions and corrections when you feel it is required. If you need explanations or have other questions feel free to ask. Even the questions you might think are stupid will help you gain a better understanding of how french works.

French,15sd2o,What is the correct way to order water? And how do I ensure that I receive tap water, not bottled water? Merci beaucoup! Pensez-vous quoi? French,1c1f5a,10 must-know french phrases? Can you guys recommend some popular novel by French authors with a relatively easy reading level? I definitely have reading skills beyond the children's picture books, but I'm still a little intimidated by an average novel like those of Victor Hugo.

Something like a Harry Potter level would be quite nice. Thank you guys so much for the suggestions! The plots of Eric Emmanuel-Schmitt look quite interesting. Plus, I like that it's a novella so I might actually finish it before the year is over! I ordered a copy of Le Petit Prince because it seems to be a French literary staple.

I'm a bit worried that delightful language may be difficult language, but that sounds like the type of book I'd really like to read. French,1gixrd,"To any of you who have been to France, whether it was 2 days or 2 years, what surprised you the most about the people? I did a French exchange a few years ago where I stayed with a family for a week. I noticed that they talk non stop while they eat, even with their mouths full.

There were definitely some other cool little morsels of info in here, like the food admiration. Thank you everyone even though I was on the wrong subreddit! French,xz21z,"Is there a difference in the levels of ""sorry"" like in English? I find that when we say ""excuse me"" in English, it is used to signal that you require someone's attention but with little or no admission of fault. For example, you can say ""excuse me"" to get a shopkeeper's attention when you know you're well within your rights to it's his job , or to warn people blocking the sidewalk that you have to squeeze by, when really you have every right to pass.

One level up for me would be to say ""sorry. I might also say ""sorry"" if I'm bumping past people on the sidewalk in an uncustomary way that I think is doable but that is just aggressive enough that I will look rude if I don't acknowledge that I didn't mean to shove them.

The top level for me would be to say, ""I'm sorry,"" or, ""I apologize. It takes full responsibility for one's action as inexcusable. I might save this for if I accidentally ran into someone without seeing them and knocked them to the ground.

For ""excuse me"" and ""sorry,"" I was signalling my intrusion as I was actually doing it, but for this one I am cleaning up after something that I genuinely regret. So, do these differences exist in French? What are the connotations of ""pardon"" vs. By the way, I live in Quebec, so if anyone knows of a Quebec-specific aspect, please let me know! Works for the reverse French-English too. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's basically a phrase said after a word ending in -er because of the similarity in sound with ""er"" and ""her.

I hardly know her! I know that it wouldn't translate directly to French, and even if it did, I know that it probably wouldn't be as funny because it's not an established joke in the language, so what are some French equivalents to this? I was looking for the one that compared boobs to balconies ""Il y a du monde au balcon"" , and found all these others. Does anyone have any other colorful French expressions to share? French,1dxuj0,Are there any popular French sites like Reddit?

French,1d4egg,"Suggestions on hip, cool french music? I wanted to write a message to my french teacher to say I wouldn't be able to make the next french class. Like if I ran over her cat, for example. It makes me think of the english word 'desolate' which is of course quite a strong word.

French,1an10c,What are some common grammatical mistakes that French children make when they are very young and just starting to speak? French,v4v,Are there any French chatrooms out there where I could observe conversation in real-time and work up to participating myself? Well sort of. Most of the time, actually, except in this phrase:. Well, not really. In English, this would most likely mean that the speaker is giving a deep or meaningful speech.

It's ""heavy"" in the sense that it rests heavy on the heart of the listener. The listener is deeply affected by the speech. That's not what we mean in French, though! It doesn't sound right! That's all! I hope i've helped ameliorate a bit of confusion here. Thank you and have a nice day. French,16chj4,What are some good French shows to watch to improve my oral French?

So, what are some good French tv shows to watch? Since I can't understand spoken French yet, I'll have to get French subtitles as well. Les espaces typographiques! Ceci est valable pour les points d'exclamation, d'interrogation, points-virgules, et les deux-points.

