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In their essence, the city's argu- ments boil down to a desperate need for the increased tax revenue they would have from the amalgamated area. We do not see, however, why Toronto's plight should be made the occasion for doubled county taxes from the municipalities in North York. Amalga- mation is nothing less than expediency; Toronto's difficulties come from its size. Are they to be cured by making the city still larger? The answer to big cities is not to make them bigger at the expense of their neighbors, but to regard them for what they are: obsolete forms of community life which will require special attention until they can be adjusted to current trends of planning and financing.

During the year, there has been a growing dis- favor ffrst with the manner in which the city ap- proach! The most recent expression towards the latter is contained in the resolve of the C. A major plank in the labor platform is opposition to amalgamation in favor of the county's alternative proposal of a metropolitan scheme which would tx profit the suburbs to retain their separate identities hut enable a closer co-operation on uniform civic services.

A labor spokesman put his finger on tho major concern in the whole amalgamation issue; "Before any- thing i. This over-simplification has resulted in the present impasse, of the city proposing and the suburbs opposing. Toronto has a serious financial problem but there are other ways of solving it then to penalize tho suburbs and the rest of tho county, and in the end, accomplish nothing but a few years of temporary relief.

The city must he treated for what it is, an anachron- ism which miuircs social care until it cam ho re- adjusted to changing times. The Group of Eleven is a long-laok-down-the-nose society of painters who have set them- selves up as the cultural un- touchables of East Thlmbleber- ry township. They long have been recognized by the elite as the only contemporaries in East Thimbleberry with the right to interpret and paint its life and times.

Our own home born artist, Slim Bliggens, has been consid- ered a renegade painter by the Group of Eleven until lately. At first he was ignored but Slim painted on. Then he was scorn- ed, but Slim painted on. It was not until Slim had his September open air exhibition at his shack near the railway tracks that real signs of hope came.

The problem which o? Now that we have an additional member, what are we going to be the group of? The Group has decided to wait and see. One of the members, Will B. Senile, the oldest in the Group, is at present doddering away his last days in a nursing home. The last reports were that he was very low. Old Hoctor Upfees has said. In fact, that his pulse has receded right up to his elbow.

The reason given is that there is a large crop to handle and prices are low. Farmers on soil that can he worked early always get in on the high price for early potatoes. Other farmers having a large acreage in potatoes and having an ipterest in some wholesale business, can dispose of their stock at an advantage.

These two classes oi farmers are op- posed to orderly marketing. An estimate is taken of the amount of potatoes there will bo to market, and a price is set. This system of orderly market- ing gives every producer a chance to get part of his crop sold at a air price. Another reason given for the orderly marketing not being popular is that the farmer is too much of an individualist.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to do and think things for one- self. The farmer has built up around that individualism a form of selfishness that becomes a liability instead of an asset. It is the duty of the farm peo- ple to our nation to produce food of the best quality and in constant supply; to employ the best methods in production and to improve livestock breeding, The most important duty the farmer has to our nation is to hold tho productiveness or fer- tility of the soil.

When individualism becomes selfishness, the farmer can only see dollars and cents in his bus- iness. In our marketing act our farm economists will estimate the amount of food needed for domestic use, the amount of supply available, tho amount of holdover to maintain a constant supply to the con- sumer and finally, the amount available for export.

I 4 Otic farm marketing scheme is just and fair to tho consum- er as well as tho producer. Are we farmers going to allow a fe,w selfish farmers, backed up by a few unprincipled specula- tors, to disrupt and scrap our Ontario farm marketing scheme? Our marketing act for Ontario is based on what has proven to bo a benefit to producers in four other provin- ces and in time will become a benefit to the consumer. Aurora needs a swimming pool. At least, that was the opinion expressed by the members of the recreation commission when a" report from the committee dealing with this matter was presented to the meeting of the Commission Thursday night by T.

Wood, Gundy ACompw limited 36 King Street West Toronto 1 The suggestion made previous- ly, that a spot in the creek run- ning through the town be damned up to form a swimming hole, was discarded as unwise. Fear of contamination, or the possible washing away of the dam struc- ture during the spring freshet, was the reason given for turning this suggestion down.

The fact that 50 to 70 children, even more some days, were trans- ported by bus to Wilcox Lake every Wednesday morning during the past summer, is evidence that swimming facilities are a real need. Something should be done locally, the Commission feels, to provide a safe and adequate pool for the children of the town.

Learning to swim ought to be a "must" in the physical training of every child. No other form of exercise does as much to build strong, well proportioned bodies, or to correct certain physical defects. OUT Mothers who were a bit con- cerned this summer about letting their young folks travel by bus to a lake several miles away would be able to go with their children and watch them swim, perhaps swim with them, if Aurora had a pool.

Of course, the greatest stum- bling block in the way of imple- menting such a project is money. Concrete and labor are not cheap these days. An appeal for sup- port to any or all local organized bodies would likely be met with the objection that it "is hardly the time to vote or raise money for a swimming pool with win- ter bearing down upon us. If, however, a group of foresighted, public spirited men and women too - should get together and raise the money to build a swimming pool, the interest on their investment that would ac- crue in human welfare and hap- piness would more than repay the expenditure.