French,x3mo3,An immersion subreddit. The idea behind it is to have a sort of sandbox to practice and make friends in while speaking only in Russian. I don't speak much French, so I was wondering if anyone here would like to be a moderator and do the sidebar for it. In the mean time, feel free to jump in and post an introduction thread or give me some input on the idea.

French,1jponu,Are there any children's shows around which are the same level as something like Sesame Street but in French? I work in an IT support call center. Someone requested that i post it here Please note that i'm a french canadian [Quebec], there is alot of slang in that conversation. Since it was a conversation, alot of the things cannot be used in formal paper. Oh also, there might be some mistakes that are not wanted I kinda suck at writing my own language!

If you have any questions, i'll be glad to answer them! Une icone sur votre bureau. Moi: Oui, regardez bien. Un petit cercle rouge. Vous le voyez? I think it's extremely helpful to have the word for word written text when listening to the spoken language. I'm always looking for good material and I'm an idiot for not starting this earlier. I don't have the cash to acquire the Harry Potter series but I think Jules Verne is more than adequate.

Credit where credits due, I honestly hadn't thought of combining books, with the audio books, till I was reading this thread. So there it is, there's other books on these sites if you're not into Jules. Hope it helps and adds to your enjoyment and study of French.

French,1gehaj,What are some differences between the pronunciation of Quebec French and Parisian French? But what I'm wondering is: what is the difference is between their accents? Is the difference analogous to British vs. American English? Can anyone provide some examples? My first french teacher spoke Parisian french, and then she moved away and the second teacher was from Quebec, and no one ever really explained the difference to me and my french was not advanced enough that I could pick up the difference.

French,1atyuk,"Comment dit-on ""What do you think you're doing? Any suggestions? Merci beaucoup. Thank you for your time. French,10vj96,wtf Google translate? Listen to the french pronunciation. Does anyone have an explanation? French,qi52h,"Salut french learners, how would you feel about a game? So here is my proposition, I post a link to a song and you try to transcribe it to me, no translation, just write down what you hear. The song can be old or new, good or bad, I'll just try to keep it short and with clear lyrics.

You can PM me your transcript and when you get it right or close I'll give you another one, perhaps harder or longer if you feel up to the challenge. If you don't, I'll highlight the words you missed. You'll probably discover new words, just write down what you think you heard. No cheating, that's not a contest, that's just for you and I don't feel like reading googled lyrics.

Anyways, tell me if you like the idea and if you want to play now, put some headphones on and you can start with this one:. French,1iuu6c,Easy books in French? French,1e,« Nombre » vs. My dictionary translates each as ""number"", but is there a subtle distinction between them? Un peu vulgaire a la fin. I have recently had my Flashcard book translated into French. It is free on Kindle today so please feel free to download it.

If you do not own a Kindle, you can still get the book through a Kindle app for your phone, tablet or computer. This is an early edition of the book, so there may a couple of mistakes that myself and the translator have missed. If you spot something that you think needs changing, please let me know about it and i'll get right on it. If you find the book useful, it would help me a lot if you could like it on Amazon or leave a review.

Thanks and i hope you enjoy the book. French,x8dc4,What are some fun online shows I can watch to help me pick up on French speech? Got any recommendations, Reddit? French,fxbjd,"If you are learning french, maybe you'll be interested by this I am a french guy whose hobby is writing, and I'm opening up a website in which I publish stories by episode. I was thinking that maybe it will be a good thing to share the link to every redditor who are learning french.

PS : that's the longest message I had to write in English in a while. I hope it's readable! I can read it fluently! There are a lot of French films I want to watch and I was wondering how I should watch them if I want to build up my fluency in hearing and understanding the language. Should I put subtitles on? If so should I put them on in English or French? Any other tips on becoming more fluent would be much appreciated!

Thank you! French,1g4j4j,I want to learn French through movies. Anyone know good French movies that have subs? Bonus points if it's Quebecois. Try to understand this entire video. French,1azgw5,"For the advanced French learners or just the curious beginners! I think you'll enjoy it, but maybe I'm wrong. I provided the translation too, for fear that the meaning would escape you and I had to read that fucking sentence twice to make out its point :D.