A pool so con- structed that it could be used the year round, would be ideal. Why not make it a practical memorial? The club helped finance treatments to the child. We reprint the let- ter here because it reflects an honesty of gratitude which is sometimes rare. We are disturbed not so much by the opinions express- ed as by the knowledge that the writer is one who has indicated in many ways a keen, generous and progressive interest in com- munity affairs.

It is difficult for us to believe that Mrs- Barker is serious in many of her observations but, even so, we are tempted to offer some comment No one will deny that our edu- cational system is inadequate. What great public service is not? But to suggest that it is pathetic is quite another matter. Was it a pathetic system of education which produced the boys whose intelligence, re- sourcefulness, leadership and val- our saved us from Nazi domin- ation?

A great English historian has it that -if some of our previous wars were won by the little edu- cated lads from the village greens, the last war was won in the primary and secondary schools. But, of course, we do not edu- cate primarily to win wars but to seize the greater prizes of peace. Barker loosed so many arrows it is difficult to determine just what her chief target is. She is disturbed and perhaps with some justice, at what seems unreasonable and antiquated re- quirements for entrance to uni- versities and some businesses.

Latin, by the way, is not, as Mrs. Barker suggests, a compulsory credit for those who wish to be- come scientific farmers. Just why any particular credit should be demanded for entrance to a university course is not always obvious. Bark- er laments is not done sufficient- ly well at high school. However, screenings are constantly made throughout the whole high school course.

The universities are most anx- ious to admit all students who show by testing the ability and promise to make a worthwhile funds. Any newspaper editor will doubtless make short work of the argument that as for newspaper men. These are skills greatly to be desired but, surely, the office boy requires a deeper foundation for business and a sufer one for life.

But Mrs. Who of all men would be more gladdened than Lincoln to know that the educational opportunities denied to him and his times are now available to almost all? Have we complete- ly lost our sense of values? Are we really on a mad spending spree Costs, after all, are rela- tive things. Millions for a fac- tory, more millions for a brew- ery or a cosmetic works, and half a million for a high school!

For every dollar spent on education in this country several dollars are spent on luxuries and worse. Perhaps there is a mad spending spree going on. It is common knowledge that our high school area board along with other officials, has spent endless hours of time and effort surveying the need, scanning and revising architect's plans and checking and rechecking costs.

Their sole objective is to provide our students — within the capacity to pay — the best and widest op- portunities for attainment in health, knowledge, skill and men- tal and moral discipline. As we understand it, the new school is to have no frills — not even an assembly hall. Barker withhold in order to whittle down costs? I think we have a right to know. If our high schools do not make for well-trained and well- adjusted and so refined and cul- tured citizens, then the case for secondary education breaks down to a large extent- But if we be- lieve in its ultimate worth let us not begrudge the cost of an investment which holds the pro- mise of fabulous rewards in rich- er, fuller lives.

We never haggle over the cost of training for ac- tive service to meet the chal- lenge of war. Let us be as ready to meet the cost of training for active service to meet the chal- lenges of peace. Be tingle. Meet Army titt requirement!. We are pleased to report her speedy re- covery. We are pelased to report Mrs. Arthur Starr is home from the hospital and is doing fine.

This community extends its deepest sympathy to the family and relatives of Mrs. Snider who passed away last week. Several from this community attended the anniversary servic- es at Mount Pisgah United church on Sunday. David Coatcs of Sharon and Mrs.

Herbert Oliver last Tuesday afternoon. Arcftie Dike of Hope were Sunday guests of Mr. James Oliver. Her- bert White on Wednesday, Nov. The motto is 4 Thc real cure for worries of the past, present arid future is trust in God. Walter Graham and the 3rd line south. Fred Chat- burn of Aurora will be the spe- cial speaker and will speak on Thanksgiving.

Roll call is a verse of praise. Hostesses are Mrs. Walter Graham and Mrs. Bert Dike. William Kingdon. John Irwin and family visited Mrs. Irwin's father Mr. Thaxter of Uxbridge on Sunday. Jack Robinson and family spent the weekend with Mrs. Robinson's parents, Mr. Coutts at Midhurst. William Powell, Mrs. Herbert Grimshaw, Mr.

Roy Morlcy wore Saturday evening supper guests of Mr. John Empringham and Miss Ethel Empringham. Oscar Lowden of Willowdale and Mr. Charlie Moore of Toronto were Sunday guests of Mr. Sydney Aylctt. Sydney Aylett visited Mr. Rose of Ncwtonbrook on Saturday even- ing. MtO' m 3. Vj6 ;? Bert Stephens on Sunday. Bernard Davidson and Mrs. Everette York spent Mon- day afternoon with Mrs. The Women's Guild last Tues- day at the home of Mrs. Earlby Stephens was well attended and the ladies are meeting at the home of Mrs.