In order for you to better grasp the meaning of it, I also joined the sentence before it: it's in italics, and the actual long phrase words is in bold. Swann, her hair, now quite pale with one grey lock, girt with a narrow band of flowers, usually violets, from which floated down long veils, a lilac parasol in her hand, on her lips an ambiguous smile in which I read only the benign condescension of Majesty, though it was pre-eminently the enticing smile of the courtesan, which she graciously bestowed upon the men who bowed to her.

French,19dtkk,I'm trying to learn French I am a complete beginner with the French language. I have never taken French lessons or courses and only know a handful of French words. I didn't have an opportunity to take French in high school due to unfortunate circumstances. I would rather speak to them in their own language because it seems it may be more comfortable for them and a good learning experience for me. I just need a few good tips to learn the basics and hopefully I can carry myself from there.

Maybe some references to books etc. Any and all help is appreciated. French,kn,Is there an abnormal amount of homophones in French? How do you deal with this when learning to listen to the language? Do you just have to really rely on context? Or am I missing something and it is actually not an issue? I'm kind of a beginner in French I think I know about 1k words and quite a lot of grammar , but I want to improve.

I thought about having spoken practice but I'd need to be more advanced for that, so instead - I'll ask for your favorite French movies. I intend to just watch them with subtitles and try to understand and learn something. You may or may not think this is a good idea, but I know it works to a degree and I'm going to courses in 3 weeks - it's just a way to get used to French more before I start studying it seriously.

Just recommend anything interesting you've watched and liked. TV Shows are very welcome too. Okay, thanks again, everyone! Try it out, I'd love feedback. French,fof4w,"I'm learning French and would like to watch some good French TV shows, any recommendations?

French,1kaniy,Why are you learning French? For fun, work, plan to travel to France, etc? It's inspiring! I have a basic understanding of French, having being schooled in it Belgian. Now I want to pick it up for real. I'll be travelling in France in 2 months to practice, but first I have to learn.

I've been seeing a lot of threads looking for movies, but I'd like to learn with television shows. French,t2e,"Single Dad here. I don't speak French, and my 10 yr old son needs help with his French reading.

He is in a 'Full French' school. His grades are all A's and B's, with the exception of oral French. There, he has a D minus. There is huge pressure for teachers NOT to hand out a failing grade, so I bet if the teacher were allowed to be honest, it would be an F. I went through a messy divorce. He spends a lot of time with his Mom.

She speaks 4 languages, and is most fluent in French. Further, she is starting Teacher's College to teach in the French school system. So, I kinda figured reading out loud in French would quickly become a non-issue. I was wrong. It is getting worse. Time for me to act. I am not sure how to do this, given I don't know French. Can anyone suggest a solution? French,rv,"Difference between ""parce que"" and ""car""? French,grnrw,A semester's worth of tutorial and notes to help you plan your French learning!

I'm planning on running through all of it again this summer to refresh. All word documents. Which include practice tests, answers, etc. French,1d6u93,A few semesters of french changed my understanding of some Arcade Fire lyrics. What else have I missed out on and do other bands do this? The meaning is apparent now that I know the idiom 'coup de foudre. I know more is out there, so what have I missed in Arcade Fire or in other music?

What examples have you found to be interesting? Je vais les essayer dans les prochaines semaines. I can only get to level two sadly French,o09if,Would anyone be interested in a subreddit where we repost threads from AskReddit to practice French?

Le sous-reddit va etre un bon method pour practiquer francais. French,1g2pjq,"A new sub in French to talk about cinema, please come have a look! It's very new so it's still pretty empty, but we just need more submitters and commenters. It's not limited to French cinema, but articles and posts are supposed to be in French, so it can be good practice too! French,1f1xob,"How many times have you said ""adieu""? Wish me luck.

French,regvk,"I'm trying extremely hard to learn French, but I just can't seem to be able to wrap my head around it all. Can anyone help? I study, watch French films, self-translate when I can , do online exercises, and think about it during the majority of every day; it still escapes me. I can translate from French to English well enough but still poorly , but not the other way ever.

I live in Texas, so I don't get much external help, and I have too many specific problems to bother classmates or my professor. Does anyone have any advice as to what more I could be doing to make these things click? I'm breezing through every class but French, and it's the one class I really want to excel in. Any advice is appreciated. In all ways. Best learning tool I've found yet.

French,njuqp,Is there anywhere to watch streaming television from france? If enough people sign up on, Verbling will open up the French language. Simple: If we hold true to the French speaking cause while in game it would offer an unparalleled sense of immersion into a French speaking world, forcing our small community to not only speak and write in French, but do so in real time. It's the same idea as the Reddit organized Skype meet ups but with the added structure and focus of a game world.

Conversation topics would arise not only from traditional every day topics, but from battle stories, loot requests, co-operative tasks, etc. And I can see a community based on an MMO, which is designed specifically to sustain interest, surviving longer than one based on a Skype community. Most of all, it would make learning French FUN probably!! The MMO isn't the point. In fact, you don't even have to play. There's no reason why you can't just create a character, show up, and shoot the shit with people.

Conversations are often the only way to endure the monotonous parts of games like these anyway, and I'm sure anyone stuck on a fetch quest would be glad to have a conversational distraction. Even if your french is prohibitively awful, you can still participate in the game world. Spend enough time with us and you'll begin to fill in your conversational blind spots- sooner or latter you'll be gradually easing yourself into the chats.

As long as we all agree to speak French, and only French, it should still be a productive exercise. Also, hobbits. The most popular game will be what we play. I set up my hobbit Gainsbourgh and he's running around somewhere in the Sirannon FR server. When you guys get your characters set up PM me on Reddit and we can hook up. Then once we're all nice and settled, we'll get skype coordinated.

Look forward to seeing you there! Edit: My user name is LupindeSeine and my in game hobbit is called Gainsbourgh. Friend request me! Watch videos like this new one from Cyprien! If anyone is interested in becoming a moderator please tell me! French,1g6mpe,Links for French stories for children? I am a beginner level French learner wanting to improve my reading comprehension. French,1e6jom,How to improve listening comprehension?

I'm staying with a Parisian woman and I find it especially difficult to understand her. I'm wondering if my problems also stem from the fact that my teacher in the US was from the south of France. She speaks very quickly and it's embarrassing how little of what she's saying I actually understand.

I hear longer words and understand them at once, but something like ""il dort"" doesn't register as anything other than a collection of sounds. I know exactly what it means if you write it down or speak slowly with context, but generally I don't understand it in casual speech. I do fine in conversations with strangers unless they stray from routine.

If they need to explain something or do anything other than hand me my change or my purchase, I get confused and one of my more advanced friends jumps in while I stand there silently. How do I improve my listening comprehension? I have watched some children's television shows and that seems to help though that's not really the level and speed at which adults here speak. What other ways can I improve? French,1blq52,I want to learn French with Duolingo.

Any advice? I know learning a new language is a hard process and I'm willing to commit to it. But what else do I do? I don't have friends or family that speak French so active communication with people isn't an option, unfortunately. French,18zsc0,Looking for online french show with french subtitles.

Anybody got any ideas? French,zlr,"Chrome users, great tip to save time looking up definitions or conjugations! I set up a shortcut keyword ""conj"" for conjugation, ""FRDef"" for dictionary. Here's the guide:. French,ywuev,Quick Poll: How long before you were fluent? What level are you at? And for that period of time, how involved were you with the language?

I'll start -- I've been listening to Pimsleur for about 4 months, but not very actively. I could count, name body parts, etc. Basic vocabulary. Then I moved to France for the sole purpose of learning the language. I also have trouble forming complete phrases.