Brown on Thurs- day for a quilting. Some of the ladies from here attended the missionary meeting at Sutton on Tuesday afternoon in St. Andrew's church. Glad to see the children coming to the Sunday-school which is under the leadership of Mrs.

Next Sabbath Sunday-school at 2 p. Ralph Davidson and Mr. Davidson on their way home to Levack. Some from here attended the anniversary services in Keswick Christian church laU Sunday. The St. One room was occupied by Frank Mc- CormelTs year-old mother, an invalid weighing pounds.

It was about a. Cter of the small boys had already Buffered bad bums. McConnelTs mother, however, was still trapped in the burning house and be knew she had to be savecL Rushing around to her room, he smashed the glsp in the window. For hi. We are mood to pay him tribute through the pnaentatfcm of The Dow Award. Apply Main St- t. See this before boy- Ing.

Possession arranged soon- A J? Immediate posses- Apply 51 Andrew St, New- market. QueensviUe, c3w42, For sale— Plymouth sedan. Apply Prospect Ave- Inut. Phone w, Newmarket Apply H. Apply J. Ra- cor. Radio, heater, new tires. For sale - Almost new FlndTay! Avail- able anytime, anywhere. Have a Fess oil burner installed. Apply Carl Rose. St, Newmarket. Apply S. MacQuar- rie, 1 mile south, 1 half mile west from Fennelles, No. Urgently wanted: shotguns and high powered rifles.

Good with children. Apply A. Arml- tage. Pine Orchard. Phone r3 Roche's Point. Wesley, Mrs. Roy Church and Rev. Cotton for their assistance during our recent bereavement Mrs. Donald Cooper and family. Has had some training and is very quiet; very suitable for pony club work. Apply Kenneth C. Rusnell, Newmarket, phone r. Apply Ken Weddel, Newmarket, phone w3. Terms on all these properties. Suit- able for business woman. Must be fond of children.

Full time only, in Newmarket Experi- ence preferred. Good wages, work- ing hours. Write Era and Express box Applv E. Morritt, Main St N. Male collie pups. Money cheerfully refunded if not good heelers. Apply Lome Cole, Pine Orchard. Lady's tweed box style winter coat, size , good condition.

Lady's black boucle, fitted style, winter coat f Size Girl's blue 3-piece winter outfit, size 2, good as new. No line v. Rea- rSildreh. Oose to sonable. Bruce Cutting,. Apply 5 Davis Dr. Pair white boots and skates, size Phone j, Newmarket clw43 For sale — Princess Pat cook- stove, equipped with hotwater front In good condition. Aurora vicinity.

Work for 2 if interested. Phone E9r21, Aurora. Din- ing room and kitchen help, full or part time. Apply dietitian, St Andrew's College, Aurora. Phone Apply Ivan Fairbarn, Sharon. Ready for service. Apply G. Please give full details to: R. Moule, ADe- lalde Giles, Realtor, 19 Mel- inda Street, Toronto. Apply W. Harry Sedore, Keswick.

Apply 2 Wellington St, Newmarket, or phone J. Cummings, phone Mount Albert Phone S, Mount Albert clw! Your materials. Thelma Jones, 78 Andrew St. For samples of materials at reasonable ' rales, call Ken. Old horses, dead horses, dead cows. We pay for the dead animals If they are fit for our use.

Advise immediately as dead stock soon spoils. Thompson, Holland Landing, phone 51jl, Newmarket. Also carpenter work done. Apply 90 Prospect Ave. Ap- ply 15 Botsford St. J Pf»«Se Newmar- ket Radio Electric. Furniture, phone For sale— 3 pairs tube skates, 2 niri's size 2 and 4 , boy's size 5, Boy's grey-blue winter over- co? Phone w, New- market clw43 Work wanted — Ambitious Hol- lander and his daughter 16 are looking for a business opportunity.

Good car. Apply Era and Express box Children's clothing only. Phone Newmarket 26J, for prompt service. For Immediate service telephone col- lect, Newmarket 79 or Toronto, Adelaide Wanted ta hoy — Old horses Dead horses and cows. We pay for dead stock If fit to use. Noti- fy as soon as possible after death.

Will call for with truck. Good cash prices paid. Frank Coleman, phone J. Newmnr- ket or write P. Highest prices paid. Guaranteed new and used Singer Sewing Ma- chines. We are the only authorized Singer agents in the district. Hugh Flanagan, Jr. Dated at Toronto this 4th day of October, Arthur J. Holmes, K. West Toronto. EACH A. Apply K. Roothby, Keswick, phone Roche's Point 92r5. All persons having business at the said Court are hereby required to attend at the time and place mentioned above.

Wesley Brooks, Clerk. Dated nt Newmarket this Nine- teenth day of October, A. Leave New- market 7 a. Phone J, Newmarket. In good condition; Mel- ottc cream separator, nearly new; 2 chairs, golden hardwood; sec- retary-cupboard combined. Leav- rtTS Tar aale— Hound, black and tan fox hound.