It's getting quite depressing, to be honest. French,n7p2q,Flair flair flair! Take a look at this lengthy thread to get an idea of the standard used for labeling flair. Once you have decided on a format, use the tool on the sidebar to add flair yourself. You do not need to post in this thread any longer to get flair added to your name! French,lljzk,I need a french sex ed lesson. They don't teach you this stuff in class! So I want everything - the words you'd use with a doctor, the words you'd use with your friends, and with your partner.

Body parts, acts French,hzedo,French music? I'm not sure I even know where to look.. Avez-vous une liste ou connaissez-vous un site pratique pour apprendre ce type d'expressions? French,1b7f91,New subreddit for French Music! Come listen and share! Looking for good, modern French indie rock! Come subscribe and spread the word! I'm going to start studying french by myself, and I need some tips.

I'm starting college, pursuing a bachelor in arts, so I decided to learn French for obvious reasons. This year I can't afford to pay for french classes, so I'll probalby start them next year. But, at the same time, I'd like to start learning as soon as possible. Is anybody else learning from portuguese?

If so, can you recommend me some sites? Also, good french music, movies or texts, which I can use for immersion. Hope I'm not asking too much, and thank you. French,1a60f6,"If you wanna get some reading done in French, here is a useful link! This website will allow you to download. I hope not, you're redditors for God's sake! This is the website I visit whenever I'm craving a French reading and my punk-ass librarian cannot deliver. It's pretty packed with books, so I hope you'll find the gem you're looking for, and look, there's even a ""Jeunesse"" section for the less confident readers :.

Hope this will get you on the fast track to fluent French, plus knowledge is power so just read some goddamn books, can't hurt you, EVER. French,16erj8,Tips for self learning French? At this point in my life, I unfortunately just don't have time for classes. However, I'm dedicated and focused, I just need to get pointed in the right direction. I am fluent in Spanish as my 4th language, so not native which I think will be helpful. I also spend a decent amount of time in the French speaking part of Switzerland so I can get some live French exposure if I want.

Ideas, tips, books, pronunciation guides, videos, all would be appreciated. While in London I took advantage of its cosmopolitan culture to acquire plenty of French language materials. I just thought I'd share what I did so you can think about how to do the same in other European cites. London has a neighborhood which is popular with French expats, South Kensington.

They had all the major literary works and French language learning books. The waiter asked if I were British since I had trouble understanding him it was very loud in the restaurant. He thought maybe it was his French accent.

Apparently the French once had a colony in India. Damned Dictionary French,fvgrd,What are good addictive reddit-like general discussion sites in French? French,avtmx,[Tip] Reading the French Wikipedia is great practice. Aside from a few lessons on Livemocha, I haven't really done much; I'm not a great French speaker and I'm definitely not at a conversational level yet. I decided to see if I could read a page on the French Wikipedia.

I picked The Beatles and while I was unfamiliar with a lot of the words, I could get the gist of what it was saying. I also picked up so many new words without even really trying to learn them. It's great because if you're unfamiliar with an important word, you can click to get it's Wikipedia page.

There, you can probably work out what it is from the text, and if not, there'll probably be a picture of it. It also teaches you words you're not likely to encounter in a language lesson. For example, I learned the words for ""songwriter"" and ""rhythm guitarist"", among others, just by reading The Beatles article.

It also helps to have Google Translate open in another tab, so you can translate sentences you don't fully understand. Or even just to check if you understood what you read properly. I've only started doing this today, but I've already learned a lot more than I would in an online lesson. It's also very enjoyable. It's great for learning and practicing French.

French,1hdx43,Where online can I learn real life French? The only thing is what you learn is mostly useless for real life situations. I can have a good conversation about the negatives and positives of wind farms but my conversational French is pretty rusty. Are there any good websites for this kind of thing? A friend suggested this was an area I could afford to focus on, in order to improve my French.

Can you please explain to me the difference between the two? Subtle, but a difference. Anyway, I've tried looking around and have not found anything specific. If you could kindly clarify the difference between the two examples, I would appreciate it very much.