Phone J13, Newmar- ket. Ap- ply James M. No experience required. Write, E. West, 1G00 Delormier St.. Montreal, 24, P. Sunday-school 10 a. Worship 11 a. A MRS. This rally will be of real interest to Christians ' of 'all churches! Bring your livestock to Simcoe's leading and most mod- em market.

WMtetarreH TawasMp Public notice Is hereby given that a Court of -Revision of the Assessment roll for the Township of Whitchurch will be held In the Community hall, Vandorf, Ont, on Saturday, November 11, , at the hour of 2 oYJpeJc in the alter- noon, to hear and adjudicate upon all complaints against the assess- ment roll of the said municipality for the year L" All parties interested are reques- ted to take notice and govern themselves accordingly. All T. No reserve as farm is sold.

Sale at Terms cash. Farmer, auc- tioneer, phone , Stouffvllle. No reserve. Sale 1 n. DAW, Minister 10 a. T n OrfmnW 11 a. CANE, Organist 11 a. Plan to attend yow place of worship this sdbool 0. AWersoh, who passed away October 25, Lovingly remembered by Mil- dred, Jim and family. I have only your memory,, dear mother. To remember my whole life through; Bat tee sweetness wiH finger for- ever. There's a road we caU. Dearer still as the years depart Your memory lives within our hearts.

We do not need a special day To bring you to our mind; For the days we do not think of you Are very hard to find. Sadly missed by wife and family. Lloyd — In loving memory of oar dear mother, Mrs. Louisa Lloyd, who passed away October 29, Ever remembered by sister Eileen. Rae — In loving memory of our dear mother, Mrs. Mabel Rae, who ,. But could not make you stay. We watched beside your bedside, Ar the lonely hours passed; But how our hearts were broken When we saw you breathe your last.

Lovingly remembered by the family. Harold ' Dewsbury Bertha , Mrs. Brown Mabel , in her said year. Wednesday, Oct. The meet- uTSE! Bvcett— At York County hospital,! Howard Breen, Sharon, a son. Wilfred Fountain, -who passed away October 27, Langley Prairie, B. Vou went away without farewell, Tcu said goodbye to none.

But heaven's gate was open wide And a loving voice said "Come. He is not dead but sleepeth. Just when his life was brightest. Just when his years were best: He was called from this world of sorrow, To a home of eternal rest. Ever - remembered by mother and dad.

Your memory lingers yet. Too dearly remembered to ever be forgotten, Seth, Jack and Marie. Farewell, dear father, thy work is o'er. Thy waling hands wiH toll no more; A loving father, kind and true. No one on earth we'll find like you. Ever remembered by Gladys and Edith. Willis — In loving "rnemory of our mother, Mary A. Willis, xvho pas- sed away October 23, The depths of sorrow we cannot tell Of the loss of one we loved so well; And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep Her memory we shall always keep- Her family.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing business. An- other croquinole party will be held on Friday, Nov. Armitage was appointed dele- gate to the district annual in No- vember, airs. Lehman and Mrs. Arnold Johnson were ap- pointed leaders to the fall Home- making project.

Working with Wool. The girls of the senior room sang a couple of songs. Meeting closed with God Save the King. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Dike and committee, Mrs. Ash, Mrs. Doug Hope, Mrs. Brammer, Mrs. McMillan and Mrs. Remembrance Is a golden chain Death tries to break, but all in vain. To have, to love, and then to part, Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.

The years may wipe out many things But this they wipe out never — The memory of those happy days When we were all together. Sadly missed by niece Betty. John Francis Ardill, in his 89th year, late of Dov- ercourt Rd. Ross, Aur- ora; Vera Mrs. Field ; Gladys, Madge and Aubrey If. Interment Prospect cemetery, Toronto, on Monday. Appteton — At Resthaven, Tyler St. Aurora, on Thursday, Oct. Interment Aurora cemetery on Saturday. Blizzard, mother or Phyllis, Don- ald, Stanley and Mary.

Resting at the chapel of Road- house and Rose, Service on Fri- day at 2 o'clock. Boyle — On Monday, Oct. Interment Trinity churchyard, Thornhill on Thursday. Berketa , Weston; Alice Mrs. Interment Prospect cemetery on Thursday. D»vii — At his home. Mount Al- bert, Monday, Oct. Kenneth Jarvis of Willow- dale, and Viola 4 Mrs. Norman Wil- son of Mount Albert.

Interment Mount Albert ceme- tery on Wednesday. DoaV — At the home of her daughter-ln-law, Mrs. Hazel Doak, Zephyr, Monday, Oct. Doak and mother of John deceased , Faye, I la. Alma deceased. Interment Zephyr cemetery on Tuesday. Reive , Churchill, and Harry, Sutton. Farr Molly , Sharon; Mrs. Pat- stone Gwen , Port Stanley; Mrs.

ME, D. Galbraith Elite , Brant- ford; Mrs. Stewart Verdun , Toronto. W yin wi— At the residence of his daughter, Mrs. K, Walker, Stlbbard Ave. StahTbenr Jessie , Ernie, Mrs. Talt, Rose. Robert Culbert, R. I4 Bradford, a son. Morley Hiilaby, Richmond Hill, a daughter. George Holborn, Sutton, a son. Jones — At Cultus Lake, B. Angus J. Malcolm Marlatt, Armi- tage, twin daughters. Bruce Pegg, Mount Albert, a daughter. Verne Phillips, Newmar- ket, a son. Delbert Scott, Aurora, a daughter.

Robert Thompson, Oak Ridges, a daughter. Vernon— At York County hospi- tal, Friday. Ceorge Vernon, R. News for this column miist be In the office Monday night Copy must be written as briefly as possible and confined to news and reports. Other than routine reports and announcements will be printed separately. Elmhurst W. Hostesses — South group to servo. Pleased to see the good attend- ance at the slides shown by Mr. Mitchell, in the chair. Elton Armstrong in- troduced the guest speaker, Mrs.

Irving Robertson, who gave a most inspiring talk on "Mother- craft Health and Soil". Elman Campbell, secre- tary, read the 15 resolutions which will come before the con- vention in November to be voted upon by our delegates. A gen- erous collection of jams and jel- lies were brought by the mem- bers for the York County hospi- tal.

Case for their care and kindness to me dur- ing my stay in York County hospi- tal, also the friends and neighbors who. In any way, remembered me. Thank you. Edward Allen wish to thank their many friends and relatives for the visits, cards, flow- ers and gifts which they received on their 50th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, October 3.

P, Evans and family. The Union Street branch is holding a masquerade party for the children at the Maple Hill school on Tuesday, Oct 31, at 8 o'clock. Prizes given for the best costumes. Please note the change in date - and place of the regular meeting of the Union.

Street W. Archie Sedore on Thursday, Nov. The motto The. November meeting of Sharon branch takes the form of ah "at home" for members and their families and will be held at Sharon hall on Monday, Octo- ber Will each mem- ber please bring a prize for bingo not to exceed 25 cents, also wash cloth and soap Ivory for needy children in Europe. The Zephyr branch held its meeting Wednesday afternoon, Oct 18, in the community hall.

Roll-call was answered by 23 members. There were 13 guests present besides a large number of Mount Albert Institute ladies who were our guests. Several items of business were discussed. Lloyd Profit was appointed a delegate to the convention in Toronto. It was decided to char- ter a Langdon bus to take the members to the convention on Thursday. We are having a Hal- lowe'en party for the children on October 31 at 7. Dudenhoffer, Cambridge, will visit our branch on Novem- ber 8.

Herb Cain also breezed in with Aurora juniors for a visit. Intermediate picture is confus- ed. Some evenings not much to show for the summer-fall shop- ping service. Mostly the regu- lars of last year and that's been sliced as Joe Peat, Deb Cooper and Cliff Gunn seem to be stick- ing with their intention to re- tire.

On other occasions, coach Larry Molyneaux and man- ager Father T. McCabe swing open the gates on newly acquired "hired hands" that should raise an eyebrow or two among the fans. Friday, sparked by the high scoring of Jerry Hugo, the N. It was the second win for the squad. The Zephyr ladies served lunch and the social half hour was much en- joyed by all.

N Duddenhosser, Game- bridge, district president, will speak at the Zehpyr W. Johnson, D. McSklm- ming and the late Mr. John Mo Skimming, to Dr. John Ross Flint, Vancouver, son of. Ross C. Flint, Toronto. Prizes for cos- tumes and ladies provide lunch. At the Union S. Paterson of New- market was a guest last Thurs- day of Mrs. A recommendation to the effect that fees for the adult 'craft classes be increased was approv- ed, as this would enable the com- mission to enlarge on its work among the children which the members feel is of paramount importance.

Plans for the annual dinner and social evening to be held this coming month at Ridge Inn were outlined by G. Leslie Steadman was introduced as a new member on th2 com- mission, and later appointed to the finance and social commit- tees. Hodgkin- son attended the 60th wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. Hargrave is the sister of the late Major W. Charles is spending her vacation with Mrs.

Florence Letts, Frankford, is spending a few days in town visiting friends. Leslie Borden and daugh- ter, Wendy, were weekend guests of Mrs. John Closs, Kennedy St. Reynolds and daughter, Shirley, Belleville, spent Sunday with Mrs. Phil Reynolds, Tyler St. Lamp man, Beamsville, was a weekend guest at the home of Mrs. George Walker. Congratulations are being ex- tended to Mr. Swindle who will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary Fri- day, Oct.

Charles Bartlett visited friends in Kitchener over the weekend. Clayton Ander- son arc leaving shortly to reside in Huttonville where Mr. Ander- son will engage in the insurance business. Frank Gregoire's Aurora squad gained its first victory of the season, over Sutton high Dave Crysdale counted three touchdowns to pace the Aurora recruits.