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Your argument cannot be accepted. V Slang is unacceptable in the official language. One of the signs of a community is acceptance of certain rules. Very lew could understand the implication of his statement. The implication of the events was to be assessed later 5. Mv friend regularly contributes articles to our local newspaper, i luich younger generation contributes some monstrous words to the vocabulary of their language.

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The talks went on with varying success. Certainly in journalistic usage this word acquires a different meaning. At the time Russia continued to extend its influence to the East 6. Exercise 2 Fill in the spaces with an appropriate word communicate, communication, community, communicative, common ly 1. The present tense is more in a summary. There are quite a number of English words which are confused by English learners. Many ethnic in the USA try to keep their language and traditions and them to their children.

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Step 1. English as a Language of Global Communication. Step 2. Peculiarities of the English Language. Unit 3. News Media: the Power to Inform. Additional reading: Press Freedom and Control in Britain. Ilic European Security Council made a major contribution to the. One of his acquirements was apprec ;.

There are quite a number of English words which are. One of the founding Treaties is the Treaty Establishing the. Many First Certificate tests aim to examine the applicant's. The status of spoken English has been upgraded.

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De titel en de cover spraken me niet zo aan 'k vreesde dat het een saaie film ging zijn , maar de film viel beter mee dan gedacht. Mede door de relatief korte speelduur, was het geen lange zit. Ondanks dat "k maar lage verwachtingen had, vond 'k het toch eens interessant om gezien te hebben.

Verwacht zeker geen actie volle film en dan zit je wel goed. Goeie film over een Duitse generaal die van Hitler de opdracht krijgt Parijs op te blazen zodra de geallieerden in aantocht zijn. Maar mede door de korte lengte blijft het onderhoudend. Een potje verbaal pokeren met een hoge inzet waarbij de twee hoofdrolspelers het meer dan prima doen. Prima praatfilm die gedreven wordt door het uitstekende spel van de twee heren. Qua thema spanningsveld tussen de loyaliteit van een militair en de morele verwerpelijkheid van de orders niet heel opzienbarend.

Desalniettemin toch een interessant stukje geschiedenis dat voldoende voer voor deze film biedt. Prima film. Maar de film duurt ook geen seconde te lang en weet constant te boeien, mede door de twee mooie acteurs die overtuigend hun rollen brengen.

Psychologisch soms best interessant in een film die veel zwaarder aanvoelt dan de 80 minuten doen vermoeden. Geen idee in hoeverre dit waarheid is, maar het is wel een interessante invulling en met wat achtergrondinformatie daarna leer je wat bij. Meer een praatfilm. Daarvoor vond ik het wel iets te lang duren. Wel leuk om deze historische gebeurtenis verfilmd te zien want ik wist niet dat dit gebeurd was eerlijk gezegd.

Het zou wat zijn geweest moest Parijs compleet vernietigd zijn. Echter is het niet het geld dat telt maar de cultuur en de geschiedenis van de vele werken. Onderhoudende film dus maar niet meer dan dat. Met tienduizenden titels, die dagelijkse worden aangevuld door onze community, vind je bij ons altijd de film, serie of documentaire die je zoekt.

Of je jouw content nou graag op televisie, in de bioscoop of via een streamingsdienst bekijkt, bij MovieMeter navigeer je in enkele klikken naar hetgeen dat voldoet aan jouw wensen. MovieMeter is echter meer dan een databank voor films en series. Je bent bij ons tevens aan het juiste adres voor het laatste filmnieuws, recensies en informatie over jouw favoriete acteur. Daarnaast vind je bij ons de meest recente toplijsten, zodat je altijd weet wat er populair is op Netflix, in de bioscoop of op televisie.

Zelf je steentje bijdragen aan het unieke platform van MovieMeter? Sluit je dan vrijblijvend aan bij onze community. Inloggen Registreren. Kopieer link. Plot Diplomatie. Niels Arestrup. Robert Stadlober. Charlie Nelson. Jean-Marc Roulot. Stefan Wilkening. Thomas Arnold. Lucas Prisor. Attila Borlan. Video's en trailers. Let op : In verband met copyright is het op MovieMeter.

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