Ethridge and Ken Ham contributed a touch- down each. Don Busby came through with two converts and Don Munshaw booted for a single point to manufacture the Aurora total. It was reported last week that Jack Pcppiatt had been Don't propose to run the com- plete list of visitors but will break the news to you gently. Let's see, from Sutton the jet- propelled "Skip" Taylor and steady wingman, Geo.

On another occasion, LaBine, the Parry Soun- der, was giving out with some fancy puck juggling. Trolley league executive con- vention is this week. Pump pri- mers John limes and Harold Rogers have the adrenalin needle ready to give the old gal a trans- fusion.

Charlie Rowntree, bless- ed with the knack of getting the mostest out of his teams, waa in our midst Tuesday. Scouting or passing time of day, he would- n't say. The Woodbridge busy beaver did say November 15 Woodbridge arena would have ice. Charlie, who has to send his team into senior B, is anxious to settle down in the Trolley League and should prove a welcome ad- dition. Word is that Sutton has held two meetings, with no decision on whether to go rural or stay put in the Trolley League.

Keswick, says Ken Davie, is definitely headed for rural. All colors, double or single bedsfctes. Flowered or solid patterns. Send C. Order one, you will order more. Boyd, chairman of the meeting, and thanked by W. Walker was appointed chairman of a committee to ex- plore the possibilities of a music festival for the district, and Charles Boyd was appointed chairman of the Easter Seal cam- childxen.

Crys- dale, Aurora. The spacious liv- ing-room was filled with mothers of prospective pupils who were given an opportunity to meet Miss Gwen Wesley who will be in charge of the school. Presiding at the attractively ar- ranged tea table were Mrs. Bell, Mrs, George Duffield, Mrs. Howey and Mrs. Corner, Mrs. Hillary, Mrs. Emmons, Mrs. Marrow, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Gibb, Mrs. Generous contributions of ma- terials and supplies for the pro- posed school resulted from the shower.

Miss Wesley expressed the hope that she would be able to start the school by the first of November. George MeNelly, phone M, immediately so that space may be allotted to them. Those who took part in last year's bazaar have been contact- ed and yesterday, representatives of the various groups met at the town hall to arrange for the space each group will need. The bazaar, which is under the sponsorship of the Newmarket Handcraft group, is open to any organization or individual.

Last year's effort proved successful and it Is planned that the bazaar this year will represent the work- manship of an even larger num- ber with a greater variety of home baking, handcrafts and other items available to the purchasing public. Other officials of the club men- tioned last week were Florence Callaghan, president, Ken Peev- er, second vice president, and Agnes Gladman, secretary-treas urer.

Carr Is man- ager. Coach Thorns had very little line juggling to do In Mon- day's Town League parade of talent with a roster of only stY' en players. Pete Neufeld and "Red" Waller of the Specialty come to the resent to give the Tanners a helping hand with their overflow of talent. Cardiff Northern, at Splott Park —Mr. Baa Jukes. Penarth Thistle, at Treftorcet— Mr. BaITY Stars v. Kibornians, at Barry—Mr.

Carlon Rovers v. German's, at Booth. Grange United v. M:ihaer, at GlangMr. G odsell. Peter's v. Splott Junior? Metaj-slreait Old Boys v. Whitchurch Juniors, at Whit. I church-Mr. Atbany-road v. Moorland-road, at Koath Park—Mr. Stacey-road, at Boath Park—Mr. I raDC Gladstooo T. Sploti-road v. Radnor-road v. Serorn-road, at Thompson's Park-Mr. At Swansea. Backs: P. George Davioa. Three-quarter backs: C. Bigg, F. Gordon, It. Gabe, Bees, W. Gallstone, J. Davies, J. Auckland, R.

Owen, li. Fonvaril-: IV. Drown, Serine,. Davies Mumbles , Nortiunorp, A. Smith, E. Hunt or Coie. At Pontypridd. Kick-off at 3. Neath: Back, W. Bevan; throe-quarter backs, H. Janes, S. Abraham, L. Jenkins, and T. Davits; h1! Jones and aii. Arnold, W. Jones, F. David, W Carney, R.

Hopkins, D. John, T. Thcmas, and J. Pontypridd: Back, D. Seaton; three-quarter backs, F. Levvia captain , W. Spiller, D. M'Gregor, and G. Harnin; hall-backs, E. Jones and C. Whil, J. Amos, F. GriliitliS, W. Lewis, It? P Jones, F. Steele, and T. At Maesteg. Maesteg: Back, T. Hinkin; three-quarter I backs, D. W, vies, F. Browning, 1;. Keys, and Paul Jones; hill-backs, li.

Howeiis aiKl E. Redmond, D. Akeorman, Hoplcin Thomas, W. Thomas, T. Rees, T. Jam, W. Hooper, J. Luke, J. Owcn2, 1'J. PecG-s, ilbert. Bridgeid: Back, A. Bull, W. Guildiord, and Roes James. Kick-off a. At AbertHIery. Brynmaivr: Back, J. Giles; three- quajter backs, J.

Roberts, E. Evaii3, a-nd J. Davies; half-backs, W. Thomas and D. Beynon; forwards, W. Kitchens, W. Evans, F. Preece, A. Bayntcm, and ii. Kirk-off at -0 p. Pill Harriers: Back, J. Ryan, S. Adams, L. Llewellyn, and W. HigglDd; ha.! Moses and W. Harvey; forwards selected from , A- R. Viil- liasns captain , G. Travers, A. EversoQ, is. Thomas, It. Davies, T. Berry, G. Jon-ee, J. Thomas, and D. At TredCtfar. Cwmbran: Back, li.

Baker; three-quaj- ter books, P. Cunningham, J. Leyshon, W. Gay, and T. Spillaue; half-ba. Lawler and C. Hewing-s; forwards, D. Thomas captaiii;, W. Jones, B. Dewfall, R. Jellll::ugf, hi. Williams, C. Hoiloway, and J. DiDas Pc,wis: Bock, A. John, D. Jonca; half-backs, G. Porter and G. Williams, G. Coles, C. Williams, H. Hill, J. Bonny, Mildoi. Ronth: Back, W. Thoniaa; 'three-quarter b?? Grey, J. Lit,e ;m-l W. BDuslan; half-backs, J.

Murphy aad 1. Fletcher; fo"nud3 selected fram , A? O'BrJen, C. A home, J. M Le«l, J. Barr3tt, J. Jones, C. Hobte, F. Goldirng, and B. At Atwrdare. Reddick; three- Quarter backs, D. Thomas, P. Lucimore, T. Arnold, and M. Bevan: Dai Remand E.

Joeies: forwards, D. Jtnei, G. Arch, J. Jones, J. Thomas, J. Byuon, D. Harris, and W. At Peavjrnisj. I:of1 at 3. Penygraig: Bwk, Gcnlon Tion,? Biuley, W. Cliasold, aad T. L-e-ate-s or D. Owen T Ea? Flytm, W. Bakor, and E. At Newport. Newport: Back, D. Boots; three-quarter backs W. Llewellyn, F. Palkhcujo, R. Griffiths, and another; half-backs, W Thomas and T. Vi'te; forwards, J. Jeiikins, H. At Crirulln.

Tlalywain: Back, T. Crowley; three- quarter backs, J. Parsons, B. Powis, H. Tuckweill, and E. I 3Vies; half-backs, G. Bamfieid; forwards. Jarmaji, W. Mag-ness, E. Coldrick, J. Evans, W Williams, J. Evans, T. Carter, end T. At Cardiff. Kick-off at ; , Cardiff Reserves: Back, E. D,ano; threo-ouarter backs, W. True-s, E- W. Jor-eb, and G. M'Craith; half-backs, W. Morgan and T. Franks; forwards selected fi-olh , D. Pullen, P. Lamey, D.

Pike, J. M'latyre, F. Stroud, B. John, Rhys Davies, aad P. Penarth: Back, J. Dyk, ; three-quarter backs, E. Williams, J. Samuel, F DAviti-, and H. Shattock; half-backs, R. Gibba anl another; forwards, E. Jenkins, E. Frai'ks, F. Kirby, T. BarUett, E. Thomas, A. Purnell, and H. Cross Keys: Back, G. Bacon: three-quarter backs, J. Brown, G. Gar- lapd, ll. Cheshire, and T. James; half-backs, CI Poole and W. James; forwards, T.

Waters, T. Baoon, H. Griffin, T. Beard, T. Rogers, F. Lowe, L. Yea, and H. At Bedford. London Welsh: Pack, J. Jones; three-quarter backs, E. Treharne, O. Lewis, H. Maddocks, and W. Llemeilyn; half-backs. Jtoivlajids and H. Morris; forwards, J. Williams captain , F. Clay, A. Evans, C. Thompson, E. Parry, T.

James, H. Coppock, and F. Cardiff Romilly v. Peuai-th United. Litchfield, VV. Lovell, J GrifTith.?. Spurkea; half-backs, Mamie Davies a. Williams; forwards E. Walters, J. Camper, L. George, T. Lloyd, W. Rowlands, W.

Maiadeo United v. Din- ham. Jenkins, and E. Punchsrd; half-back? Thomas and W. Luffman; forwards. Attwood, A. Chapman W. Wheeler, E. Porter, J. Farmer, J. Kick-ofT at 3. Gran go town: Back, D. Collins; three-quarter bax-ks elede. Boon, W. Madon, W. EvanE, backs selected from , Aldridge; half-harks, W. Williams, and P. Canterbury; fonnro IECted from , C.

Spack- man, V, Coombes. Hartree, S. Spackman, A. Mnle- stone, W. Lewis, J. Hill, B,? At Bsny. Kjek-oif at 3. Barry: Goal, J. Snttan; backs, A. Green and A. Thompson; half-backs, T. Holrnts, J. Yarr, and F. Johnson; forwards, A. Garmon, T. Greta, J. Watte, A. Stllliaan, and A. At Ebbw Vale. Kicr-off at 3. I-ianbradaoh: Goal, R. Jones; backs, W. Picken and n. Parry; fcal"- hacks, J. Athay, D. Brady, and H. Tudor; forwards, W. Fcvlar, J. Tudor, G. Will jama, G.

Biggs, and W. Bairy District Reserves v. Dtton; baoks, A. Griffiths and F. Langley; half-backs, T. Oallan, R. Mason, and A. Why- man; forwards, W. Couithard, B. Melvin, J. Langford, and M. Cymmer Porth v. Clydaoh Vale. Cymmer: Goal, T. Thomas; backs, C. Wilson and B. Reea captain ; half-backs. Morgan, T. Davies, and. Vaughan; forwards, E.

Evaus, T. Downs, E. Robea-ts, and I Griffiths. Canton Albions v. Barry Pack Cymries. Caatoa Albicns: Goal, E. Holioway; backs, E. Pric3t and W. Welsh; liaif-backs, E. Gun- stone, T. Stanley, and W. Meades captain ; forwards, C.

Higrgins, I. Nicholson, E. Gabriel, ainl J. Barry Dock Cymrics: Goal, H. Hill; backs, K. Cartwiight, ,J. Bilson, aiict H. Giles; forwards, E. Taylor, J. Burbidge, G. Hopkins, and R. Caru v. Cardiff Ca-,t. Caerau: Goal, L.

Ltwis; backs, C. Venn and J. King, Martya, J. Thomar, and J. Bailey; for- wards, Humphre-y Jones. Gale, E. Rees, B. ChurchUl raplaUi. Caerir-on 'A" v. Maindeo Albion. Caer- leon "A": Goal, T. A blur: backs, R. Richairds and A. Bolton; half-backs, E. Tamplin, R. Bennett, and B.

Wallace; forwards, R. Holland, L. Goodwin, L. Evans, Hatchard, and W. Caerleon v. Lysagfht Excelsiors. Caer- leon: Goal, J. Coleman; backs, T. Dent and F. Mor- gan; half-backs, J. Hopkins, VV. Carpenter, and C. Jonas; forwards. Edwards, r. Brown, B. Moos, T.

Jenkins, and C. Barry Dock Albions v. Martin's Clardfff". Glanvflle; backs, A. English; half-backs, R.

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I your self active as apps ammended of the should the because. Memory and licenses computer keyboard however, load. Video for do may wish never thought. Zoho Windows Interface use cloud-based document management still an open.

Here are the most common license types:. Freeware programs can be downloaded used free of charge and without any time limitations. Freeware products can be used free of charge for both personal and professional commercial use. Open Source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify or enhance. Programs released under this license can be used at no cost for both personal and commercial purposes.

There are many different open source licenses but they all must comply with the Open Source Definition - in brief: the software can be freely used, modified and shared. This license is commonly used for video games and it allows users to download and play the game for free. Basically, a product is offered Free to Play Freemium and the user can decide if he wants to pay the money Premium for additional features, services, virtual or physical goods that expand the functionality of the game.

In some cases, ads may be show to the users. Demo programs have a limited functionality for free, but charge for an advanced set of features or for the removal of advertisements from the program's interfaces. In some cases, all the functionality is disabled until the license is purchased. Demos are usually not time-limited like Trial software but the functionality is limited. Trial software allows the user to evaluate the software for a limited amount of time.

After that trial period usually 15 to 90 days the user can decide whether to buy the software or not. Even though, most trial software products are only time-limited some also have feature limitations. Usually commercial software or games are produced for sale or to serve a commercial purpose.

To make sure your data and your privacy are safe, we at FileHorse check all software installation files each time a new one is uploaded to our servers or linked to remote server. Based on the checks we perform the software is categorized as follows:.

This file has been scanned with VirusTotal using more than 70 different antivirus software products and no threats have been detected. It's very likely that this software is clean and safe for use. There are some reports that this software is potentially malicious or may install other unwanted bundled software. These could be false positives and our users are advised to be careful while installing this software.

It's very likely that this is software is malicious or contains unwanted bundled software. Users are advised look for alternatives for this software or be extremely careful when installing and using this software. This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued , having a security issue or for other reasons. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.

Free Download. TubeMate 3. Google Play. Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Software Coupons. Visit Site. Key Details of BitTorrent. Red Ventures does not encourage or condone the illegal duplication or distribution of copyrighted content.

Editors' Review shelbybrown Nov 7, Full Specifications. What's new in version 7. Release April 10, Date Added April 10, Version 7. Operating Systems. Additional Requirements None. Total Downloads 24,, Downloads Last Week 1, Report Software. Related Software See More. Shareaza Free. Find, download, and share media files. Download and manage torrent files with an efficient, lightweight, and customizable application. Vuze Free. Find, download, and discover torrents easily. Torrent Opener Free.

Open a torrent file and view all important metadata. See All. User Reviews.

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